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Xiaomi Inc., the startup that has rocked Chinese smartphone market, is looking to leverage the global footprint of Asias richest man, Li Ka-shing, and his telecommunications empire to further expand in overseas markets.震动了中国智能手机市场的初创企业小米公司(Xiaomi Inc.)正打算利用亚洲首富李嘉诚的全球影响力以及他的电信帝国进一步拓展海外市场。Xiaomi Global Vice President Hugo Barra, the former Google Inc. official who joined the Chinese company in October, said Xiaomi is looking at further collaboration with Li-controlled Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.#39;s telecom operations beyond Hong Kong, where it will launch the latest flagship smartphone Mi 3 with Li#39;s mobile carrier 3 Hong Kong on Wednesday.小米全球副总裁巴拉(Hugo Barra)说,小米计划与李嘉诚控制的和记黄埔有限公司(Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., 0013.HK)旗下的电信业务在香港之外进一步合作。本周三,小米将在香港与李嘉诚的无线运营商3香港(3 Hong Kong)合作发布最新旗舰智能手机小米3。巴拉曾担任谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓业务副总裁,去年10月加入小米公司。#39;We would love to partner with Hutch in other markets, for example, Indonesia and Vietnam where Xiaomi plans to roll out products in the coming months,#39; Barra said at a Tuesday event in Hong Kong. Xiaomi has been expanding into Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong as part of its plans to grow outside of mainland China, where its low-cost but advanced smartphones are gaining popularity.巴拉周二在香港的一次活动上说,小米希望与和记黄埔在其他市场合作,比如印尼和越南市场,小米打算未来几个月在这些市场推出自己的产品。小米已经在新加坡、台湾和香港扩张,这是该公司在中国内地以外市场实现增长的努力之一。在中国内地,小米公司价格低廉但性能先进的智能手机越来越受欢迎。Li is often referred to as #39;Superman#39; in Hong Kong because of his business prowess and track record in spotting trends. His business empire, Hutchison Whampoa, stretches from telecommunications to ports and hotels. Hutchison has operations in 52 countries and employs about 270,000 people worldwide. His global telecommunications unit 3 Group serves about 76 million users in markets including Italy, the U.K., Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. His 3 Group carries Samsung smartphones globally, as well as iPhones from Apple.在香港,李嘉诚以其商业影响力和对趋势的准确把握而享有“超人”的美誉。他的商业帝国和记黄埔涵盖了电信、码头和酒店等领域。和记黄埔在52个国家拥有业务,在全球有大约27万名雇员。李嘉诚的全球电信部门3集团(3 Group)为意大利、英国、印尼、越南和香港等国家和地区的7,600万名用户提供务。3集团在全球范围内销售三星(Samsung)的智能手机,也销售苹果(Apple)的iPhone。Li has also made a number of high-profile investments in technology companies in the past, most notably a million stake in Facebook Inc. in 2007 through Horizons Ventures, his personal technology investment arm. The private investment arm has also invested in music streaming service provider Spotify Ltd., Tel Aviv-based social traffic and navigation company Waze and newser app Summly.过去,李嘉诚也曾对科技公司进行过几次高调投资,其中最引人瞩目的是2007年通过其个人科技企业投资机构维港投资(Horizons Ventures)对Facebook Inc.投资6,000万美元。这一非上市的投资机构还曾投资流媒体音乐务供应商Spotify Ltd、位于特拉维夫的交通导航软件公司Waze以及新闻阅读应用软件Summly。Beijing-based Xiaomi has successfully created a big buzz in China by selling high-end phones for prices close to cost. Its latest flagship e Mi 3 phone costs 0, less than half the price of top models from Apple and Samsung Electronics. The closely-held company is well-known in China for releasing its phones for sale online in limited batches.总部位于北京的小米公司已经通过以接近成本价销售高端手机的方式成功地在中国内地制造了巨大的轰动效应。其最新款的旗舰手机小米3售价330美元,不到苹果和三星电子最高端型号价格的一半。在中国内地,少数人控股的小米公司以在线限量销售的发布方式闻名。Barra said Xiaomi has been struggling to make enough phones to meet demand and he has met with major supplier Foxconn Technology Group Chairman Terry Gou in Shenzhen to discuss the plan of increasing production lines to address the shortage issues.巴拉说,小米一直存在供不应求的问题,他已经与主要供应商富士康(Foxconn Technology Group)董事长郭台铭(Terry Gou)在深圳会面,讨论了增加生产线的计划,希望解决货源不足问题。He said both Foxconn and Taiwan-based Inventec. Corp. are the company#39;s handset contract manufacturers.他说,富士康和台湾的英业达(Inventec. Corp.)都是小米手机的代工商。Taiwan-based Foxconn, officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. , is also the major assembler of iPhones and iPads.总部位于台湾的富士康官方名称是鸿海精密工业股份有限公司(Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.),它也是iPhone和iPad的主要组装商。 /201403/280865

