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The U.S. military said Thursday it struck three radar sites in Yemen in response to missile launches from territory controlled by Houthi rebels that targeted a U.S. Navy destroyer.美国军方星期四表示,美军袭击了也门境内的三个雷达设施,报复最近几天胡塞控制区向美国军舰发射导弹的行动。Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook described the strikes as ;self-defense; in order to protect U.S. personnel and ships.五角大楼发言人库克说,这次自卫行动是为了保护美军人员与军舰;The ed States will respond to any further threat to our ships and commercial traffic, as appropriate, and will continue to maintain our freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, the Bab al-Mandeb, and elsewhere around the world,; he said.他表示,美国将对任何针对美国船只以及商业航行的威胁做出适当反应,继续维护美国在红海,曼德海峡,以及世界其他地区的航行自由。Officials said Wednesday a missile fired in the Red Sea targeted the destroyer USS Mason, which was accompanied by the amphibious docking vessel USS San Antonio at the time. The rocket failed to reach the ships, a U.S. official who asked not to be identified told VOA.有关官员星期三表示,美国海军驱逐舰梅森号在红海受到一枚导弹的攻击,当时跟梅森号在一起的还有美军两栖登陆舰圣安东尼奥号。一位要求不透露姓名的美国官员对美国之音说,导弹没能击中这两艘舰只。The missile launch, the second in the past four days, was from a Houthi-controlled area, officials said. The Houthi movement in Yemen denied any involvement in the first attack on the USS Mason, a few days ago.美国官员说,这是四天之内胡塞控制区第二次向美国军舰发射导弹。不过,也门胡塞反政府武装否认他们与美国海军驱逐舰梅森号第一次遭受的袭击有任何牵连。来 /201610/471543The engines powering the Royal Navy’s cutting-edge fleet of Type 45 destroyers are unable to operate continuously in the warm waters of the Gulf, MPs were told on Tuesday.周二,英国国会议员们被告知,英国皇家海军(Royal Navy)最先进5型驱逐舰(Type 45 Destroyer)的发动机无法在波斯湾(the Gulf)温暖水域持续运行。Executives from BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Northrop Grumman and General Electric were grilled by the defence select committee about the failures that have caused the UK’s newest and most advanced destroyers to break down repeatedly in recent years, leaving them without power for propulsion or weapons systems.这种缺陷导致英国这款最新、最先进的驱逐舰近几年来反复发生故障,丧失驱动推进系统或武器系统的动力。英国国会防务特别委员会就此盘问了BAE系统(BAE Systems)、罗尔斯#8226;罗伊Rolls-Royce)、诺思罗#8226;格鲁Northrop Grumman)和通用电气(General Electric)的高管。Responding to questions about why the power systems failed in warmer waters than the UK, John Hudson, managing director of BAE Systems maritime, said the original specifications for the vessel had not required it to sustain extremes. “The operating profile at the time was that there would not be repeated or continuous operations in the Gulf,he said.在回答为何动力系统在比英国温暖的水域会失灵的问题时,BAE系统海事董事总经理约#8226;赫德John Hudson)表示,该舰最初的技术规格并未要求它承受极端条件。他说:“当时的运行环境要求是,不会反复或持续在波斯湾执行任务。”Tomas Leahy, of Rolls-Royce naval programmes, said the destroyer was now operating in “far more arduous conditions than envisaged in the specifications罗尔#8226;罗伊斯海军计划部门的托马#8226;莱希(Tomas Leahy)表示,这款驱逐舰如今是在“比技术规格所设想的恶劣得多的环境”中执行任务。However, the Ministry of Defence denied that this was the case. “The Type 45 was designed for worldwide operations from sub-Arctic to extreme tropical environments and continues to operate effectively in the Gulf and South Atlantic all year round.”但英国国防Ministry of Defence)认为事情并非如此。“从设计上讲5型驱逐舰是用来在从亚北极区到极端热带环境的世界各地执行任务。它仍在波斯湾及南大西洋有效地展开行动,全年都是如此。”The six ships, which cost the taxpayer bn each, are the backbone of Britain’s combat force at sea and are among the most advanced missile destroyers in the world. They are the Royal Navy’s first all-electric ships and are driven by two Rolls-Royce WR21 gas turbines and two Wartsila diesel engines.