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2017年11月24日 19:18:29来源:健专家

  • The death toll from Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years rose to about 3,800 yesterday, with 6,500 injured, as rescuers struggled to reach remote hill villages while Kathmandu’s small airport was overwhelmed by flights carrying relief supplies.昨天,尼泊尔80年来最严重地震的死亡人数攀升至约4000人,另有6500人在地震中受伤。与此同时,救援人员正在艰难地向尼泊尔偏远山村进发,携带救援物资的航班数量大大超出了加德满都小机场的承载能力。Nepalese media said rescue teams had failed to reach some villages in northern Gorkha, near the earthquake’s epicentre, by yesterday afternoon, more than 48 hours after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday. Overnight rain and fresh landslides hindered rescue attempts.尼泊尔媒体表示,截至昨天下午,救援队伍仍未抵达震中附近的廓尔喀(Gorkha)北部部分村庄,当时距这场上周六发生的7.8级地震已超过48小时。连夜的大雨及新出现的多次山体滑坡,妨碍了人们的救援努力。However, international efforts to assist the stricken Himalayan nation were gathering momentum. Search-and-rescue teams from India, China, Pakistan, the US, Israel and the Netherlands are on the ground, with more from the UK, Finland and Japan expected shortly. The squads are carrying emergency relief supplies and using specially trained dogs to search for people trapped in the rubble.不过,国际社会援助这个受灾喜马拉雅国家的努力正在积聚力量。来自印度、中国、巴基斯坦、美国、以色列和荷兰的搜救团队已抵达当地,来自英国、芬兰及日本的团队预计将很快抵达。这些团队携带着紧急救援物资,并使用受过专门训练的犬搜寻困在瓦砾中的人们。Kathmandu’s tiny Tribhuvan International Airport has struggled to keep pace with the volume of air traffic, with many aircraft forced to circle for hours before landing.加德满都特里布万国际机场(Tribhuvan International Airport)是个很小的机场,很难应对如此巨大的空中交通量,许多飞机在着陆前不得不盘旋数个小时。Many commercial flights from India, carrying relief supplies and anguished Nepalis hoping to aid distressed relatives, were diverted or cancelled because of the congestion.由于空中交通的堵塞,许多来自印度的商业航班被分流至其他机场或被取消。这些商业航班要么携带着救援物资,要么坐着希望帮助危难中亲友的痛苦的尼泊尔人。Meanwhile, Nepali helicopter pilots took advantage of improved weather to ferry climbers stranded on Mount Everest back to safety following an avalanche triggered by the quake.与此同时,尼泊尔直升机飞行员趁天气好转,运出了此前被地震引发的雪崩困在珠穆朗玛峰的登山者。Further west, aerial surveys of the worst affected valleys, carried out jointly by Indian Air Force helicopters and Nepali military officials, revealed widesp devastation.在更靠西部的地方,印度空军直升机与尼泊尔军官对受灾最严重村庄展开的联合空中勘察发现了大面积的受灾情况。“Helicopters found village after village in remote Himalayan valleys completely flattened by the quake,” Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times, wrote on a blog. “Tens of thousands of people are without shelter and in urgent need of medical attention.”“直升机在边远的喜马拉雅山山谷发现了一个又一个被地震夷为平地的村庄。”尼泊尔时报(Nepali Times)主编孔达#8226;迪克西特(Kunda Dixit)在客上写道,“数万人失去住所,急需医疗救助。”More than 900 of the deaths have occurred in or near Kathmandu, according to police, who are waiting for earthmoving equipment to arrive so they can begin digging in the rubble in the hope of finding more survivors.警方表示,逾900名死难者是在加德满都或加德满都附近遇难的。警方眼下正等待挖掘设备到达,以便开始挖开瓦砾,希望能找到更多幸存者。Thousands have been injured across Nepal and the UN Development Programme estimates more than 40 per cent of the country’s land mass has been affected. About 6.6m of Nepal’s 28m people live in the earthquake zone. Binod Bhattarai and Victor Mallet in Kathmandu and Amy Kazmin in Delhi尼泊尔全境内有数千人受伤,联合国开发计划署(UN Development Programme)估计,该国境内逾40%的土地都受到了地震影响。尼泊尔2800万人口中有约660万人在地震带上生活。 /201504/372526。
