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南昌华山不孕医院怎样挂号贵溪市血精一般需要多少钱景德镇第一人民医院做流产需要多少钱 Indias new government印度新政府Kick-starting India一剂强心剂Indias new government must get the economy working again. Heres how印度新政府必须让国家经济回归正轨,来看看需要怎么做。INDIAS mammoth, five-week election, involving hundreds of millions of voters, is over. Official results were due as The Economist went to press. A new government will be formed in the coming days. Exit polls point to the Bharatiya Janata Party swooping back to power after a decade in opposition. Narendra Modi, its leader, is set to be prime minister. Investors are excited by that prospect. They like his past in running the business-friendly state of Gujarat and his talk of vikas in the campaign.印度为期五周,超过百万人参与投票的国家大选终于落下帷幕。本期经济学人杂志出版正值官方结果出炉。在未来的日子里,印度将组建新的政府。出口民调显示,印度人民党在野十年后将重掌政权,人民党领袖纳伦德拉·莫迪将任总理。投资人深受这一消息的鼓舞。莫迪过去在管理古吉拉特邦时实行的商业友好策略以及在大选进程中发表的关于维卡斯公司发展的言论都受到投资人的欢迎。Whoever becomes prime minister faces a long to-do list that includes everything from getting along with Pakistan to dealing with iron-ore mafias. But the priority must be repairing what by some measures is the worlds third-largest economy. This is the key to lifting hundreds of millions of people from poverty and creating jobs for Indias young and hungry population. It is a huge task.无论谁当选总理,都面临着一长串的任务清单,这个清单包罗万象,从与巴基斯坦重修旧好到处理操纵铁矿石交易的黑手党。然而首要任务一定是修整这个从某种标准上算是世界第三大经济体的国家,这是解救数以亿计的贫困人口为青年和饥饿人群创造就业岗位的关键。这个任务无比艰巨。A lost half-decade失落的五年A decade ago Indias economy was winning new-found respect as a riot of energy and enterprise, but its performance in recent years has been dismal. Now foreign bosses roll their eyes when you mention India, as they did in the 1980s. Growth has fallen to 5%, half the level at the peak of the 2004-08 boom. Inflation and public borrowing are too high. The rupee slumped in 2013. Private firms are fed up with red tape and graft and have cut investment from a peak of 17% of GDP to 9%. On some measures the country is going backwards in time. Households have been shifting savings away from banks into the ancient refuge of gold. In a country that should be industrialising, the contribution to GDP from industry has been declining while manufacturing jobs have stagnated.十年前,依附于能源和企业的迅猛发展,印度经济赢得了世界上新鲜目光的瞩目,然而近年来表现却越发不堪。现在,提到印度时,外商会像上世纪八十年代一样翻起白眼。印度的增长率下滑到5%,是它2004-08巅峰时期的一半。通货膨胀和公开借贷双双过高,2013年,卢比遭到严重贬值。私营企业对政府的繁文缛节和贪污受贿厌倦透顶,表现在投资上就是投资额在GDP中占比从17%的高峰下滑到9%。从某些方面来说,印度已经在走下坡路。家家户户都急于从提现并把存款转换为古老的黄金以寻求避难。作为一个工业化国家,印度工业对GDP的贡献率已经开始下滑,制造业的就业也陷于停滞。The last government dithered and was preoccupied with bolstering Indias welfare state. Indias new rulers must be more strategic and ruthless. Their task has three parts.上一届政府犹犹豫豫,一心想着把印度变为一个福利国家。新一届政策制定者应当表现的更有战略性和大胆无情。他们的任务有三方面。First, they must tackle Indias rotten banks. That might sound like a technical quibble—it is anything but. Bad debts have soared as the economy has slowed and infrastructure projects have got snared by red tape. Banks have chosen to “extend and pretend” loans to zombie firms. The cost of cleaning up banks balance sheets could be as high as 4% of GDP—slightly larger, in relative terms, than Wall Streets bail out. But until the banks are fit enough to finance a new cycle of investment, no recovery will happen. Deeper financial reform is vital, too. Banks are forced to buy government bonds, giving politicians a blank cheque to borrow. Limiting that would help end the habit of reckless public deficits.