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南昌做人流手术费用多少钱新余市人民医院输卵管检查费用南昌治输卵管粘连花多少钱 For a founding father who usually took a sunny view of his nation’s prospects, it was a darkly pessimistic prophesy. In his Notes on the State of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson argued that if – as he hoped – America’s black slaves were one day set free, the result would be conflict and an inevitable descent into racial war.尽管托马斯#8226;杰斐逊(Thomas Jefferson)是一位通常对国家前景持乐观看法的国父,但他曾提出一则充满阴郁悲观味道的预言。在《弗吉尼亚笔记》(Notes on the State of Virginia)一书中,杰斐逊指出,如果就像他所希望的那样,有一天美国黑奴获得了自由,那么将会爆发冲突,并且不可避免地演变为种族战争。And in the hours after Governor Jay Nixon imposed a night-time curfew on the Missouri town of Ferguson following the killing there of an unarmed teenager by a police officer earlier this month, it is indeed reasonable to wonder whether a form of war (sometimes hot, sometimes cold) has been waged against blacks in America from Jefferson’s time until our own.本月早些时候,在密苏里州的弗格森镇,一位并未携带武器的少年被一名警官杀害了。如今,在密苏里州州长杰伊#8226;尼克松(Jay Nixon)宣布在该镇实行宵禁之后,我们有充分的理由问一句:从杰斐逊的时代起直到我们所处的这个时代,美国是否一直在进行着针对黑人的战争——其形式有时候表现为热战,有时候表现为冷战?It is hardly uncommon in the US for a young black man to die under questionable circumstances at the hands of the police. Many blacks have stories about young men they knew, or knew of, who were killed this way. When I was at school, a black teenage boy in my home town died in police custody. The officers spun a wildly implausible tale about what had happened to justify the teenager’s killing. Our tiny black community ached at its inability to achieve justice in a town still firmly gripped by the legacy of Jim Crow.在美国,一位年轻黑人在可疑场景下死于警官之手,这样的事并不少见。许多黑人都能说出类似的故事——他们认识或听说过的某个年轻人就是以这样的方式死去的。我上中学时,我的家乡就有一位黑人少年在被警方羁押期间死亡。为了明少年死有余辜,警官们给事情的来龙去脉编了一套完全站不住脚的说法。在这个当时仍被吉姆#8226;克劳(Jim Crow)的遗产(指吉姆#8226;克劳法,即1876-1965年期间美国部分州实施的种族隔离制度——译者注)所控制的城镇,我们势单力孤的黑人社区只能自己承受无法伸张正义的痛苦。Jefferson saw slavery as a state of war between master and slave. It was a legal institution that categorised blacks as property and gave all whites authority over every black person. Even after it was destroyed, the law and the officers who enforced it remained a useful way of keeping blacks in an inferior position – in particular, of policing the movement and behaviour of black men.杰斐逊认为奴隶制导致奴隶主和奴隶之间处于一种战争状态。这是一种将黑人视为财产,让所有白人对任何一位黑人都拥有配权的法律体系。即便这个体系被摧毁了,法律及执行法律的警官依然是保让黑人处于次等地位的有效手段,尤其是在监督约束黑人行踪及行为方面。This was not war as Jefferson envisaged it, but the post-slavery experiences of black people were consonant with his predictions. Black people, he said, would never forget the wrongs done to them in slavery and the white majority would never overcome its “deep rooted prejudices” against black people. And this, he feared, would undercut America’s republican experiment – for it would discredit a republic founded on the egalitarian principles eloquently set forth in the American Declaration of Independence.虽然这并不是杰斐逊所推测的那种战争,但是黑人在后奴隶制时代的经历与他的预言是一致的。杰斐逊指出,黑人永远不会忘记奴隶制时代受到的不公正对待,而占人口多数的白人永远无法克对黑人“根深蒂固的偏见”。他担心,这种状况会阻碍美国的共和实验,因为它有损美国这个建立在平等原则基础上的共和国的声誉,而平等原则白纸黑字地写在美国《独立宣言》(Declaration of Independence)之中。