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南昌/市治疗弱精子症医院南昌/市华山不孕不育医院结扎后输卵管复通术1 My first sea journey 第1章 我的第一次海上旅行Before I begin my story I would like to tell you a little about myself.开始我的故事之前,我想先向你谈一点我自己的情况。I was born in the year 1632,in the city of York in the north of England.我1632年出生在英国北部的约克郡。My father was German but he came tolive and work in England.我父亲是德国人,但他却来到英国居住和工作。Soon after that he married my mother who was English.此后不久,他与我母亲结了婚。我母亲是英国人。Her family name was Robinson so when I was born they called me Robinson after her.娘家姓鲁宾孙,因此,我出生后他们都称呼我鲁宾孙,沿用了我母亲的姓氏。My father did well in his business and I went to a good school.我父亲在生意上做得很出色,并且我也进了一所好学校。He wanted me to get a good job and live a quiet com fortable life.他希望我得到好的工作,过一种平静的、舒适的生活。But I did not want that.但是我不希望如此。I wanted adventure and an exciting life.我喜欢冒险和刺激的生活。#39; I want to be a sailor and go to sea #39; I told my mother and father.“我想成为一名水手去航行,”我告诉父母亲。They were very unhappy about this.他们对此很不高兴。#39; Please do not go #39; my father said. #39; You will not be happy you know.“不要去,”父亲说。“你不会幸福的。 你知道。”Sailors have a difficult and dangerous life. #39; And be because I loved him and he was unhappy I tried to forget about the sea.“水手过着艰苦而且危险的生活。”因为我爱父亲,他不高兴,我便试图忘掉大海。But I could not forget and about a year later I saw a friend in town.但我不可能忘掉,大约一年后,我在镇里遇到一个朋友。His father had a ship and my friend saidto me #39; We #39;re sailing to London tomorrow.他的父亲有一艘船,我的朋友对我说,“明天我们航行去伦敦。”Why do not you come with us #39; And so on September 1st,1651,I went to Hull and the next day we sailed for London.你为什么不和我们一起走呢?于是,1651年9月1日,我到了赫尔港,第二天我们驶向伦敦。But a few days later there was a strong wind.但是,几天后,刮起了狂风。The sea was rough and dangerous and the ship went up and down up and down.狂暴的大海危机四伏,船不断颠簸。I was very ill and very afraid.我晕船晕得厉害,非常害怕。#39; Oh I do not want to die #39; I cried. #39; I want to live If I live I #39;ll go home and never go to sea again #39; The next day the wind dropped and the sea was quiet and be autiful again.“哦,我不想死!”我哭喊起来。“我想活着!假如我活着,我就要回家,再也不出海了!” 第二天,风停了,大海又重新恢复了平静而美丽。#39; Well Bob #39; my friend laughed. #39; How do you feel now The wind was not too bad.“好了,鲍伯,”我的朋友笑着说。“现在你感觉如何?这风并不太令人讨厌。”#39; #39; What #39; I cried. #39; It was a terrible storm. #39; #39; Oh that was not a storm #39; my friend answered.“什么!”我大叫起来。“这可是一场可怕的风暴。” “哦,这不算风暴,”我的朋友回答。#39; Just a little wind.“仅仅是小风而已。”Forget it.“忘记它吧。”Come and have a drink. #39; After a few drinks with my friend I felt better.“来,喝一杯。”和朋友喝了几杯,我感觉好多了。I forgot about the danger and decided not to go home.我忘记了危险,决定不回家了。I didn#39;twant my friends and family to laugh at me I stayed in London for some time but I still wanted to go to sea.我不愿意我的朋友和家人嘲笑我!我在伦敦停留了一段时间,但我仍然想去航行。So when the captain of a ship asked me to gowith him to Guinea in Africa I agreed.所以,当一位船长要求我和他一起去非洲的几内亚时,我答应了。And so I went to sea for the second time.于是,我第二次去航海。It was a good ship and everything went well at first but I was very ill again.这是一艘好船,开始一切都很顺利,但是我又晕得厉害。