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By the time Ellen and Joe Lollman reached their first anniversary, things were souring. They no longer took long walks together or spent weekend afternoons chatting over coffee at outdoor cafes. Each evening they holed up in separate rooms of their home ing or watching TV alone.艾伦(Ellen)和乔#86;罗尔曼 (Joe Lollman)结婚一年后,生活开始变了味他们不再长时间一起散步,周末也不会一起在室外咖啡馆里闲谈一个下午每天晚上,他们各自关在房间里一个人读书或看电视Finally, fearful their marriage was on the rocks, the Dallas couple made an appointment with a therapist -- their dogs.最后由于担心他们的婚姻会触礁,这一对美国达拉斯夫妇与治疗师约定了时间──却是为他们的'We both had dogs a lot longer than we had each other,' explains Ms. Lollman. Yet it wasn't until she and her new husband moved in together after a long-distance courtship that their faithful companions actually met and, as luck had it, decided they hated each other. The Lollmans were ced to take sides.艾伦解释说,他们两个人在认识彼此之前就与各自的爱犬相伴了但两人的直到他们经过异地恋爱、最终结合并生活在一起后才打了照面,不幸的是,两条互相看不顺眼夫妻俩只好各为其了 15Victoria Beckham is preparing her new baby’s arrival in the summer by redesigning her homes in London and Los Angeles along feng shui principles. Posh, 36, who is expecting her fourth baby, has hired a team of feng shui advisers to work on her houses. ‘Victoria is a huge fan of feng shui,’ said a source. Victoria Beckham, 36, who is expecting her fourth baby, has hired a team of feng shui advisers to work on her houses ‘She won’t have anything in the corners of the room so that bad energy is warded off.’ A spokesman confirmed: ‘Victoria has used and uses feng shui.’ Posh is also working on her latest fashion collection ahead of next month’s New York Fashion Week.  36岁的维多利亚在为小贝产下3个宝贝儿子后求女心切,媒体关注她何时再“拼”个女儿如今她怀上第胎,小贝全家上上下下兴师动众、不仅频频向球队请假回家陪爱妻安胎,就连生子经验丰富的维多利亚这次也相当紧张据悉,“准妈妈”维多利亚不知是为了“安胎”还是为了“确保是个千金”她竟然求助“风水大师”为她在伦敦和洛杉矶的豪宅进行重新装修设计!就维多利亚的风水顾问透露:“维多利亚本人相当迷信,她不让安置任何东西在豪宅的角落、为的是确保能量能够聚集起来”据悉,维多利亚信风水的历史由来已久,这位风水大师不仅仅为她的豪宅装修,还为它下个月的纽约时装设计展览做前期策划 53Angry Birds new challenge may be a bit steeper than knocking down a shoddy structure onto a few static pigs.相比打垮一座摇摇晃晃的构造、砸死几头呆着不动的猪,《愤怒的小鸟(Angry Birds)面临的新挑战恐怕要更加艰巨一些Rovio Entertainment Ltd., the Finnish game developer behind the Angry Birds franchise, is trying to grow from a mobile game company into a global brand and a big part is a full-on marketing blitz in China, which it says is its second-largest market after the U.S.Even though fake Angry Birds products abound in the country, Rovio ChinaGeneral Manager Paul Chen is undaunted.《愤怒的小鸟背后的芬兰游戏开发商Rovio Entertainment Ltd.正在努力从一家手机游戏公司成长为一个全球品牌,其中很大一部分工作就是在中国发动一场全面的营销战据该公司说,中国是它仅次于美国的世界第二大市场尽管假冒;愤怒的小鸟;产品在中国屡见不鲜,但Rovio中国区总经理陈一(Paul Chen)没有丝毫胆怯Though Rovio has previously targeted the China market with specific initiatives, like a level designed around China Mid-Autumn Festival, the company opened its office in Shanghai earlier this year and Mr. Chen said in an interview it will be rolling out a number of new programs in the coming 18 months.Rovio之前也曾采取针对性的行动向中国市场发起进攻,比如设计了一个以中秋节为主题的关口不过在今年早些时候,该公司设立了上海办事处,陈一在接受采访时说,未来18个月公司将推出一系列新的项目The first of those is a new Angry Birds game designed the China market ahead of the London Olympics this summer. Centered on a drum motif that elicits the opening ceremonies in the Beijing opening ceremony four years ago, users compete with others online to hit Chinese-style drums scattered throughout the levels.