That document, which insists that all men are equal and entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, would lose much of its power if the society formed in its image contained a permanent group of second-class citizens. And so Jefferson offered separation as the most viable solution. Blacks would have to leave the US to find true citizenship in a country of their own.《独立宣言》坚称,人人生来平等,都拥有生存权、自由权和追求幸福的权利。如果按照它的构想建立的社会却存在永恒的二等公民,那么它的影响力将大大降低。于是,杰斐逊提出分离(separation)是最为可行的解决办法。黑人将不得不离开美国,在自己的国度获得真正的公民权。Perhaps nothing Jefferson ever wrote has caused more outrage and, in some quarters, ridicule among present-day Americans who have come to take a diverse America and black American citizenship for granted. That these thoughts should come from the author of what has been called the American creed seems particularly dispiriting to those who hope we will, one day, “overcome”. Yet in the two centuries since the Notes were published, the doubts Jefferson expressed about the true quality of black American citizenship have hardly been eliminated.在杰斐逊写下的所有文字中,也许没有哪句话比这一句更引起当今美国人的愤怒——以及部分人的嘲笑——这代人已视多元化的美国和美国黑人的公民权为理所当然。这些想法竟来自“美国信念”的提出者,似乎尤其令那些希望我们——有一天——能“克”偏见的人感到气馁。然而在《弗吉尼亚笔记》出版后的两百年里,杰斐逊对美国黑人公民权的实质所表达的怀疑从未被根除。This is not to suggest that criminals should not be punished or to argue that law enforcement is anything other than an essential cornerstone of any society based on law. It is to say that the “deep rooted prejudices” that Jefferson spoke of have warped this vital social function – and made black people, particularly young black men, presumptive felons outside the boundaries of full citizenship.本文并不是说罪犯不该受到惩罚,或执法不是所有法治社会的重要基石。而是说,杰斐逊所讲的“根深蒂固的偏见”已扭曲了这一重要的社会功能,也让黑人、尤其是年轻黑人被假定为罪犯,将他们隔离在充分享有公民权的边界之外。If you examine the record of police conduct – from instances of brutal treatment of blacks in custody, to stop-and-frisk policies that disrupt the lives of innocent people in black communities, to racial disparities in drug arrests and sentencing – that is surely the conclusion you must draw.如果你去查警察部门的行为记录——从黑人在羁押期间受虐待,到扰乱黑人群体中无辜民众生活的拦阻搜身(stop-and-frisk)政策,以及在逮捕涉毒人员及判刑方面存在的种族歧视现象——你肯定会得出上述结论。Yet merely to state it is to invite efforts to change the subject. “What about black-on-black crime?” “What about the problems with black families?” As if the existence of these problems justifies diminishing the rights of an entire community.然而,如果只是单纯地摆事实,有些人就会竭力转换话题。“黑人对黑人的犯罪呢?”“黑人的家庭问题呢?”好像这些问题的存在就能明削弱一整个群体的权利是合理的。It is as if there is no language to talk about blacks as citizens of a republic in relation to their government. Witness the response to the peaceful protests in the aftermath of Brown’s death – the appalling spectacle of a militarised police force with the look of an invading army, training their weapons on unarmed citizens. Compare this to what happened on the Bundy ranch in Utah earlier this year, when white ranchers, many of them armed, protested against what they call the overreaching behaviour of the federal government. The stand-off between federal officials and the ranchers was tranquil by comparison. There was no confrontation.至于身为共和国公民的黑人与其政府之间的关系,好像就无话可谈了。在弗格森镇,黑人少年布朗之死引发了和平抗议,而政府的反应是派出一形似侵略军的军事化警察部队,他们把武器对准了手无寸铁的平民们。我们将这骇人的景象与今年早些时候发生在犹他州邦迪农场的事件比较一下,当时白人农场主们——其中不少人拿着武器——抗议他们所说的联邦政府的过界行为。相比之下,联邦官员和农场主们的对峙相当平静,双方之间没爆发冲突。Our tortured racial past continues to haunt us. Blacks are not yet full citizens. Jefferson is sometimes vilified for anticipating the legacy of slavery, and of the doctrine of white supremacy that permitted it. But he was more prescient than many would care to admit.美国不堪的种族历史继续困扰着我们。黑人还不是完全意义上的公民。杰斐逊对奴隶制及白人至上主义的遗留问题的预测,有时会使他遭到诋毁,但他的先见之明超出许多人所愿意承认的。The writer is a professor at Harvard Law School and winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize in History本文作者为哈佛法学院(Harvard Law School)教授,2009年获普利策(Pulitzer Prize)历史奖 /201408/322669南昌做复通手术大概多少钱

