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There is snoring and there is snoring. If you are towards the gentle end of the heavy breathing spectrum the chances are that you annoy people only infrequently.这儿有鼾声,那儿也有鼾声!如果你能轻柔地完成呼吸,没有沉重的呼吸声,那么你很少会打扰到别人。If, however, you are a heavy snorer the likelihood is that the members of your family will become so stressed and tired that they almost want to kill you.然而,如果你是一个重度鼾症患者,你的家人很可能十分焦虑不安、心力交瘁,乃至于几乎想要杀了你!Face it – life with a snorer in the house is just downright unpleasant. It is not unknown for heavy snorers to be heard half the house away, their heavy, gasping breathing preventing anyone else from getting a good night#39;s sleep.直面打鼾吧——与打鼾的人生活在一起确实相当令人讨厌。对于打鼾的人来说,半个房子里都能听见他那沉重的喘气声,干扰了所有人的睡眠。If you snore like this you are probably making life miserable for everyone around you. The more they suffer from interrupted sleep the more likely they are to get annoyed with you. You are also not immune from damage through snoring.如果你也打鼾,那你就可能让周围的人都过着悲惨的生活。他们所承受的睡眠中断的痛苦越大,就越气恼。当然,你也不可避免地要面临打鼾的危害。Although you may not wake yourself up through your snoring (although it is not unknown) your sleep will be disturbed and you will not be getting enough rest to recuperate from the strains of the day.即使你不会被自己吵醒(尽管你知道自己打鼾),你的睡眠质量也会受到干扰,得不到充分的休息,也就难以平复白日的焦虑与紧张。If this continues for a long time you will be less healthy, prone to viruses and colds and more prone to the effects of work stress.如果这种情况持续很长一段时间,你的健康就会受损,容易感染病毒、患上感冒,也更有可能受到工作压力的影响。If you or your loved one spend the night gasping and groaning away to the detriment of your family and each other you may be tempted to try any number of over the counter remedies. It is quite common for the poor snorer to be subjected to all sorts of indignities – throat sprays, nasal strips, silver rings on acupressure points.如果你或者你的爱人一整个晚上都在打鼾和呻吟,对彼此和家人造成了伤害,那么你也许愿意尝试以下一些非处方药的治疗方法。对于可怜的打鼾者来说,遭受各种“折磨”——咽喉喷雾剂、鼻带和按压穴位的银戒指等都十分普遍。Some of these remedies will work for some people but there is no one size fits all fix. Snoring happens when air is prevented or blocked from getting easily into the lungs and the excess air causes the soft palette to vibrate.这些疗法对于一些人来说会有成效,但并不能解决所有人的问题。当进入肺部的空气受到阻碍时,多余的气体就会使软组织产生振动。The only way to cure your snoring is to work out what is causing the impediment and then learn how best to manage that problem.唯一能治好打鼾的方法就是找出症结所在,然后对症下药。With that in mind here are the top 10 reasons you might be snoring and what you can do to make it better.将这些建议铭记在心后,你就可以看看榜单上这十个导致打鼾的理由了,当然你也可以从中学会如何更好地解决打鼾这个难题。10.You breathe through your mouth10.口腔呼吸We are capable of breathing through both our nose and our mouth. Indeed when we are doing strenuous work such as heavy exercise we will often use our mouth to breathe in order to bring more oxygen into our lungs than we can through using our nose alone. This is fine.我们可以通过口腔和鼻子呼吸。实际上当我们正在做高强度工作,如剧烈运动时,我们就会借助口腔而非单独使用鼻子进行呼吸,这样可以为肺部带入更多的氧气。这一点无可厚非。If, however, a person uses their mouth to breath as a matter of course it can lead to problems.然而,如果一个人习惯用口腔呼吸,就会带来一些问题。Children who breathe through their mouth are likely to get crooked teeth and a receding chin.用口腔进行呼吸的孩子可能会牙齿歪斜、下巴后缩。与用口腔呼吸的成年人一样,They are also likely to suffer from a host of health problems which they share with adult mouth breathers. These include getting bad headaches, sore throats, digestive problems and sleep disturbances.他们也有可能患上许多健康问题:头疼、喉咙疼、消化问题和睡眠紊乱。