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Oh, hey guys, you caught us on our lunch break!嘿,朋友们,你正好赶上了我们的午餐时间Squeaks and I just stepped out of the lab to have a little snack...我和Squeaks刚刚溜出了实验室去买小零食,Well, at least, Im having a snack.好吧,至少我正吃着。And since Squeaks doesnt have to eat like I do, I was just explaining to him what teeth are for.由于Squeaks不必像我一样吃东西,所以我刚才正向它解释牙齿的作用。People have different kinds of teeth.人有好几种不同的牙齿。I have molars in the back of my mouth that help me grind up vegetables and other things.我口腔最里面的牙齿叫臼齿,它能帮我磨碎蔬菜和其他东西。But I also have pointed canine teeth so I can tear through things like meat.但我也有尖尖的犬齿帮我撕碎肉类等食物。Being able to eat different kinds of food is really important, to help you stay healthy.吃不同种类的食物很重要,这关乎你的健康。Other animals have different kinds of teeth, too.其他动物也有不同种类的牙齿。But while theyre all super-useful, some of them can seem a little strange.有些尽管看起来有些奇怪的牙齿却超级有用。Like, we all know sharks have sharp teeth.比如,我们都知道鲨鱼有尖锐的牙齿。But did you know many sharks have 5 rows of teeth? Sometimes even more!但是你知道许多鲨鱼有五排牙齿吗?有时甚至更多。A shark can go through thousands of teeth in a lifetime!鲨鱼一生会替换数千颗牙齿!Thats because, unlike us, sharks teeth arent rooted in bone.那是因为鲨鱼的牙齿不像我们人类那样扎根在骨头里。Instead, their jaws are made of something softer, called cartilage—thats the same flexible stuff that you have相反,鲨鱼的下颌是由柔韧的软骨组成的。in your ears, or in the tip of your nose.和我们人类耳朵和鼻尖处的软骨一样。Since sharks teeth sit in this soft cartilage, they can lose them pretty easily—especially considering how they eat!由于鲨鱼的牙齿是从软骨中长出来的,所以很容易脱落,尤其是当它们进食的时候!Sharks feed by biting down hard on their prey—like seals, or other fish—鲨鱼捕猎时会狠狠地咬住它们的猎物,如海豹或其他鱼类,and they shake them from side to side with a lot of force.然后非常使劲儿地左右摇晃嘴里的猎物。This can make their teeth come loose or even fall out, so they need to be able to replace them easily.这会导致它们的牙齿松散甚至脱落,所以它们需要简单地替换牙齿。Luckily for them, they have these rows of new teeth right behind the last ones, just waiting to move up.幸运的是,这些新牙齿就在脱落的位置,等待长长。When a shark loses a tooth, its replaced with another one in just one or two days.鲨鱼只需要一两天就能长出新牙。Other predators have different kinds of teeth for catching food.其他捕食者用于捕食的牙齿种类不同。Vipers, for example, are a kind of snake, and they have fangs.例如,毒蛇——蛇类的一种,就拥有毒牙When a snake is resting, these special teeth fold up inside its mouth, so that theyre out of the way.平时,这些毒牙收缩在上颚,这样就不会影响它们的正常活动But when the snake bites its prey, like, say, a rat—但是,当毒蛇撕咬猎物如老鼠时,Oh, no, no, no, not you, Squeaks! No a mechanical one, a real one!稍安勿躁,Squeaks,不是吃你这种机械老鼠,是真真正正的老鼠哦When it bites into a real rat, these teeth act like needles.当毒蛇咬住老鼠时,毒牙就像针一样刺入老鼠体内,Toxic venom then travels from the snakes mouth through the hollow fangs and directly into the prey.毒囊里的毒液通过其中空的毒牙直接注入到猎物体内But teeth arent just for eating! Other animals use them for different reasons.但是,牙齿不仅仅用来捕食。 其他动物的牙齿就有与众不同的作用For instance, did you know tusks are teeth?比如 你知道獠牙吗Walruses have tusks up to a meter long, and they keep growing throughout their whole life.海象的獠牙可以长到一米长, 而且一生都在生长。Male walruses sometimes use their tusks like swords, to fight with other males.雄性海象有时会把它们的獠牙用作武器,来和其他雄性搏斗。But, both males and females use their tusks for other reasons, too.但是,雄性和雌性海象的獠牙都可以用作它途。Like, when theyre swimming under the ice,例如,当它们在冰下游泳时,they can use them to poke holes in the ice so they can come to the surface to breathe.它们可以用獠牙在冰上捅一个洞,方便它们浮出水面换气。And they can even use their tusks to pull their big, heavy bodies out of the water.它们甚至利用其獠牙将自己笨重的身体从水里拉出来。But theres probably one animal thats more famous than any other for its unusual teeth.但是,也许有一种动物因其特殊的牙齿而更加出名。Thats right! Thats right! Im talking about beavers!是的,我说的就是海狸。Beavers are well-known for their oversized incisors.海狸因其超大的门牙而闻名于世。These teeth never stop growing, so beavers are constantly trying to wear them down by chewing on wood.它们的门牙一直在长,因此,它需要通过啃木头不停地磨牙。You might think that chewing on wood all of the time would ruin the beavers teeth.你也许会想,不停地啃咬木头会损坏海狸的牙齿,But the front side of their teeth actually has iron in it!但是,海狸的牙齿正面其实是有铁存在的。Iron is the same stuff that they use to make really strong metals.这种铁与我们铸造坚硬材料的铁相同。And it not only makes beavers teeth extra tough,它不仅让海狸的牙齿变得坚硬无比,it also gives them their unique, rusty orange color, kind of like the rust you might see on an old car or bicycle.还让海狸拥有了独一无二的铁锈色牙齿,有点儿像旧汽车或旧自行车上见到的铁锈的颜色。