江西省人民医院取环大概多少钱The ranks of the world’s billionaires continue to scale new heights–and stretch to new corners of the world. Our global wealth team found 1,645 billionaires with an aggregate net worth of .4 trillion, up from .4 trillion a year ago.今年,全球亿万富豪的队伍继续壮大,规模再次刷新纪录,而且全球覆盖范围延伸到新的角落。上榜人数多达1,645人,净资产总额高达6.4万亿美元,较上年的5.4万亿美元出现大幅增长。Bill Gates is back on top after a four-year hiatus, reclaiming the title of world’s richest person from telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico, who ranked No. 1 for the past four years. Gates, whose fortune rose by billion in the past year, has held the top spot for 15 of the past 20 years. Spanish clothing retailer Amancio Ortega (best known for the Zara fashion chain) retains the No. 3 spot for the second year in a row, extending his lead over Warren Buffett, who is again No. 4.阔别全球首富宝座四年之后,比尔·盖茨再次问鼎,从卡洛斯·斯利姆·埃卢那里重新夺回了世界首富的桂冠——过去四年来这位墨西哥电信巨头一直雄踞榜首。在过去的20年中,本榜冠军的宝座有15年被盖茨夺得;盖茨的财富去年增长了90亿美元。西班牙装零售商阿曼西奥·奥特加,以旗下的Zara Zara时装连锁店最为著名)连续第二年位列季军,并且扩大了对第四名沃伦·巴菲特的领先优势。Finally, in a case involving a very loyal daughter, this year’s youngest billionaire is a woman. Perenna Kei, at only 24 years old, is the controlling owner of Chinese real estate giant Logan Properties. Kei is the daughter of Logan’s chairman and CEO, Ji Haipeng. Company documents indicate that she is the majority shareholder, the settler of the trust and acts “in accordance with Mr. Ji’s directions.” The company went public in December 2013 and its stock rose 2.4% on the first day of trading, making Kei a billionaire.最后,今年福布斯富豪榜上最年轻的富豪是一位女性,年仅24岁的中国女孩纪凯婷获得了这一殊荣。纪凯婷是中国房地产巨头龙光地产董事局主席兼执行长纪海鹏之女。根据该公司披露的消息称,通过不同的公司及家族信托,纪凯婷持有龙光地产大多数股权。2013年12月,龙光地产上市第一天股价即涨了2.4%,使得纪凯婷成了亿万富豪。 /201403/278819南昌市第一医院封闭抗体免疫治疗 江西中医药大学附属医院宫腔镜检查

南昌大学第四附属医院在线咨询 NEW DELHI — A young man was mauled to death by a white tiger at the New Delhi zoo on Tuesday after he fell into a moat in the animal’s enclosure and was unable to climb out to safety, witnesses said.新德里——周二,一名年轻男子在新德里一所动物园遭到一头白虎袭击,随后身亡。目击者称,这名男子落入了虎栏中的壕沟里,未能爬到安全地带。The man, identified by the police as Maqsood Khan, 20, was spotted by other visitors, but the security personnel who came to the scene were not equipped with tranquilizer guns.警方确认,这名男子名叫马克苏德·汗(Maqsood Khan),今年20岁。当时,其他游客发现了他,但赶来现场的保安人员没有携带麻醉。Anil Kumar, a police spokesman, said Mr. Khan was in the enclosure at the National Zoological Park for 10 minutes before he was killed. Photographs showed Mr. Khan several feet from the tiger, his hands folded as if in prayer.警方发言人阿尼尔·库马尔(Anil Kumar)说,马克苏德·汗遇难前,在印度国家动物园(National Zoological Park)的虎栏里待了10分钟。照片显示,马克苏德·汗离老虎只有几英尺的距离,他双手紧扣,像是在祈祷。Bystanders with cellphones took images of Mr. Khan cowering in the moat, the tiger pawing at him and later seizing him by the neck and lashing his body back and forth, finally settling in a grassy corner with its prey.