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Our children, of course, are priceless. But they do have a cost: about a quarter-million dollars.我们的孩子当然是无价之宝。但养育他们确实是需要成本的:大约25万美元。A new government report estimated that a middle-income family with a child born last year will spend about 221,000 raising that child from birth through age 17, according to the Associated Press. (The number rises to some 292,000 when adjusted for inflation.) The figures don't count the cost of college or childbirth.据美联社报导,一份新的政府报告估计,一个中等收入家庭将去年出生的孩子抚养到17岁将花费大约22.1万美元。(经通胀调整后的数字约为29.2万美元。)这一数字不包括孩子上大学的费用或生孩子的费用。Annual child-rearing expense estimates ranged between 11,610 and 13,480 per-child in married, middle-class family with two children.有两个孩子的中产阶级家庭每年平均在每个孩子身上花的钱大约在11,610美元至13,480美元。The report, by the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, said that housing was a family's single largest expense, followed by food and the costs of child care and education.美国农业部的营养政策与宣传中心发布的这份报告说,住房是家庭最大出,其次是食品和孩子的抚养及教育费用。Money spent on child-related costs increases as a family's income goes up. For instance, those with an income between 57,000 and 99,000 spend about 221,000 and those with higher incomes are expected to spend roughly 367,000 through age 17. Costs of raising a child are highest in the urban northeast and lowest in the urban south and rural areas.用在孩子身上的开随家庭收入增长而增加。举例来说,收入在5.7万美元至9.9万美元之间的家庭将孩子养到17岁大概要花22.1万美元,而收入更高的家庭大约花费36.7万美元左右。东北部城市养育孩子的花费最高,南部城市和农村地区则最低。We've written before about the decision to add to the family in tough economic times. How much thought did you give to the cost of raising children in your decision to have a family or to have additional children? What are your biggest costs in raising your children?此前我们讨论过经济困难时期家庭所需要做的决定。在决定要孩子或是多生孩子时,你有没有考虑过养育孩子的成本?你抚养孩子最大的开是什么? /200908/81739Forty is a mysterious number that appears frequently in the Bible. The rain of the flood fell forty days, and another forty days passed before Noah opened the window of the ark; Moses was in the mount for forty days; Elijah was fed by ravens for forty days; Nineveh had forty days to repent; Jesus fasted forty days; he was seen forty days after his resurrection.40也可算是圣经里的神秘数字。雨下了40昼夜后才发了大洪水,又过了40天,挪亚才打开方舟的窗子。西在山中40天,才带着刻有十诫的石板下山。先知以利亚让乌鸦喂养了40天。上帝给尼尼微40天时间改邪归正。耶稣布道前在荒野里持斋40天;他复活后40天有人看到他。 /200907/76265约翰#8226;列侬一缕头发正拍卖!A lock of John Lennon's hair is being put up for sale.Lennon gave Betty Glasow, the Beatles' hairdresser, the lock of hair in a copy of his book "A Spaniard in the Works." In the dedication he wrote, "To Betty, Lots of Love and Hair, John Lennon."On Wednesday, fans will have the chance to bid on the hair and Beatles autographed photos and memorabilia when they go up for auction in Worthing, in southern England.The book — with the hair still inside — could fetch as much as ,200, said Nick Muston, director of Gorringes auction house.Glasow, who kept the Beatles' moptops trimmed on the set of the films "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!" decided to sell the items because she wanted fans to have them, Muston said."She feels that rather than these things being stuck in a drawer with nobody enjoying them, real enthusiasts (could) get their hands on these things," Muston said.Other items in the sale include signed photographs of the Beatles dedicated to Glasow, including one where George Harrison signed George "Dandruff" Harrison.Another lot includes a ticket and a screw from one of the seats at a 1965 Beatles Christmas Concert at Hammersmith Apollo in London, where fans ripped out seats so they could dance in the aisles.Glasow has also worked with a number of actors, such as Harrison Ford. (披头士乐队主唱)约翰#8226;列侬的一缕头发将被拍卖!这缕头发是当年列侬夹在他的著作《书中的西班牙人》中送给他的理发师贝蒂#8226;格拉索的。他在赠言中写道:“给贝蒂,我的爱和头发。约翰#8226;列侬。”拍卖将于本周三在英国南部城市沃森举行。除列侬的这缕头发外,歌迷还将有机会竞拍披头式乐队的一些签名照和纪念品。格林斯拍卖行的老板尼克#8226;穆森说,这本夹着列侬头发的书拍价可能会达到6200美元。披头士乐队在电影《一夜狂欢》和《救命!》中的“拖把头”发型就出自格拉索之手。穆森说,格拉索之所以决定拍卖这些物品,是因为她想让披头士的歌迷们得到它们。“她觉得,与其让这些东西在抽屉里无人欣赏,还不如让真正热爱披头士的歌迷拥有它们。”其余被拍卖的物品还包括披头式乐队成员赠送给格拉索的签名照,其中一张照片上乔治·哈里森的签名是“‘头皮屑’乔治#8226;哈里森”。还有一件拍卖物是一张演唱会门票和一颗螺丝钉,这颗螺丝钉来自伦敦阿波罗汉莫史密斯厅里的一个座位。1965年,披头士乐队在此举办了一场“披头士圣诞演唱会”,当时疯狂的歌迷把座椅拔出来,在过道上跳舞。格拉索还与哈里森·福特等其他很多男演员有过合作。 /200803/32067