Nasal breathing is vitally important to good, snoreless sleep. When you take air in through your nose it will add nitric oxide to the air that passes into your lungs. This actually helps the lungs to absorb more oxygen.鼻腔呼吸对于拥有一个高质量的安静睡眠至关重要。当你用鼻子呼吸时,会为进入肺部的空气增加一氧化氮,这有利于肺部吸收氧气。If your nose gets congested and stuffed up easily you are going to compensate by breathing through your mouth which can aggravate snoring.如果出现鼻塞的问题,你就会借助口腔呼吸,这可能会加剧打鼾的情况。It might be tempting to think that there is nothing to be done to change your breathing habits. It is certainly not an easy thing to do but it is possible.你可能觉得无法改变自己的呼吸习惯。这确实不是一件容易的事情,但也并非不可能。If you are a mouth breather you will need to retrain your facial muscles to learn to breathe through your nose.如果你已经习惯了口腔呼吸,那么你需要反复训练面部肌肉,使之学会通过鼻子进行呼吸。This takes time but can be done and your doctor will be able to help you locate a suitable therapist to assist you. There are also devices available which help to position the mouth to prevent excess mouth breathing.只需要花费一定的时间来练习,就能实现这个目标。你的医生可以帮你找一位合适的治疗专家来帮助你。他们也会提供相关的设备来帮助你固定嘴巴,阻止额外的口腔呼吸。9.Your facial structures are the wrong shape9.面部结构畸形Because snoring is caused by vibration in the soft tissues of your mouth deformities in these structures can make you more prone to snoring.口腔内的软组织振动导致打鼾,所以如果那些部位畸形,自然就会提高打鼾的可能性。#39;Risk#39; indicators include a long soft palate (more tissue equals more vibration), an excess of tissue in the throat and a long uvula (the bit that hangs down between your tonsils.“风险”的标志包括过长的软上颚(软组织越多振动就越多)、喉咙里多余的组织和过长的小舌(悬挂在扁桃体之间的部分)。Because of the importance of nasal breathing to health and wellbeing nasal problems can also cause snoring. The nasal septum is the piece of cartilage that divides the right nostril from the left.正因为鼻腔呼吸对健康及舒适有着重要的影响,鼻子的相关问题也能导致打鼾。鼻子中的隔膜是一片软骨,将左右鼻腔分隔开。If this is crooked, either as a result of genetic inheritance or because you have suffered a trauma to the face, it can lead to problems with breathing and therefore cause snoring.如果鼻子中间的薄膜弯曲——这可能是因为遗传,或者是你的面部曾受过创伤——就会造成呼吸困难,自然也就导致打鼾。If this is the case it can be treated with a corrective operation that will straighten the septum and, usually, stop the snoring.如果是由此原因造成打鼾,经过正确的治疗,将隔膜矫正,鼾声通常就会终止。8.You are sleeping in the wrong position8.睡姿不正确Humans are creatures of habit – there is no getting away from it, we like to do things in the same way day after day, it makes us feel comfortable and secure.人类是以习惯生存的生物——无法摆脱习惯,我们习惯于日复一日地做着同样的事,这样让我们感觉到舒和安全。Nowhere in our lives are habits more important than at bedtime. Most people have a certain side of the bed they sleep on, even if their partner is out of town, and find it difficult to settle if they have to sleep on the other side of the bed.在我们的生活中,床上的习惯最为重要。大多数人在床上睡觉时都有固定的一边,即使他们的伴侣不在,也很难叫他们睡在床的另一边。This reliance on habit impacts not just the side of the bed that people sleep on but the position they sleep in when they have laid down on that side.这种对习惯的依赖不仅影响人们睡觉的位置,也会影响他们在那个位置上躺下的姿势。Most of the time that will not cause any problems at all but if you habitually sleep on your back you may be setting yourself up for snoring problems.大多数时候不会有什么问题,但是如果你习惯的睡姿是仰卧,就可能存在打鼾的问题。For those who have larger than average internal facial structures such as a large soft palate sleeping on the back will cause the airway to collapse in on itself.一些人面部的内部结构比一般人大,比如软腭,仰卧睡觉会造成气道堵塞,This will lead to excess air being present in the mouth and therefore vibration of the tissues – in other words snoring.导致口腔中的空气增加,软组织就会因此而产生震动——即打鼾。