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抚州南丰县崇仁县乐安县宜黄县去哪做复通手术好上饶市万年县婺源县德兴市妇科炎症哪家医院最好The president began his day by hosting a breakfast at the White House for Gold Star Families - those who have lost loved ones in war.  这一天,总统首先在白宫举行早餐会,宴请那些获得金星奖的家庭,也就是那些在战争中失去亲人的家庭。As is traditional each year on Memorial Day, when the nation honors its war dead, the president and his wife then traveled the short distance from the White House across the Potomac River to Arlington National Cemetery. 就像每年阵亡将士纪念日的传统一样,总统和夫人随后前往距离白宫不远的位于波托马克河对岸的阿灵顿国家公墓。There Obama took part in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns, followed by a Memorial Day service in a large amphitheater at the cemetery. 在那里,奥巴马向无名战士墓敬献花圈,在公墓的露天会场随后还举行了阵亡将士纪念日的纪念活动。Saying his heart goes out to those mourning the loss of a loved one, Obama said the sacrifices of those who have been killed defending the ed States must always be remembered. 奥巴马说,他对那些哀悼失去亲人的人深表同情。他说, 那些为捍卫国家而捐躯的人所付出的牺牲应该被永远牢记。"On this day we remember that it is on our behalf that they gave their lives," said President Obama. "We remember that it is their courage, their unselfishness, their devotion to duty that has sustained this country through all its trials and will sustain us through all the trials to come. We remember that the blessings we enjoy as Americans came at a dear cost; that our very presence here today, as free people in a free society, bears testimony to their enduring legacy." 他说:”我们今天纪念那些为了我们而付出生命的人。我们将记住,正是因为他们的勇气、无私和忠于职守,才使这个国家经受住了各种磨难,并将撑我们渡过未来的种种困境。我们将铭刻,我们现在作为美国人所享受到的祝福是以昂贵的代价换来的。我们今天聚集在这里,作为自由社会的自由民众是对他们永恒的遗产的最好明。”201106/138758九江市浔阳区庐山区治疗宫外孕习惯性流产价格表 当地时间4月1日上午,美国总统奥巴马和夫人米歇尔抵达唐宁街10号首相府,与英国首相布朗会面。当被记者问及美国是否应该对当前的经济危机负有责任,奥巴马表示,他宁愿向前看,不愿向后看。他对美国的经济体制毫不担心。但就在二十国集团金融峰会即将召开前夕,法国总统萨科齐发出威胁,称如果G20金融峰会不能制定更为严格的全球金融市场规则,他有可能退出峰会,同时,奥巴马说各国之间的分歧被夸大了。The president says no one country can fix the economic crisis.Speaking just hours before the start of the G20 meeting of major economies, Mr. Obama stressed the need for all participants to seek common ground. "I am absolutely confident that this meeting will reflect enormous consensus about the need to work together to deal with these problems," said Mr. Obama.Tension precedes summit startBut there are signs of tension, as the G20 summit prepares to begin its work in London. Some countries are blaming the ed States for sparking the economic crisis through the deregulation of its financial sector- a move that led to a credit crunch and sparked an economic recession.The president says the ed States has made mistakes, but so too did other countries whose regulatory systems could not keep pace with a changing financial scene. He says it is time to look for solutions."At this point, I am less interested in identifying blame, than in fixing the problem," he said.President says differences are overstatedAt home, Mr. Obama has focused on government spending to jump-start the economy and he was expected to urge other nations to take similar steps at the economic summit.France and Germany have balked at such action, saying the emphasis should be on regulatory reform. French President Nicholas Sarkozy even told an interviewer that he might walk out of the summit, if nations fail to agree on stricter regulation of global financial markets.Brown predicts no walkoutsPresident Obama says reports of differences are overstated. And, Prime Minister Brown predicts no one will walk away from the summit and its important work."I am confident President Sarkozy will not be here for the first course of our dinner, but will still be sitting as we complete our dinner this evening," said Mr. Brown.Mr. Brown says everyone knows the stakes are high."Never before has the world come together in this way to talk about an economic crisis," he said. " Any of the crises we have seen since the second World War, you have not had this level of international cooperation."Obama agenda packed on first overseas tripOn his first European tour as president, Barack Obama is seeking cooperation on both the economic and security front as he holds bilateral talks on the sidelines of the London summit.His discussions with Gordon Brown also covered the new American strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran and the search for Middle East peace.At their joint news conference, Mr. Obama also talked about efforts to control the sp of nuclear weapons - an issue that is topping the agenda for his discussions here with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. 