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2018年04月25日 16:39:30 | 作者:京东助手 | 来源:新华社
讲解文本:neat 整洁的,利索的,极好的 Everything is neat and clean in this room.这个房间所有的东西都整整齐齐、干干净净。She likes to keep things neat in her house.她喜欢把房间里的一切东西保持整洁。This is such a neat, clever plan这是个如此巧妙、机智的计划。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201609/466934Hana: So, youre from Chile?哈娜:你来自智利?Daniel: Yeah, thats right.丹尼尔:对,没错。Hana: If I ever travel to Chile, do you have any tips?哈娜:如果我去智利旅行,你有什么建议吗?Daniel: Well yeah, there are a lot of things that you should do in Chile and also a lot of things that you shouldnt do in Chile.丹尼尔:智利有很多你应该去体验的事情,当然也有很多你不能做的事情。Hana: Oh! For example?哈娜:哦!能举几个例子吗?Daniel: Well I would definitely recommend to try Chilean food, especially in the small shops that we have, like in every street. If you go to like big restaurants, its not going to be really authentic. So I think you should try small shops, in every street. Also if youre interested in nature, well you know, Chile has really long mountains, right. And theyre beautiful, especially if you go in winter, you can go skiing and its not far, its about like two hours from like anywhere. So thats really cool. You should definitely do that. Also one thing, remember that its Latin America, so you have to take care of your belongings. A lot of my friends have lost stuff there. But if you pay attention, its going to be fine, just dont be too obvious that youre a tourist, and thats going to be alright. And probably lastly, I think you can see a lot of history there, our history, like the Indians we had before the Spanish came, and also the mix between the Spanish and those Indians.丹尼尔:我一定会推荐你品尝智利美食,尤其是每条街上都有的那种小店。如果你去大餐厅,那食物可能不会太正宗。所以我建议你尝试一下每条街上都有的小餐厅。如果你对自然景观感兴趣,你知道智利有很长的山脉。这些山非常漂亮,到了冬天会更加壮丽,冬天你可以去滑雪,而且距离也不是很远,大概有两个小时的车程。这非常酷。你一定要试试。另外,智利属于拉丁美洲,所以你一定要看管好自己的财物。我有许多朋友都在那里丢过东西。不过如果你注意一下的话,不会有太大问题,不要让自己看上去太像游客,这样就可以了。最后,我建议你去看看智利的历史,在西班牙殖民统治智利以前的印第安人,还有西班牙人和那些印第安人的融合。Hana: Is there anything I shouldnt do?哈娜:有没有我不应该做的事情?Daniel: Well, I wouldnt really recommend you to take public buses, theyre not very safe, so dont do it. Metro is much better, its cleaner, its faster and you can get pretty much anywhere in the city, so you shouldnt take buses. And also you should avoid downtown during night, night time, its quite dangerous I think as any other big city. It is like any other city in the world, its kind of dangerous when you go downtown at night time. So I think those would be my tips for you.丹尼尔:我不建议你坐公交车,因为不安全,所以不要坐公交车。地铁要安全得多,而且更干净更快,地铁可以抵达城市大部分地区,所以不要坐公交。另外,你也要避免在晚上去市区,和其他大城市一样,晚上非常危险。我认为世界上其他大型城市也是一样,晚上去市中心会很危险。这些就是我给你的建议。Hana: I see, Ill keep that in mind, thank you.哈娜:我知道了,我会记住的,谢谢你。Daniel: Youre welcome.丹尼尔:不客气。 译文属 /201703/49785710. Complaining about a Late bus (2) 10.抱怨晚点的公交车(2)A: How long have weve been waiting for this bus?A:我们等了这辆公交多久了?B: Almost one hour. I think its late.B:几乎一个小时。我想它晚点了。A: It is late! What is taking this bus driver so long to get here?A:它是晚点了。是什么让公交司机花这么久到这?B: Probably traffic. You know how traffic could be on the weekends.B:很可能是交通问题。你知道周末的交通会是什么样。A: That is not a good excuse. Bus drivers should know how to maneuver past traffic.A:这不是一个好理由。公交司机应该知道如何掌控过去的交通。B: Thats easy for you to say.B:你说起来容易。A: I just want the bus to arrive aly. I want to go home.A:我只是希望公交车已经到了。我想回家。B: Its bound to arrive any minute now.B:现在的任何一分钟都很可能到。A: I hope youre right. My patience has all extinguished.A:我希望你是对的。我的耐心已经用光了。B: Wait. I think I see it coming in the distance!B:等等。我想我看到她从远方过来了!A: Thank goodness! I couldnt possibly wait another minute.A:谢天谢地!我再也多等不了一分钟了。B: False alarm. It was just a truck. Sorry about that.B:空欢喜。那只是一辆卡车。很抱歉。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/437028

