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南昌/市检查封闭抗体多少钱江西省南昌/华山医院妇科在线咨询The Boeing 777 that crashed in easternUkraine. 坠毁在乌克兰东部的波77飞机。A Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to KualaLumpur comes down in Ukraine after reportedly being hit by a ground-to-airmissile .5:36pm UK, Thursday 17 July 2014一架从阿姆斯特丹飞往吉隆坡的波音777飞机在乌克兰境内坠毁,据报道是被地对空导弹所击落。A passenger plane with 295 people on boardhas been shot down as it flew above eastern Ukraine, according to aviationsources.据航空业的消息,一架搭95人的客机在飞越乌克兰东部地区时被击落。The Malaysia Airlines plane, which wasflying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was travelling at an altitude of 10km(6.2 miles) when it was shot down, Russias Interfax reported.据俄罗斯国际文传电讯社报道,被击落时,这架飞机正从阿姆斯特丹飞往吉隆坡的途中,飞行高度为10公里.2英里)。An adviser to the Ukrainian interiorministry said the Boeing 777 was brought down by a Buk ground-to-air missile.乌克兰内阁的一名顾问说,这架波77飞机是被一枚BUK地对空导弹所击落的。All 280 passengers and 15 crew members whowere on the plane are believed to have died, he added.他补充道,据信,机上所有的280名乘客和15名机组人员已全部罹难。来 /201407/312868南昌/无精症治疗要多少费用 Train drivers and conductors in the GDL trade union are continuing their strike. Along with freight trains, passenger services have been affected by the strike since Thursday. While the media and politicians are doing everything to smear the striking train drivers, they have considerable popular support.德国铁路司机工会组织GDL的火车司机和售票员正在继续他们的罢工。从周四开始,旅客列车和货运列车皆受到其影响。尽管媒体和政府用尽一切办法来诋毁罢工的火车司机,但他们仍受到民众的广泛持。The picket line in Berlin图为在柏林的罢工Deutsche Bahn lodged an application at the labour court in Frankfurt on Thursday in an attempt to force the drivers back to work. The judges issued a compromise in the evening, which remained unpublished. At first it was unclear if the negotiating parties had agreed to the proposal or if the court was still reaching a decision.德国联邦铁路公司(德国最大的铁路运输公司)在周四向法兰克福的劳动法庭提出申请,以期迫使罢工中的司机回到工作岗位上。法官在综合考虑各个方面后给出了还未公布的折中方案。而现在谈判双方是否已经同意这个方案还是仍需要法院来做出判决尚不清楚On public television ARDs Morgenmagazin on Thursday, GDL leader Claus Weselsky declared that a precondition for any agreement was the recognition of the GDL as a negotiating partner for the conductors it represented. “Deutsche Bahn has to stop violating the fundamental rights of train drivers and conductors,said Weselsky. Thus far, management has refused to negotiate separate comprehensive agreements with the GDL.在周四德国电视一台的《晨间杂志》节目中,德国铁路司机工会组织(GDL)主席魏塞斯基宣称承认GDL是代表售票员和司机来作为谈判的一方是达成任何协议的前提条件。魏塞斯基说:“德国联邦铁路公司必须停止侵犯火车司机和售票员的基本权益。”迄今为止,管理方已经拒绝了单独同GDL达成综合协议的谈判。Strikers in Berlin柏林罢工者Deutsche Bahns judicial action was accompanied by a raging media campaign against the train drivers. Representatives of all parties attacked the strikers and demanded an end to the action. By contrast, the population has met the strike with sympathy.与此同时,媒体也开始向铁路司机发起讨伐。各方代表开始攻击罢工者,要求他们结束行动。与之形成对比的是,民众对罢工持同情态度。At Ostbahnhof in Berlin, dozens of strikers gathered to inform passengers about their demands.在柏林火车东站,许多罢工者聚集在一起向乘客阐述他们的要求。