  • According to Japanese pop culture site RocketNews24, one shopper got more than he bargained for when he bought a packet of fried scallop snacks at a FamilyMart convenience store, only to find a pearl embedded within.据日本流行文化网站RocketNews24报道,一位顾客从全家便利店(FamilyMart)买了一包炸扇贝小吃,谁知里面竟然有一颗珍珠,真正是物超所值。Twitter user Romy_canecry was enjoying his snack when he bit into something hard. What he thought was a foreign object turned out to be a white pearl.推特用户Romy_canecry 在吃这款扇贝小吃时咬到了硬物,他原以为是异物,结果是一颗白色珍珠。He wrote in Japanese: ;I thought, #39;Oh man there#39;s something weird in here, but it turned out to be a pearl. Thank you, FamilyMart!;他用日语写道:“我想,天哪,小吃里有奇怪的异物,结果竟是一颗珍珠。谢谢你,全家便利店!”Apparently, the packaging does include a warning about finding pearls in the scallop snack, highlighted in blue ink no less.如下图所示,这款扇贝小吃在外包装上已用蓝色字体提醒顾客在食用时注意,里面可能有珍珠。The text explains that on rare occasions, pearls may develop in the shellfish, producing a small white orb, and cautions customers to be careful when consuming the product.提示上说,在少数情况下,珍珠会在贝类生物中生长,生成小型白色球状物,提醒顾客在食用时小心一些。According to RocketNews24, more than a few others expressed hope that they too, could find a gem the next time they chomp down on the seafood snack, losing a tooth or two notwithstanding.RocketNews24称,很多人表示希望自己能是下一个在这款海鲜零食里吃到珍珠的幸运儿,即使可能要掉一两颗牙。 /201501/356799。
  • New Music Festival Just Large Empty Field To Do Drugs In新形式音乐节——在空地上吸毒MOUNT STERLING, KY-Declaring the event a rousing success so far, organizers confirmed more than 45,000 people turned out Wednesday for the first annual Cavalcade Folk and Roots Festival, a four-day gathering that consists solely of a big empty field to do drugs in.来自肯塔基州的报道。此次音乐节目前已取得激动人心的成功。主办方确认4.5万人之多于周三参加了首届年度Cavalcade Folk and Roots音乐节,四天聚会,主要内容就是参加的人在一块大空地上吸毒。Held on a farm in the foothills of eastern Kentucky, the festival, which continues through Friday and features no live performances of any kind, reportedly offers ;something for every type of music lover,; specifically a fenced-off, 300-acre pasture in which to consume a broad array of mind-altering substances.该音乐节举办于肯塔基东部一丘陵脚下的农场上,周五还在进行中,其特点是没有任何的现场表演。据报道主办方会给各种喜爱音乐的人士提供一些东西,具体地说就是在这个无围栏,300英亩的草坪上消耗掉大量的能够迷乱心智的药物。;We thought it#39;d be awesome to host a festival that would attract people from all over the country who just want to kick back and ingest narcotics for 96 hours straight,; festival organizer Randy Felder said of the event that takes place on a barren expanse of land with no stages, sound equipment, lighting, art, or vendors. ;Cavalcade is all about creating a venue where live music fans can come together, hang out, and do what they love most.我们觉得举办这种形式的音乐节去吸引全国各地的人是很棒的一件事。他们能通过吸食麻醉毒品来好好的休息96个小时。音乐节主办方Randy Felder这样描述这次聚会,一次举办在一片空旷土地上的音乐节,没有舞台音响设备,更别说灯光,美术,甚至连商贩都没有。Cavalcade纯粹就是为那些音乐迷的聚会提供一个场地,他们可以在那里闲逛,喜欢做什么都可以。;And you couldn#39;t ask for a better spot,; Felder added. ;I mean, it rained pretty hard yesterday, but people didn#39;t let it bring them down. A lot of them didn#39;t even seem to notice.;;但你不能去要求一个更好的场地;,Felder补充道。我的意思是昨天这里下了一场大雨,但他们的心情似乎丝毫没受什么影响,貌似很多人甚至都没注意到下雨了。Officials reported that while the festival grounds contain no tents or any other form of shelter against the elements, ticket holders nonetheless came out in droves to the vast, otherwise deserted meadow to enjoy a number of big-name drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, as well as a wide variety of less well-known substances and up-and-coming hallucinogens such as salvia, ayahuasca, ketamine, and several dozen improvised inhalants.官方报道此次音乐节场地没有任何应对恶劣天气的措施,没有帐篷,没有其他任何的遮蔽工具,尽管如此音乐迷们还是陆陆续续的走进这片荒芜的空地上去享受那些;大名鼎鼎;的毒品。包括大麻,可卡因,海洛因等。还包括其他大量不知名的毒品,以及那些即将变得受欢迎的迷幻剂如鼠尾草,死藤水,克他命和一些批量包装的临时准备的吸入剂。译文属 /201506/378695。
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