首先是在今年夏季伦敦奥运会前夕针对中国市场设计一款新的《愤怒的小鸟游戏新游戏以鼓为主题,暗仿四年前北京奥运会的开幕式,用户和其他人联网比赛,击打散见于各关的中式鼓In an animation accompanying the game, a pack of Angry Birds characters join iconic Chinese Olympic athletes like badminton player Lin Dan and hurdler Liu Xiang as they reclaim a golden drum from the pigs, their recurring enemies in the game franchise.在伴随游戏的一段动画里面,一群;愤怒的小鸟;跟着中国奥运明星运动员(如羽毛球手林丹、跨栏运动员刘翔)一起从猪群手中夺回一个金鼓猪是《愤怒的小鸟中反复出现的反面角色Then in July, the company will open its first two retail stores in Shanghai and Beijing, but Mr. Chen says the company will be opening several hundred stores across China over the next year and a half. As with many popular branded products in China, many items bearing counterfeit Angry Bird images and patterns are sale in China.然后在7月份,Rovio将在上海和北京开设头两家零售店,但陈一表示未来一年半还会在中国各地开设几门店跟许多受人欢迎的名牌产品在中国的遭遇一样,很多拥有;愤怒的小鸟;图像和造型的非授权商品在中国都可以买到But Mr. Chen said he believed once Chinese fans were given a chance to buy genuine Angry Bird products, they would.但陈一说,他相信,一旦中国粉丝有机会买到;愤怒的小鸟;正品,他们就会去购买;There an educational process to say, OK, this is the official, this is the unofficial product. With the official youll get exclusive designs, things others dont have, your friend who might have an unofficial T-shirt, theyre not cool anymore because you have the latest official design,; he said. ;It kind of like the way fashion works, where the uncool guy has last year fall collection and you have this year fall collection.;他说,这里有一个教育过程,比如这是官方产品,这是非官方产品,官方产品拥有独一无二的设计,这是其他产品没有的;你的朋友可能有一件非官方T恤,可他们再也没有那么潮了,因为你拥有最新的官方设计;这跟时装的运作方式差不多,落伍者拥有的是去年秋季流行的款式,而你拥有的是今年秋季流行的款式He added that the company also plans to include special levels and other game features that are linked to the purchase of official products, so those who buy the sometimes-misshapen fake Angry Bird stuffed animal will miss out on some of the perks offered to those who buy the real thing.他说,公司还计划加入与购买官方产品相挂钩的特别关口和其他游戏功能,这样那些购买假冒;愤怒的小鸟;填充玩具(有时候做得很丑)的人就无法获得正品用户获得的一些好处Finally on Oct. 1, China National Day, the company will be opening its first theme park in a city outside ofShanghai. The park, which will feature rides as well as a large interactive playground, will be the first of several locations opening in the next year and a half, Mr. Chen said.最后在月1日国庆节,Rovio将在上海附近的一个城市开放首家主题公园这座公园将有兜风项目,还有一个巨大的互动游乐场陈一说,它将是接下来一年半开设的多座主题公园中的第一座 18800

The 19-year-old singer had earlier appeared in court after he was arrested drunk driving and resisting arrest while allegedly drag racing in Miami early Thursday morning. He looked emotionless and fidgeted as he heard his bail set at $,500.现年19岁的歌手贾斯汀·比伯现身法庭,因其在周四凌晨酒驾后拒捕而在迈阿密被捕在听到要交500美元保释金时,比伯显得漫不经心且烦躁不安Police arrested the pop star as he drove a bright yellow Lamborghini at up to 60mph in a 30mph speed limit zone while allegedly racing Def Jam rapper Khalil Sharief who was driving a Ferrari.当天,贾斯汀·比伯开着一辆亮黄色兰基尼,和他一起飙车的是开着法拉利的街头教父的说唱歌手哈利勒·沙立夫他们在30迈小时限速区内飙车飙到60迈小时,也被捕He had spent a night partying with model Chantel Jeffries and allegedly admitted to officers that he had been smoking marijuana all day, taking anti-depressants and drinking beer when he was stopped at am.在贾斯汀·比伯于当地时间凌晨四点被拦下之前,他正与模特向特尔·杰弗里斯一起开趴比伯承认他“一整天”都在吸大麻、使用抗抑郁剂和喝啤酒The troubled singer, who has had a number of brushes with the law - LA police raided his mansion earlier this month after a neighbor house was attacked with eggs - allegedly asked the arresting officers Why the f*** did you stop me this morning.