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南昌市岗顶不孕不育医院南昌结扎后输卵管复通公立医院Rescue Efforts Continue After Indonesia Earthquake印尼地震救灾工作继续进行Rescue efforts continue in the aftermath of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit Indonesia. The government has confirmed the deaths of 64 people but that number is expected to rise.印度尼西亚7级地震后的救援行动继续进行。政府实有57人死亡,不过预计这个数字还会上升。The earthquake that shook the Indonesian island of Java caused a landslide in the village of Cikangkareng, burying 13 homes and the people who were inside. 撼动印尼爪哇岛的地震在芝康卡让村引起滑坡,掩埋了13所房屋和里面的人。Arifin, a retired teacher, lost most of his family. 退休教师阿里芬失去了他的大部分亲人。He says he can only pray that they will be in a better place. 他说,他只能祈祷,愿他们到更好的地方。This village in the Cianjur district has reported the highest number of earthquake deaths, and the toll is likely to rise. 展玉区的这个村庄报告了最高的地震死亡数字,而这个数字可能还会上升。Rescue efforts are underway. Bulldozers work to remove tons of dirt, rocks, and trees. 救援工作正在进行。推土机为清除大量的泥土、岩石和树木而忙碌。And soldiers using shovels and sticks are both searching for survivors and recovering the dead. 军人们用铁铲和棍棒搜寻幸存者和死者。Dede Jusef, the vice governor of West Java is coordinating rescue efforts. 西爪哇省副省长尤瑟夫正在协调各项救援行动。"Our main concern is to rescue as much people as we can get, and afterwards then we can manage for the reconstruction," Jusef said.他说:“我们主要关心的事情是尽我们所能去救人。然后我们才能规划重建。”In addition to scores of casualties and the hundreds of wounded, the earthquake damaged thousands of houses, schools, and buildings in the country. 地震除了造成数十人死亡和数百人受伤以外,还损坏了这个国家的数千座房屋、学校和建筑物。The earthquake, which occurred just off the southern Java coast, shook tall buildings in city of Jakarta, 190 kilometers to the north, but caused little damage. 这场发生在爪哇南部海岸的地震摇撼了北边190公里以外的雅加达市,不过几乎没有造成损坏。Rural towns and villages to the south were hit hardest. 南边的乡间城镇和村庄受灾最严重。In the town Tasikmalaya, 115 kilometers from the epicenter of the quake, 500 houses were destroyed leaving about 2,000 homeless. 在距离震中115公里的塔斯克马拉亚镇,500所房屋被毁,致使2000人无家可归。In the village of Sukanagara, which has a population of 30,000, one person died and 198 houses were damaged. 在拥有3万人口的苏卡纳加拉村,1人死亡,198所房屋遭到损坏。While Indonesia is prone to frequent seismic activity, Sukanagara official Firman Edi says for his small village an earthquake of this magnitude is a rare occurrence. 尽管印尼地震活动频繁,但是苏卡纳加拉村官员艾地说,对于他这个小村庄来说,达到这样的震级的地震是罕见的。He says this was big for them. It never happened there in 20 years. 他说,对他们来说,这次震灾是很大的。20年都没有发生过。Tents have been erected in the affected areas for the over 5,000 people in need of temporary housing. Assistance, including food, water and medicine is beginning to arrive.在受地震影响的地区,一顶顶帐篷已经为需要临时住所的5000多人搭建起来。包括食物、水和药品在内的援助正在开始陆续到达。09/83443江西省儿童医院首页 Pakistani Forces Deploy in New Region Infiltrated by Taliban巴基斯坦向塔利班控制区增派兵力 Militants in Pakistan have ambushed paramilitary forces who were being rushed to a region near the capital that was recently overrun by Taliban forces from the nearby Swat valley. Witnesses say gunmen in Buner district, killed at least one of the paramilitary troops. Despite the latest clashes, political leaders say they continue to favor diplomacy in dealing with the militants.巴基斯坦激进分子伏击了奉命紧急赶往首都附近布内尔地区的准军事部队。那里最近被来自斯瓦特山谷的塔利班势力占领。目击者说,武装分子在布内尔区打死至少一名准军事部队军人。尽管发生这些最新的冲突事件,巴基斯坦政界领导人仍然表示继续持通过外交手段跟激进分子打交道。