The problem is not just confined to people who sleep on their back – some people are side sleeping snorers – because the position of their tongue and mouth on their sides leads to air blockages.不仅仰卧会有这个问题——一些侧卧睡觉的人也会打鼾——因为侧着睡觉时,舌头和嘴巴的位置会导致空气流通受阻。If your snoring is related to sleeping position then the best thing you can do to prevent it is to try and change the habit of a lifetime and change the way you sleep.如果你因为睡姿而打鼾,那最好的解决办法就是试着改变生活习惯和睡姿。Whether you chose to sew a tennis ball into the back of your pajamas to force you to sleep on your side or enlist the help of your partner to force you to turn over if you get in the wrong position it is worth a try.你可以选择在睡衣背后缝一个网球来迫使你侧身睡觉,也可以让你的伴侣在你睡姿不对的时候帮你翻身,这些方法都值得一试。You might find that this resolves the problem for you. If it does not then you are probably snoring for another reason (although your sleeping position may have exacerbated it).你会发现这样便可以解决你的问题。如果没有效果,那么你打鼾可能是因为其它原因(但你的睡姿可能加剧了这个问题)。 /201608/462723。

B News – Precision medicine is one of the big themes at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.B新闻 – 精准治疗是美国临床肿瘤协会年会上的大主题之一。Cancers are normal cells that have become corrupted by mutations in their DNA that leads to uncontrolled growth.癌症是正常细胞因基因突变受损,导致不受控制的生长。The idea of precision medicine is to test every patient#39;s tumour, find the mutations that have become essential for it to survive and then select a targeted drug to counter-act the mutation - killing the tumour.精准治疗的概念,就是检验每个患者的肿瘤,找出对肿瘤生存变得必需的基因突变,然后选择靶向药物对抗突变 – 杀死肿瘤。This concept is not new. Women with breast cancer aly have their tumours analysed to decide on treatment. Tumours whose growth is fuelled by oestrogen have drugs to block the female sex hormone, while the drug Herceptin works in only the 20% of tumours that have specific mutations.这个概念并不新。乳腺癌患者已经可以在其肿瘤经过分析后确定治疗方案。受雌激素刺激长出的肿瘤有了可以阻碍女性荷尔蒙的药物,而药物赫赛汀仅对20%具有特异性突变的肿瘤起作用。But a revolution in genetics - allowing scientists to rapidly and cheaply interrogate a cancer#39;s corrupted DNA - is leading to huge excitement about a new generation of precision drugs.但遗传学界发生的革命 - 使科学家能够快速便宜地盘查癌症的受损基因 – 正激起对新一代精准用药的兴奋巨浪。The world#39;s largest cancer conference - a meeting of 30,000 doctors and scientists - has aly heard how a precision approach is helping to beat cancer.这次汇聚3万名医生和科学家的世界最大癌症会议,已经听到了精准治疗正在如何帮助战胜癌症。Dr Maria Schwaederle, from the centre for personalised cancer therapy at the University of California, San Diego, has presented data on 346 highly experimental clinical trials involving 13,203 patients.来自加州大学圣迭戈分校个体化癌症治疗中心的施瓦伊德勒士,展示了对13203名患者所做的346次高度实验性的临床试验数据。Of the studies, 58 used a precision approach…Cancers shrank in 31% of cases when a drug was matched to the tumour#39;s weaknesses compared with just 5% of the time without.研究中58人使用了精准治疗……当对肿瘤的薄弱之处使用匹配药物时,31%的病例出现了肿瘤萎缩,而未用匹配药物时只有5%。And the time before the disease worsened increased from three months to nearly six months with precision medicine.而且,使用精准治疗后,病情出现恶化的时间从3个月增加到了近6个月。Dr Schwaederle said the findings were ;striking; and praised the ;breath-taking advances in our ability to perform genomics; that was revealing the inner workings of tumours.施瓦伊德勒士说,研究结果“令人震撼”,称赞“我们做基因组学的能力取得惊人进展” - 揭示了肿瘤的内在运行机制。Precision medicine should be hugely beneficial for patients as it has far fewer side effects than either chemotherapy or radiotherapy which kill healthy tissue as well as the tumour.精准治疗应该能对患者带来巨大好处,因为它产生的副作用远比化疗或放疗小,化疗和放疗杀死肿瘤的同时也杀死健康细胞。 /201606/449454。