JürgenJürgen, a train driver, explained the connection between privatisation and the deterioration in working conditions. “Deutsche Bahn is always cutting back. Nothing is accepted that costs money. Care and waiting have been neglected, workshop staff laid off. As a driver, I now take on the responsibilities of a train driver, head conductor, of preparing the train, and a lot more. All for the same pay.;于尔根是一名火车司机,他解释了私有化和工作条件恶化之间的关系。“德国联邦铁路公司一直都在削减。只要是花钱的项目一律不予考虑。火车养护和等待都被忽略掉了,车间工人都被解雇了。作为一名司机,我现在不仅要做好一名火车司机,还要做乘务长,做好火车的准备工作和其它很多工作。但工资却没有增长。”Train driver Axel stated that working conditions had gotten progressively worse in recent years, and that the only direction pursued was more layoffs. “Shifts are increasingly directed towards being effective. Breaks have been reduced so much that it cant go on. Train drivers are sent across the country, have to stay overnight in hotels and are in this way separated from their families. Co-workers call this a denial of their freedom. Deutsche Bahn operates so many trains. Why cant it be organised differently?”火车司机艾克斯尔称最近几年工作条件变得尤为恶劣,并且公司唯一能做的便是解雇员工。“倒班越来越多。休假一直在减少,以至于无法继续下去。火车司机被派往全国各地,不得不在旅馆过夜,并且因此与家人分开。工友们认为这剥夺了他们的自由。巴恩公司经营着这么多的列车,为何不能在运营组织方面做出改变呢?”The workers no longer matter, only efficiency. ;All times are almost measured in seconds,; he said. The result of this burden is that workers are laid off, while those who remain have to do more overtime. ;Thats why we want to improve the conditions for all rail staff.;工人们无关紧要,只顾追求效率。“时间几乎都以秒来计算,”他说道。这种高压造成的后果是很多人离职,而剩下的必须进一步加班加点。“这就是为何我们要求改善所有铁路职工工作条件的原因。”The strike was also about organising in an independent trade union and being allowed to strike, Axel noted. “The basic principle of a large trade union is actually good, because it is strong,he said. ;But the question has to be asked, why are the DGB (German trade union confederation) unions losing so many members? Why does the Margburger Bund (doctors union) in some areas organise more staff in hospitals than Verdi? Workers dont feel they are represented by the trade unions any more.;这次罢工还涉及到独立工会的组织问题以及工人拥有罢工的权利问题。艾克斯尔提到“一个大型工会的基本原则是好的,因为这样的工会很强大。”他说道“但问题是为何德国工会联盟会丧失如此众多的会员?为何某些地方的医生工会组织到的人比威尔第工会所组织到的人多?工人们感到工会不再代表他们。”MirkoAlong with train drivers, conductors and many other rail workers who had moved from the EVG to the GDL in recent years were also present. A train conductor explained that she had joined the GDL after the head of the EVG predecessor, Norbert Hansen of Transnet, had joined company management and made millions for himself. “I thought then, this is not a trade union that represents my interests.;与火车司机一起出现在现场的还有售票员以及很多其他铁路工作者,近些年他们从铁路工会转到铁路司机工会。一位火车售票员解释说在铁路工会前任负责人Norbert Hansen加入公司管理集团后,她加入了铁路司机工会,而Hansen还获得了百万收入。“从那时起,我便想到这个工会不能代表我的利益。”There were fewer signs of the strike at the central train station in Stuttgart. In southern Germany, the number of train drivers employed as public servants is much higher than in the rest of the country. They are banned from striking. Two co-workers employed as public servants expressed their full solidarity with the strike. They were shocked by the hysteria in the media.在斯图加特中心火车站的罢工迹象更少。在德国南部,受雇成为公务员的火车司机数量比其他地区多。政府禁止他们罢工。但两位公务员同事也表示完全持罢工。媒体歇斯底里的报道令他们感到震惊。