A Dutch artist and designer has come up with a device he hopes will suck pollutants from Beijing#39;s smog-cloaked skies, creating columns of clean air for the city#39;s surgical-mask wearing residents.一位荷兰艺术家兼设计师发明了一种装置,他希望借此装置能够为北京烟雾笼罩的天空清除污垢,为那些戴着口罩的北京市民创造新鲜的空气。An electromagnetic field generated by copper coils will pull airborne particles in the smog to the ground where they can be easily cleaned.通过铜线圈制造的电磁场可以将漂浮于烟尘中的颗粒物吸附到地面上,很轻易的被清理干净。;It#39;s like when you have a balloon which has static (electricity) and your hair goes toward it. Same with the smog,; says artist Daan Roosegaarde.荷兰艺术家戴恩·罗素格地说,“就好像如果你有一个带静电的气球,头发就会被气球吸附一样。烟尘也会被吸附。”His studio has reached an agreement with the Beijing government to test the technology in one of the capital#39;s parks.他的工作室已经和北京政府签订了协议,允许他在北京的一处公园中测试这项技术。With its skies regularly shrouded by filthy gray smog, Beijing this week unveiled a series of emergency measures to tackle the problem.北京的天空常常被灰色的污浊烟尘覆盖,这一周内,北京已经数次发布了空气污染红色预警。Roosegaarde says an indoor prototype has aly proven it works and is confident the results -- with the help of a team of scientists and engineers -- can be replicated outside.罗素格地说,他已经在室内进行过模型试验,明这个方法有效。他有信心,在一组科学家和工程师团队的合作之下,这一装置在室外也同样有效。;Beijing is quite good because the smog is quite low, it#39;s in a valley so there#39;s not so much wind. It#39;s a good environment to explore this kind of thing.;“北京的地形和气候条件都很适合。空中的烟尘高度很低,而且它地处谷地,空气流动性不强。这种地形气候条件很适合测试该装置。”;We#39;ll be able to purify the air and the challenge is to get the top of the smog so you can see the sun again.;“我们可以净化空气,但真正的挑战在于,要将烟尘清除彻底,重见天日。”Roosegaarde acknowledges that projects like this are a way of drawing attention to the problem, rather than a viable solution to Beijing#39;s dire air pollution.罗兰格地承认,这种致力于净化空气的工程更多的是想 增强人们对环境问题的重视,使人们更多的关注切实有效的净化空气的方案,而不仅仅是可能有效的治理空气污染的方案。;This is not the real answer for smog. The real answer has to do with clean cars, different industry and different lifestyles.;“这不是根治烟尘的方法。根治烟尘的方法是环保汽车、转变工业结构和转变生活方式。”However, he hopes the project will make a ;radical statement; by allowing the city#39;s residents to realize the difference between breathing clean and smog-filled air.但同时,他希望这项空气净化工程能够给市民们敲响警钟,使他们意识到洁净空气和污浊空气之间的差异。 /201408/317619


  I met Pooja Sankar two years ago after she founded Piazza, a collaboration platform that facilitates class discussion among students and teachers. Starting with a few students at Stanford, Piazza now is used at top universities such as Stanford and Princeton and MIT and in 25 countries around the world. With .5 million in funding from Sequoia Capital and Bessemer Ventures, Sankar, 32, aspires to play a key role in the transformation of education. But before other entrepreneurs get too revolutionary in this field, she thinks we need to reassess technology#39;s role in education. Following an epiphany at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sankar shares her view in this Guest Post.两年前,我见过普加·桑卡尔,当时她已创立了促进师生间课堂讨论的协作平台Piazza。起初,这个平台只是在斯坦福大学(Stanford)的一些学生中使用。如今,Piazza已被斯坦福大学、普林斯顿大学(Princeton)以及麻省理工学院(MIT)等顶尖大学所采用,并在全球25个国家得到应用。获得红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和贝西默风投(Bessemer Ventures)的750万美元融资后,32岁的桑卡尔希望能在教育改革中大展拳脚。但在其他企业家涉足这一极具变革性的领域之前,她认为我们需要重新审视技术在教育中发挥的作用。根据对达沃斯世界经济论坛(the World Economic Forum)的感悟,桑卡尔在本期客座文章中分享了她的观点。As the founder and CEO of Piazza, I#39;m used to cheerleading for technology in higher education. But in the midst of an almost utopian optimism about online education that I witnessed in Davos, I found myself playing an unaccustomed role: gadfly.作为Piazza的创始人兼首席执行官,我习惯于为高等教育中出现的技术摇旗呐喊。在达沃斯目睹了大家对网络教育近乎乌托邦式的乐观后,我发现自已要扮演一个很不习惯的角色:牛虻。And since returning from Davos, I#39;ve distilled my heresies to this: Education is a personal journey, and right now we#39;re offering students an online jumble.