Troops take up key positionsLocals in Buner district, which is only about 100 kilometers from the Pakistani capital, say security forces began arriving Wednesday, taking up positions around government buildings and key roads. It is unclear how many additional forces have been ordered to Buner. Local officials say as many as eight platoons, or about 400 paramilitary troops have arrived in the mountainous region.布内尔区当地人说,安全部队星期三开始到达那里,把守政府办公楼周围的阵地和重要道路。布内尔距离巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡只有大约100公里。目前还不清楚还要向布内尔区增派多少兵力。当地官员说,多达8个排的兵力,也就是大约400名准军事部队军人已经到达这个山区。Sher Akbar, a retired lawmaker who represented Buner in parliament, tells VOA that Taliban fighters are now patrolling parts of the district and local police have not been seen in public.在巴基斯坦议会中曾经代表布内尔区的退休议员谢尔.阿克巴尔告诉美国之音记者,塔利班武装分子目前正在这个区的部分地方巡逻,公开场合根本看不见当地警察。Taliban controls BunerSpeaking by phone from Buner he says the Taliban are totally in control of the district and the local government has lost authority over the region.阿克巴尔在布内尔通过电话对记者说,塔利班现在完全控制了这个区,当地政府已经失去了对这个区的控制。Pakistani news media have reported government officials and aid groups have abandoned local offices. Sher Akbar says many in Buner are worried that fighting could break out soon between security forces and militants, and some people are preparing to leave.巴基斯坦新闻媒体报导说,政府官员和救援组织已经离开当地的办公地点。阿克巴尔说,布内尔区有许多人担心安全部队跟激进分子很快就会打起来,一些人正在准备逃离。Groups of militants infiltrated Buner last week, shortly after the government signed a peace deal to establish Islamic law in nearby Swat valley and other parts of the northwest. Local officials estimate more than 500,000 people live in the Buner area.在政府签署和平协议,同意在附近的斯瓦特山谷以及西北部其它地区实行伊斯兰法不久之后,几伙激进分子上星期渗透到布内尔区。当地官员估计,布内尔地区有50多万人。Since the Taliban's arrival, fighters have clashed with local police and armed tribal militias that initially tried to repel them from the area. Local leaders had reportedly asked the provincial government earlier for extra police and paramilitary troops when the controversial peace agreement in Swat was being negotiated but the request was ignored.自从塔利班来到布内尔区,武装分子跟起初试图赶走他们的当地警察和部落民兵发生了战斗。据说,在有争议的斯瓦特山谷和平协议还在磋商的过程中,当地领导人早些时候曾请求省政府增派警力和准军事部队,但这个要求没有受到重视。Clinton: situation poses 'mortal threat' to USThe government's peace agreement in the northwest, and subsequent Taliban expansion into nearby areas including Buner, has drawn intense concern in Washington. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused the Pakistani government of ceding more and more territory to the Taliban. She said the deteriorating situation poses what she called a "mortal threat" to the ed States and the world.政府在西北部地区的和平协议以及塔利班随后在包括布内尔区在内的附近地区的扩张引起华盛顿的密切关注。星期三,美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿指责巴基斯坦政府把越来越多的领土割让给塔利班。她说,局势的日益恶化对美国和全世界构成“致命威胁”。"I think that we cannot underscore the seriousness of the existential threat posed to the state of Pakistan by the continuing advances, now within hours of Islamabad, that are being made by the loosely confederated group of terrorists and others who are seeking the overthrow of the Pakistani state, which is, as we all know, a nuclear-armed state," she said.克林顿说:“我认为,巴基斯坦目前存在的威胁的严重性不言而喻。组织松散的恐怖分子组织正在继续向首都伊斯兰堡推进,目前距离首都只有几个小时的行程,他们企图推翻巴基斯坦,而我们都清楚这是一个拥有核武器的国家。”Pakistan defends anti-Taliban strategyWhen asked about the criticism on Thursday, Pakistan's prime minister defended the government's strategy, saying officials continue to favor pursuing talks with mediator Sufi Muhammad in dealing with the situation.记者星期四向巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼问起克林顿的上述指责,吉拉尼为巴基斯坦政府的战略辩解说,巴基斯坦官员继续持通过跟调解人苏菲.穆罕默德谈判,解决目前的局势。"