Just as important as saying the right thing to the one you love is to avoid saying statements that have the potential to destroy the foundation of the relationship. Saying just one wrong thing can negate an entire day of good statements and actions. Negative and hurtful statements can have the power to cut through the very fabric of the bond between two people in love.对你的爱人,不要说可能会伤害你们感情的话。这点的重要性丝毫不亚于对TA的甜言蜜语。只要一句说错的话,就可以使一天表现良好的言行付之东流。那些消极而伤人的话会重创你们的感情。Here are those five things you should NEVER say to your spouse:以下是对你的爱人坚决不能说的五句话: /201006/106204

一个对青春期孩子的父母的指南You've lived through 2 AM feedings,toddlertemper tantrums, and the but-I-don't-want-to-go-to-school-today blues. So why is the word "teenager" causing you so much anxiety?When you consider that the teen years are a period of intense growth, not only physically but morally and intellectually, it's understandable that it's a time of confusion and upheaval for many families.Despite some adults' negative perceptions about teens, they are often energetic, thoughtful, and idealistic, with a deep interest in what's fair and right. So, although it can be a period of conflict between parent and child, the teen years are also a time to help children grow into the distinct individuals they will become.Understanding the Teen YearsSo when, exactly, does adolescence start? The message to send your kid is: Everybody's different. There are early bloomers, late arrivals, speedy developers, and slow-but-steady growers. In other words, there's a wide range of what's considered normal.But it's important to make a (somewhat artificial) distinction between puberty and adolescence. Most of us think of puberty as the development of adult sexual characteristics: breasts, menstrual periods, pubic hair, and facial hair. These are certainly the most visible signs of impending adulthood, but children between the ages of 10 and 14 (or even younger) can also be going through a bunch of changes that aren't ily seen from the outside. These are the changes of adolescence.Many kids announce the onset of adolescence with a dramatic change in behavior around their parents. They're starting to separate from Mom and Dad and to become more independent. At the same time, kids this age are increasingly aware of how others, especially their peers, see them and they're desperately trying to fit in.Kids often start "trying on" different looks and identities, and they become acutely aware of how they differ from their peers, which can result in episodes of distress and conflict with parents.Butting HeadsOne of the common stereotypes of adolescence is the rebellious, wild teen continually at odds with Mom and Dad. Although that extreme may be the case for some kids and this is a time of emotional ups and downs, that stereotype certainly is not representative of most teens.But the primary goal of the teen years is to achieve independence. For this to occur, teens will start pulling away from their parents - especially the parent whom they're the closest to. This can come across as teens always seeming to have different opinions than their parents or not wanting to be around their parents in the same way they used to.As teens mature, they start to think more abstractly and rationally. They're forming their moral code. And parents of teens may find that kids who previously had been willing to conform to please them will suddenly begin