首先需要处理的是的腐朽的业。这听起来可能像诡辩,但事实确是如此。经济下滑和基建项目被红头文件搁置导致了坏账的猛增,而却假装继续给“”提供贷款。清理资产负债表的成本可能达到GDP的4%,比起华尔街的保释要相对多一些。但是,复苏必须等到能够进行新一轮的投融资才有可能发生。深入的金融改革也是十分必要的。现在的被迫购买国债,这样政客就能够借到空头票,而限制这个过程能够帮助政府终结轻率产生的赤字。Second, a destabilising cycle of stagflation must be broken. High public borrowing has fuelled inflation, which stands at 9%. To protect their savings, households have bought gold from abroad, blowing a hole in the balance of payments. The new government must cut wasteful spending on subsidies of food and fuel. But the main reason why India has not run a budget surplus since independence in 1947 is that its tax base is puny. So the government must bring more of the economy into the tax net in order to repair the public finances.第二点,必须打破不稳定的滞涨循环。高公债刺激了通货膨胀,当前已经达到9%。家庭为了保护存款从国外购买黄金,这样就在收平衡表上留下了一个漏洞。新政府必须削减不必要的食品和燃料补贴。但是印度自1947年独立以来就没有过预算盈余的主要原因在它薄弱的课税基础。因此,政府应当将更多的经济活动纳入税网来恢复公共财政。Slaying stagflation also requires tough action from the central bank. Its chief, Raghuram Rajan, wants an inflation targeting regime. The government should back him and try to persuade him to stay in the job. To cut high food prices, it should abolish the state-run agricultural markets that are often in the hands of powerful locals who hoard farmers produce.遏制滞涨还需要央行采取强硬行动。央行行长拉加恩希望有一个针对通货膨胀的机制,政府应当给予持并把他稳定在行长的位子上。考虑到国营农产品市场通常都被从农民手中积聚农产品的有财力的当地人操控,政府应当废除这一市场来降低过高的食品价格。Indias not working印度的不作为Creating more decent jobs is the new governments third and most important task. Over the past half century most East Asian countries have prospered by employing unskilled farmworkers in factories. India should be doing that right now. Over 10m people a year will enter the workforce for the next decade. Labour costs are rising in China, leading firms to shift production elsewhere. Japanese companies are scrambling to diversify away from China as military tensions crackle. The rupee has fallen by a third against the yuan since 2010, making Indias workers more competitive.新政府第三个也是最重要的任务是制造更多体面的就业岗位。过去的半个世纪以来多数东亚国家都是通过在工厂里雇佣无需技能的农场工人来致富,印度也应当这么做。接下来的十年里会有超过千万人加入劳动力大军。中国的劳动力成本的升高导致企业纷纷另觅厂房;随着军事紧张的局势破表,日本企业争相逃离中国;2010年以来,卢比兑人民币已经贬值了三分之一,这种情况下印度的劳动力将更有竞争力。So far India has blown it. For firms wanting to invest, access to the ingredients of production—energy, labour and land—is uncertain and expensive. The taxation of foreign companies is a lottery. As a result, firms such as Li amp; Fung, which sources textiles and toys for Americas supermarkets, say that factories are shifting to Bangladesh, South-East Asia and Africa, not India.然而到目前为止,印度都搞砸了。对于想投资的企业来说,包括能源、劳力和土地在内的产品原料都太贵和太不确定。加上对外资公司的课税模式捉摸不定,造成的结果就是,像利丰集团这样为美国超市提供纺织品和玩具外包的企业把工厂转移到了孟加拉、东南亚和非洲,而不是印度。