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2018年01月23日 12:06:26

One spot of the Great Wall, one of the world#39;s most recognizable landmarks, recently accommodated a set built and abandoned by a film crew in May in Beijing, a local newspaper reported.长城是世界公认的一个地标性建筑,据当地报纸报道,一个五月进驻的剧组在长城北京段的一处地点搭建了布景,却在拍摄后将这个布景留在了当地。According to the Legal Evening News, a film crew built a set which included a prop ancient tower for a scene. After they finished shooting, they left without dismantling the set.法制晚报称,剧组搭建的布景中主要包括一个古代道具城楼,用于一个场景的拍摄。但是在完成拍摄后,他们在没有拆除布景的情况下离开了。The remains of the prop set are still at the section of the Great Wall in Mentougou, Beijing, built near the No. 3 Watchtower. There are 17 ancient watchtowers which were recognized by China#39;s cultural authorities as cultural relics under protection. The leftovers, which are incompatible with the original scenery, have indeed harmed the environment and historical landscape.这个道具的残存还留在长城的北京门头沟段,在“沿字三号敌台”附近。这处地点分布的17座古代敌台被中国文物局认为文物保护单位。道具城楼破破烂烂,与原来的景色显得格格不入,严重破坏了长城的环境和历史风貌。Local village residents have no idea what the film is about. They didn#39;t know the film title, the director, the actors or anything else except the fact that it is a film or TV series set in ancient China. One villager surnamed Tang said, the crew went to this place to shoot in May, and built many buildings for the set, but wrapped up the filming very quickly and left.当地村民表示他们只知道这是一部古装剧或电影,但是对于电影内容、电影名称、导演、演员和其他一切都不清楚。一位唐姓村民说,这个剧组是五月来的,搭建了很多道具,但是没拍多久就离开了。The Party chief of the local village Li Zhengrong also said she didn#39;t know anything regarding a title or the names of the crew or the film. She only remembered that the crew paid a few residents for their help in assisting with labor of certain kind.村党委书记李正荣也称自己并不清楚电影亦或是剧组的名称,和任何关于电影的情况。她只记得剧组给了当地居民一些报酬,让他们帮剧组干活。Other village and township officials, as well as cultural departments, said they didn#39;t even know this had happened as the location is remote, far away from urban Beijing and they didn#39;t see any documents from a higher administration approving the filming in May. ;Some crews only shoot for one or two days. We don#39;t really notice this, as we only patrol from time to time,; said an employee from the Mentougou District cultural committee.其他乡镇领导以及文化部门甚至不知道这件事情的存在,因为该地比较偏僻,距北京城很远,而且他们也没有看到上级部门同意电影于五月拍摄的文件。门头沟文化委员会的一个工作人员称:“一些剧组只拍一两天,他们有时进行巡视,所以没有注意到这件事。”According to Beijing#39;s rules and regulations, such film shooting must first be approved and the set should be removed after the shooting with all the processes leaving cultural relics unharmed. Otherwise, the crew will be punished and fined, and the tapes would be confiscated.根据北京法律法规,这种借景文物拍摄的电影必须首先经过审批,完成拍摄后,布景道具必须拆除,全过程不允许损害文物。不然,剧组会被惩罚及罚款,胶片也会被收缴。The local authorities said they will investigate the case and locate those responsible for this.当地政府称他们会调查这起事件并追责。There is a precedent case where a film crew built a set near the same spot in October 2013 and left after filming was done. They removed and cleaned the set last November after media exposure. However, the same thing has happened again.这起事件已有先例,2013年10月,一个影视剧组在相同的地点搭建布景,完成电影后直接离开。直到去年10月媒体曝光后才拆除清理了道具。然而相同的事情又再次发生。 /201510/403933九江市浔阳区庐山区治疗阴道性不孕多少钱赣州全南县寻乌县安远县瑞金市封闭抗体阴性治疗What do you do if your nation has a severe water shortage and happens to be located in a bona fide desert?如果你的国家严重缺水又正好位于茫茫沙漠,你会怎么做?If you have the resources, you turn to technology, which is what a company in the oil-rich ed Arab Emirates is looking to do.如果你有资本,便可以借助技术的力量。一家位于产油大国阿联酋的公司正准备这么做。The country, which gets less than four inches of rain per year, could solve its issue with water scarcity by towing icebergs from Antarctica to its shores.阿联酋这个国家的年降水量不足101.6毫米,不过只要从南极运冰山过来,就可以解决缺水问题。It could take up to a year to bring an iceberg from Antarctica to Fujairah.冰山从南极运到富查伊拉(七个酋长国之一)可能花上一年时间。Once the iceberg is at UAE shores, the ice above the waterline would be chipped off, crushed into drinking water, which would then be stored in large water tanks and filtered.一旦冰山到达阿联酋海岸,水面以上的部分会被切下来压碎,融化成淡水,然后保存在巨大的水缸里并过滤。The iceberg would also have a broader impact.冰山还会发挥更大的作用。The more icebergs, the more water vapor and clouds, creating a profound effect on the regional climate over a decade, turning the desert into “green meadows”.运来的冰山越多,蒸发形成的水汽就越多,云量增加,会对区域气候带来深远的影响,十年后,当地的沙漠就会变成“绿草地”。The melting icebergs would also add fresh water to the Arabian sea, returning biodiversity by balancing out the brine discharge from desalination plants.冰山融化会为阿拉伯海注入更多淡水,逐渐抵消海水淡化厂排放的浓盐水,从而恢复当地海域的生物多样性。There would also be a boost for tourism from all the people interested in looking at the icebergs.冰山还会吸引众多游客前来参观,因而当地旅游业也会增长。The company has so far ran simulations and feasibility studies and looks to start the project in early 2018.目前,这家公司已经开展了模拟和可行性研究,预计2018年初能够开始这项运冰山的壮举。 /201705/509209抚州金溪县资溪县东乡县广昌县治疗多囊卵巢医院


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