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栏目简介:A company at Shanghai Pudong International Airport started offering tax refunds on accommodation and meal expenses for business travelers returning from overseas. Yuan Chenyue has more.201701/487352原味人文风情:27,000 North Korean defectors living in South Korea两万七千名脱北者现居于南韩I am Kang Kun-sung. Im from North Korea. Its been six months since I came to the South.我是姜君松。我来自北韩。我来南韩六个月了。I am Kim Ye-min. I was born and raised in Seoul.我是金艺敏。我在首尔出生长大。What is it called?这叫什么?Through 70 years of separation, languages of the two Koreas have grown apart. Would you mark any unfamiliar words?七十年的分裂期间,两韩的语言产生差异。你能标出任何陌生的字吗?North Korean defector students could understand less than 50 percent of the terms in the textbooks. This led to them being neglected from regular education, and that led to disparity in employment and income. Even Google Translator could not solve the discrepancies in the language. So then, we came to create our own translator—South Korean-North Korean Translator.脱北学生们只能理解教科书内不到一半的字汇。这使得他们被普通教育忽略,而那导致就业和收入的不平等。就连 Google 翻译都无法解决韩语内的歧异。于是,我们打造出自己的翻译程序--南北韩文翻译系统。We designed it so that a simple scan of an unfamiliar South Korean word with a smartphone would translate it into North Korean. Translating several words all at once is also possible. It was hoped that with this app, the North Korean defectors would be able to get proper education. We, of course, plan to continue to help them adjust well to life in South Korea.我们设计出这个程序,这样一来用智能型手机简单扫一下陌生的南韩单字,那个字就能被翻译成北韩的语言。一次同时翻译许多字也可以。我们的宗旨是希望有了这个应用程序,脱北者们就能受到良好的教育。当然,我们也计划持续协助他们适应南韩生活。Koreans were shocked, saddened, but motivated after seeing the translator for what had been the same language.韩国人感到诧异、心酸,但同时也深受鼓舞,在看到这为曾经相同的语言打造的翻译程序后。The young North Koreans should receive good education so that they can play the key role in future reunification.年轻的北韩民众应该受到良好教育,这样他们在未来重新统一时才能扮演关键角色。Nobody knows when the two Koreas will be reunified, but if the two Koreas are able to communicate without barriers through this translator, perhaps, that day would come just a little sooner.没人知道两韩何时会重新统一,但如果两韩能透过这个翻译程序无障碍地沟通,或许,那一天能早一点到来。201704/504595TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477457

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441494

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/479264

Im Bear Grylls,and welcome back to my 25 all-time greatest moments.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 欢迎继续收看我的25个精时刻So far, Ive eaten the unthinkable.Taken a few tumbles.And had to run for my life.Run!目前为止 我已经吃了几个小怪兽 跌了几个大跟头 还拼死逃过一次命 快跑All that, and were only halfway through the countdown.不过更精的前半部分排名还没揭晓呢This is in here at 13,and it was difficult and dangerous,and I definitely had second thoughts.这个是第13名 这一次经历异常艰险 我回忆起来仍旧胆战心惊Hurricanes rage through here,earthquakes rip it up,and molten lava spews from volcanoes.Welcome to Guatemala!这里飓风肆虐 地震不歇 熔岩从火山口中飞溅而出 欢迎来到瓜地马拉That was a risky, risky entrance.那次着落真的非常非常冒险In Guatemala, we planned to rappel from the helicopter down onto an active volcano,and that then became interesting.在瓜地马拉 我们原计划是从直升机上 顺着绳子降到一处活火山上 而之后事情变得越发有趣了Theres no way the helis gonna be able to land on the volcano itself,直升机根本没办法降落在火山上 so Im gonna get the pilot to hover just above the summit and then follow this rope down.所以我叫飞行员控制住直升机 让它在山顶上方盘旋 然后我顺着这条绳子下去And Ive never done that on a volcano before.这种事我还从来没在火山口上挑战过You know, we had pilots who didnt speak any English,so we had to have an interpreter there.我们的飞行员一点英语都不会说 所以必须由翻译转述给他So theres always a delay.Okay, can we go forward 10 and down 10?因此总是有一点时间差 可以再往前几米然后往下降几米吗Theres all these winds doing different things up there.Are we good? No, not yet.Weve just -- not yet.空中狂风大作 直升机很难控制 好了没 还没 还...还没到位You know, the very nature of the terrain there,on a slope, with a helicopter, the rotors turning,winds doing everything, the pilots fighting.那里的地形非常复杂 地势陡峭 螺旋桨不停地转 周围还狂风大作 飞行员很拼命了Bear is on the rope.Okay.The end of the rope is sometimes on the ground.Sometimes its five feet, ten feet up.贝尔已经在绳子上啦 好的 绳子底端一会儿再地上 一会儿又离地二三米201612/483265

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