拿着手机的旁观者拍下了马克苏德·汗蜷缩在壕沟一角的情景,老虎用爪子扑向他,随后叼起他的脖子,把他甩来甩去。最后老虎终于带着猎物,在一个长满草的角落里安静下来。In interviews with NDTV, a cable news channel, witnesses complained that members of the security staff who had come to the scene had not been able to help. “The initial first-response team was one guard with a baton,” said one woman who described the events on camera. “Even after the guard came, they were focusing more on clearing the crowds than saving the man.”目击者在有线新闻频道新德里电视台(NDTV)的采访中抱怨称,来到现场的保安人员没有帮上忙。“最早赶来的应急人员只有一名拿着警棍的保安,”一名面对摄像机讲述事情经过的女性说。“即便在保安到来后,主要关注的也只是驱散人群,而不是营救这名男子。”Amitabh Agnihotri, the director of the zoo, said that tranquilizer guns were stored at the zoo hospital, roughly 350 feet from the tiger’s cage. “We do have tranquilizer guns, but by the time we could organize them, he was dead,” he said.动物园园长阿米塔布·阿格尼霍特里(Amitabh Agnihotri)说,麻醉存放在动物园的医院里,离老虎的笼子大约有350英尺(约100米)。他说,“我们确实有麻醉,但是在我们能做出安排时,他已经死了。”Mr. Khan had stepped over a low outer fence to get closer to the tiger. Witnesses said they believed that he had slipped, but zoo officials said he had jumped into the moat, which is about 18 feet deep.为了离老虎更近,马克苏德·汗跨过了外面的一道矮栅栏。目击者表示,他们认为他是滑倒掉进了大约18英尺深的壕沟,但动物园的官员却说他是跳进去的。In a written statement, Mr. Agnihotri said Mr. Khan had actually “crossed the standoff barrier of the white tiger enclosure” and had “jumped into the enclosure,” rather than fallen.阿格尼霍特里在一份书面声明中表示,马克苏德·汗实际上“越过了白虎虎栏的隔离栅栏”,并“跳进了虎舍”,而不是跌入。The director said the guard who had been posted there sounded an alarm and sent wireless S O S messages to other staff members. Employees “tried to divert the attention of the tiger from the visitor but to no avail,” he said.这名园长称,部署在那里的守卫拉响了警报,通过无线电向其他工作人员发出了紧急求救信号。他说,工作人员“试图转移老虎对那名游客的注意力,但无济于事”。In his statement, Mr. Agnihotri said the enclosures of the zoo were “absolutely safe.”在声明中,阿格尼霍特里称动物园各个动物围栏“绝对安全”。Three years ago, a female tiger at the zoo jumped over a 12-foot fence into an adjacent enclosure, prompting officials to temporarily close the park.三年前,该动物园的一只雌虎越过一道12英尺高的栅栏,跳进了相邻的一片围栏,于是官员暂时关闭该动物园。According to news reports, it took the staff two hours to tranquilize the tiger and put her back into a cage.新闻报道称,工作人员用了两个小时才让那只雌虎失去知觉,并将其放回笼子。Zoos in India are regulated by a federal agency, the Central Zoo Authority, but are typically understaffed and overcrowded, said Bittu Sahgal, the editor of the wildlife and conservation magazine Sanctuary Asia. He said that officials often failed to register animal births or deaths publicly, and that supervision was scattershot.野生动物和环保杂志《亚洲保护区》(Sanctuary Asia)的编辑毕图·萨加尔(Bittu Sahgal)表示,印度的公园归联邦机构中央动物园(Central Zoo Authority)管辖,但通常都人手不足,并且过于拥挤。他说,官员们通常都做不到公开展示动物的出生和死亡日期,而且监管颇为松懈。Under existing regulations, Mr. Sahgal said, an episode such as Tuesday’s should have set off a fast-moving emergency plan.萨加尔表示,根据现行规定,周二这类事件应该触发快速应急计划。“If someone walked inside, or fell inside, there should have been tranquilizer guns, there should have been rifles, and it should have been three or four minutes,” he said. “The boy’s life should have been saved.”“如果有人走进去或掉进去,就应该有麻醉、有步,应该只需要三四分钟时间,”他说。“那个男孩本来应该有救的。” /201409/331802南昌做人工流产费用多少南昌不孕检查那家医院好



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