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  • 1) Be friends first1)首先要做朋友Yes, of course, you’re no longer boyfriend and girlfriend – now you’re husband and wife. That’s a big deal and it’s a pretty massive change. There’s no way that you wouldn’t notice this.是的,当然,你们已经不再是男女朋友关系——你们现在是夫妻关系。这是很重大的一件事,而且是一个非常巨大的改变。你肯定会注意到这一点。But if you don’t act like the two of you are friends, you’re going to let all the ups and downs of life get in the way. Things won’t always be super great and you won’t be happy all the time. You’re going to have long, exhausting weeks at work. You’re going to have an epic cold that won’t go away for six weeks. You’re going to struggle to balance everything in your life, from your marriage to your best friends to your career and hobbies.但是如果你在做事的时候不再像朋友一样,那么你的人生会出现起起落落。事情不会总是那么顺利,而且你也不会一直都很开心。你将会有冗长累人的工作周。而且你会经历史无前例的感冒,6周都好不了。你会挣扎着平衡生活中的方方面面,从婚姻到最好的朋友,再到你的事业和爱好。If you and your now husband stop being friends first, you might not be super compassionate toward each other when life doesn’t go as planned. And that would be a real shame since it would basically mean forgetting that whole “in sickness and in health” thing.如果你和你的丈夫不再首先像朋友一样相处,那么当生活不按照计划进行的时候,你们互相之间或许不会那么富有同情心了。而且这将会是真正的羞辱,因为这基本上意味着忘掉所有的“生病和健康”的事情。2) Be your own person2)做你自己You can’t magically get rid of your life just because you’re married now. You need to still be your own person. If you don’t, you’re going to resent your husband for making your entire life about him… and that’s not fair since it will be your decision and your doing.你不可能像魔法一样来摆脱自己的生活,仅仅是因为你现在结婚了。你还是需要做自己。如果你不再做自己,你将会怨恨你的丈夫,恨他将你的整个生活都变成了他的……而且这并不公平,因为这是你自己的决定和做法。Think about what matters to you the most in your life. That Saturday morning barre cardio class? Spending a quiet Sunday afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies? Girls night out and trips with your friends and seeing your parents and sister on a regular basis?想想你生活中最重要的事情。周六的扶手杠有氧运动课程?在周日下午安静地烤巧克力薄饼甜点?定期与闺蜜晚上一起闲逛,和你的朋友旅游,看望你的父母和?Don’t get rid of your interests and hobbies or stop seeing the people that mean the most to you. It’s unhealthy to be laser focused on your relationship, and your husband probably doesn’t want to give up everything and everyone that he loves, either.不要放弃你的兴趣爱好,不要停止看望对你重要的人。将所有的注意力都集中在你们关系上是不健康的,你的老公或许也不会像放弃他喜欢在乎的一切事和人。 /201703/494961。
  • Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate was found to contain excessive mineral oil components that could cause liver, spleen and lymph gland damage.近日,德芙丝滑牛奶巧克力被发现矿物油含量过高,可能会给肝脏、脾脏及淋巴结造成损害。Third-party testing organization okoer.com said a laboratory in Germany found excessive mineral oil in samples of Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate.第三方检测机构优恪网称,德国某实验室在德芙丝滑牛奶巧克力样品中检出了过量的矿物油。The components, called MOSH or POSH, were above the standard level of 4 mg per kg, the examination report said.检验报告称,这种名为矿物油饱和烃或聚烯烃低聚饱和烃的成分含量比标准水平高出4毫克/千克。The mineral oil may come from lubrication used in machinery during the production or packaging process, or from printing ink, the report said.该报告指出,这些矿物油可能来自生产或包装过程中机械设备使用的润滑油或印刷油墨。Wang Xuede, a professor at Henan University of Technology, said mineral oil cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body, but excessive harmful components could get into the hematologic system and cause cell mutation.河南工业大学教授汪学德表示,矿物油不能被人体消化、吸收,但过量的有害物质可能会进入到血液系统,诱发细胞突变。Consumers, especially children, should keep away from food containing mineral oil, Wang said.汪学德称,消费者尤其儿童应避免食用含矿物油成分的食品。A paper published by the Chinese magazine China Oils and Fats also argued that mineral oil can damage the digestive system and even cause food poisoning or a coma.发表在中国杂志《中国油脂》上的一篇文章也指出,矿物油可能会危害消化系统,甚至引起食物中毒或者昏迷。Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate is one of the flagship products of Dove, a brand owned by Mars that has become one of the most popular in China after operating in the county for more than 20 years.德芙丝滑牛奶巧克力是食品巨头玛氏旗下巧克力品牌德芙的旗舰产品之一,已经进入中国市场二十余年,是中国最受欢迎的产品之一。 /201703/498041。
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