04/66242Fifteen years after pulling out because of Sierra Leone’s civil war, Peace Corps volunteers are back in the West African nation. A look at the organization's work as the Peace Corps marks its 50th anniversary this year, March 1st.3月1号是和平队成立50周年纪念日。15年前,由于塞拉利昂发生内战,美国和平队的志愿者们被迫撤出这个西非国家。现在,和平队又重返塞拉利昂。Amanda Pease is one of the first Peace Corps volunteers to work in Sierra Leone in over a decade. She has been teaching science now for six months at St. Joseph’s, a high school in the east of the country.阿曼达·皮斯是10年来在塞拉利昂工作的第一批和平队志愿者之一。过去6个月里,她一直在塞拉利昂东部圣约瑟夫高中教科学课程。For Pease, living in the roadside village of Blama, a day’s drive from the capital, Freetown, is a far cry from her coastal hometown of San Diego, California. It is also her first time to Africa. 皮斯生活在布兰玛这个偏僻的小镇,距离塞拉利昂首都弗里敦有一天的车程。这里的生活和皮斯的家乡加州圣迭哥的生活完全是两回事。Pease decided to sign up for a two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer after finishing a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of California Los Angeles.这是皮斯第一次到非洲去。皮斯在加州洛杉矶分校毕业拿到化学工程师的学位后,跟和平队签了一个两年的合约。"I was trying to decide between going the academic route and doing a postdoctoral degree and go into industry and then I had been doing some volunteer work and the idea was always kind of floating around," Pease said. "There was kind of an option number three on the side, and as time went on and I thought about it more and more, I was so much more excited about that option. Just the idea of trying to give an opportunity to someone who would not maybe have it."皮斯说:“我对到底是走学术路线,去做士后,还是进入业界找一份工作,一直举棋不定。因为我一直在做一些志愿工作,所以参加和平队这个想法就一直缠绕在我心头。这是我的第三个选择。随着时间流逝,我的这个愿望越来越强烈。每次一想到我可以给别人他们从来没有过的机会,我就激动不已。”There are 37 Peace Corps members serving in rural schools across the country. Joel Wallach, co-director for Peace Corps here, says they have a long history in Sierra Leone. 一共有37名和平队成员在塞拉利昂各地农村学校教书。据塞拉利昂和平队副主任乔·沃勒克介绍,和平队在塞拉利昂的历史很长。"Sierra Leone has traditionally been a very welcoming country to the Peace Corps," said Wallach. "And there have been about 3400 volunteers in a 32-year history, up until 1994. We had been thinking about coming back for a few years, but a combination of the budget allowing us to and the security situation stabilizing made the timing right last year for us to come back."沃勒克说:“塞拉利昂一直非常欢迎和平队。在1962到1994年的32年中,我们一共派3400名志愿者到塞拉利工作。过去几年,我们一直考虑重返塞拉利昂,但是由于资金和安全问题,一直到去年局势稳定了,我们重返塞拉利昂的时机才成熟。”201103/128410九江市都昌县湖口县闭经痛经哪家医院最好

南昌华山医院检查精子要多少钱Is college still worth the price? 大学的价值 Costs are soaring twice as fast as inflation, even as salaries for graduates are falling. Well, we all know that going to college can suck your wallet dry, leave you thousands and thousands of dollars in debt, the question is, is it worth it? Penelope Wang of Money Magazine, a senior writer for Money Magazine has been doing the research. Thanks you joining us here.Thank you.I, when we look at the cost of going to college now, an increase of 439% since 1982, a pretty unbelievable statistic. What is behind the surge, because this is not just inflation that we are talking about.That’s right. It’s double or four times the inflation rate, when we took a look at this, we discover they are a number of factors, some of them pretty obvious, ur driving college costs. One is going demand, there’s record numbers of kids graduating from high school, all wanting to go to college or at least a good portion of them. And there’s also less support from the government, both federal and state which also pushes tuition prices up. But one of the most surprising factors we found was the demand from many parents to send their kids to really expensive brand-name colleges, and that creates a cycle that pushes up tuition at all colleges.When we talk about these big name schools, it’s not always the case, but generally the more prestigious the school, the more expensive it is, for parents, for kids taking on this loans to go to college. So the question that you really addressed in your pieces, is it worth it any more. What did you find?Well, we found that, in many cases, it’s probably not, I mean what it really comes down to is what your kid wants to do with that degree and how much debt the child and the parents have to take out in order to afford the college. And there are plenty of cases and a growing number where people are taking out way too much debt that they don’t have realistic prospects of paying back. And going to an expensive college isn't gonna necessarily help that.What‘s interesting, you compare the surge in the cost of going to college to the housing boom or even the tech frenzy in the late 1990s, I mean