从达沃斯回来后,我一直在酝酿着自己对这个领域的异端邪说:教育是一段个人旅程,而现在我们为学生提供的网络内容却杂乱无章。I rode into Davos on a spouse#39;s pass, and I#39;m not to the manner born. I came of age in interior India, where for seven years I didn#39;t talk to a single boy outside my family. Many girls in my town were married off by their parents at 16, some of them barely literate. The reason I got out? My father, an educated man, demanded that I study. He painted a picture of a life that was different from the one I could see just beyond the wall that separated our home from the street. Without that guidance, I would never have gone to IIT, Indian Institute of Technology.我在得到丈夫的允许后才来到达沃斯,而且我也不是天生就适合这一行。我在印度长大成人,其间有七年时间我从未与家人之外的任何一个男孩子说过话。我们镇上很多女孩子16岁就嫁人了,一些女孩子几乎不怎么识字。我为什么能摆脱这种生活呢?因为,我父亲受过教育,他要求我学习。他为我描绘了一种我从未见过的生活,一种不困囿于高墙大院的生活。如果没有他的指引,我就不可能到印度理工学院(Indian Institute of Technology)求学。At a session in Davos, Salesforce.com (CRM) CEO Marc Benioff and Sean Parker of Facebook (FB) and Napster fame hosted a roundtable focused on the question, ;What#39;s one global change you#39;d want to see?; Our panel focused on education, and all agreed that online courses showed great potential. The words ;disrupt; and ;revolutionize; were spoken solemnly and often. Then someone asked me -- as the person at the table least removed from the proverbial mud hut -- whether online education would have broadened my childhood horizons.在达沃斯论坛上,销售力网络公司(Salesforce.com)首席执行官马克·贝尼奥夫和社交网站Facebook前总裁、音乐交换网站纳普斯特联合创始人肖恩·帕克主持了一次圆桌会议,关注的问题是:“你希望看到怎样一种全球变化?”我们这个座谈小组关注的是教育问题,大家都一致认为网络课程潜力巨大。“颠覆”和“变革”是被人们频频郑重提及的两个词。当时有人问我——因为我至少已经走出了俗话所说的小土屋——网络教育是否本可以开阔我童年时期的视野。I had to answer, ;No.; What was really most important in my education was that at key moments, I was able to envision to the next step. And usually I did it with the help of a mentor, or at least someone who#39;d taken that next step before I had. The journey was personal, but guided. And that, more than access to any particular class or bit of educational content, was what saved me from the fate of early marriage and poverty that befell so many others.我的回答只能是否定的。回忆我的教育历程,真正重要的是,在许多关键时刻,我能憧憬自己的未来。它往往是得益于良师的帮助,或者至少得到过某个先驱的启发。这就是我的个人经历,好在有过他人的指引。这些指引比上任何特定课程或学习任何教育内容都更为重要,正是这些指引使我摆脱了像许多人那样早早嫁人和陷于贫困的命运。In the wealthy world, we have an oddly romantic view of students in the global south: If we can just put educational stuff in front of them, they#39;ll devour just as they would eat food if we airdropped it in during a famine.发达国家的人对第三世界国家的学生有一种奇怪的、不切实际的看法:只要把教育内容摆在他们面前,他们就会像灾荒时期收到空降食物那样饥不择食地吞下去。That#39;s the dream. The reality is: If online education is going to change outcomes on a global scale, we must think more broadly about students#39; actual needs. We need to think about their entire educational journey, not just the content or the classes we provide.这只是梦想。现实是:要使网络教育在全球范围带来变革,我们必须从更广泛的角度考虑学生的切实需求。我们需要考虑他们的整个教育历程,而不仅仅是提供教学内容或学习课程。Every student needs three things:每个学生都需要以下三点:First, the plan. Imagine a child in Africa trying to cobble together an educational plan out of a series of online courses. It#39;s impossible. Consider that Harvard and MIT have pledged million for online education. In addition to building online classes, some of that money should go toward helping students make iterative plans for their education, with help from advisory staff or current students. Who better than Harvard and MIT to help students around the world put together educational plans?第一,学习计划。试想,身在非洲的一个孩子正想方设法地从一大堆网络课程中胡乱拼凑出一个学习计划。这是不可能完成的。再来看看这个,哈佛大学(Harvard)和麻省理工学院已联手投资6,000万美元推广网络教育。除开设网络课程外,这些资金还将用于帮助学生制订学习计划,由教研人员或现有学生为他们提供咨询建议。这两家学府正通过努力帮助世界各地的学生制订教育计划,试问,还有谁比它们做得更好?Second, the peer group. If students don#39;t have peers struggling with the same material at the same time, they#39;re likely to feel alienated and hopeless. At Piazza, we see spontaneous peer group formation every time we run large online classes. Online educational software must become more social and immediate and fun. Imagine what a gift it would be to a girl in rural India to connect with other girls studying the same material in other parts of the world.