这六5型驱逐舰每艘耗费了纳税人10亿英镑,它们是英国海上战斗力量的骨干,也是全球最先进的导弹驱逐舰之一。它们是英国皇家海军首批全电推进的舰只,由两台罗尔斯#8226;罗伊斯WR21燃气轮机和两台瓦锡兰(Wartsila)柴油发动机驱动。The WR21 is designed to deliver significantly improved operating costs by using an intercooler recuperator, which recovers exhaust and recycles the gas into the engine.在设计上,WR21通过使用中冷器和回热器大幅提高运行效率。中冷器和回热器会回收废气,供发动机循环使用。But, as a rule, power turbines slowed down in warm temperatures, MPs were told. This had not been recognised by the system, which continued to demand more power. Eventually the generators would come to a halt. “This is not the fault of the WR21,said Mr Leahy. “It is the laws of physics.”英国国会议员们被告知,一般来说,动力涡轮在温暖的环境下会减慢转速。整个系统却认识不到这一点,继续要求提供更多动力。最终,发电机会陷入停机。莱希表示:“这不是WR21的错,这是物理定律。”MPs could hardly believe what they had heard. “I am absolutely stunned,said Douglas Chapman, of the Scottish National party. “To have a bn asset that you put into a war zone and we don’t know if those people we put there can come out alive I am just astounded.”英国国会议员们简直不敢相信他们听到的话。苏格兰民族Scottish National Party)的道格拉#8226;查普Douglas Chapman)表示:“我完全蒙了。我们将一个价0亿英镑的资产投入战区,却不知道我们派到那儿去的那些人能否活着出来——真让我感到震惊。”The MoD is having to set aside tens of millions of pounds to fix the destroyers. The plan is to install two extra diesel engines which will require cutting a hole in the hull of the brand new destroyers.英国国防部现在不得不拨备数千万英镑来修理这些驱逐舰。目前的计划是再安装两台柴油发动机,为了做到这点,必须在这些崭新的驱逐舰的船体上切割出一个洞。来 /201606/448752

South Korea’s plan to deploy a US-built missile shield furnishes it with a crucial level of defence against Kim Jong Un, a capricious dictator whose nuclear armed North Korean regime releases mocked-up s of Seoul being hit by Pyongyang’s rocket attacks. But while the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence system (Thaad) is a legitimate defensive option for South Korea, it is also seen as a threat by China, with whom Seoul has been assiduously improving relations in recent years.韩国部署美制反导系统的计划,为韩提供了一种防范朝鲜反复无常的独裁者金正恩(Kim Jong Un)打击的重要手段。拥有核武装的朝鲜政权,发布了数段模拟首尔遭朝方火箭袭击的视屏。不过,虽然对韩国来说“末段高空区域防御系统”(THAAD,简称:萨德)是个正当的防御选择,但它也被中国视为一种威胁。而近些年来,首尔方面一直在努力改善对华关系。China’s position is not without justification. Thaad’s radar systems, though ostensibly pointed toward the threat from the North, are also capable of looking deep into Chinese territory, thus providing Seoul and potentially its ally, Washington with an important source of intelligence. In addition, Beijing is worried that Thaad could form part of a broad regional American missile shield that would constrain China’s strategic ambitions and room for manoeuvre.中国的立场不无道理。萨德的雷达系统虽然表面上指向来自朝鲜的威胁,但它也有能力窥探中国大片领土的情况,从而为首尔——可能还有其盟友华盛顿——提供重要的情报来源。此外,北京方面还担心萨德可能成为一个广泛的区域性美国反导系统的组成部分,制约中国的战略抱负以及回旋余地。While both South Korea and China have a case, it must be recognised that Seoul’s imperative for self-defence against an increasingly unhinged regime in Pyongyang is the greater. No country should be denied such legitimate defence needs.虽然韩国和中国各有其道理,但必须认识到的一点是,韩方防御日益反复无常的平壤政权的迫切性要更大一些。任何国家都不应被剥夺这种正当防卫需求。China’s leaders must also recognise their share of responsibility for the stand-off. Since taking office in 2013, South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, has gone to great lengths to court China her country’s biggest export market but also the sole ally and principal underwriter of the bellicose North Korean regime.