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南昌/市第二医院不孕不育赣南医学院第一附属医院网上预约挂弓1 拟定合同3句英文任你选Before the formal contract is drawn up, wed like to restore the main points of the agreement.在草拟正式合同之前,我们想先重复一下协议的要点。This is the draft of the sales contract for the canned ham you are going to buy.这是你方准备购买的火腿罐头的售货合同草稿。OK, let me write it into the contract.好,我们把这条写进合同。半个句型要记牢draw up (起草,制定)Tip:起草合同还可以用 draft,draft the contract。 /201604/434110江西中医药大学附属医院预约妇产科 Other creatures benefit from the whales' industry-sea birds forage in their wake. As the whales drive the krill closer to the surface, it comes within reach of birds that are not particularly skilled in diving. Cape Petrels, about the size of pigeons, can only duck dive a few feet down. But that is enough to give them a share. 360 million sea birds constantly scour the southern ocean for food. They only go to land to breed. Most of their lives are spent on the wing far out at sea. This ocean is rich in nutrients and very rough. Howling gales whip it into huge waves. These, with so few islands to interrupt and break them, grow and grow into some of the most mountainous seas to be found in any ocean. Birds dispersed over its vast surface face a huge problem in finding food, for it is by no means uniformly sp throughout the ocean. The nutrients occur in patches, and so the krill, which is sustained by those nutrients, is patchy too. But once the birds find a swarm, there is a frenzy of feeding. Krill typically spends the day in deep water, rising nearer to the surface at night. But sometimes, a swarm rises during the day and then the birds get their chance. But getting to the krill is still a major problem to all birds except penguins. Albatrosses such as the black-browed whose diet is about 40% krill can only dive down a couple of meters at the most. New Words amp; Phrasesforage:草料Howling:Marked by the sound of howling:嚎叫的,咆哮的,怒号的:a howling wind.怒号的风by no means :In no sense; certainly not:并没有;绝不This remark by no means should be taken lightly.这次讲话绝不能等闲视之patch:A small piece, part, or section, especially that which differs from or contrasts with the whole:小片,一小部分Albatross:信天翁200808/46999南昌/市中西医结合医院在线挂号

萍乡市精子存活率低大概要多少钱It seems fewer and fewer of us are happy with our looks. Plastic surgery operations were up a third last year and today saw a major conference in London of the world's top cosmetic surgeons, for more full news Helene Cacace was there. Plastic surgery is big business; the most common kind of operation in the UK is breast enlargement. We aren't gonna make any cheap gags, I'm here at the annual conference run by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, or BAAPS.They come in all shapes and sizes; breasts just lying about on tables and some real experts, a surgeon who's researched the perfect pair: if I took about a 45:55 percent ratio between upper and lower with a nipple just sitting over the midline and slightly sky with pointing. Perfect breast is a breast that suits an individual, and suits a body, it's harmonious, it's in proportion. Adam Quicky, a man who can give you a breast enlargement in your lunch hour encouraging you to go out to show your new bra size the very same evening.They are usually home within an hour to an hour and a half after the surgery, they take a 2 hour nap, they get up, they take a shower, they do arm stretch exercises and they go to the mall. But the conference isn't only about breasts; there are a huge number of new products on show here, technologically advanced, but somewhat frightening. The device is then placed down through that insition with the tines on it. And facing down into the muscle, those hooked in and then this bit thrown away. And this is then just pulled backwards and suits it to the mastoid fascia.This is the product, it's an injectable dermal filler. It's injected into facial wrinkles. And it's the new, new consistency, I mean, it's very smooth, and easy to inject. And thankfully, patients are telling us that it hurts less as well, which is always a benefit. Behind the silicon stands the matter of unregulated cosmetic products is a worry, with fears that UK patients are being used as Guinea pigs for treatments banned in the US. Our concern is the products which are not examined properly were released on the market in the UK they haven't been tested, they may at best be inefficient and ineffective, but worse they may actually be dangerous.The potential physical damage to women is not the only concern; Philippa Roberts who works for a marketing consultancy that targets women believes the cosmetic industry makes money by playing on women's insecurities. I think that definitely what would be true to say is that there is within the beauty industry, a strand of activity that preys on female under-confident. You know, the physical science of aging, selenite, orange skin signs, all that kind of language is designed to make women feel that they are not great. And that they are not at their best without ex-whiles at product. The Wallet's becoming easier and more acceptable to go under the scalpel. That does seem to be a backlash from cosmetic companies who preys on natural assets. The future is not so plastic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.mastoid:adj. Shaped like a female breast. 2.fascia:n.【医】 筋膜, 绷带3.selenite:n.透明石膏 4.scalpel: n. scalpel is a knife with a short, thin, sharp blade. Scalpels are used by surgeons during operations.200805/39908宜春市人民医院孕前检查哪家好 探索世界奥秘之万里长城 10 In summer, dried-up river valleys offered easy invasion routes for horsemen bent on sacking the rich Chinese towns of the plains. And this is why these passes were heavily fortified, even though they had let the rest of the Great Wall fall into ruins. A Mongol army of 100,000 warriors invaded China through this pass north of the capital, Beijing. It is still the main highway where the train and motorway to Beijing pass through the mountains. Genghis Khan halted here in front of the north gate of the Juyongguan(居庸关) Fortress. The Chinese pierced the ground in front of the gate with spikes to slow down the Mongol hordes, and sealed the great gate of the fortress with iron to prevent it from being opened. After a month of stalemate and no sign of weakening in the fortress, Genghis Khan decided to outflank it. He sent a team of soldiers through the hills where the Chinese at this stage had not maintained the wall, and came from behind the fort. By the time the Chinese army realized what was happening, it was too late. The Mongols were swarming through the plain, attacking Juyongguan from the rear. They destroyed the north gate, and opened the way to the main army. Foreigners and barbarians now ruled China. It was a bitter lesson that the Chinese would never forget. The successor to Genghis Khan was Kublai Khan(忽必烈) who ruled the largest empire the world has ever known, running from China to the very borders of Europe. And he had no need of a Great Wall, he controlled it all. This is when the famous traveler Marco Polo visited China and wrote his famous book on his experiences. Many people have wondered why he never once mentioned China's most famous monument, the Great Wall. It's simple: the Great Wall was in such ruins by his time that it wasn't worth mentioning. Despite his power, Kublai Khan wasn't going to last. The Chinese still viewed their Mongol rulers as invading barbarians. Devastating floods in the Yellow River triggered a popular revolt against their hated foreign rulers, and the Mongols were overthrown. They were replaced by a Chinese dynasty, the Ming, who were determined that the mistakes of the past would not be repeated. These are the descendants of the men who built the wall for the Ming and chased the Mongols out of China. They are proud of their ancestors, men and women, who built and defended the last Great Wall of China. That's why these farmers in a remote village still perform martial arts every morning before heading off to work in the fields忽必烈(1216-1294, 元世祖, 中国元朝皇帝, 成吉思汗之孙)bent on sth: determined to do sthsack: plunder; lootoutflank: maneuver around and behind the flank of (an opposing force)200707/15850九江市精子不液化需要多少费用