Sarah: So Adam, today were talking about do-overs. So what is something that you wish you would have done over? For example, maybe something in your university life?萨拉:亚当,今天我们来谈谈你希望重来一遍的事情。哪些是你想再重新来过的事情?也许是你大学生活期间的事情?Adam: Yeah. There are a few things. I might change my major. I studied education, and while I enjoy what Im doing right now, my free time I really like watching movies about science and astronomy. And if I would go back to school and start my studies over, Id probably study something along those lines, astronomy and metaphysics or something. I think that those topics are really interesting and on the cutting edge of science and just fascinating to explore.亚当:对,有一些事情。我想改专业。我的专业是教育学,虽然我很喜欢我现在的工作,不过我在空闲时间非常喜欢看有关科学和天文学的电影。如果我能回到学校,重新学习,我可能会学习与天文学或玄学相关的专业。我认为那些课题非常有意思,我非常想去探索最尖端的科学。Sarah: Interesting. Anything else you wish you would have done?萨拉:这很有意思。还有其他事是你想重来一遍的吗?Adam: I might have been more involved in the sports clubs at my school. For example, the American football team. I played in high school but in college, I wanted to play but I didnt have the motivation to push me over the edge to actually go out and really put my heart into it. I went to one training day and kind of tried out, but I didnt really pursue it as much as I would have liked. I think it would have been fun to be a part of that culture and that environment.亚当:我可能会在上学期间加入运动队。比如美式橄榄球队。我在高中打过美式橄榄球,不过上大学以后,我虽然想继续,但是没有动力驱使我全身心投入到橄榄球运动中。我之前参加过训练和选拔,但是虽然我很喜欢橄榄球,但是我并没有尽力去参与这项运动。我认为成为橄榄球文化和环境的一部分会很有趣。Sarah: How about something that you did do that maybe now you wish you hadnt?萨拉:那那些你做过但是现在你希望没做过的事是什么?Adam: I pierced my ears in high school because that was the cool thing to do. But now I dont wear earrings. And yeah, looking back on it, kind of just a silly thing to do that Im trying to follow the trends, that, you know, trends usually pass. So yeah, that would be something that I wouldnt do again.亚当:我在高中打了耳洞,因为当时我认为那是一件很酷的事情。可是我现在不戴耳环。回想一下,追随潮流真是一件很傻的事情,潮流总会过时的。这是我不会再做的事情。Sarah: Nice. Anything else you would have changed?萨拉:好。还有其他你希望改变的事情吗?Adam: I might have made different decisions about my girlfriends at the time. I had a really good girlfriend in the beginning of college, and things didnt work out because of a variety of reasons. But I think if we would have worked on it, we could have. We could have made it, made it happen. So yeah, thats something I think about sometimes about life in college. Its always, you know, college love is kind of a crazy thing. So yeah, were too much like kids, I guess, I think at that age.亚当:我可能会对之前的女友做出不同的决定。刚上大学时,我交了一个非常不错的女友,但是因为各种原因,我们俩没能走下去。不过我认为,如果我们能解决我们的问题,我们是能修成正果的。我们能成功,我们能做到。这是我在想到大学生活时,有时会思考的事情。你知道,大学时的恋爱非常疯狂。在那个年纪,我们还像孩子一样。Sarah: Okay. Thanks, Adam.萨拉:好。谢谢你,亚当。 译文属 /201706/514550

Joel: So, Mitchell, I only surfed for about a year and I never got very good at it. I wonder if you could explain how a beginner goes about learning how to surf.乔尔:米切尔,我刚接触冲浪一年的时间,我一直玩不好。我在想你是否能解释一下初学者要如何学习冲浪。Mitchell: Well, thats a tough question because I was surfing ever since I was small so it came natural to me, surfing, but since I know I surf. The beginning is put your board in the sand, lay on your board on the sand, pretend that you are paddling and then push yourself up like a push-up and then stand. You repeat that over-and-over again and eventually you enter the water and you get a friend to hold the board for you and then you stand up in the water while your friend pushed the board to gain balance.米切尔:这是一个很难回答的问题,因为我很小就开始冲浪了,所以对我来说这是很自然的事情,我有记忆以来就已经开始冲浪了。开始时你要把冲浪板放在沙子上,把你的冲浪板放在沙子上,像划桨一样,把自己推出去,接着站起来。要不停地重复这个动作,直到你进入水中,之后要有一个朋友帮你扶着冲浪板,朋友帮你保持冲浪板的平衡时,你就可以站在海上的冲浪板上了。Joel: The part I had the hardest time with was when there were big waves, it was so hard to get out far enough so that you could actually catch a wave. What do you call it, ;duck diving;?