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These stills are taken from previously unseen footage showing the devastation beneath the World Trade Center after the September 11 terror attacks.   这些视频照片是之前从未公开过的,它们一定程度向大家展示了在9.11恐怖袭击之后被摧毁的世贸中心的景象   As New York gears up for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, this footage, taken by rescue workers, shows the eerie scenes in the basements beneath the wrecked skyscrapers.   日前,纽约正在积极准/11恐怖袭击事件十周年的纪念活动,援救人员记录下来的这些片段正好显示了失事大楼地下室从未曝光的可怕情形  Workers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) spent eight months documenting the scene in Lower Manhattan as they searched the six storeys beneath the complex.   就在联邦紧急事务的工作人员在复杂的情形下搜寻了六层楼之后,用个月的时间将下曼哈顿悲惨的情形编入文档  Guided by periodic shafts of light, rescue teams made their way through the pitch-black as they searched for survivors.   在忽明忽暗的竖井灯光的指引下,援救队伍在黑暗的废墟中开辟道路寻找幸存者  None were found. 然而一个幸存者也没有找到 /201109/152245。

  • Thousands of residents in Syrias two largest cities fled their neighborhoods Thursday to escape violence, as the military built up its presence around rebel strongholds in Aleppo and renewed attacks on parts of Damascus. 随着叙利亚政府军在阿勒颇Aleppo)的多个反对派据点增大兵力,并对大马士革部分地区发起新一轮进攻,这两座叙利亚最大城市的成千上万名居民周四为躲避暴力活动逃离所居住的城区Residents of two Damascus suburbs said government forces bombed their neighborhoods overnight with fighter jets and helicopters. Across the capital, extended families fleeing the Daraya, Qudsaya and the Yalda suburbs piled into public schools, vacant apartment blocks and cheap hotels. 大马士革城外两个郊区的居民说,政府军整夜用战斗机和直升机轰炸他们居住的地区。在首都各地,逃离达拉Daraya)、库德西Qudsaya)和耶尔Yalda)地区的大家庭挤在公立学校、空置的住宅楼和廉价旅店中The latest attacks shattered a three-day calm that had settled on the capital as the battle between government and opposition forces had appeared to shift to Aleppo, about 220 miles north. 随着政府军与反对派之间的战斗似乎已转向首都以北约220英里(约50公里)的阿勒颇,首都暂时恢复了平静。但最新的进攻打破了刚刚维持了三天的平静In both Damascus and Aleppo, the conflict is localized-with some districts under heavy shelling while bordering neighborhoods are unscathed. In Basateen al-Mezze, on Damascuss western edge, a tank assault last week turned a narrow, winding road of low-rise homes into an open area of collapsed concrete, contorted metal and crushed cars. Amid the rubble was an inflatable baby pool, a swing and a melon rotting in the summer sun. 在大马士革和阿勒颇,双方的交战都是局域性的,一些地区遭受了猛烈的炮击,而相邻的地区却未受到攻击。在大马士革西部的Basateen al-Mezze,上周发动的一场坦克进攻将一排蜿蜒排布的低层住宅夷为平地,到处是残破的钢筋混凝土、变形的金属和汽车。盛夏阳光下的废墟中,可以看到一个充气婴儿泳池、一个秋千和一个正在腐烂的瓜In most parts of the capital, however, many Syrians have for days praised the return of relative normalcy after Damascus was paralyzed last week by a government offensive against opposition fighters. 不过,在首都的大部分地区,很多叙利亚人数日来一直对局势相对恢复正常表示赞许。上周,大马士革在政府军对反对派发起的进攻中陷入瘫痪后The reprieve appeared short-lived. Starting in the late afternoon, deep booms from artillery attacks on a handful of suburbs, as well as two districts in the southern part of Damascus, reverberated across the city. 但平静的局势只持续了很短一段时间。从周四傍晚开始,城外几个地区和大马士革南部两个地区轰隆隆的炮声开始回荡在整个城市上空Many shops closed early. Streets emptied before nightfall. Government soldiers manned impromptu security checkpoints built from cinder blocks and tree-branches, blocking two highways that ring the city. My fear is its the calm before the storm, said a mother of three in Malki, an upscale Damascus neighborhood. 很多店铺提前关门。夜幕降临前街道就早已空无一人。政府军用炉渣砖和树枝搭设了临时安全检查点,并配备了人员,封锁了环绕大马士革的两条高速公路。