中国领导人还必须认识到,他们对这种对峙负有一定责任。韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)013年上台以来一直不遗余力地向中国示奀?中国不仅是韩国最大的出口市场,也是好战的朝鲜政权的唯一盟友和主要靠山。Her outreach to Beijing has largely been met by one-sided demands in a pattern that has been repeated in much of China’s foreign relations. Beijing’s reluctance to rein in its recalcitrant client state has left Ms Park with diminished options and in effect forced her to turn to the Americans for help. Washington’s past willingness to show sensitivity to Beijing’s concerns has been sorely tested by the latter’s belligerent moves in the region, particularly in the South China Sea.朴槿惠对中国的主动接触大多只换来一堆单向要求,中国在其许多对外关系中都重复着这种模式。北京方面不愿约束其桀骜不驯的附庸国,令朴槿惠的选择越来越少,实际上迫使她转向美国寻求帮助。而华盛顿以往对北京方面的关切表现出理解的意愿,已受到后者在该地区、尤其是在南中国海好战之举的严峻考验。The more China seeks to assert its dominance in the region, the more likely it is to push neighbouring countries into closer military ties with the US. This has been happening for years but it is accelerating as China’s leaders appear to view any accommodation as a sign of weakness and an opportunity to push their claims harder.中国越是试图确立其在该地区的主导地位,就越有可能促使邻国与美国结成更紧密的军事联系。这种趋势已存在多年,但目前正在加速,因为中国领导人似乎将一切迁就中国的举措都视为一种示弱的信号和更有力推进中方主张的机会。If Beijing responds to Seoul’s deployment of Thaad with an economic boycott or other punitive measures, as many in South Korea now fear, it would be a further strategic miscalculation. Such a move could promote closer relations between America’s two regional allies, South Korea and Japan, overcoming antipathies in Seoul that stem from the colonial period and frustrating Beijing’s longstanding policy of divide and rule.如果北京方面对韩国部署“萨德”报以经济制裁或其他惩罚措施——韩国许多人士目前有这种担忧——那将是进一步的战略误判。此举可能会促使美国的两个地区盟友——韩国与日本——加强关系,令首尔方面克源于殖民时期的对日本的厌恶,挫败北京方面长期以来的分而治之政策。Following the historic ruling by an international tribunal that negated many of China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, this is a moment for all sides to realise that strategic tensions have escalated to dangerous levels.在一个国际仲裁庭作出历史性裁决、判定中国在南中国海的许多领土主张无效后,各方现在应意识到战略紧张局势已升级到危险的水平。The time has come for Washington and Beijing to begin serious negotiations that seek to accommodate the concerns of the US and its allies while recognising the legitimate aspirations of the region’s rising superpower.华盛顿和北京是时候展开认真的谈判了,一方面要照顾美国及其盟友的关切,另一方面也应承认该地区正在崛起的超级大国的合理抱负。The millions that died in the Korean war in the early 1950s serve as a harrowing reminder of the costs of strategic inflexibility between great powers. The longer the US and China wait to negotiate in the spirit of compromise, the less able they may become to retreat from a path that risks leading to military confrontation.20世纪50年代初的朝鲜战争造成上百万人丧生,这一惨痛的事实提醒人们,大国之间缺乏战略灵活性会造成多大的代价。美国和中国应尽早本着妥协的精神进行谈判,双方拖得越晚,就越难以从可能通向军事对抗的道路上后撤。来 /201607/456431



  In 1994 China set about developing its own satellite-based global timing and navigation system. 中国994年开始发展自己的基于卫星的全球定位导航系统。Like all of Chinas accomplishments in space the project has taken a methodical and incremental approach; in this case involving three phases providing national then regional and now moving to global coverage. 像所有中国在太空取得的成就一样,这个项目有条不紊的不断向前推进。在这个案例中表现为分三步走,首先覆盖全国,然后覆盖亚洲区域,现在正向覆盖全球迈进。The first two phases were largely experimental and provided China with the confidence to establish the operational system called the BaiDou Satellite System (BDS).前两步大规模的实验,为中国提供信心建立名为北斗卫星系统的运行系统。On 19 June 2016 China launched the 23rd satellite in a constellation that will have 35 satellites when fully operational in 2020. 0169号,中国发射了其中的3颗卫星,整个卫星集群将有35颗卫星,020年全面运行。来 /201607/453674