Passengers also showed their solidarity and opposed the media campaign. “As an employee I support the strike,a passenger said. ;Even though I have to wait over an hour for my train. A strike is always a means to push for demands that would otherwise be denied.;旅客们也表示持罢工,并且反对媒体的行为。“作为一名被雇佣者,我持罢工。”一位旅客说“尽管我不得不花小时等车,但罢工终归是一种手段,以争取不被接受的需求;;One only has to look at history,; Mirko, a train driver, intervened. ;Then one can say why people are leaving the EVG (the DGB-aligned rail union). The trade union and its predecessor organised the privatisation of the railway with the SPD (Social Democrats).; Since then, he added, everything has been about maximising profits. “The EVG collaborated with everything.;“人只有回顾历史才会明白,”火车司机默克打断道“为何人们要退出铁路工会。工会及其前身同社会民主党一起实施了铁路私有化。”他补充道,“从此,所有工作都为了利益最大化,铁路工会与所有人合作。”Uwe, a train driver from Berlin, also saw the defence of the right to strike as a central issue in the strike action. “Twenty five years ago, we took to the streets for our basic rights. We got rid of the unified trade union (the East German trade union), because as employees we were not represented by it. Now we are to give up these basic rights and be compelled to join a massive union. What do the politicians want from us来自柏林的火车司机尤为也看到了在罢工行动中,捍卫罢工权利是核心问题。5年前,我们走上街头争取自己的基本权利。我们抛弃了统一工会(东德工会),因为工会不再代表作为工人的我们。现在要我们放弃这些基本权利,被迫加入一个大型工会,政治家们想要从我们身上得到什么?”PatriciaAt the train station in Essen we spoke with Patricia, who works in the care sector and comes from Leipzig. She compared the hysteria in the media against the train drivers with war reporting. ;As in war, the first victim is the truth,;she said.在Essen火车站,我们与Patricia进行了交谈。她来自Leipzig,在列车养护部门工作。她把媒体反对罢工、歇斯底里般的报道形容成战争,“正如在战争中,首先牺牲的便是事实。”她说道。The media was portraying it as if all that is involved is a struggle between the trade unions. ;I dont agree with this presentation. The small trade unions are not superfluous.;媒体把罢工描述成仿佛一切都是不同工会间的一场斗争。“我不同意这个观点。小型工会并非没有必要。”She had previously experienced how bad the large trade unions in the care sector were. ;Public service union Verdi is above all concerned with fighting for its own interests, not those of the workers.; The right to have ones own union and independent strikes had to be defended.以前他曾见过在养护部门的大型工会表现极为差劲。“公共务工会Verdi首先关注的是争取自己的利益,而不是工人的利益。”我们必须捍卫拥有自己的工会和举行独立罢工的权利。来 /201411/343109南昌/华山不孕不育医院阴道宫颈炎

南昌/看男性不育费用COPENHEN The gathering risks of climate change are so profound they could stall or even reverse generations of progress against poverty and hunger if greenhouse emissions continue at a runaway pace, according to a major new ed Nations report.哥本哈根——据联合国新发布的一份重要报告,气候变化汇集的风险如此巨大,如果温室气体继续以失控的速度排放,有可能会让几代人在消除贫困和饥饿上取得的进步停滞甚至逆转。Despite rising efforts in many countries to tackle the problem, the overall global situation is growing more acute as developing countries join the West in burning huge amounts of fossil fuels, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said here on Sunday.政府间气候变化专门委员会周日在这里表示,尽管许多国家为解决这个问题做出了更多的努力,但全球整体形势日益严重,因为发展中国家正加入西方国家的行列来燃烧大量的化石燃料。Failure to reduce emissions, the group of scientists and other experts found, could threaten society with food shortages, refugee crises, the flooding of major cities and entire island nations, mass extinction of plants and animals, and a climate so drastically altered it might become dangerous for people to work or play outside during the hottest times of the year.