is it really comparable to that or is there gonna be a bust like, you know, those two situations or strategic going up.If only there would be a bust, in college tuition prices, we don’t think that’s going to happen. But we have found that there is more the backlash against rising prices, and colleges themselves are becoming more sensitive to this. There’s been some push by Congress to take a look at colleges that aren't spending part of their endowments to reduce, to increase financial aid or keep tuition prices down. And recently, and this is good news for families, that some of the most expensive colleges have really boosted their financial aids, so that many families from middle-class and even upper-middle-class, households can send their kids at much reduced costs to these schools.Yeah, of course, it seems like more and more people now don’t just want a BA or BS, they wanna a higher degree, whether it’s a Law Degree or whether they want an MD, so that can costs some hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of their college tuition. Is that worth it in the job market?Well, yes, it is, and that brings up an important point, which is you don’t want to take on too much debt, as an undergraduate, particularly if you are going to go to an expensive graduate school, because then you’ll really be coming out with an,a load of money you need to pay back, that will be really difficult to manage.All right, Penelope thank you. Some good tips to keep in mind, you can see our entire piece right here on our website.200811/56042吉安万安县安福县永新县峡江县看血精哪家医院最好的 A cat is said to have nine lives because it is more tenacious of life than many animals. People always think that due to the speed, cleverness and flexibility of cats, they can stay alive in most difficult situations when other animals would have been killed, such as a dangerous fall. The cat's earliest ancestors probably hunted both on the ground and in the trees. To survive, they needed not only claws, but remarkable balance, an aptitude all cats retain to this day. In keeping with its reputation, the cat usually does land on all fours, and scientists have come to understand how. Slow-motion photography reveals that cats always right themselves in a precise order. The head rotates first based on messages from the eyes and inner ear. Then, the spine twists and the rear quarters align. At the same time, the cat arches its back to reduce the force of impact.Despite its agility, the cat faces particular dangers in today's modern cities. Here although hundreds of feet above the ground, the indoor cat is just as attracted by moving prey as is any other cat. If any thing, it may be a stir-crazy bundle of energy. So many cats actually careen through unscreened windows that the phenomenon now has a name, high-rise syndrome. At the Animal Medical Center in New York City, doctors were perplexed when they found that victims of higher falls often had less severe injuries than those that fell a shorter distance.It's been about a month since you were here, lad. We'd been puzzled by the high-rise syndrome for a long time, the name that we give for cats falling out of windows. A clinical impression is that cats that fall from medium-level stories are hurt much worse than cats that fell from even greater distances. That seemed to defy our logic that cats that would fall farther would be hurt less. So we undertook a study to examine the records on cats that had been admitted here for falling out of windows. And it actually confirmed that our clinical impression was correct. It seems that cats that fall from higher stories have enough time to reach free fall like a parachutist and are relaxed when you experience trauma when you are relaxed, you'll probably avoid injury; when you experience trauma when you are very rigid and very tight, you will attain a maximized injury.The cat may not have nine lives. But its uncanny abilities to sail through the air is almost certainly responsible for the myth.200810/53541九江瑞昌市永修县德安县星子县阴道宫颈炎哪家医院最好

