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2018年02月26日 11:12:46

Two Laptops With 3-D TechnologyIf switching from standard to high-definition television wasn't confusing enough, there's another wave of TV technology on the horizon: 3D. But 3D TVs and much of the 3D content won't be available until later this year, and even then most of these sets will be pricey and will require people to wear special glasses viewing. If you can't wait a 3D TV to hit your living room, you can get a preview of what's to come with the latest in 3D laptops.I feasted my eyes on 3D laptops this week, testing the 0 Acer Aspire 5738DG (http:3.lyKxiZ) and checking out the ,700 Asus G51J 3D (http:3.lyvzyW). These two computers are aimed at different crowds and each uses different technology to display enhanced images. The Acer is designed as a laptop first and a 3D game player second, and it's priced mainstream consumers -- only about more than the model without 3D. The Asus laptop is meant serious gamers who care about a high-quality 3D experience. Untunately, you still need to wear the 3D glasses with both.The Acer Aspire laptop applies a slightly older 3D method known as micro-polarized display, often referred to as 'micropol.' It combines software, a film layer on the computer screen and 3D glasses to make s and photos pop out. This laptop can take D s and photos and display them in 3D; it also plays about 0 3D games as well as 3D movies, of which there aren't many.Acer converts D content to 3D by using a third-party software program called TriDef 3D, which people must use to see their photos and s in 3D. Using this program is a bit clumsy and I tested it by loading my own photos and s onto the Acer. A faster way to see photos or s in 3D is by right clicking on the file from anywhere else on the PC and selecting an option to see it in TriDef's 3D player. It was fun to see old images and s in this 3D simulation.I looked through a friend's photos from a trip to Petra, Jordan, and the 3D sight of him riding a camel through a rock valley was spectacular. Files that were in the Windows Media Video mat played without issue, and I watched two such s including one of a bear lumbering in a stream. But when I had trouble playing QuickTime and MP files, an Acer spokeswoman checked and confirmed that the TriDef program won't play all QuickTime or MP files; TriDef is working on fixing the MP problem.Another problem with the Acer's technology is that the laptop screen must be tilted at just the right angle -- about 0 degrees -- to see 3D properly. Otherwise the image looks blurry.Eight photos and nine short s come loaded on the Acer Aspire. All of these looked really good to my eyes, which were covered by the included black 3D shades. A clip-on piece prescription glasses also comes with the laptop.The Acer Aspire can be loaded with an Intel Core Duo processor, discrete graphics, gigabytes of memory and a 3-gigabyte hard drive. Its keyboard includes a -key number set on the right, like that found on most desktop keyboards.The pricier Asus G51J 3D laptop comes loaded with Nvidia's 3D Vision, considered to be a much higher quality 3D experience. This technology was originally only available on a desktop PC with several different necessary components. Now on a laptop, it displays 3D images to people as long as they're wearing special battery-powered glasses and are standing no more than 0 feet away. These Nvidia glasses deliver the highest resolution possible per eye and enable wide viewing angles. The screen also has a high refresh rate of 0 hertz compared to the Acer's 60 hertz.Unlike the Acer Aspire, D photos and s can't be viewed in 3D on the Asus. Instead, this laptop depends on originally produced 3D content, including photos or s that are captured using special technology like that found on 3D cameras such as Fujifilm's FinePix REAL 3D W1, which are rare. As is also true on the Acer Aspire, movies only play on the Asus if they were created in 3D.Games are another story. Nvidia 3D Vision will convert D games to 3D in real time using the computer's graphics