这个由科学家和其他专家组成的委员会调查发现,不减少温室气体排放会给社会带来各种威胁,包括粮食短缺、难民危机、大城市和整个岛国被洪水淹没、动植物物种大灭绝,以及气候极大幅度的变化、以至于在一年中最热的时候人们外出工作或玩耍可能会有危险;Continued emission of greenhouse gases will cause further warming and long-lasting changes in all components of the climate system, increasing the likelihood of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems,; the report declared.报告宣布,“温室气体的继续排放将导致进一步变暖,将让气候系统所有组成部分发生持久性的变化,增加给人类和生态系统制造严重、普遍和不可逆转的影响的可能性。”In the starkest language it has ever used, the expert panel made clear how far society remains from having any serious policy to limit global warming.这个专家委员会用迄今最严厉的措辞明确指出,人类社会距采取任何严肃政策来限制全球变暖方面还差得很远。Doing so would require finding a way to leave the vast majority of the worlds reserves of fossil fuels in the ground, or alternatively, developing methods to capture and bury the emissions resulting from their use, the group said.委员会说,这样做需要找到一种让世界上化石燃料储量的绝大部分留在地下的方法,或者找到捕捉及掩埋使用化石燃料所产生的排放的方法。If governments are to meet their own stated goal of limiting the warming of the planet to no more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 2 degrees Celsius, above the preindustrial level, they must restrict emissions from additional fossil-fuel burning to about 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide, the panel said.委员会表示,各国政府要想实现他们自己表述的限制地球温度上升的目标,即温度上升不超过工业化前水平的2摄氏度,就必须把燃烧更多化石燃料的排放总量限制万亿吨二氧化碳左右。At current growth rates, that budget is likely to be exhausted in something like 30 years. Yet energy companies have aly booked coal and petroleum reserves equal to several times that amount, and they are spending some 0 billion a year to find more. Utilities and oil companies are still building coal-fired power plants and refineries, and governments are spending another 0 billion directly subsidizing the consumption of fossil fuels.按照目前的增长速度,这个排放总量很可能在大约30年内用完。然而,能源公司已经找到的煤炭和石油储量相当于这个上限的几倍,而且他们每年还在花约6000亿美元(约合3.7万亿元人民币)寻找更多的储量。电力公司和石油企业仍在建设燃煤电厂和炼油厂,政府为化石燃料的消费还另外提供6000亿美元的直接补贴。By contrast, the report found, less than 0 billion a year is being spent around the world to reduce emissions or otherwise cope with climate change. That sum is smaller than the revenue of a single American oil company, ExxonMobil.报告发现,与此相比,全世界每年花在减少排放或用其他方式应对气候变化上的钱不到4000亿美元。这个总数不及一家美国石油公司、埃克森美孚公司一年的营业收入。The new report comes just a month before international delegates convene in Lima, Peru, in an effort to devise a new global treaty or other agreement to limit emissions, and it makes clear the urgency of their task.新报告在世界各国的代表将在秘鲁首都利马集会前的仅仅一个月出台,是为了促成一个限制排放的新全球性条约或其他协议,也明确指明了这项任务的紧迫性。Appearing at a news conference in Copenhagen Sunday morning to unveil the report, the ed Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, issued an urgent appeal for strong action in Lima.在哥本哈根周日上午为公布报告举行的新闻发布会上,联合国秘书长潘基Ban Ki-moon)对在利马采取强有力的行动发出紧急呼吁;Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in their message,; Mr. Ban declared. ;Leaders must act. Time is not on our side.;潘基文说,“科学已经晓谕。其信息毫不含糊。领导者必须采取行动。时间并不对我们有利。”