asserting themselves - and their opinions - strongly and rebelling against parental control.You may need to look closely at how much room you give your teen to be an individual and ask yourself questions such as: "Am I a controlling parent?," "Do I listen to my child?," and "Do I allow my child's opinions and tastes to differ from my own?"Tips for Parenting During the Teen YearsLooking for a roadmap to find your way through these years? Here are some tips:Educate YourselfRead books about teenagers. Think back on your own teen years. Remember your struggles with acne or your embarrassment at developing early - or late. Expect some mood changes in your typically sunny child, and be prepared for more conflict as he or she finds his or her way as an individual. Parents who know what's coming can cope with it better. And the more you know, the better you can prepare your child.Talk to Your Child Early EnoughTalking about menstruation or wet dreams after they've aly started means you're too late. Answer the early questions your child has about bodies, such as the differences between boys and girls and where babies come from. But don't overload your child with information - just answer their questions.You know your child. You can hear when your child's starting to tell jokes about sex or when attention to personal appearance is increasing. This is a good time to jump in with your own questions such as:* Are you noticing any changes in your body?* Are you having any strange feelings?* Are you sad sometimes and don't know why?A yearly physical exam is a great time to bring up these things. A doctor can tell your polescent child - and you - what to expect in the next few years. The exam can serve as a jumping-off point for a good parent/child discussion. The later you wait to have this discussion, the more likely your child will be to form misconceptions or become embarrassed about or afraid of physical and emotional changes.Furthermore, the earlier you open the lines of communication on these subjects, the better chance you have of keeping them open throughout the teen years. Give your child books on puberty written for kids going through it. Share memories of your own adolescence with your child. There's nothing like knowing that Mom or Dad went through it, too, to put your child more at ease. /200803/32402I'm going to admit something: Although I think over-used pick-up lines ("Come here often?") are pretty lame, I think really bad ones can be so terrible that they're kinda funny in a corny Henny Youngmanish way. Like, "Hey, I forgot my phone number. Will you give me yours?" Bah-dum-dum! 我得坦白一些事情:尽管我觉得那些被人用烂的搭讪方法很老土,但是老土到一定程度,你会觉得它们有点Henny Youngman式的幽默。比如,“嗨,我忘了我自己的电话号码,你能给我你的吗?”实在土的可以。Apparently, Franz Wisner has a similar appreciation for them. Dumped by his fiancee the day before his wedding, he subsequently traveled around the world to see what he could learn about relationships. He wrote a book, How the World Makes Love … And What It Taught a Jilted Groom, about his experience — and devoted a brief chapter to the worst pick-up lines in the world. Here are a few of the best. I mean, worst.威斯纳(Franz Wisner)显然对老土的搭讪有相似的见解。在结婚前夜被未婚妻抛弃后,他周游世界学习男女关系。他根据自己的经历写了一本书,《世界各国人民是如何做爱的——一个被甩新郎的感悟》,其中有一章就讲述了世界各地的最老土搭讪。以下是其中最好的,不对,我的意思是,最老土的搭讪方法。India:"Don't I know you from a past life?"印度:“我们是否前世就已相识?”"My parents have aly engaged us to be married. They just forgot to tell you."“我们的父母已经帮我们订婚了。他们只是忘了告诉你。”Nicaragua:"I'd love to be a farmer, if you would be my soil. Our crop would be bananas."尼加拉瓜:“如果你愿意做我的土地,那么我就是一名农夫。我们的作物将会是香蕉。”New Zealand:"How would you like your breakfast eggs — scrambled or fertilized?" 新西兰:“早餐的鸡蛋你想怎么做?是炒的还是蒸的?”What are your favorite awful pick-up lines?你最喜欢的老土搭讪是哪句呢? /201104/130125Scientists have revealed the 10 commandments for a long and happy life.Scientists have revealed the 10 commandments for a long and happy life. And the rules even allow for sunbathing, drinking alcohol and eating chocolate.The list was drawn up after experts trawled medical studies published over the past 50 years examining why people are living longer.最近,科学家公布了幸福长寿的十大法则。这其中甚至包括沐日光浴、饮酒和吃巧克力。科学家们对近50年来发表的“长寿”医学研究进行了搜集和整理,最终列出了这十大长寿秘诀。The first rule, as published in the New Scientist magazine, is to enjoy yourself.这一研究结果被刊登在《新科学杂志》上,“快乐生活”成为长寿的首要法则。 /201107/143106