九江学院附属医院专家咨询 国家地理:M1A1 ABRAMS Supertank-M1A1主战坦克Kill them all. You know I did and that was tough to live with, er, for a long time. I was angry, because the, the, the way we prosecuted that particular mission--you know, send the Tank Company down this crowded road that was aly covered in burning and destroyed equipment, the helicopters fired up--just didn't make any sense to me. But, you know, I was not an officer, I'm not the kind of person who makes those calls.The destructive power of the battalions of tanks was overwhelming. In just over 2 hours, 186 Iraqi tanks and 127 armored vehicles, the queen of Saddam's forces were destroyed. The battle was a turning point. The Iraqi army was in full-scale retreat towards Basra. President Bush senior declared a cease-fire at midnight on February 28th. After 100 hours of the ground war General Schwarzkopf and the coalition forces had won a stunning victory. Kuwait was now free.After the war, it was estimated that the Iraqis had lost 3700 tanks, over 20,000 men were killed and tens of thousands wounded. Miraculously, during the whole conflict only 18 Abrams had been disabled and just 4 knocked out by Iraqi anti-tank fire. Not a single member of an Abrams tank crew had been killed by enemy fire. The combination of the super tank's advanced technology and the superior training and discipline of the crews had won the day. 12 years later.Saddam Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours.March 20th, 2003, America is again at war with Iraq. And once more the M1 Abrams will prove itself a formidable weapon. Within 24 hours at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 3rd infantry's 7th cavalry is rolling, unopposed across the dessert. Their destination--Baghdad. In the first 3 days they move with breathtaking speed, covering some 300 miles even the brutal sands storms barely slow their progress. Iraqi pickup trucks mounted with primitive missiles and automatically rifles charge the tanks. Their attacks are mostly suicidal. There will be no spectacular tank-on-tank battles in this war. But not all Abrams will escape unscathed. And one Abrams's driver is shot and killed. And the tank he is operating falls into a river. His entire crew perishes with him. After days of intense aerial bombardment the M1 Abrams rolls into Saddam International Airport, enters the grounds of the presidential palace, and then moves into the heart of the city. This is psychological warfare; the army calls it Thunder Run. The battlefield behemoth proves that American forces can move at will through Baghdad. After only 3 weeks the war is declared over. And the legacy of the M1 Abrams is secure.We all know that the M1 strengths are its armor, its maneuverability. It can fire offensively or defensively. It was just awesome.In the fitting tribute President George W. Bush hails the Abrams, the most effective armor vehicle in the history of warfare.After all that happened, I would say that the Abrams's survivability is a, No. 1. It kept my crew from getting killed.Information -- by snowcatzzc1. Operation Iraqi Freedom: 伊拉克自由行动,第二次海湾战争联军针对伊拉克的首轮袭击代号2. the Third Infantry's 7th Cavalry: 美军第三机械化步兵师所属第七骑兵旅3. General Schwarzkopf: 第一次海湾战争的联军指挥官4. unscathed:Not injured or harmed.5. Thunder Run: 滚雷行动,第二次海湾战争中联军针对伊拉克的心理战代号6. behemoth: Something enormous in size or power.7. maneuverability:可操作性8. survivability: 战场生存力200708/16992江西中医院附属医院网上挂号南昌/市无精症



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