In case peace is not restored, then naturally the mandate is the provincial government - they will discuss with the jirga, with all of the political forces of their province, they will discuss with Sufi Muhammad. And if the provincial government decides otherwise or if peace is not restored, certainly we have to review our policy," said Prime Minister Gilani. 吉拉尼说:“万一和平没有恢复,那么通常省政府就要承担起责任,他们将跟族长会议,他们所在省的所有政治力量进行磋商,也要跟穆罕默德进行讨论。如果省政府做出不同的决定,或者如果没有恢复和平,我们当然要重新审视我们的政策。”The Islamic courts have drawn criticism among lawmakers in recent days after Taliban fighters refused to disarm and Sufi Muhammad said militants believe the new courts will not be integrated into Pakistan's legal system. Political leaders have said the creation of a parallel legal system is unacceptable and a violation of the peace agreement.塔利班武装分子拒绝放下武器,而且穆罕默德也说,激进分子认为新的法庭不会被纳入巴基斯坦司法体系,这使伊斯兰法庭招致议员们的指责。巴基斯坦政界领导人说,建立两个平行的司法制度是不可接受的,也违反了和平协议。04/68046The Obama administration is stepping up pressure on the U.S. Senate to ratify a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia. Called the New START treaty, it builds on a landmark arms control agreement signed by the ed States and the Soviet Union in 1991.奥巴马政府加紧向美国参议院施压,要求批准一项与俄罗斯的削减核武器条约。这个新的《削减战略武器条约》是以美国和前苏联于1991年签署的一份里程碑式的武器控制协议为基础的。The initial accord expired last year, and the fate of its successor might hinge on the ability of the U.S. Senate to act in a brief, end-of-year session. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a high-profile visit to urge prompt ratification of the treaty.两国最初的协议于去年到期,而新条约的命运可能会取决于美国参议院是否能在年底前的短暂会议期间采取行动。克林顿国务卿高调在国会现身,敦促国会尽快批准这项条约。It is called a "full court press" - an all-out administration effort to get key legislation approved by Congress. On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden issued a strongly-worded statement warning of grave consequences for U.S. national security if the New START accord is not ratified. The next day, Secretary of State Clinton underscored the point in a corridor near the floor of the U.S. Senate.这正是所谓的“全面出击”,也就是奥巴马政府全力以赴促使国会通过关键性立法。副总统拜登星期二发布了一份措辞强硬的声明,警告说如果新的《削减战略武器条约》不能被批准的话,美国国家安全将面临严重后果。第二天,克林顿国务卿在美国参议院会场附近的一个走廊里再次强调了这一点。"It is, to me, essential that we bring this [treaty] before the Senate. For anyone to think we can postpone it or avoid it is, I am afraid, vastly underestimating the continuing [nuclear] threat that is posed to our country," said Clinton.她说:“我认为一定要在参议院提出这项条约。任何人如果认为我们可以推迟或避免这项条约,那就恐怕大大低估了我们国家所面临的持续的核威胁。”Under the New START treaty, U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals would be reduced by as much as a third.根据新的《削减战略武器条约》,美国和俄罗斯的核武库将削减多达三分之一。The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democrat John Kerry of Massachusetts, highlighted the treaty's benefits and the dangers posed by the status quo.马萨诸塞州参议员、民主党人克里是参议院外交关系委员会主席。他强调了这项条约的好处以及目前的现状所带来的危险。201011/118529南昌做造影手术大概多少钱

南昌女性输卵管粘连治疗费用Out of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwest Georgia, the cold waters of the Conasauga River descend toward Tennessee. Flowing back and forth across the state line, the River's abundant wildlife and unspoiled beauty is a remnant of the past--a fading memory that Carton Petty wants to restore. "I found out it phased out. Take care of the land and it’ll take care of you." It break, (if) you didn't. Petty purchased this land several years ago to grow corn and raise dairy cattle. Today, his farm covers more than 7,000 acres, 170 of them along the Conasauga. To preserve the beauty of the