这位问题歌手已经好几次触犯法律本月早些时候,贾斯汀·比伯因向邻居家扔鸡蛋被洛杉矶警方突击搜查;而周四早上,他被警方拘捕时又对警察爆粗口说:“你们XXX凭什么抓我”And although the singer appeared stoic as he appeared in court, he allegedly broke down in tears when he returned to his cell, according to People.尽管比伯在法庭上忍住了眼泪,但据称在他被带回牢房时还是哭了起来However, his mood was very different bee he appeared on camera - the star was reportedly heard mumbling to himself and giggling.但比伯之后拍入狱照片时心情又大不一样了据报道比伯含糊地自言自语,还傻笑起来The star also told police it was his mother Pattie Mallette who gave him Xanax, one of the prescription drugs he was on during his arrest.比伯告诉警方,是自己母亲帕蒂·玛丽特给的他阿普唑仑(处方药,比伯被捕时嗑的药)After being released he hid behind black sunglasses and a hoodie as he entered a waiting SUV. He waved to the media and he seemed proud of his arrest as he let everyone take a good look at him.在交保出狱后,贾斯汀·比伯身穿黑色连帽衫、戴着墨镜坐进了等待他的SUV出狱后的比伯还向媒体挥手,让大家都一睹他的风采,好像被捕是件很光荣的事情似的 68

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tying the knot? That what the increasing hullabaloo on their South of France estate - Chateau Miraval - indicates to the media. But other sources say no wedding is happening this weekend. Brad parents reportedly have arrived at Chateau Miraval, and Los Angeles jeweler Robert Procop, who made Angelina ,000 diamond and platinum engagement ring, also is said to be flying in.自从被曝出将于今年9月结婚以来,明星情侣安吉丽娜·朱莉和布拉德·皮特成为了仔们最热衷追踪的目标上周末,两人的婚礼细节浮出水面,朱莉将邀自己的两任前夫出席,但禁止皮特邀请前妻珍妮弗·安妮斯顿Angelina Jolie is likely to choose a ;slinky; bridal gown her wedding to Brad Pitt, friends have revealed.The actress, who is frequently referred to as one of the world sexiest women, is said to prefer a glamorous.据参与婚礼策划的某位知情人士爆料,在自己的第三次婚礼中,朱莉并不打算穿传统的婚纱亮相,;她希望能通过婚纱来展示自己性感的身材,以明自己过去有过的那些‘最性感女人的头衔绝非浪得虚名;而在婚纱设计师的人选上,朱莉正在几位世界知名的大牌设计师中间选择据该曝料者称:;朋友们都认为朱莉的婚纱将会‘紧身又性感wedding dress to a more traditional design.There has aly been a huge amount of speculation, over which designer will be honoured with the task of creating the gown, with Versace being a strong contender the job, a website has reported.此外,皮特还送给朱莉一块价值高达39万美元的高级女表作为结婚礼物据知情人士称,目前皮特位于法国的古堡已经完成了翻新的工作,详细的婚礼策划也出炉了,只等今年9月18日婚礼到来Other fashion houses that have drawn up sketches in a bid to win the coveted commission include the likes of Badgley Mischka, Monique Lhuillier and Reem Acra;Friends think itll be a ‘slinky dress, made by Ange favourite designer Jenny Packham, whose wedding collection is renowned its classy styles,; UK magazine Look reported.The couple are also believed to be opting glamorous wedding bands to match the brunette beauty flashy engagement ring.朱莉特立独行的行事风格在圈内外众人皆知,面临人生大事,她不做出点常人看来;过分;的事情是说不过去的据美国媒体报道,朱莉目前已确定会邀请自己的两位前夫比利·鲍勃·桑顿和强尼·李·米勒出席自己的婚礼,报道称:;朱莉在离婚后与两人都保持着很好的朋友关系,两人将会以女方亲友的身份参加这场婚礼;Designed by Robert Procop, the flawless diamond creation is believed have cost as much as 1 million dollars and could be joined by an equally luxury design from the jeweller when the couple weds this summer;He [Robert Procop] designed her engagement ring and is likely to come up with something quite sparkly,; a source said.有趣的是,虽然朱莉十分;贴心;地邀两任前夫看自己再嫁他人,但当皮特询问自己能否请前妻詹妮弗·安妮斯顿前来观礼时,却得到了朱莉斩钉截铁的一个;NO;值得一提的是,当得知安妮斯顿与编剧男友贾斯汀·塞洛克斯也于日前订婚的消息后,皮特曾亲自打电话给安妮斯顿表示祝贺,不料这件事让朱莉知道后大发雷霆,当时朱莉也向皮特再三下达通牒:绝对不允许安妮斯顿出现在自己的婚礼上 197

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