Then when we were near theCanary Is lands a Turkish pirate ship came after us.此后,当我们接近加纳利群岛时,一艘土耳其海盗船跟上了我们。They were famous thieves of the sea at that time.他们是当时有名的海盗。There was along hard fight but when it finished we and the ship were prisoners.经过一场长时间激烈的交火,一切都结束时,我们连人带船都成了俘虏。The Turkish captain and his men took us to Sallee in Moroc.土耳其船长和他的部下把我们带到洛哥的萨利。They wanted to sell us as slaves in the marketsthere.他们想在那儿的市场上把我们当作奴隶卖掉。But in the end the Turkish captain decided to keep me for himself and took me home with him.但最后土耳其船长决定把我留给他自己,带我随他回家。This was asudden and terrible change in my life.这是我一生中一次突然的可怕的变故。I was now a slave and this Turkish captain was my master.现在我成了奴隶,这位土耳其船长是我的主人。 Article/201202/171629九江市第一人民医院闭经痛经多少钱 7 My angel of music7.我的音乐天使For a week Raoul saw Christine every day.在一个星期的时间里拉乌尔天天都与克丽斯廷约会。Some days Christine was quiet and unhappy,some days she laughed and sang.有时候克丽斯廷显得沉默而不太高兴,而有时候她又笑又唱。She never wanted to talk about the Opera House, or her singing, or Raoul#39;s love for her.她从不愿提及歌剧院,不愿提及她的演唱,也不愿提及拉乌尔对她的爱。Raoul was very afraid for her.拉乌尔为她感到非常担心。Who, or what,was this strange teacher,this man#39;s voice,her#39;angel of music#39;?这个奇怪的老师,这个男人的声音,她的“音乐天使”到底是谁,或者是什么?Then one day there was no Christine.后来有一天克丽斯廷不见了。She was not at her home, not at the Opera House,not at their meeting places Raoul looked everywhere and asked everybody.她不在家里,不在歌剧院里,也不在他们约会的地方。拉乌尔到处找并且问遍了所有的人。Where was Christine Daaé?But nobody knew.克丽斯廷·达埃在哪里?但是没有人知道。Two days before the Opera House opened again,a letter ar rived for Raoul.It was from Christine.在歌剧院重新开业的前两天,一封信送到了拉乌尔手里。它是克丽斯廷写来的。Meet me in an hour at the top of the Opera House,on the tenth floor.一个小时以后到歌剧院的顶层第10层来见我。The tenth floor of the Opera House was a dangerous place.歌剧院的第10层是一个危险的地方。There were hundreds of ropes going down to the stage below it was a long,long way down.那里有数百条绳索垂向下面的舞台——长长地下垂着。Raoul and Christine sat in a dark corner,and Raoul took Christine#39;s hands. Her face was white and tired.拉乌尔和克丽斯廷坐在一个阴暗的角落里,拉乌尔握着克丽斯廷的双手。她的脸色苍白,显得有些疲惫。#39;Listen,Raoul,#39;she said quiety.#39;I#39;m going to tell you ev erything.“听着,拉乌尔,”她轻声说,“我将把一切都告诉你。But this is our last meeting. I can never see you again.#39;但是这是我们的最后一次约会。我再也不能见你了。”#39;No,Christine!#39;Raoul cried.#39; I love you,and we-#39;“不,克丽斯廷!”拉乌尔喊道,“我爱你,而且我们——”#39;Shh! Quietly! Perhaps he can hear us.He#39;s everywhere in the Opera House, Raoul!#39;“嘘!小声点!也许他能听到我们。在歌剧院里他无处不在,拉乌尔!”#39;Who?What are you talking about,Christine?#39;“谁?你在说什么,克丽斯廷?”#39;My angel of music.I couldn#39;t meet you last Satuday be cause he came for me,and took me away.“我的音乐天使。上个星期六我不能来见你,因为他来邀我,并且把我带走了。I was in my dressing room in the Opera House and suddenly,he was there in front of me!当时我正在歌剧院我的化妆室里,突然地,他就出现在我的面前!I saw the voice for the first time!我第一次看到了发出这个声音的人!He wore black evening clothes and a mask over his face.他穿着黑色晚礼,脸上戴着面罩。He took me throughmany secret doors and passages,down,down under the Opera House.他带着我穿过许多秘密的门和走廊,在歌剧院的底下一直往下、往下走。There is a lake down there,a big lake; the waters are black and cold.那里的最下面有一个湖,一个挺大的湖;湖水又黑又凉。