Yet there has been no sign that national leaders are willing to discuss allocating the trillion-ton emissions budget among countries, an approach that would raise political and moral questions of fairness. To the contrary, they are moving toward a relatively weak agreement that would essentially let each country decide for itself how much effort to put into limiting global warming, and even that document would not take effect until 2020.然而,迄今还没有迹象表明各国领导人愿意讨论如何在国家间分配这个1万亿吨的排放总量,这种讨论会引起有关公平的政治和道德问题。与此相反,他们正在采取行动达成一项相对弱的协议,基本上让各国自行决定为限制全球变暖做出多少努力,而且就连这个协议也只是在2020年才会生效;If they choose not to talk about the carbon budget, theyre choosing not to address the problem of climate change,; said Myles R. Allen, a scientist at Oxford University in Britain who helped write the new report. ;They might as well not bother to turn up for these meetings.;“如果他们选择不讨论碳排放总量,他们等于选择不解决气候变化问题,”帮助起草新报告的英国牛津大学科学家迈尔斯·R·艾伦(Myles R. Allen)说。“他们干脆不用去开这些会议。”The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a scientific body appointed by the worlds governments to advise them on the causes and effects of global warming, and potential solutions. The group was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, along with Al Gore, for its efforts to call attention to the climate crisis.政府间气候变化专门委员会是由世界各国政府任命的人组成的科学机构,其作用是给各国政府就全球气候变暖的原因和影响、以及可能的解决方案出主意007年的诺贝尔和平奖授予了该机构,奖励其呼吁人们关注气候危机的努力,一起获奖的还有阿尔·戈尔(Al Gore)。The new report is a 175-page synopsis of a much longer series of reports that the panel has issued over the past year, culminating a five-year effort by the body to summarize a vast archive of published climate research.新报告共75页,是对委员会在过去一年中发布的一系列更长报告的概要,委员会用了五年的时间对已发表的大量气候研究文献作了总结,新报告是这一努力的结果。It is the fifth such report from the group since 1990, each finding greater certainty that the climate is warming and that human activities are the primary cause.这是该机构自1990年以来的第五份报告,每份报告对气候正在变暖、而人类活动是其主要原因的结论都比上一份报告给出更大的确定性;Human influence has been detected in warming of the atmosphere and the ocean, in changes in the global water cycle, in reductions in snow and ice, and in global mean sea-level rise; and it is extremely likely to have been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century,; the report declared.新报告宣布,“人类的影响已在各个方面被检测出来,在大气和海洋的变暖中,在全球水循环的变化中,在冰雪量的减少中,以及在全球海平面的平均上升中。人类的影响有极大的可能是自20世纪中期以来观测到的变暖趋势的主要原因。”A core finding of the new report is that climate change is no longer a distant, future threat, but is being felt all over the world aly. The group cited mass die-offs of forests, including those in the American West; the melting of land ice virtually everywhere in the world; an accelerating rise of the seas that is leading to increased coastal flooding; and heat waves that have devastated crops and killed tens of thousands of people.新报告的一个核心结论是,气候变化已不再是一个遥远的、未来的威胁,而是已经可以在世界各地感受到。委员会给出了大量的例子:森林的大量死亡,包括美国西部的森林;几乎世界各个地方的陆冰都在融化;海平面的加速上升给沿海地区造成的更多洪灾;以及导致作物毁坏、数万人丧生的热浪天气。The report contained the groups sharpest warning yet about the food supply, saying that climate change had aly become a small drag on overall global production, and could become a far larger one if emissions continue unchecked. The reported noted that in recent years the worlds food system had shown signs of instability, with sudden price increases leading to riots and, in a few cases, the collapse of governments.