1. Immature woman will spend their parents' money; Mature woman will spend their own money or the man's money. 1.不成熟的女人会花父母的钱; 成熟的女人会自己挣钱或花男人的钱。 /200912/91724Vienna has hosted the Habsburg court over centuries, first as the imperial see of the Holy Roman Empire, then the capital of the Austrian Empire and later of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This has had a tremendous impact on the culture that exists there today.Like Munich, its residents are formal, but with small doses of courtliness, polite forms of address and formal dress attire, the residents of Vienna tend to be equally modern and old-fashioned. Waiters address their customers with honorifics; a man who bumps into someone on the street is more than likely to implore his or her pardon with a small bow; tourists are treated as if they were a long-lost member of the royal family returning home. This luxurious treatment is one of the reasons that many people enjoy visiting Vienna.The traditional Vienna is but one of the many faccedil;ades of this city. Vienna is also a dynamic, young city, famous for its (electronic) music scene with independent labels, cult-status underground record stores, a vibrant club scene, and a government that seems overly obsessed with complicated paperwork. However, people are willing to go out of their way or bend the rules a little if they feel they can do someone a favor.Vienna is also famous for its coffee culture. "Let's have a coffee" is a very common phrase to hear, because despite incursions by Starbucks and Italian-style espresso bars, the Kaffeehaus is still the traditional place to drink a cup of coffee, the newspaper, meet friends or fall in love.If you come to Vienna and don't try some coffee you've missed one of the great reasons to come here. Vienna has a reputation for having an excellent coffee culture and you should at least visit one of the countless traditional coffee houses where you can sit down, relax, and have some coffee.Sidewalk Cafés line a pedestrians-only street in central Vienna's Graben district. Cafés and coffee houses are an Austrian tradition, and it is customary to take an afternoon break for a strong cup of coffee. The coffee ritual is incomplete without a delicious pastry or a slice of chocolate cake.One Viennese admitted to me that being in a coffee house is like leaving the real world. "You close the doors and all the troubles you have are forgotten. You leave them behind. You the newspaper, you play the billiards, you play chess, you talk to your friends while you drink your coffee or beer and everything has become peaceful." /200812/59288恋爱是两个人的事,一个人单方面付出那只能算是交情。女人天生对爱情就没有主动性,这让也是让女人找不到男朋友的一大心理因素。下面看看这八大心理,单身的你是否存在呢?1、听天由命的她  她的理由:“我碰不到另一半”Fatalistic type:I haven't met him yet /200911/89191