第二,同龄群体。如果没有同龄群体一起学习、一起奋斗,他们会感到疏离和无望。在Piazza平台,每每开设大班学习课程时,我们总能看到学生们自发组成学习小组。网络教育软件必须越来越社会化、即时化和趣味化。试想,要是印度农村的小女孩能与世界上其他地方的小女孩一起学习同样的内容,那该是怎样的惠益啊。Third. the mentors. Last fall, I helped create WitsOn, an online community connecting 500 professional women with thousands of college students. Students asked the women questions about how they had managed their lives and careers. Interestingly, we saw many of the professionals eagerly learning from the students, many of whom were more accomplished than they were in certain facets of technology. This suggests a giant network of learners, with mentors and mentees learning simultaneously.第三,导师。去年秋天,我创建了网络社区WitsOn,为500位职业女性和上千名大学生搭建了沟通的桥梁。学生们踊跃提问,了解如何平衡自己的生活和工作。有趣的是,这些职场女性中有很多人热切地向学生们学习,她们发现很多学生在某些科技领域比她们更有作为。这就是一个庞大的学习者网络。三人行必有我师,大家自发地相互学习。I#39;m a big fan of learning online. But we aren#39;t being ambitious enough. If children in the developed world fall off the educational track, giving them computers is not going to help most of them. Education is more than lectures, assignments, and exams. It#39;s a means to envision a different life from the one you#39;re living. Let#39;s give every student a shot at that.我非常热衷于网络学习。但是,我们的目标不够远大。试想,在发达国家,如果有孩子脱离了教育的轨道,那么对大多数这样的孩子来说,仅为他们提供电脑是不足以帮助他们的。教育不只是听课、作业和考试。教育是憧憬未来、改变现有生存状态的一种方式。就让我们为每个学生都提供一次这样的机会吧。 /201302/226614。

  Apple Readies IPhone For China LaunchIPhone's Been A Long Time Comin' In China. Some Consumers Couldn't WaitEven as Apple (AAPL) gears up to officially launch the iPhone in China, as many as 1.5 million consumers in China have aly managed to get their hands on one through various unofficial channels. Below, the main methods for buying an iPhone (or something resembling one) in China now.Gray MarketA Beijing Internet company employee - who asks that only his surname, Shang, be used - bought his first-generation iPhone at mobile-phone market in the capital's famed Zhongguancun electronics shopping district, just a few months after its June 2007 release in the U.S. He paid 5,500 yuan, or about 0, for the privilege of being one of China's earliest iPhone adopters.'I was very much interested in its large touch-screen design. At the same time, it also serves as a multimedia player and game machine. I was attracted by all these functions,' he says. An Apple lover, Shang counts many of the company's products among his gadgets: MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Nano.Shang divides iPhone users into two groups: Those simply fascinated by its unique design; and those with a thorough understanding of Apple products and the Mac operating system. 'I purchase applications in App Store and download the de-coded ones from the Web as well,' Shang says. 'I also use Mobile Me service, which is a good combination with iPhone.'Still, he points out a few problems using his iPhone. 'For instance, the input method is not good and convenient enough' for writing Chinese characters. 'It's not easy to forward messages. When trying to open a couple of Web pages at the same time, the browser might refuse to work.''But still, I think it's aly the best high-end phone, even with these many problems,' he says.Jessica Wu, a 26-year-old trading company employee in Nanjing, bought her 8-gigabyte iPhone for about 0 at a mobile phone market in Feb. 2008. Her unit is 'jailbroken,' which allows her to download applications from Apple's App Store. One problem with her phone is that every time she upgrades the software, she has to jailbreak it again. 'Original iPhones can be upgraded directly through iTunes, which is more convenient.'But it's a small price to pay, she says. 