大马士革高档城区Malki的一位有三个孩子的母亲说,我担心这是暴风雨前的平静Opponents of President Bashar al-Assad have framed their recent advances into Damascus and Aleppo as decisive battles. But the rebel movement into the two largest cities appears to be more like a trickle in a conflict that is aly killing dozens daily and displacing thousands across the rest of the country. Every day, it looks more like a war of attrition, said a Western diplomat in Damascus. 总统阿萨Bashar al-Assad)的反对者将其最近在大马士革和阿勒颇取得的进展标榜为决定性的战役。不过,反对派进军两大城市的势头似乎更像是涓涓细流。目前叙利亚其他地区的战斗每日造成数十人死亡,数千人无家可归。一位在大马士革的西方外交人士说,每天都是如此,看起来更像是一场消耗战At least 163 rebels, government forces and civilians died in Thursdays fighting, according to U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Most of the casualties were reported in Aleppo and the Damascus suburbs. State media said government forces were closing in on the terrorists and cleansing many areas around the country. 据位于英国的叙利亚人权观察组Syrian Observatory for Human Rights)说,有至63名反对派、政府军和平民在周四的交战中死亡。据报道大部分伤亡发生在阿勒颇和大马士革的郊区。叙利亚国有媒体说,政府军正在围剿恐怖分子,肃清叙利亚国内的诸多地区 /201207/192521。
  • The 20-hour storm that hit Beijing on Saturday claimed the lives of 37 people 25 of the deaths were caused by drowning.周六袭击北京20个小时的暴雨夺走7条生命,其中25人溺水身亡。Millions of people across the capital were hit by the deluge and thousands were evacuated from their homes. The flooding caused losses of at least 10 billion yuan (.6 billion), according to the Beijing municipal government.北京数百万居民受灾,数以千计的居民被迫从家中疏散。根据北京市政府的统计数据,暴雨引发的洪水造成了至00亿人民币的损失。The southwestern district of Fangshan was the hardest hit. Of the 56,933 people evacuated in the city, 20,990 came from Fangshan. There were two landslides in the district.北京市西南部的房山区受灾最重。在全北6933名被疏散的居民中0990人来自房山区。有两起暴雨引发的滑坡也发生在这一地区。The rainfall reached 460 millimeters in the district, the highest ever recorded, according to the government. In the rest of Beijing, the average was 170 mm, the highest since 1951.房山区的降雨量达到了460毫米,是有历史记录以来的最高值。在北京的其他地区,平均降雨量也70毫米,是951来的历史最高。The Juma River, which runs across Fangshan, flooded and its maximum volume reached 2,500 cubic meters per second, a flow rate ;rarely recorded;, according to the Beijing government.流经房山区的拒马河因暴雨引发洪水,最高径流量达到了每500立方米的罕见数值。Few Fangshan residents were prepared for the downpour, which occurred almost without warning.房山区的居民几乎对这场暴雨毫无防备,事先也没有预警。Guo Yanwei, a 25-year-old who works at the Changkuang coal mine in Fangshan, was holding a party for eight people at her home.25岁的郭颜薇(音译)在房山区的一个煤矿工作,21日在家中和朋友聚会。At 5:30 pm, she became aware that the water had reached her doorstep. Just 10 minutes later, the floodwaters had reached a depth of 1.3 meters.下午50,她突然发现门外的积水已经达到她门前的台阶处。仅0分钟后,洪水就达到了1.3米深;I noticed the weather forecast on Friday, but we did not know the rain would be so overwhelming and flood my home so quickly,; she said. Guos sister carried her son to the second floor of an adjacent building. Guo and her friends climbed onto the roof of her house.她说:“我注意到了周五的天气预报,但是我没有想到暴雨会这么猛烈地,会这么快就淹没我的家。”郭的带着她的孩子到邻近的一栋房子的二楼躲避,郭和她的朋友们爬上了她房子的屋顶。Soon, all 50 residents of Guos village had scrambled onto their roofs in search of temporary safety. Two people shared one umbrella in the forlorn hope of avoiding the unstoppable rain. Some residents tried to climb over the wall that surrounds the neighborhood, but the floodwater was so powerful that some parts of the wall looked as if they were about to collapse and could not support them. The residents stayed on the roofs.很快,郭所在村子的所0名居民都爬上了屋顶暂时避难,有两个人合撑一把伞希望能躲避不停地暴雨。有些居民试图爬到附近的围墙上去,但洪水非常汹涌,一些围墙看起来即将倒塌,不足以承受人的重量。