摘要:美国人上下班往返时间更长、距离更远Americans commute longer, farther than everDave Givens drives 370 miles to work and back every day and considers his seven-hour commute the best answer to balancing his work with his personal life.The winner of a nationwide contest to find the commuter, with the longest trek, Givens is one of millions of people who are commuting longer and farther than ever before.Studies show Americans spend more time than ever commuting, and for a growing number, getting to work takes more than an hour. In the most recent U.S. Census Bureau study, 2.8 million people have so-called extreme commutes, topping 90 minutes.Givens, a 46-year-old electrical engineer, has an extreme commute between home in Mariposa, California, and his job in San Jose. He leaves home before dawn and returns after dark.His trip landed him first place among almost 3,000 entries in the search for America’s longest commute, sponsored by automotive services provider Midas Inc. and announced last week. But as harrowing or tedious as Givens’ trip may sound, he says it's the way to keep the home and job he loves."I have the balance right now," Givens said. "I could do similar jobs closer, but not with the work reward and job satisfaction I have. And I could live closer, but I wouldn't have the lifestyle that I desire.""To me, this is not that long a commute," he added. "It's just something I do to go to work."Suburb-to-suburb commutingLonger commutes frequently involve people who live in one suburb and work in another, said Alan Pisarski, author of "Commuting in America."Such a pattern tends to begin with companies moving out of a city to a suburb, enticing workers to move to less-expensive outer suburbs, he said. "People see this as an opportunity to go farther away,"he said.Such a move may provide more affordable housing or better schools. Even high fuel costs — Givens spends about 5 a week on gasoline — can pay off in a better quality of life, Pisarski said.Doreen DeJesus rides a bus from her home in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, across New Jersey to her job in Manhattan.The payoff is a house in the country, she said."It's a matter of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city," said DeJesus, 37. "It's not an easy thing, but most days it's really worth it."My boss thinks I'm nuts6," she added.Studies show 7.6 percent of U.S. commuters traveled more than an hour to work in 2004, the most recent data available, up from 6 percent in 1990. The average one-way commute grew by 13 percent to 25.5 minutes between 1990 and 2000.In 1990, only in New York state did more than 10 percent of workers spend more than an hour to get to work, Pisarski said. Now that situation can be found in New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois and California as well, he said.Congestion worsens Added to long commutes is increased congestion, according to the Texas Transportation Institute's 2005 Urban Mobility Report. Commuters typically spent 47 hours a year in traffic jams, up from 40 hours a decade earlier, the study showed. "That's the time wasted above and beyond just being able to make the trip," said David Schrank, co-author of the report. But the trips can be worthwhile, said Kay Phillips who works in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 164 miles from her home in Granite Falls. "I really love what I do, so I don't mind," she said. While Givens spends much of his commute listening to the radio, especially traffic reports, Philips, 52, uses her five-hour commute in her own way — she prays. "I say a long prayer starting out every morning for everybody, and it gives you quite a bit of time to do that," she said. /200905/69415Nearly half of US employers research the online profiles of job candidates on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn, according to a new survey.一项最新调查显示,美国近一半的雇主会上Facebook、MySpace或LinkedIn这样的社交网站搜索应聘者的在线资料。Forty-five percent of the employers surveyed for CareerBuilder.com, the largest US online job site, said they use social networking sites to check on job candidates, up from just 22 percent in a survey conducted last year.这项为美国最大的求职网站CareerBuilder.com开展的调查显示,45%的受访雇主称他们通过社交网站来查看求职者的信息,这一比例较之去年的22%有所提高。Another 11 percent said they plan to start using social networking sites for screening.