river and his property, Petty has built buffer zones--dedicated strips of land to stop chemicals he sps on his crops from running into the river, and to prevent bank erosion. "Yep, this, this is just the new buffer we put in and it just, They were sold in November. And it’ll take about a year for you to get established good. " Buffers are an idea from the Conservation Reserve Program--a ed States Department of Agriculture backed initiative that brings landowners, local alliances, and other government agencies together. Nevertheless, keeping an old river like this one healthy in a modern world is difficult. Beneath the surface of these waters, a pollutant is killing one of its oldest residents --a rare kind of mussel(贻贝). And no one knows exactly where it is coming from. "This animal's, probably, 20 to 30 years old... " Paul Johnson with the Tennessee Aquarium has the task of figuring out how to preserve the mussels and help them reproduce. "This animal’s called... Its scientific name is Cora-bean Hellene. Its common name is the Georgia Pigtail. It was believed to be extinct, then we found this species alive in the Conasauga River, and as far as we know, Conasauga is the sole river that contains this species" It is a race against time. As long as they cannot figure out what is killing the mussels, that something poses a threat to the whole river. While the work goes on, the Petties will keep doing their part. "It's lucky we got something special here with the Conasauga. So, I think we all well understand and start to realize that. And we're trying to do the appropriate steps to keep it a clean and beautiful view."200812/58659南昌市中西医结合医院精液检查 当地时间5月25日,奥巴马在去美国弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿国家公墓参加美国阵亡将士纪念日的途中,针对朝核问题发表了以下“紧急”声明。声明说,他强烈谴责朝鲜再次进行核试验,朝鲜进行核试验和试射导弹是一种不计后果的行为,严重违反了国际法,对国际社会的和平与安全构成了重大威胁,并敦促国际社会对朝鲜的行为采取行动。Remember the fallen and those who have served America with extraordinary valor.But before I go there I wanted to say a few words about North Korea's announcement that it has conducted a nuclear test, as well as its decision to attempt a short-range missile launch.North Korea's nuclear ballistic missile programs pose a great threat to the peace and security of the world and I strongly condemn their reckless action. North Korea's actions endanger the people of Northeast Asia, they are a blatant violation of international law, and they contradict North Korea's own prior commitments.Now, the ed States and the international community must take action in response. The record is clear: North Korea has previously committed to abandoning its nuclear program. Instead of following through on that commitment it has chosen to ignore that commitment. These actions have also flown in the face of ed Nations resolutions. As a result, North Korea is not only deepening its own isolation, it's also inviting stronger international pressure -- that's evident overnight, as Russia and China, as well as our traditional allies of South Korea and Japan, have all come to the same conclusion: North Korea will not find security and respect through threats and illegal weapons.We will work with our friends and our allies to stand up to this behavior and we will redouble our efforts toward a more robust international non-proliferation regime that all countries have responsibilities to meet.In this effort the ed States will never waiver from our determination to protect our people and the peace and security of the world.Thank you, guys.05/71894上饶市人民医院治疗输卵管堵塞

