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The study found the ;moderately; overweight now had lower rates of early death than those who were normal weight, underweight or obese.一项研究发现,相比于体重正常、体重过轻、以及体重过重的人来说,那些体重“适度”超重的人早死的几率要小一些。The work, published in JAMA, looked at many thousands of people#39;s height, weight and death rates at three different time periods since the 1970s.这项被刊载在JAMA上的研究,以成千上万人的身高、体重和死亡率为研究对象。自从上世纪70年代以来,该项研究在三个不同的时期记录下了这些数据。In the mid-1970s, those with the lowest death rates were a normal weight and the obese faced a 30% higher risk of early death, the doctors, from Copenhagen University, found.来自哥本哈根大学的教授们发现,在上个世纪70年代中期,那些体重正常的人的死亡率最低,而超重的人早死的风险要高出30%。But now the threat to people#39;s survival from being obese was now almost negligible但是现在肥胖对人类生存的威胁几乎可以忽略不计了。The authors say the most likely explanation is that health systems are now much better at treating obesity-linked conditions, such as high cholesterol and blood pressure.这项研究的作者们表示,对这一现象最有可能的解释是,随着现代医疗系统的显著改善,由肥胖引起的高胆固醇和高血压等病症更易于治疗。Lead investigator Prof Borge Nordestgaard said: ;Our results should not be interpreted as suggesting that now people can eat as much as they like, or that so-called normal-weight individuals should eat more to become overweight. That said, maybe overweight people need not be quite as worried about their weight as before.;项目组首席研究员奇·诺德斯特教授说道:“我们的研究结果不应该被误读,它并不意味着现在人们可以随心所欲地满足自己的口腹之欲,也不意味着那些体重正常的人应该吃多一点来增重。这项研究结果的意义在于,现在肥胖的人也许不必再像以前那样担心自己的体重了。”The Danish researchers say their work shows a need to update the global categories that define excess weight, which are now two decades old.这些来自丹麦的研究人员声称,他们的研究结果表明,目前全世界需要对肥胖定一个新的标准,因为目前现行的体重分级标准已经是二十年前制定的了。But that idea was rejected by a British expert in metabolic medicine.但是这一想法被一位英国专攻新陈代谢的医学专家否决了。Prof Naveed Sattar, from the University of Glasgow, said: ;These data are of interest, but they do not change advice we have been giving on obesity and its treatment and prevention. The current findings do not mean that being overweight is protecting you from death, far from it.;来自格拉斯哥大学的纳瓦德·萨德尔教授说:“这些数据很有意思,但是它们不会改变我们对肥胖及其治疗和预防的建议。目前的结果并不意味着超重可以让你远离死亡。” /201605/444384The history of tea茶的历史Tea is native to China,and Chinese tea culture has a long history.中国是茶的故乡,中国的茶文化有着非常悠久的历史。Originally tea was used as a medicine instead of a drink. It was said that Shennong,the legendary ruler in ancient China,once tasted a lot of plants and was poisoned many times. It was tea that helped him get rid of the poisoning effect. Later the ancient Chinese got to know more and more about tea,and instead of being regarded as a medicine, it became a drink.最初茶被用作药物而不是饮品。传说,古代中国神话中的统治者神农曾尝遍百草,并因此多次中毒。正是茶帮助他消除了中毒的影响。从那以后,古代中国人对茶的了解越来越多,茶开始成为一种饮品而不再被认为是一种药物。Tea not only quenches one#39;s thirst, but also helps reduce one#39;s intemal heat.茶不仅可以解渴,还可以帮助降低人体内的温度。 /201605/445083

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