景德镇哪家医院取环This is East Africa, the Great Rift Valley, a land in constant upheaval . The flamingos and baboons here at Lake Bogoria live in harmony. They share this landscape and all it has to offer. They may not be compatible. But in the midst of Bogoria's bounty, they can afford to be indifferent. In July, after a successful breeding season, nearly four million flamingos gather along the scenes of the Great Rift Valley. They carve the inlets and crowd the local residents.The baboons who live here all year round can't help but take notice of the sheer numbers of new arrivers. Some baboons have never seen these many flamingos before, and some of them don't know how to behave. There are so many birds at Bogoria that they trip over each other in order to escape. Baboons aren't meat eaters, but this is something unusual for baboons. Choosing between fruits and flesh is a simple matter for these meat eaters.Until now, such an orchestrated attack on flamingos has rarely been witnessed or recorded. The graceful wading birds become a buffet of pink feathers and crimson flesh.The young have discovered a new taste and they like it. Perhaps this is nature's coldly indifferent way of restoring balance.upheaval1.动乱;激变;剧变Mass unemployment may lead to social upheaval. 大批失业会导致社会动乱。 2.胀起;鼓起;举起;(地壳)隆起landscape1.(陆上的)风景,景色[C]From the hill he looked down on the peaceful landscape. 他站在山上眺望下面的宁静景色。 2.风景画,山水画[C];风景绘画(或摄影)[U]She preferred a good landscape to a portrait. 较之人像画她更喜欢美丽的风景画。 compatible:合得来的,能共处的,不冲突的take notice of: 关注;理会Don't take any notice of others' comments. 不要理会别人的议论。witness1.目击I witnessed the traffic accident. 我目睹了那次交通事故。 2.作...的人;连署The two servants witnessed Mr. Smith's will. 两个仆人在史密斯先生的遗嘱上签名作。 3.为...作,明4.是...的发生地点The year 1849 witnessed a great war in Hungary. 一八四九年匈牙利发生了一场大战。 07/79328 网购,这种新生活方式正一点一点改变着人们。今天,网上书店对传统书店正形成冲击。相对于国有大型书城,街市中各类民营书店、书屋,因其抗风险能力弱而首当其冲,更早感受到了丝丝凉意。如果登录卓越网、当当网的网上书店,你会看到“全场免运费”、“半价抢购”等醒目广告。现在网上购书普遍六七折,有的甚至两三折。低价销售已成为网络书店与传统书店竞争的杀手锏。A medium-sized bookstore in downtown Beijing is going out of business. All of their books are on sale. Bookstore owner Wang Jian says hot sales of books on internet and e-books online pushed him to change the way he does business."Now e-books are overtaking traditional books, and internet books stores are becoming more popular. This is one of the reasons why our in-store bookselling is harder than before. We are preparing to withdraw from this part of the business."A report issued by leading world marketing information company AC Nielsen revealed that China has the highest online book purchasing rate in the world. About 63 percent of Chinese Internet users have made online purchases and 56 percent of the purchasers had bought ing materials, the highest ratio in the world. More than ten years ago, dangdang.com became the first online book retailer, and is now one of the main forces in the Chinese online book market. Facing this challenge, the Xinhua Bookstore, the leading decades-old Chinese chain bookstore, also established its online store several years ago, but with a much smaller business scale. Zhang Jian, CEO of the Xinhuabookstore.com, says now they are enlarging their online services."The Internet as a whole is making a huge impact on every aspect of the economy. The population using the Internet and changing their ing habits are independent of our will. As part of the traditional book industry, we have to notch up this part of the growing business."A fierce "price war" is taking place between traditional bookstores and their online counterparts. Faced with the low-cost advantage of online bookstores, traditional ones can do nothing but lower their prices. At the same time, online booksellers are also engaged in price wars between each other. For example, amazon.com and dangdang.com are two main forces in the online book selling market. Customers can frequently find certain books have a 50 percent discount on one Web site and 51 percent off on another. President and CEO of dangdang.com Yuyu explains their sales principle."Our core competitiveness is lower prices, more choices and more convenience. We detect the changing prices of books in the market, and always can provide the best deal for our customers."With online booksellers matching each other's discounts and convenient shipping services, some traditional bookstores are trying their best to keep customers in their own way. Meng Fanjun is a bookstore manager. "First we can better demonstrate our books to our customers. We can also create a very relaxed ing environment in our bookstore. For example, they can sit and with the books in their hands. These are all the things that an online book store can't provide."Traditional bookstores can hardly compete with some of the advantages of online bookstores, for example 24-hour service. Traditional bookstores, especially medium- and small-sized ones, are facing more challenges than ever in the era of the Internet. For Biz China, I'm Liu Min.201001/93900南昌华山医院做无痛人流需要多少钱鹰潭做结扎复通



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