南昌市哪家医院可以检查不孕不育Cybercrime网络犯罪Black hats, grey hairs黑客之伤:白了少年头A shake-up in the hacker underground and fresh attacks suggest change is coming to computer security地下黑客组织受到打击,新式攻击预示着计算机安全将有所改变 Aug 6th 2011 | from the print edition AN 18-YEAR-OLD with 16 computers in a small house in the Shetland Islands: that is where a police hunt ended for the global nerve centre of LulzSec, a group of hackers whose exploits include defacing or disabling the websites of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, the CIA, a bunch of gay-bashing American Baptists, and Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency. Active from May to late June, when it claims to have disbanded, LulzSec’s hallmark was prankish attacks accompanied by public mockery. As well as officialdom, its targets included computer-security and online-gaming companies regarded as pompous, complacent or hypocritical.在英国设德兰群岛上的一间小屋里,有一个十八岁的孩子守着十六台计算机,这就是警察搜寻到的LulzSec 的全球控制总部。这个名叫Lulzsec 黑客组织的战绩包括,攻击破坏罗伯特默多克媒体帝国的网站,美国中央情报局网站,美国浸信会中攻击同性恋的网站,还有英国重大组织犯罪署的网站。一直从五月活跃到七月末,它忽然宣布解散。LulzSec特点就是在公众的嘲笑下恶作剧般的攻击。它的目标包括那些自大骄傲虚伪的计算机安全公司和在线游戏公司,还有官僚做派的组织。In geekspeak “lulz” means to laugh at a victim; “sec” is for “security”. But lately the misfortune has mostly been the hackers’ own. Of LulzSec’s six presumed core members, police have arrested at least two, including, in late July, the (now bailed) Scottish teenager Jake Davis. The most expert, who goes by the alias Sabu, is still at large. About 15 members of Anonymous, a shadowy collective of skilled, politically motivated hackers, are also in police custody worldwide, according to Gregg Housh, a Boston man who ran computer servers for it but denies involvement in illegal hacks.在奇客语言中,“lulz”是嘲笑受害者的意思。“sec”的意思是安全。但是最近这种厄运降临到黑客自己身上。警察已经逮捕了LulzSec的前任六名核心成员中的两名,其中有一名苏格兰少年杰克#8226;戴维斯(现已保释)。组织核心,化名为萨布的成员仍然在逃。根据一个名叫格列哥#8226;豪斯的波士顿人称,“匿名”组织有大约十五名技术精湛的骇客在世界范围被监禁。这个组织的成员一般因为政治原因行动,格列哥#8226;豪斯为此组织运营计算机务器,但是他否认参与了非法攻击。201108/148948 Internet security 网络安全An anonymous foe 幽灵般的敌人Hackers hit big companies, the IMF and the headlines 网络黑客席卷名企和国际货币基金组织,大出风头Jun 16th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from the print editionDEFENCE companies such as Lockheed Martin have seen some of their cyber-defences penetrated. Sony, Google, Citigroup and other firms have had sensitive customer data swiped by high-tech intruders. The IMF has been the victim of a digital attack, as has the website of America’s Senate. And a hackers’ collective, called Anonymous, has threatened to launch an online assault on the computer systems of America’s Federal Reserve unless its chairman, Ben Bernanke, agrees to step down.洛克西德马丁公司虽作为国防军企,却也意识到其部分网络防御被黑客所渗透。入侵者以其较高的技术窃取了索尼,谷歌,花旗集团等公司的客户敏感数据。国际货币基金组织成为了这次数字化入侵的受害者,美国参议院的官网也不能幸免。一个叫做“佚名”的黑客组织扬言,如果美联储的主席Ben Bernanke不愿下台,那就要对美联储的计算机系统发起网上攻击。These and other events—such as the attack on the public website of the CIA, which was disrupted briefly on June 15th—have led to speculation that there has been a big increase in the threat posed by hackers in recent months. They have also reinforced a belief in some quarters that America is aly engaged in a cyber war of sorts, most notably with China. Yet such claims are controversial.美国中情局在6月15日也因黑客袭击暂时瘫痪,这样或那样的针对公共网站的袭击使得最近几月来公众对网络黑客动辄发起攻击行为的关注与日俱增。他们同样也更加坚定地认为,美国在某些方面的确陷入了一场网络大战,最沸沸扬扬的莫过于和中国的网络战。然而这些言论尚存争议。201106/141905南昌做无痛取环公立医院江西省查输卵管通而不畅比较好的医院



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