He took me across the lake in a boat to his house.他用小船带着我渡过那个湖去他的住处。He lives there,Raoul,in a house on the lake,under the Opera House!#39;他住在那里,拉乌尔,住在湖上的房子里,在歌剧院的底下!”Raoul stared at her.Was his beautiful Christine mad? Chris tine saw his face,and said quickly:拉乌尔凝视着她。他的美丽的克丽斯廷疯了吗?克丽斯廷看着他的脸,急急地说:#39;It#39;s true,Raoul,It#39;s true! And he…,he is the Phantom of the Opera!But he#39;s not a ghost,he#39;s not an angel of music,he#39;s a man!“这是真的,拉乌尔,这是真的!而他……他就是那个歌剧院的幽灵!不过他不是鬼,他也不是音乐天使,他是一个实实在在的男人His name is Erik,and he loves me,he wants me to be his wife!No,Raoul,listen, there is more.他的名字叫埃里克,他爱我,他希望我成为他的妻子!不,拉乌尔,听着,还有。He told me all this in his house,in a beautiful room.He said that no woman could everlove him,because of his face.在他的房子里,在一个漂亮的房间里,他把这一切都告诉了我。他说没有一个女人曾经爱过他,都是因为他的脸。He was so unhappy! Then he took off his mask,and I saw his face.#39;他是如此的不幸!接着他摘下他的面罩,我看到了他的脸。”She began to cry,and Raoul put his arms around her.她开始叫起来,拉乌尔一把将她抱住。#39;Oh Raoul,he has the most terrible face!It is so ugly! I wanted to scream and run away.“哦!拉乌尔,他有一张最最可怕的脸!它是如此的丑陋!我真想尖叫着跑掉,But where could I run to? He has the face of a dead man,Raoul,but he is not dead!可是我能往哪儿跑?他有一张死人一样的脸,拉乌尔,但是他并不是死人!He has no nose,just two black holes in his yellow face.他没有鼻子,在他的黄色的脸上只有两个黑洞。And his eyes!Sometimes they are black holes,sometimes they have a terrible red light…#39;而他的眼睛!有时候它们是黑洞,有时候它们则发出可怕的红光……”She put her face in her hands for a second.Then she said,#39;I stayed in his house for five days.她把脸埋入双手之中,片刻之后她说:“我在他的房子里呆了5天。He was very good to me,and I felt sorry for him, Raoul.他对我非常好,我觉得对不起他,拉乌尔。He wants me to love him, and I told him…I told him…#39;他希望我爱他,而我告诉他……我告诉他……”#39;No,Christine,no!You#39;re going to be my wife!Come away with me at once,today!You can#39;t go back to him.#39;“不,克丽斯廷,不!你将成为我的妻子!来,马上和我离开这儿,今天!你不能回到他那儿去。”#39;But I must,#39; Christine said quietly.#39;He knows about you,Raoul.“但是我必须,”克丽斯廷轻声道,“他知道你,拉乌尔。He knows about us.He says he#39;s going to kill you.I must go back to him.#39;他知道我们的事。他说他要杀了你。我必须回到他那儿去。”#39;Never!#39; said Raoul.#39;I love you,Christine,and I#39;m going to kill this Erik!#39;“决不!”拉乌尔说,“我爱你,克丽斯廷,而且我要杀了这个埃里克!”Erik…Erik…Erik…Erik… The word whispered round the Opera House.Raoul and Christine stared.埃里克……埃里克……埃里克……埃里克……这声音在歌剧院里低声回荡着。拉乌尔和克丽斯廷面面相觑。#39;What was that?#39; Raoul said, afraid.#39;Was that… his voice?Where did it come from?#39;“那是什么?”拉乌尔害怕地说,“那是……他的声音吗?它们是从哪儿发出来的?”#39;I#39;m afraid,Raoul,#39;Christine whispered.I#39;m singing Margarita again on Saturday.What#39;s going to happen?#39;“我害怕,拉乌尔,”克丽斯廷轻声说,“星期六我将再次演唱玛格丽塔。到时候会发生什么事呢?”#39;This,#39;Raoul said.#39;After the opera on Saturday night,you and I are going away together.Come on,let#39;s go down now.I don#39;t like it up here.#39;“这样,”拉乌尔说,“演完星期六晚上的那场歌剧以后,你和我一起离开这儿。我们下去吧。我不喜欢呆在这里。”They went carefully along a dark passage to some stairs,then suddenly stopped.他们小心翼翼地沿着黑暗的走廊朝楼梯走去,接着突然停住了。There was a man in front of them, a tall man in a long dark coat and a black hat.He turned and looked at them.