If India is to be in the running as a manufacturing centre, the new government must restore the countrys reputation as a place to do business. In some areas less government is needed: archaic labour laws should be abolished. In others a stronger state is required to supply reliable electricity or enforce contracts to let firms buy land. Through both, there needs to be a big drive to create clusters of manufacturing.如果印度真想做制造中心,新政府就一定要重新建立起该国是个做生意的好地方的名声。在某些领域上,政府可以减少参与,比如陈旧的劳动法应当被废除。在其他领域里,政府需要扮演强大的角色,提供可靠的电力并巩固合约,以此鼓励企业买地。双管齐下的同时还需要有强劲的驱动力来牵引出一个个制造业集群。India can go in one of two directions. It can watch its position in the world decline as its infrastructure lags further behind and its army of underemployed people grows. Or it can stabilise its finances and build a productive private sector that creates the jobs its young people need and turns it into a serious global power. The choice is the new governments.印度有两条路可走。它可以忍受基础设施远远落后、失业人群不断增长,并亲眼目睹自身的世界地位渐渐没落,或者它可以稳定财政并建造一个富有成效的私营部门来为年轻人创造就业岗位,从而变成一个正经的全球性大国。选择权在新政府。 201405/302436南昌大学第四附属医院做流产需要多少钱

南昌华山多囊卵巢综合症那里专业Its summertime, and youre on vacation.时值夏季,你正在享受假期。You sit beside a quiet pond, fishing, trying to relax, trying to think about nothing at all.你稳坐在一个安静的池塘旁钓鱼,想放松自己,试图让脑子放空一切。You watch the leaves stirring, the water rippling in the sunshine, and the water bugs standing on the surface of the water. 你看到树叶随水波荡漾,湖水在阳光下泛起涟漪,还有水虫恣意站在水面上。How do they--Rats! Now your brains working again, wondering how those bugs do that.它们是如何!现在你的大脑再次被拉回工作状态,想知道虫子是如何做到的。Well relax, its Moment of Science to the rescue.好了,放松,又到了科学出马的时候。Today well explain Standing on Water.今天我们将解释水上漂。There are two things involved in this trick:这一所谓的“魔术”涉及两个环节:one is a property of the water, and the other has to do with the bugs feet.一是水的性质,另一点是这种虫子的脚。Lets start with the water.让我们先从水开始。Water molecules naturally stick to each other, due to a strong chemical attraction between the individual molecules.由于单个分子之间的强烈化学吸引力,水分子自然而然的互相紧密连接。At the ponds surface, the uppermost water molecules experience this attraction as a strong pull toward each other, and downward from the water beneath them.在池塘表面, 当强大的引力以及水内部的吸引力互相作用最上层的水分子经历这一吸引力。This creates whats called ;surface tension;-a somewhat compressed layer of water molecules right at the ponds surface.这就产生了所谓的“表面张力”,一种水分子在池塘表面的压缩层。You can think of this layer as being like a tight film over the surface of the pond.你可以将这一层想象成池塘水面一种非常紧密的膜。How does this help the water bug?这对水虫起到什么作用?If the surface water stuck to its feet as well as it stuck to the water below, the bug would be pulled under.如果撑它脚部表面的水撑水面以下,虫子就会被拉入水中。As it turns out, the bugs feet are covered with waxy hairs that are ;hydrophobic;--which means they chemically resist contact with water.事实明,脚部覆盖着蜡状毛的这种昆虫是恐水的—这意味着它们会化学抵抗与水接触。This combination of strong surface tension and water-resistant feet is what lets our bug stand on the water, without even getting wet!这种结合强大的表面张力及防水的脚部让我们的虫子站在水上,甚至没有淋湿!On our next program, well learn how water bugs move across this surface.在我们下一期节目中,我们将了解水虫如何跨越这一表面。Meanwhile, get back to your fishing!与此同时,继续享受你的钓鱼吧! 201309/255038萍乡市人民医院流产价格 南康区人民医院网上挂号电话

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