So its this extra strength that makes it possible for beavers to bite through wood, for as long as they want to.正是这种坚固才使得海狸随心所欲地不停啃木头。No wonder they can stay so busy, those busy beavers!怪不得它们总是那么忙碌,忙碌的海狸啊。Speaking of busy, we have to get back to work, but thanks for sharing our lunch time with us!说到忙碌,我们得回去工作了,谢谢各位和我们一起度过午餐时间。201706/514681TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463934There was nothing the pope could do about her plight.对于她的困境 教皇也无计可施Money, however, could do the trick.而金钱始终是万能的Two years and 34 tons of gold later,Richard was ransomed into freedom,but his kingdom was bankrupt.花费两年时间 缴纳了34吨黄金 理查重获自由 但他的王国已近崩溃The cost of acting out heroic war games was measured in blood as well as money.穷兵黩武的代价不止是流血 还得付出金钱Showing contempt for the defenders of the besieged castle by standing in front of them without armour,理查的大军围于被困的城堡前 理查不穿甲胄站在城前 以表示对守城者的轻蔑a lone archers bolt found the join between Richards neck and his shoulder.一名弓箭手百步穿杨 直接命中理查的脖子和肩膀之间The wound turned gangrenous.伤口腐烂生了坏疽Within ten days, the Lionheart was dead,a triumph of daredevil romance over common sense.不到十天 狮心王便与世长辞 超乎常理的崇尚鲁莽 狮心王可算是个典范His body was laid in a tomb at the foot of his fathers, in Anjou.他被葬在安茹的陵墓 紧挨在他父亲脚下The heart of the Lionheart was taken to the great cathedral at Rouen in Normandy, which seems fitting,狮心王的心脏被带至 诺曼底的鲁昂大教堂 那里似乎更合适since this city was always more of a capital to Richard than London.因为对理查而言 相比伦敦 这里才更像他的都城His brother, John, who succeeded him, was buried in England,mostly in Westminster cathedral,他的弟弟和继任者 约翰 被葬在英格兰 大部分被葬在威斯敏斯特大教堂because the monks of Craxton Abbey had taken care to steal away his entrails,因为克莱斯顿修道院的修道士 偷去了他的内脏making John in death, as hed been in life,one is intended to say, gutless.这让约翰无论是生前 还是死后 都会被人看作是;没种的人; /201609/469119The hunt for missing EgyptAir flight MS804 intensified on Saturday as Egypt’s military released a of the first debris found during its search in the Mediterranean Sea.周六,随着埃及军方公布在地中海搜索过程中发现的首次残骸视频,搜寻失踪航班MS804的工作正在紧张进行。Life jackets, parts of seats and luggage were among items on display, the search has also reportedly recovered body parts.在展出的物品中,有救生衣、部分座椅和行李,也有报道搜寻到人体部位。For the moment, It remains unclear whether the aircraft’s all important black boxes’ have been located, despite some reports claiming they have.目前还不清楚飞机的重要黑匣子是否已经找到,尽管有报道称已经找到。Egypt and five other countries continue to search a wide area in the eastern Mediterranean where the plane plunged killing all 66 passengers and crew on board during its scheduled flight from Paris to Cairo.埃及和其他五个国家继续在地中海东部大面积搜寻,这架飞机计划从巴黎飞往开罗,66名乘客和机组人员全部遇难。Investigators have confirmed smoke was detected in various parts of the Airbus 320’s cabin a few minutes before it disappeared.调查人员已经确认,在它消失前几分钟,这架空中巴士320客舱的部分检测到烟雾。The cause of the crash still remains a mystery, with France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault saying on Saturday ‘‘all hypothesis were being examined and none favoured.’‘飞机失事的原因仍然是个谜,法国外交部长马克·埃罗周六表示,“所有的假设都在被检查,没有令人满意的。”Despite theories that a bomb may have been smuggled on board, no terrorist group has so far claimed responsibility.尽管有观点认为炸弹可能被走私到机上,但目前没有任何恐怖组织声称负责。译文属。 /201605/445274

One man is dead and three are injured after a barefoot man wielding a knife allegedly started an attack on a German train Tuesday morning. 周二上午在德国一火车上,据称一名赤脚男子挥舞着刀开始袭击,造成一名男子死亡,三人受伤。Police say the 27-year-old suspect wounded his first victim on the train and the other three on or near the train platform in a small town 25 miles outside of Munich. Police took the suspect into custody soon after. 在慕尼黑25英里外的小镇,警方表示27岁的犯罪嫌疑人在火车上刺伤第一名受害者,在车站月台或附近伤害其他三人。Witnesses claim the attacker shouted ;Allahu akbar,; meaning ;God is great.; But Bavarian officials have said theres not evidence the suspect is an Islamic extremist. 目击者称袭击者高呼“真主伟大”,意思是“上帝是伟大的”。但巴伐利亚的官员表示,没有据表明嫌疑人是伊斯兰极端主义者。The suspected attacker does have mental health and drug issues, according to officials. Police are reportedly still investigating if the attack was in any way politically motivated. 官员称嫌犯确实有精神健康和毒品问题。据报道,警方仍在调查这一袭击是否有政治动机。This is the third knife attack of this nature in Germany since last August. 这是自去年8月以来德国第三次这类性质的持刀袭击。The first two came after ISIS posted a in German promoting lone wolf-style terrorist attacks. 前两次是在ISIS在德国发布视频促进独狼恐怖袭击后。译文属。201605/443430

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