Most of the residents work at the coal mine. They called the mine administrators for help and at around 10 pm a rescue team was sent to the neighborhood to provide help for the women and children.这个村子的大多数居民都在煤矿工作。他们向煤矿管理层呼救,大多晚上10点一救援队来到这里向妇女和孩子提供帮助;We left the neighborhood barefooted, because the flood brought so much mud that our shoes got stuck,; said Guo Yanwei. Electrical items such as computers, refrigerators and air conditioners were destroyed by the flood. ;I only managed to grab an expensive camera that I bought recently.郭说:“我们赤脚离开了社区,因为洪水带来了太多泥沙我们的鞋子都被牢牢黏住了。”电脑、冰箱、空调等电器都被洪水摧毁。“我只带出来了我最近刚买的一台挺贵的相机。”The neighborhood was still a mess on Sunday morning, according to Guo. Five cars floated in the waters, and most of the residents were given shelter in a meeting hall at the mine.郭说,社区在周日早上仍是一片狼藉。五辆汽车漂浮在水中,大部分居民临时安置在煤矿的会议礼堂中;Underprivileged people like us are always at great risk when faced with natural disasters,; said Guo Yanwei. ;So we need more help from the government.;郭说:“像我们这样的穷人,在面对自然灾害时总冒着巨大的风险。所以我们需要更多政府的帮助。”Meanwhile, Li Minying and her family, also in Fangshan district, were lucky. The flood smashed the water pipes, but on Sunday morning the district government began providing drinking water for the 50 households in Xixinfang neighborhood. At least clean drinking water is no longer a concern for the families.与此同时,同样住在房山区的李民英(音译)和她的家庭要幸运一些。洪水摧毁了自来水管道,但周日早上,房山区政府就开始向西辛房村社区0个家庭提供饮用水。至少干净的饮用水不再是这些家庭担忧的事情了。来 /201207/191607。
  • Former US president George W. Bush says he made a swift transition from White House pampering to picking up his pet's poop, according to a news report Wednesday。  Bush told a packed university lecture hall in his home state of Texas on Tuesday that, shortly after leaving Washington, he faced a decidedly un-stately moment when his dog Barney relieved himself on a neighbor's lawn。  "Ten days out of the presidency, there I was with a plastic bag in my hand, picking up that which I had been dodging for eight years," he was ed as saying by the Tyler Morning Telegraph in remarks confirmed by his office。  The former president has mostly shied from the limelight since leaving office -- except for a high-profile stint raising money to help Haiti recover from a devastating earthquake -- and kept a low political profile。  But Bush now plans a round of interviews to coincide with the November 9 release of his book about his time in office, "Decision Points."  "This will come as a shock to some people in our country who didn't think I could a book, much less write one," joked the former president, who left office deeply unpopular amid the US economic crisis。  "It's not a judgmental book," he told some 2,000 people on the campus of the University of Texas at Tyler. "It's not a 'Bush is cool' (book)."  The former president spared a little bit of nostalgia for his eight years in office, telling the audience: "I miss being pampered; I miss Air Force 1; I miss being commander in chief of an awesome (military)."  The former president's book is expected to have a first run of 1.5 million copies, along with an e-book version containing a message from the former president and his home movies, Crown publishers said earlier this month。  The huge print run is equivalent to that for former Democratic president Bill Clinton's book, "My Life," which was a runaway hit。来 /201010/116418。
  • Part Ballast handling第部分 压载操作1.Scuppers plugged.1.甲板排水孔已堵.Open sea suction valve and report..打开海水吸入阀并报告3.Sea suction valve closed.3.海水吸入阀已关闭.Ballast pump stopped..压载水泵已停止 3696。
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