'To some extent, iphone and other Apple products are considered a status symbol.'Buying Outside ChinaZhang May, a 28-year-old from Shanghai asked a friend to buy her an iPhone in the U.S. two years ago. She paid 9. 'I chose iPhone because of its good brand, good quality and good function,' she said. Zhang says she's had no major problems using her jailbroken iPhone in China.Hong Kong a self-run Chinese city where the iPhone is aly officially sold has been a popular place to pick up a legally unlocked iPhones without a SIM card or any type of commitment to a local cellular plan. Mainland Chinese residents can visit the city easier these days than in the past, and those who have access to a Hong Kong mailing address can also make purchases via Hong Kong's online Apple Store. Current prices range from HK,488 to HK,288, or about 0 to 0.The Shanzhai RouteThose with less money can hope that the iPhone's official launch in China will bring lower prices. Or, as many in China have done aly, they may just seek to satisfy their yearning for the iPhone look from one of the numerous shanzhai versions for sale in China's mobile phone markets, often alongside the real (gray market) iPhones. Often-seen copycats include the 'HiPhone' the 'iPhone Mini' and the 'iOrgane.' /200908/82756







  Consumers do not know what they want, according to Jim Wong, president of Acer.He believes that it is the supplier#39;s responsibility to figure that out.Judging by the range of products unveiled at this week#39;s giant Computex PC show in Taipei, the industry is not very sure either. 按照宏基(Acer)总裁翁建仁(Jim Wong)的说法,消费者并不知道自己要什么。他相信解决该问题是供应商的责任。从本周规模巨大的台北国际电脑展(Computex)亮相的产品范围看,行业也不太确定。 Acer too is hedging its bets. Not only did it present the world#39;s thinnest ultrabook, but also hybrid tablet-laptops.Perhaps after the past year management can be forgiven for caution.In short order the former world number two shipper of PCs (now fourth, just behind Dell) parted company with its chief executive over strategy disagreements, took a 0m charge for ;questionable; accounting,saw sales drop by a quarter, and suffered its first operating loss in a decade. 宏基本身也在两面下注。它不仅推出了世界上最薄的;超级本;(ultrabook)笔记本电脑,还推出混合平板/笔记本。也许在经历过去一年的遭遇后,管理层的谨慎情有可原。在短短的一年内,这家前世界第二大个人电脑(PC)供应商(现在排第四,仅次于戴尔)因战略分歧与首席执行官分手;为;有问题;的会计操作记账1.5亿美元;销售下滑四分之一;还遭遇了十年来首次营业亏损。 This is Acer#39;s fightback year, as it is for other PC makers who have struggled to catch up with the popularity of tablets.They are betting on Microsoft#39;s Windows 8,due for release later this year.They are also taking the battle to Apple with laptops that become tablets, and new ultrabooks–Acer#39;s Aspire S7 ultrabook is 12mm thick compared with the MacBook#39;s 17mm. 今年将是宏基奋起反击的一年,其它正竭力追赶平板电脑潮流的PC生产商也是如此。他们正押注于微软Windows 8,该操作系统将于今年晚些时候发布。他们也正与苹果(Apple)展开竞争——借助平板/笔记本电脑,以及新的;超级本;:宏基的Aspire S7超级本厚12毫米,而苹果MacBook则厚17毫米。 Consumers should benefit,but makers may struggle to profit as they wait for users to decide what they want.Acer has not released pricing details for the new Aspire, but it will be in the high-margin premium category dominated by Apple.This is a risky departure for a company more familiar with the wafer-thin margins of the cheaper end of the mass market.Acer has at least aly stanched the financial bleeding, producing operating profits in the last two quarters (albeit with a margin of 0.1 per cent).Its new products were among the hits of Computex, but they will not ship until later this year. Between now and then,expect more heavily promoted unveilings across the industry,but little action.Investors have some time to make up their own minds about who to back. 消费者应能受益,但在等待用户决定到底要什么之际,生产商可能很难获利。宏基还没有公布新款Aspire系列的定价细节,但它将属于苹果主导的高利润的高端品类。这对一个更熟悉微薄利润的低端大众市场的公司来说,是一个冒险的新方向。至少宏基已为财务创伤成功止血,在上两个季度实现营运利润(尽管利润率只有1%)。它的新产品在电脑展上很吸引眼球,但要在今年晚些时候才会发货。在那之前,预期业内会有更多隆重发布的新产品,但不会有很多产品真正投入市场。投资者还有时间来决定到底持谁。 /201206/186192

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