processor. Nvidia has tested some 30 games that work with this technology today.Asus couldn't send a G51J 3D laptop to me in time this column, but I got a look at it in January while wearing the battery-operated Nvidia glasses, which work 0 hours bee a recharge and can fit over prescription glasses. This laptop has an Intel Core i7 processor and can have a hard drive of up to 500 gigabytes. It comes with gigabytes of memory.Later this year, Acer also plans to make a laptop with Nvidia's technology. (Acer currently uses Nvidia's technology in its monitors.)It's obvious that, right now, 3D technology isn't necessarily something most mainstream consumers want or need. Gamers will see Asus's G51J 3D as an exciting mobile alternative to what was once only available in a desktop. And the Acer Aspire will appeal to casual gamers and people who want a trusty laptop andor the ability to view some photos and s in 3D. One thing's sure: Wearing the special glasses -- no matter how stylish -- is still a wearisome part of seeing things in 3D. 186樟树市不孕不育那家好江西省中医院妇科抽血多少钱Valerie Trierweiler has broken her silence to contact a radio station from hospital, denying that Fran?ois Hollande had declined to visit her and insisting instead that he had been barred from doing so by doctors.综合外国媒体1月日报道,奥朗德绯闻女友、女演员朱莉?加耶起诉爆料两人有染的法国八卦杂志《靠近,控告其侵犯个人隐私“第一女友”瓦莱丽?特里耶韦莱也打破沉默,否认被抛弃英国《每日邮报当天刊登了一张奥朗德与前女友、现任女友以及绯闻女友的合照,三美同台竞艳;She doesnt want to people to think he is neglecting her at such a painful time,; said a reporter RTL radio in France, after speaking to the de facto First Lady. ;It was the doctors who had bidden the head of state to visit her, it is a widesp practice in case of psychological distress. The patient is temporarily confined, kept at distance from their entourage to get better.;Miss Trierweiler, who was taken to hospital on Friday after hearing about Mr Hollande alleged affair with actress Julie Gayet, was still under observation in the Salpétrière hospital in Paris.《靠近杂志报道说,加耶控告该杂志侵犯隐私权,索赔5万欧元的名誉损失费和000欧元的法律诉讼费若加耶胜诉,《靠近杂志还必须在封面刊登法庭判决结果奥朗德此前曾威胁要起诉该杂志,但最终放弃《靠近日用7页纸篇幅爆料奥朗德和加耶偷情,这期杂志有望售出60万本,是平常销量的两倍瓦莱丽日获悉奥朗德偷情后大受打击,随即入院接受治疗日她首度打破沉默,通过法国RTL电台否认被奥朗德抛弃,表示将与男友并肩作战;She is still very tired to the extent that she cannot stand up. Her blood pressure and morale are low but she hopes to leave with her head held high to and is prepared to fight, at least her dignity,; RTL said she told the station.瓦莱丽入院后,奥朗德并没有前往探病,外界对此揣测纷纷RTL电台报道称,“是医生禁止总统探望瓦莱丽,这是病人面临心理困扰时一种常见的做法病人暂时隔离开来,远离身边的人,病情就会好转”爱丽舍宫知情人士实,总统对医院禁止他见瓦莱丽的做法“很不满意”She further added that he had sent her flowers and chocolates, and said that she had not suffered a nervous breakdown but rather “extreme fatigue.”And yet in a sign that the battle to save or sacrifice their relationship is now playing out via the media, an Elysée source told RTL radio that the president was “not unhappy” about the hospital orders bidding him to visit.瓦莱丽在这个时候发声,“是不想让人觉得奥朗德在这个痛苦的时刻对她不闻不问”“她在某种程度上还很疲惫,站不起来她的血压很低、斗志低落但是她希望自己在离开时能高高地扬起头,她已经准备好战斗,至少要为尊严而战,”RTL电台称Earlier on Thursday, sources said that Miss Trierweiler was determined to ;stand by her man; and fight to save the relationship.Le Nouvel Observateur, the Left-leaning weekly magazine reported, she has “not the slightest intention of packing her bags”.瓦莱丽还补充说,奥朗德给她送来了鲜花和巧克力,并表示自己没有患上神经衰弱,只是“极度疲劳”消息人士日透露,瓦莱丽决定“持她的男人”,并尽量挽救两人的关系法国《新观察家杂志称,瓦莱丽“完全没有打包走人的意思可以原谅,但不会离开”“OK to give, but no OK to leave,” it wrote, saying she intended to “stand by her man”, like Hillary Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky affair. He has promised to “clarify” the situation bee a visit to the White House on February .英国《每日邮报1月日曝光了奥朗德和他的三个女人——前女友罗雅尔、现女友瓦莱丽和绯闻女友加耶共同亮相的照片照片拍摄于奥朗德年参选总统的活动现场照片显示,奥朗德在和女友瓦莱丽握手,绯闻女友加耶在背后深深凝视着这一幕,罗雅尔则坐在不远处旧爱新欢同台竞艳,奥朗德大享齐人之福 “偷腥”传闻已经让奥朗德焦头烂额、应接不暇,孰料“屋漏偏逢连夜雨”,日当天,一位法国农民将一车马粪倒在了法国国会门口,以示对奥朗德的不满据报道,该男子将标有“奥朗德和他的政治阶层下台”的车停在国会门口,并将一车马粪倾倒出来男子已经被捕,抗议动机还不明朗法国媒体进一步爆料称,奥朗德原本打算在上周末与瓦莱丽分手,但在后者被送入医院后暂时摒弃了该想法那么瓦莱丽究竟是鸠占鹊巢、濒死挣扎还是地位稳固、有恃无恐?目前这场闹剧越来越扑朔迷离不过奥朗德日前承诺将在月日访美之前澄清谁是“第一女友”,届时必将一清二楚 3853南昌妇幼保健医院预约体检