另有11%的雇主称他们打算开始使用社交网站来筛选人才。"As social networking grows increasingly pervasive, more employers are utilizing these sites to screen potential employees," CareerBuilder said in a statement.CareerBuilder网站在一份声明中说:“由于社交网站日趋流行,如今越来越多的雇主使用这些网站来筛选潜在雇员。”It said job seekers should "be mindful of the information they post online."声明称,求职者应“注意他们贴在网上的个人资料”。CareerBuilder said that of those who conduct online searches as background checks on job candidates, 29 percent use Facebook, 26 percent use LinkedIn and 21 percent use MySpace.CareerBuilder网站称,在那些通过网络核查职位候选人背景的雇主中,有29%的人使用Facebook,26%的人使用LinkedIn,21%使用MySpace。Eleven percent search blogs while seven percent follow candidates on micro-blogging service Twitter.11%的雇主进行客搜索,7%的人在微型客网站Twitter上对职位候选人进行跟踪。Thirty-five percent of those surveyed said they have found content on a social network that caused them not to hire a candidate, CareerBuilder said.CareerBuilder网站说,在受访雇主中,有35%的人说他们在社交网站中发现过一些导致他们决定不雇佣某个候选人的内容。Examples included "provocative or inappropriate photographs or information" or content about drinking or using drugs.这样的例子包括“挑衅或不雅的照片或信息”,或是一些有关酗酒或吸毒的内容。Other reasons cited were badmouthing a previous employer, co-workers or clients, poor communication skills, making discriminatory comments, lying about qualifications or sharing confidential information from a previous employer.其他一些被列举的原因包括恶意攻击前雇主、同事或客户,拙劣的交流技巧,发表歧视性言论,谎报资质或是泄露从前雇主那得知的机密信息等等。Information found on social networking profiles was not always a negative factor in finding a job.但雇主从社交网络上了解的信息并不总是这么消极。Eighteen percent of employers said they have found content on social networking sites that caused them to hire the candidate, CareerBuilder said.CareerBuilder 网站称,18%的雇主说他们在社交网站上发现过让他们决定雇佣某位应聘者的内容。Some profiles "provided a good feel for the candidate's personality" or supported their professional qualifications while others demonstrated creativity or solid communication skills.一些(候选人)的个人资料“让人对他们的个性产生好感”或是明了他们的专业资质,而另外一些信息则显示出了候选人的创造性或良好的沟通技巧。Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder, recommended that candidates "clean up digital dirt" before beginning a job search by removing photos, content and links which could hurt their chances.CareerBuilder网站人力资源部副总监罗丝玛丽·海弗娜建议求职者在开始找工作之前先“清理网上垃圾”,删除可能影响他们就业机会的照片、内容和链接。The survey of 2,667 hiring managers and human resource professionals was conducted by Harris Interactive between May 22 and June 10. It has a sampling error of plus or minus 1.9 percentage points.这项对2667名招聘经理和人力专员的调查由哈里斯互动调查公司开展,于5月22日至6月10之间进行。该调查的抽样误差为正负1.9个百分点。 /200908/82324The way you hold your glass can reveal much more than you might realise, a psychologist has warned.一位心理学家提醒,拿酒杯的姿势所透露出的个性特征会比你自己意识到的还要多。Dr Glenn Wilson observed the body language of 500 drinkers and divided them into eight personality types.格兰·威尔森士研究了500名饮酒者的肢体语言,并将他们归结为八类人。These were the flirt, the gossip, fun lover, wallflower, the ice-queen, the playboy, Jack-the-lad and browbeater.他们分别是:调情女、闲聊女、享乐人、壁花、冰美人、、酷哥和吹胡子瞪眼男。He said the most open to being chatted up were "the flirt, the playboy, and the funlover". Harder to crack are the jack the lad, the ice queen, the wallflower and the gossip. The browbeater should be avoided.威尔森表示,调情女、和享乐人这三类人最平易近人;酷哥、冰美人、壁花与闲聊女则不容易对付;而吹胡子瞪眼男最好敬而远之。 Dr. Wilson said: "The simple act of holding a drink displays a lot more about us than we realise. "威尔森士说:“拿酒杯这样简单的动作实际上透露的信息比人们意识到的要多得多。”But he warned: "The next time you're in a bar, it might be worth thinking about what you're saying to the people around you, just by the way you're holding your glass."他提醒:“下次你在酒吧的时候,除了该想想自己对身边的人说些什么话,还要看看自己是怎么握酒杯的。”flirt 调情;打情骂俏She flirts with every man she meets.她同她遇到的每个男人调情。【词组讲解】chat up 闲谈I wouldn't try chatting her up if I were you.我要是你,就不会设法跟她搭讪。 /200906/72777

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