报告中还有委员会对粮食供应发出的迄今最严厉的警告,报告说,气候变化已在一个小的程度上拖累全球的整体作物产量,如果继续对排放量听之任之,则可能成为一个大得多的问题。报告指出,近年来全球粮食系统表现出不稳定的迹象,价格的突然增长导致了骚乱,甚至在个别情况下,导致了政府的垮台。Another central finding of the report is that climate change poses serious risks to basic human progress, in areas such as alleviating poverty. Under the worst-case scenarios, factors like high food prices and intensified weather disasters would most likely leave poor people worse off. In fact, the report said, that has aly happened in some places.报告的另一个重要结论是,气候变化给人类本身的进步带来严重威胁,比如在消除贫困等方面。在最坏的情况下,诸如粮价过高和气侯灾害增强等因素,有很大的可能使穷人陷入更糟糕的境地。报告说,事实上,这已经在一些地方发生。In Washington, the Obama administration welcomed the new report, with the presidents science adviser, John P. Holdren, calling it ;yet another wake-up call to the global community that we must act together swiftly and aggressively in order to stem climate change and avoid its worst impacts.;奥巴马政府在华盛顿表示欢迎新报告的发布,总统的科学顾问约翰·P·霍尔德伦(John P. Holdren)称报告“又一次给国际社会敲响警钟,我们必须一起采取迅速、积极的行动,以遏制气候变化,避免其最糟糕的后果”。The administration is pushing for new limits on emissions from American power plants, but faces stiff resistance in Congress and some states.奥巴马政府正在推动制定对美国发电厂排放的新限制,但面对来自国会和一些州的巨大阻力。Michael Oppenheimer, a climate scientist at Princeton University and a principal author of the new report, said that a continuation of the political paralysis on emissions would leave society depending largely on luck.普林斯顿大学的气候科学家和新报告的主要作者迈克尔·奥本海默(Michael Oppenheimer)说,在排放问题上的持续政治瘫痪将让社会在很大程度上靠运气。If the level of greenhouse gases were to continue rising at a rapid pace over coming decades, severe effects could be headed off only if the climate turned out to be much less sensitive to those gases than most scientists think is likely, he said.他说,如果温室气体水平在今后几十年中继续以迅猛的速度上升,只有一种可能性能让人们避免其严重的后果,那就是气候对这些气体的敏感度大大低于大多数科学家认为的那样;Weve seen many governments delay and delay and delay on implementing comprehensive emissions cuts,; Dr. Oppenheimer said. ;So the need for a lot of luck looms larger and larger. Personally, I think its a slim reed to lean on for the fate of the planet.;“我们已看到许多国家的政府在实现全面减排措施上一拖、又拖、再拖,”奥本海默说。“所以,需要很大运气的前景日益逼近。在我看来,那是把地球的命运绑在一根很细的救命稻草上。”来 /201411/339898江西省妇幼保健院无精子症治疗 Paris might have been Berlin, London or Rome. Europe has something of the feel of a continent under siege. On its eastern edge, governments have been overwhelmed by the numbers arriving from Syria, Afghanistan and many troubled points beyond. The Paris atrocity, the murderous work of the self-styled Islamic State, has seen Syria’s brutal civil war transferred almost casually to the heart of one of Europe’s great cities.受到攻击的城市原本可能不是巴黎,而是柏林、伦敦或罗马。欧洲有一种整体遭到围攻的感觉。在欧洲东面,来自叙利亚、阿富汗和许多其他受难地区的难民的巨大数量,令各国政府不堪重负。从发生在巴黎的暴行——即自封的“伊斯兰国Islamic State)所犯下的杀人事件——可以看到,叙利亚的残酷内战几乎在不经意间,就已转移至欧洲最大城市之一的核心地带。The refugees making their way across the Balkans to Germany and Sweden are running from violent sectarian chaos. The murders in Paris show once again how easily this violence can reach deep into the European continent. After this year’s attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket perhaps the latest crimes should not have been a surprise. The sense of shock this weekend is no less for that.