乔尔:我觉得最难的是有大浪过来的时候,很难保持足够赶上好浪的距离。你们称之为什么,潜越吗?Mitchell: Duck diving, yeah, its key to surfing. If you see a wave, the thing is that you have to see the wave before it comes. Thats the secret, like wheres it crashing and when its crashing. We call it ;crashing; when its coming down. Duck diving, you put your knees on the board if its a big wave...米切尔:对,潜越,这对冲浪来说很关键。假设你看到了一个浪,关键是你必须要在海浪过来前看到它。这是秘诀,要清楚浪会在何时何地打到你。海浪袭来时我们称之为“撞”。如果是一个大浪的话,那潜越时你要跪在冲浪板上……Joel: Oh, you get on your knees.乔尔:哦,要跪在冲浪板上。Mitchell: You get on your hands and knees and you push the nose of the board down.米切尔:用双手和膝盖撑住冲浪板,然后将冲浪板前端放低。Joel: OK, push the front part down.乔尔:好,把冲浪板前端放低。Mitchell: Yeah, and at the same time, after you push it down, you also kick your hips, and push with your hips, like how you dive in water, like a dolphin.米切尔:对,冲浪板放低的同时会碰到你的臀部,你要用臀部推进,就像潜水一样,像海豚一样。Joel: OK, and then when the wave crashes over you, do you lay down on the board.乔尔:好,那当浪要盖过你的时候,你是躺在冲浪板上吗?Mitchell: You get back up. You pull your nose back up.米切尔:要再起来。要把冲浪板前端再抬起来。Joel: OK, you pull the front and back, back up, and that helps you to back under the wave. And what about when youre...乔尔:好,把冲浪板前端抬起来,这有助于冲浪。那……Mitchell: But the key is, you dont want to duck dive when the wave is crashing on you because you are aly screwed.米切尔:关键是,你在浪打到你的时候是不会想潜越的,因为你已经错过了。Joel: OK, you have to duck before the wave.乔尔:好,要在浪来之前潜越。Mitchell: Before the wave or when its crashing on you, like we call it white water. A lot of times you duck dive in white water. White water is when the wave crashes. The water looks like its all white like white cotton candy, so you duck dive underneath that.米切尔:在浪来之前或者说在浪快打到你的时候,也就是我们所说的碎浪水花。有很多时候你是在浪花中潜越。浪花是海浪撞击后产生的。那时的水看上去是纯白色,就像棉花糖一样,所以你要在浪花下面潜越。Joel: And when youre catching a wave, how do you know when to stand up?乔尔:在赶上好浪时,你怎么知道什么时候站起来合适?Mitchell: Like when the wave, when you see the wave coming you start paddling to get with the wave and before the wave even starts curling, youre aly getting y to stand up. It the wave is aly curling, and your standing up, its too late.米切尔:在你看到海浪过来时,你就要开始向海浪划过去,在海浪翻卷以前你就要准备站立。海浪翻卷以后你再站起来就太晚了。Joel: Its too late. OK. So you have to stand up...乔尔:太晚了。所以站立的时机是……Mitchell: Before it starts curling.米切尔:在海浪开始翻卷以前。Joel: I see. I see.乔尔:我明白了。我知道了。Mitchell: And going the direction where its crashing.米切尔:要随着海浪冲浪。Joel: Well, Im going to have to go surfing with you sometime so I can have a private lesson.乔尔:好,找个时间我要和你一起去冲浪,这样我就能单独上课了。 译文属 /201504/372615

5. I am sorry that we are unable to make you an offer for the time being.很抱歉目前我们不能报盘。还能这样说:We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available.I am afraid it will be very difficult for you to get the offer now.应用:call into being 使产生,使出现,建立,成立;come into being 产生,形成,成立;in being 现存的,活着的6. The offer is not workable.报盘不可行。还能这样说:The offer is withdrawn.The offer is given without engagement.谚语:Blood is thicker than water.血浓于水。7. The price drop greatly on account of large offerings from other source.由于来自其他方面的大量报盘,价格已严重下跌。还能这样说:The price goes down badly, because there are many offerings from other source.Large offerings from other source cause the price to go down.应用:a drop in the ocean 沧海一粟,九牛一毛;at the drop of a hat 不拖延地;不迟疑地;a drop in the bucket/ocean 沧海一粟;杯水车薪8. This offer is subject to your reply reaching here before the end of this month.该报盘以你方本月底前回复我方为有效。还能这样说:This offer is open when your reply reaches here before the end of this month.This offer has come into effect since your reply reaches here before the end of this month.应用:or nearest offer 或略低于此价;可还价;slight ones offer 轻视某人的建议 /201502/359728

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