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You can be comfortable, sensible, and fashionable while you prepare to brave the elements.着装搭配的时候考虑以下元素,既可以做到舒适,实用,又可以兼顾时尚。You Will Need你需要Snug cotton layer温暖紧身的棉质底层Loose middle layers宽松的中间层Tightly woven, waterproof outer layer编织紧致,防水的外层Knit cap针织帽子Scarf围巾Sunglasses太阳眼镜Mittens连指手套Boots靴子Silk first layer (optional)丝质打底层(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Wear layers1.多穿几层Wear layers of loose, lightweight clothing to avoid perspiration that can bring chills while running around the city. Start with one snug layer, made of cotton, to wick moisture away from your skin to evaporate through the fabric.在城市中穿梭的时候,多穿几层宽松,轻便的装,避免汗水让你感到寒冷。首先穿一层棉质紧身打底层,可以让皮肤表层的水分通过布料散发掉。Silk is also a good, natural fabric that will wick moisture.丝绸也是容易散发水分的优质天然布料。Step 2 Add middle layer2.添加中间层Add loose sweaters, sweatshirts, vests, and pullovers for middle layers to hold in the heat.添加宽松的羊毛衫,运动衫,背心和套头衫作为中间层,锁住热量。Step 3 Wear water-repellent coats3.穿防水外衣Wear tight weaves for your outer garment, which should be water-repellent. Make sure your coat has a hood, and wear a knit cap underneath.穿一件编织紧致的防水外衣。确保外套有兜帽,下面再戴一顶针织帽。Step 4 Wear a scarf4.戴围巾Cover your face and neck with a natural-fiber scarf in extreme cold. Breathing in cold air can tighten and narrow passageways.严寒的天气中,用天然纤维的围巾覆盖住面部和颈部。在寒冷的空气中呼吸会导致呼吸道变紧,变窄。Step 5 Find sunglasses5.太阳眼镜Find good sunglasses to protect your eyes. Snow reflects sunlight, so keep your eyes protected.购买一副比较好的太阳眼镜来保护双眼。积雪反射阳光,因此要保护好双眼。Snow amplifies the ultraviolet rays of the sun and can damage the eyes.雪可以将紫外线放大,损害双眼。Step 6 Wear mittens6.连指手套Wear mittens instead of gloves -- touching fingers generate more body heat than separated fingers.戴连指手套而不是指头分开的手套——手指互相接触可以让身体产生更多热量。Step 7 Wear sturdy boots7.结实的靴子Wear one pair of medium weight wool socks to keep warm under sturdy, waterproof boots. Now that youre prepared, bring on the blizzards.穿一双重量适中的袜子为双脚保暖,再穿一双结实防水的靴子。现在你已经做好了充分的准备,勇敢迎接寒冷的暴风雪。Darwin Ranch, Wyoming, has the lowest mean yearly temperature in the continental ed States, at 14 degrees Fahrenheit.怀俄明州的达尔文农场拥有美国大陆最低的年平均气温,只有华氏14度。视频听力由。201311/265786

Theyre all safely ashore,北极熊一家子安全上岸了but they could still face months of hunger.但可能要面对 长达好几个月的饥饿时光Finding food is not so easy on this cold and barren coast.在这片寒冷贫瘩的海岸 觅食并不容易The search may be a long one.它可能要找上很久才能填饱肚子Polar bears have an extraordinarily sensitive sense of smell.北极熊的嗅觉异常灵敏And she has caught a faint whiff of something promising.母熊闻到了一丝微弱的食物香气Its the immense carcass of a bowhead whale.味道是从一具 巨大的北极鲸尸传来的A whale carcass could provide more than any one family could eat.一具鲸尸喂饱一个 北极熊家庭绰绰有余But theyre not the first here to find it...但是比它们早来的by any means.大有人在The smell has brought in bears from miles away.鲸尸的气味引来了 方圆数里之内的北极熊Bear families seldom get on with one another.北极熊家庭 不兴和睦相处这一套Shes taking a risk bringing her cubs here.母北极熊把小熊带来这里 冒了很大的险Male bears can, and do, kill and eat small cubs.公北极熊吃掉小熊的事时有所闻201307/250008

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