  The rise of Isis is the Middle East’s greatest challenge in the eyes of young Arabs who identify a lack of jobs as the main recruitment driver for the Sunni militant group. 在阿拉伯青年眼中,“伊斯兰国ISIS)的崛起是中东最大的挑战。他们认为,工作机会的缺乏是这个逊尼派军事集团能够招募成员的最主要推动因素Many respondents to the annual Asda’a Burson-Marsteller Arab youth survey were unable to explain why anyone would join Isis. But they said its rise was helped by growing sectarian tensions as well as the jihadisbelief in the superiority of their interpretation of Islam. But three-quarters said they do not believe Isis will establish an Islamic state. 在一年一度的Asdaa雅公关(Burson-Marsteller)阿拉伯青年调查中,许多受调查者无法解释,为何会有人想要加入ISIS。但他们表示,日益加剧的宗派紧张局势,以及圣战分子认为他们对伊斯兰教义的诠释至高无上的想法,助长了ISIS的崛起。但四分之三的受调查者表示,他们不相信ISIS会建立一个伊斯兰国家The survey of 3,500 18-24 year olds across 16 Arab countries is the broadest poll of young people the majority of the population in a region characterised by increasing instability, repressive political systems and few outlets for free expression. 共有3500人接受了这次调查,来6个阿拉伯国家,年龄从184岁。这是在阿拉伯年轻人中间进行的最广泛的调查——在这个以日益不稳定、实行专制政治制度和极其缺乏自由表达渠道为特征的地区,年轻人占多数人口The respondents ranked Isis terrorism, unemployment and civil unrest as the biggest challenges facing the region. 受调查者将ISIS恐怖主义、失业、社会动乱列为该地区面临的最大挑战“The organisation [Isis] thrives on political, economic, social and religious failures,said Hassan Hassan, an analyst, in a white paper accompanying the survey. “Daesh [Arabic for Isis] may weaken and disappear, but the underlying sickness will remain and similar groups will emerge if that sickness is not addressed.“政治、经济、社会和宗教方面的失败造成了该组织(即ISIS)的兴盛,”分析人士哈#8226;哈桑(Hassan Hassan)在调查附带的一份白皮书中表示,“‘达伊沙’(Daesh,阿拉伯语中对ISIS的称呼)可能变得衰弱和消失,但根本病症依然存在,如果不加以解决,还会有类似的团体出现。In a sign of the changes that swept the region since the 2011 Arab uprisings, 36 per cent of respondents said the Arab world was better off for the revolts, down from 72 per cent in 2012. Only in Egypt do most young people believe the country to be a better place. Two-thirds of youths in the Gulf and most in north Africa say promoting stability is more important than promoting democracy. 体现2011年阿拉伯起义之后席卷该地区的变革的一个迹象是,有36%的受调查者认为,阿拉伯世界因为起义变得更好,比例低于2012年的72%。只有在埃及,多数年轻人相信他们的国家变得更奀?海湾地区三分之二的年轻人和北非的大多数年轻人表示,促进稳定比推进民主更重要Yet youths across the region, particularly in Saudi Arabia, supported more personal freedoms and rights for women. 不过,各地年轻人都持改善个人自由和女性权利,尤其是在沙特阿拉伯The rise of Isis has been accompanied by increasing sectarian strife with Sunni Saudi Arabia locked in a regional tussle with Shia Iran and its regional proxies, such as Hizbollah in Lebanon and Houthi rebels in Yemen. 除了ISIS崛起,宗派冲突也在加剧。逊尼派的沙特阿拉伯和什叶派的伊朗及其地区代理人,比如黎巴嫩真主Hizbollah)和也门胡Houthi)叛军,深陷地区争斗Almost half of the respondents said the Sunni-Shia divide has widened during the past five years, with the figure rising to 88 per cent in Yemen and 62 per cent in Iraq, where Isis has benefited from Sunni dissent against the Shia-run government. Syrians were not included in the survey. 近一半受调查者表示,逊尼派与什叶派的分裂在过去5年中扩大了。这个比例在也门提高到了88%。在伊拉克也提高到了62%,在那里ISIS受益于逊尼派对什叶派政府的反对。