而穿过巴尔干半岛前往德国和瑞典的难民,在逃离充满暴力的派系纷争。巴黎发生的多起杀戮,再次明这种暴力向欧洲大陆纵深扩散有多么容易。在今年《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)和一家犹太超市遭遇袭击后,对于这场最新的罪行,人们不应感到意外。然而上周末所造成的冲击丝毫不会因此减少。Most likely, there will be more such moments. The hard fact is that we live in an age of systemic disorder. As we might have learned from New York, Madrid, London and Mumbai there is no hiding place from upheavals elsewhere. In much of the Middle East the state system bequeathed a century ago by Europe’s departing imperial powers has broken down. In this part of the world, terrible shootings and bombings such as those in Paris have become almost a commonplace. Globalisation, identity politics and technology have provided the transmission mechanisms to sp the terror across borders and continents.最有可能的情形是,还会出现更多这样的时刻。一个让人不得不承认的事实是,我们生活在一个系统性动荡的时代。正如我们可能已经从纽约、马德里、伦敦和孟买的恐怖事件中学到的,在其他地方也没有能够免受动荡影响的避风港。在中东大部分地区,一个世纪以前欧洲帝国势力离开时留下的政府体制已分崩离析。在世界的这个角落,类似巴黎恐怖袭击那样的可怕击案和爆炸事件,几乎已成为一种常见现象。全球化、身份政治以及技术进步,已经为恐怖的跨境和跨洲扩散提供了传播机制。French president Hollande called the murders an act of war. They were certainly that. But this is not a war as we usually would understand it. Isis has seized territory in Iraq and Syria, but its potency lies in the fact that it is as much an idea and ideology as organisation. In Europe it wants to provoke an anti-Islamic backlash that will feed it with more recruits from indigenous Muslims. These latest murders, Isis said, were retribution for French bombing of their fighters in Iraq and Syria. That was part of it, but no one in Europe should imagine they could exempt themselves by washing their hands of the Middle East.法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗 Hollande)称这轮杀戮是一种战争行为。它们无疑是战争行为,不过这不是我们通常理解的战争。ISIS在伊拉克和叙利亚控制了大片土地,然而它的威力却依赖于这样一个事实:它既是一个组织,也是一种思想和意识形态。在欧洲,它希望激发一种反伊斯兰的反弹,这会把更多欧洲本土穆斯林变成它的新成员。ISIS表示,最新这轮杀戮,是法国轰炸伊拉克和叙利亚的ISIS战士所应得的报应。这确实是其中部分原因。不过,欧洲不应该有人以为,通过置身中东事外,他们就可以让自己免遭恐怖袭击。The immediate demand is for answers and action. Could the plot have been uncovered; did the intelligence services miss something; how important was the complicity of French citizens mentioned by Mr Hollande? At least one of the killers carried a Syrian passport. Were others radicalised in France before being trained for this atrocity in the jihadis war against Syria’s Bashar Al Assad? Is it time for France to reset the balance between personal liberty and collective security? What about the promises after Charlie Hebdo to offer a better future to France’s Muslims?眼下,我们亟待回答多个问题并行动起来。这次恐怖袭击的阴谋原本有可能被发现么?情报机构是不是漏掉了什么?奥朗德提到的法国公民的合谋有多重要?在这些杀手中,至少有一人持有叙利亚护照。其他人是在法国转向激进主义,再在针对叙利亚巴沙尔阿萨Bashar al-Assad)的圣战中,为这次暴行受训的么?法国是不是该重新寻找个人自由与集体安全之间的平衡点了?对于在《查理周刊》事件后提出的为法国穆斯林提供更美好未来的承诺,人们该如何对待?One impulse sensibly forsworn by Mr Hollande will say it is time for Europe to throw up the barricades. Leave it to regional powers to fight it out. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran, after all, have given life to Isis by incorporating the Syrian civil war into the struggle for dominance between Sunnis and Shia. Let them suffer the consequences. As for Russia, well Vladimir Putin has aly paid for its intervention with the downing over Egypt almost certainly the work of an Isis-affiliated group of a Russian civilian jet carrying more than 200 tourists.一种冲动的观点认为(奥朗德已经明智地誓言放弃这种观点),欧洲是时候建立起屏障了。把这个问题留给该地区的大国去解决。毕竟是沙特阿拉伯、土耳其以及伊朗把叙利亚内战纳入逊尼派和什叶派的统治权之争,才催生了ISIS。让他们自食苦果吧。至于俄罗斯,弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)已经为其介入付出了代价,俄罗斯一架载有00名游客的客机在埃及坠落——几乎可以肯定这是ISIS附属组织的杰作。In this respect, the Paris attacks are a gift to Europe’s xenophobes. The risk is that the far right, aly prospering by peddling anti-Muslim identity politics, succeed in drawing false connections between migration and terror. The us-versus-them politics of parties such France’s far-right National Front makes the scantiest of distinction between violent jihadis and peaceful Islam. In this twisted mindset every Muslim refugee is a potential terrorist. What should frighten Europeans is that the National Front’s Marine Le Pen is seen as a credible candidate in the contest for the French presidency in 2017.从这个角度看,巴黎恐袭是欧洲排外情绪的产物。危险在于,已经靠兜售反穆斯林的身份政治而壮大的极右翼势力,成功地将移民和恐怖主义建立了错误关联。诸如法国极右翼政党国民阵线(National Front)等党派“我们是我们、他们是他们”的政治主张,对暴力的圣战分子与平和的伊斯兰教徒完全不加区分。在这种扭曲的心态下,每一个穆斯林难民都成了潜在的恐怖分子。国民阵线的马琳勒庞(Marine Le Pen)竟然被视为法017年总统大选的可靠候选人,这才应该令欧洲人感到恐惧。An opposing response will say that it is time to “double-up By permitting Isis to hold territory, the west has given it the opportunity to turn a local organisation into a global ideology. Isis can now claim the allegiance of tens of thousands of so-called foreign fighters many if not most of them from Europe and affiliates reaching across the Middle East and Maghreb to the Sahel. I was at a security conference in Beijing last month. Top of the agenda? The boost provided by Isis to Islamist extremism across Asia.一种相反的观点认为,是时候“双倍加仓”了。允许ISIS保持领地,西方赋予了该组织从地方组织转变为全球性意识形态的机会。ISIS如今可以宣称有成千上万所谓的外国战士对其效忠,而这些外国战士中,来自欧洲的战士就算不是占大多数,也着实不少,同时其附属组织已触及整个中东、马格里布(Maghreb,马格里布是历史上对北非地区阿尔及利亚、洛哥和突尼斯的统称——译者注)到萨赫勒(Sahel,非洲撒哈拉沙漠和苏丹草原地区之间一条横跨多个国家的地带——译者注)地区。我上个月在北京参加了一次安全会议。会议的首要议题?就是ISIS对遍布亚洲的伊斯兰极端主义的推动。The case for a more ruthless assault on Isis is a powerful one. Destruction of its strongholds in Iraq and Syria will not wipe it out just as al-Qaeda survived the US march into Afghanistan but you have to start somewhere. This time, though, the west must remember what it forgot after the attacks of September 11 2001. There are no military solutions.持对ISIS予以更无情打击的理由很充分。摧毁其在伊拉克和叙利亚的强大据点并不会将其消灭——就像基地组al-Qaeda)在美国进军阿富汗后仍然得以存活一样——但是你必须从某处下手。不过,这一次西方国家必须记住其0011日恐怖袭击后所忘记的事情。军事手段解决不了问题。Ending the Syrian civil war, and thus depriving Isis of its organising mission, requires a political agreement. Most probably it will be an ugly one. Almost certainly, it will require western leaders to retreat from past rhetoric. But Europeans will feel safer in their cities only when there is a settlement of sorts in Iraq and Syria.结束叙利亚内战、并以此使ISIS失去组织使命,需要一份政治协议。只不过这极可能是一份难堪的协议。几乎可以肯定,这将需要西方领导人放弃过去的言论。但是,只有当伊拉克和叙利亚的问题得以解决时,欧洲人才会在自己的城市里感觉更安全。来 /201511/410960江西省治疗女性输卵管不通价格

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