抚州市妇幼保健院做人流手术多少钱景德镇市妇幼保健院妇科抽血多少钱江西妇幼保健院b超多少钱Without any previous notice, a documentary dominated headlines and social websites over the weekend.没有一点毫无征兆,上周的头条和热门网站就被一部纪录片刷了屏Under the Dome, a 1-minute documentary self-funded by mer news anchor Chai Jing, was released on -sharing websites in China on Feb . It has rapidly pushed the public awareness about air pollution and encouraged people to join in efts to make a difference.这部1分钟的纪录片名为《穹顶之下,于月日登上中国各大视频网站,它是由前央视新闻调查记者柴静自费拍摄制作影片一经发布就迅速引起公众对于空气污染的关注,也鼓励了人们要有所行动Chai, 39, said she started the work out of her “personal clashes” with smog after she gave birth to a daughter. “I sealed tight all the windows. I started every day by checking the air pollution index,” Chai said. Millions of other people are also doing the same. While they stop there, Chai goes deeper. “I don’t want to live in this way. I need to find out where the smog comes from and what on earth is going on.”今年39岁的柴静在女儿出生后开始着手拍摄此片,称其为一个母亲和雾霾的“私人恩怨”她说:“我把所有的窗户都封起来每天起床的第一件事就是查看当天的空气污染指数”其实,成千上百万人和她做着同样的事情,只不过他们止步于此,而柴静做了更多,她说,“我不想这样活着我想知道这些雾霾到底从哪儿来,到底发生了什么?”Over a year, she investigated polluted sites to find the sources of smog, visited the US and the UK to learn about their anti-pollution experiences, and interviewed officials, scientists and the general public.一年间,她深入污染地区调查雾霾的来源,远赴美国、英国了解治理空气污染的经验;官员、科学家以及普通百姓都出现在她的采访镜头之中Chai’s research reveals that the burning of coal and oil contributes to 60 percent of PM.5 pollutants. She thus questions the country’s energy consumption habits in the film.柴静调研发现,PM.5主要来自煤与油的燃烧(占60%)于是,她的这部记录片矛头直指我国能源消费习惯She then goes on to disclose loopholes in car emissions regulations. Some of the laws have been in place years, but have never been applied. The film also explains that businesses are pressured not to abide by the laws because violating them carries little or no cost, while making changes bumps up costs. The film also points at China’s petroleum and steel industries as the biggest sources of air pollution.她还指出我国汽车排放法规存在漏洞,一些出台多年的法律法规从未实施对商家而言,违反这些法律法规几乎不需付出任何代价,而做出改善却成本高昂影片认为,中国的石油、钢铁行业是空气污染的最大来源Chai goes on to list the things ordinary people can do to help and sums everything up by calling individual responsibility in reporting illegal emissions via the hotline 369.柴静随后还列出了普通人能够做些什么,呼吁人人都负起责任,比如拨打热线369举报非法排放The film has provoked national discussion after going viral online. Gruesome pictures of withered trees, murky skies, and babies under treatment have moved viewers. But most importantly, the film looks at solutions that the government and individuals can carry out to help.该片在网上走红之后,引起了全国性的讨论片中枯萎的树木、灰色的天空、生病的孩童都触动了观众的心弦更重要的是,该片还着眼于解决之道,提出政府与个人都可有所作为Cheng Chen, a -year-old student from Beijing eign Studies University, found the documentary “very inspiring”.今年岁的程晨(音译)来自北京外国语大学,她觉得这部纪录片“十分震撼”“I used to think it’s not my duty to deal with air pollution–I don’t own a factory or a car,” said Cheng. “But Chai told me we share the same fate since we breathe the same air and there is a lot I can do.”她说:“以前我一直认为治理污染并不是自己的责任,因为我既不开工厂,也没有车但是,看过柴静的片子之后,我才发现我们不仅同呼吸共命运,而且还能为此做很多事”However, some people are annoyed by the film’s depiction of their polluted hometowns, especially when it shows a banner from Xingtai in Hebei saying “Congratulations to our city no longer being ranked the last place among the country’s 7 cities in terms of air quality”.当然,也有一些人因为片子对自己家乡污染的描述而感到不适,尤其是在河北邢台拍到的那张横幅,上面写着“为我市退出全国七十四个城市空气质量排名倒数第一而喝”Such a feeling of “being insulted”, in Cheng’s eyes, could also be a good thing.程晨却觉得,这样带给人的“冒犯”之感也许并非坏事“What’s important is that Chai’s work has raised public attention toward the structure of the energy industry,” she said.她说,“柴静片子的意义在于引起公众对于能源行业结构的关注”Chen Jining, newly appointed minister of environmental protection, said he had contacted Chai to express his appreciation. “Protecting the environment is never a ‘personal affair’ of environmental authorities. We welcome everybody’s contribution,” Chen told the press on March 1.新任环保部长陈吉宁表示,他已经联系了柴静并表达了感谢在3月1日的新闻发布会上,他表示,保护环境从来不是环保部门的‘个人行为’,欢迎人人贡献出自己的一份力Meanwhile, experts remind moved viewers of the film’s limitations.与此同时,一些专家也提醒观众,在被视频感动的同时,也要注意到片子也有其不足之处 36983九江学院附属医院西院妇科好吗

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