此次调查未覆盖叙利亚人“Growing sectarian tensions in the Middle East strengthen the extremist narrative of Daesh that Shia are the enemies and conflicts involving Iranian-backed militias from Yemen to Lebanon are part of a wider war against Sunni Muslims,said Mr Hassan. “中东地区不断加剧的宗派紧张局势持了达伊沙极端主义的叙事——即什叶派是敌人,从也门到黎巴嫩等地,伊朗持的民兵组织参与的冲突是针对逊尼派穆斯林的更广泛战争的一部分,”哈桑说The survey, which started in 2008, found that most Arab youths continue to regard Saudi Arabia as their main ally, followed by the US and the UAE. 这一调查008年开始。该调查发现,大多数阿拉伯青年依然将沙特阿拉伯视为他们的主要盟友,紧随其后的是美国和阿联酋But attitudes toward Iran have softened over the past two years, especially in Shia Iraq and Lebanon, and in the Palestinian territory, where 43 per cent of respondents identified the Islamic republic as an ally. 但对伊朗的态度在过去两年有所软化,尤其是在什叶派的伊拉克和黎巴嫩,以及巴勒斯坦地区,后一个地3%的受调查者将这个伊斯兰共和国看作盟友Views of the US are also shifting. While it remains well regarded in the Gulf states despite a recent rise in tensions over Iran’s nuclear deal, Washington is seen as an enemy by two-thirds of young people in the Levant and in Yemen. More than nine out of 10 young Iraqis regard the US as an enemy, although the US is backing Baghdad in its fight against Isis. 对美国的看法也在转变。尽管因为伊朗核协议,最近美国和海湾国家之间的关系趋于紧张,海湾国家的受调查者依然对美国有好感。而在地中海东部地区和也门,三分之二的年轻人将美国视为敌人。尽管美国正在持伊拉克打击ISIS0%以上的伊拉克年轻人将美国视为敌人The collapse in oil prices is also concern for Arab youths, especially those in oil-exporting countries. There is widesp opposition to fiscal rationalisation measures, such as ending subsidies on fuel and utilities that have been a key part of governmentspatrimonial cradle-to-grave support for their citizens. 油价暴跌也是阿拉伯年轻人担心的问题,尤其是在那些石油出口囀?受调查者普遍反对财政合理化举措,比如取消对燃油和公用事业费用的补贴,这些是政府对公民家长式的“从摇篮到坟墓”的持的关键部分There has been little sign of popular opposition to the ending of subsidies but the survey shows that 86 per cent in Saudi Arabia and more than 90 per cent in Bahrain, Qatar and Oman oppose the measure a potentially worrying sign for oil-exporting governments. 目前几乎没有民众反对取消这些补贴的迹象,但这次调查表明,沙特阿拉6%的受调查者以及巴林、卡塔尔和阿曼超0%的受调查者反对这类措施——对石油出口国的政府而言,这是一个潜在地令人担忧的迹象。来 /201604/437706Turkish news reports say a suspect has been arrested in the attack on an Istanbul nightclub that killed 39 people on December 31.土耳其新闻媒体报道说,121日在伊斯坦布尔夜店发动袭击,造成39人死亡的嫌疑人已经被警方逮捕。Reports say Abdulkadir Masharipov was detained Monday in Istanbuls Esnyurt district.报道说,阿卜杜勒卡迪尔·马沙里波夫星期一在伊斯坦布尔的厄森尤特区被捕。Turkeys nationwide NTV and other media outlets said the suspect was seized in a raid on a house in the district where he had been staying with a friend from Kyrgyzstan. Five others in the house also were detained, including three women.土耳其NTV电视台等媒体报道说,警方对厄森尤特区的一所住宅时发动突袭,逮捕了马沙里波夫。他一直和来自吉尔吉斯斯坦的一朋友住在这里。房子里的另个人也被逮捕,包括三名妇女。That report said police discovered the suspects whereabouts last week, but delayed the raid to monitor his movements and contacts.报道说,警方上星期就发现了他的藏身之处,但决定推迟对他的逮捕,以便监控他的行动,看他会跟哪些人联络。Police were expected to release additional details in a Tuesday morning news conference.预计警方在星期二上午的新闻发布会上将公布更多具体细节。来 /201701/489202



  U.S. President Barack Obama will discuss his new initiatives to curb gun violence in remarks Tuesday at the White House, as he works to detail to Americans the executive orders he says will not step on Constitutional rights.美国总统奥巴马星期二将在白宫讨论有关遏制暴力的新计划,努力向美国民众详细阐述他将颁布的控行政令。他表示,控令不会侵犯宪法所赋予的权利。Some of the measures, first announced by the White House on Monday, include expanded background checks, more effective enforcement of gun laws, increased mental health treatment and more research into gun safety technology.白宫星期一宣布的一些措施包括扩大对购者的背景调查,提高管理法规的有效执行,加强精神疾病治疗,以及扩大对安全技术的研究。Obama presented the recommendations, discussed during a White House meeting Monday, with top officials including U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.奥巴马星期一在白宫召开的会议上,与美国司法部长林奇和联邦调查局局长科米等政府高层官员提出了相关建议;Although we have to be very clear that this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. Its not going to prevent every mass shooting. Its not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. It will potentially save lives in this country, and spare families the pain and the extraordinary loss that theyve suffered as a consequence of a firearm being in the hands of the wrong people.;他说:“尽管我们必须明确,这些举措不会解决这个国家的所有暴力犯罪问题,不会阻止一切大规模杀事件,也不会阻止任何落入罪犯的手中,但是这些措施有可能拯救美国人的生命,使很多家庭免遭因为落入坏人之手而带来的痛苦及巨大损失。”One key element of the plan includes requiring any business selling firearms, including at gun shows, to get a license and conduct background checks.这个计划中的一个关键部分是要求任何销售的商主,包括展销会,都必须获得执照并对购者进行背景调查。Recent polls show an increase in the number of Americans who support background checks on those seeking to purchase a firearm. But many gun owners in the country feel that any attempt to regulate firearms violates their constitutional right to own guns.最新民调显示,持对购者进行背景调查的美国人有所增加。但是,许多有的人却觉得,任何对的管控都违反宪法赋予他们拥有的权利。The Republican-led Congress opposes more restrictions on gun ownership, and any actions planned by the president likely will face legal challenges.共和党控制的国会反对加强限制拥有权,奥巴马总统计划采取的任何行动都可能面临法律挑战。Each year, tens of thousands of people are killed by guns in the ed States, including in mass shootings and suicides, committed at far greater rates than in other countries around the world, said the president.奥巴马总统表示,美国每年都有数以万计的人死于击,包括大规模击事件和自杀,这个比率远远超过世界其他国家。来 /201601/422189。

  A senior U.S. official says it is up to Russia to demonstrate that a cease-fire plan for Syria can still work.美国一位高级官员说,现在要由俄罗斯来明叙利亚的停火协议是否能维持下去。The official said high-level meetings were planned with Russia ;to try to get a sense from them about where they think this can go from here.; Consultations were also ongoing with envoys from the 19-nation International Syria Support Group and the U.N. Security Council.这名官员说,“为了试图了解他们对局势发展的看法”,已经安排了高级别会谈。同国际叙利亚持组9个成员国特使以及联合国安理会的协商也在进行之中。French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, who was due to attend an ISSG meeting Tuesday, said the U.S.-Russian cease-fire deal “remains the only hope to resolve the conflict.;法国外长马克·艾罗定于星期二出席国际叙利亚持组织的会议。他说,美俄停火协议“仍然是解决这个冲突的唯一希望。”The truce was meant to pause fighting between the Syrian government and rebels, limit Syrian airstrikes that in the past have been blamed for killing civilians, and to allow for delivery of humanitarian aid. But as with earlier agreements, both sides accused the other of violations and the pact had largely fallen apart after a week.停火的目的是暂停叙利亚政府和反政府武装之间的战斗并限制叙利亚的空袭行动,以往的空袭被指造成了平民丧生,停火也是为了使人道救援物资的运送可以畅通无阻。但是,跟以前达成的协议一样,这次双方还是互指对方违反协议,协议实行一星期后就几近崩溃。On Monday the ed Nations said a joint aid convoy with the Syrian Red Crescent was bombed west of the Syrian city of Aleppo, killing or wounding many humanitarian workers.联合国星期一说,它和叙利亚红新月会的一个联合车队在叙利亚阿勒颇市以西遭到轰炸,导致多名人道救援人员伤亡。It remains unclear whose aircraft struck the convoy. The Pentagon said the U.S.-led coalition was not involved, and a senior U.S. official said there were only two other possibilities, referring to Syria and Russia.目前还不清楚是哪一方的飞机空袭了这个车队。五角大楼星期一说,美国领导的联军没有卷入此事。美国的一位高级官员说,这事只有两种可能性,意指叙利亚和俄罗斯。来 /201609/467278



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