有一个男人站在他们前面,一个高个子男人,穿着深色长外衣,戴着一顶黑色帽子。他转过身来看着他们。#39;No,not these stairs,#39;he said.#39;Go to the stairs at the front.And go quickly!#39;“不,别走这楼梯,”他说,“去前面那楼梯,快走!”Christine turned and ran.Raoul ran after her.克丽斯廷转身就跑。拉乌尔跟着她跑。#39;Who was that man?#39; he asked.“那个人是谁?”他问。#39;It#39;s the Persian,#39; Christine answered.“是个波斯人。”克丽斯廷回答。#39;But who is he? What#39;s his name? Why did he tell us to go to the front stairs?#39;“但是他是谁?他叫什么名字?为什么他告诉我们要走前面的楼梯?”#39;Nobody knows his name.He#39;s just the Persian. He#39;s al ways in the Opera House.“没有人知道他的名字。他就是波斯人。他经常在歌剧院里。I think he knows about Erik,but he never talks about him.我想他了解埃里克,但是他从不提及他。Perhaps he saw Erik on those stairs, and wanted to help us.#39;或许他看到埃里克在那楼梯上,而想帮助我们。”Hand in hand,they ran quickly down the stairs,through passages,then more stairs and more passages.他们手拉着手飞快地跑下楼梯,穿过走廊,下面还有更多的楼梯和走廊。At one of the lit tle back doors to the Opera House,they stopped.在快到歌剧院门口的一道门那儿,他们停住了。#39;On Saturday night,then.After the opera,#39;Raoul said.#39; I#39;m going to take you away,and marry you.#39;“星期六晚上,到那时,演完歌剧以后,”拉乌尔说,“我要带你离开这儿,并且和你结婚。”Christine looked up into his face.#39;Yes,Raoul.#39;克丽斯廷抬头深情地看着他的脸。“好吧,拉乌尔。”Then they kissed, there by the door of the Opera House.Their first kiss.随后他们接吻了,在歌剧院的那道门边。那是他们的初吻。 Article/201204/177510;And you saw him frequently?; ;你常常和他见面吗?; ;Yes, almost every day. ; ;常常见面,差不多每天见面。; ;His manners are very different from his cousin#39;s. ; ;他的风度和他表兄大不相同。; ;Yes, very different. But I think Mr. Darcy improves upon acquaintance. ; ;的确大不相同;可是我想,达西先生跟人家处熟了也就好了。; ;Indeed!; cried Mr. Wickham with a look which did not escape her. ;And pray, may I ask?; But checking himself, he added, in a gayer tone, ;Is it in address that he improves? Has he deigned to add aught of civility to his ordinary style?--for I dare not hope, ; he continued in a lower and more serious tone, ;that he is improved in essentials. ; 只见韦翰顿时显出吃惊的神气,大声嚷道:;那可怪啦,对不起,我是否可以请问你一下;;;说到这里,他又控制住了自己,把说话的声调变得愉快些,然而接下去说:;他跟人家说话时,语气是否好了些?他待人接物是否比以前有礼貌些?因为我实在不敢指望他──;他的声调低下去了,变得更严肃了,;指望他从本质上变好过。; ;Oh, no!; said Elizabeth. ;In essentials, I believe, he is very much what he ever was. ; ;没那回事!;伊丽莎白说。;我相信他的本质还是和过去一样。;1.be different from 和;;不同May your destiny be different from her. 希望你的命运和她不同。 2.improve upon 改进Your complexion is wonderful; don#39;t try to improve upon nature你的肤色好得很,不要去设法改良天生的肤色。3. add A to B 将A添加到BHe added some wood to increase the fire. 他加了一些木柴,使火旺些。4.in essential 本质上,实质上In essential, it#39;s a real book.实质上,这是本非常好的书。 Article/201201/168502南昌/治疗卵巢功能早衰花多少钱

南昌/女性输卵管粘连治疗价格“你头一个想法就错了。她们除了希望他幸福以外,还有许多别的打算;她们会希望他更有钱有势;她们会希望他跟一个出身高贵、亲朋显赫的阔女人结婚。”;I must think your language too strong in speaking of both, ; replied Jane; ;and I hope you will be convinced of it by seeing them happy together. But enough of this. You alluded to something else. You mentioned TWO instances. I cannot misunderstand you, but I entreat you, dear Lizzy, not to pain me by thinking THAT PERSON to blame, and saying your opinion of him is sunk.We must not be so y to fancy ourselves intentionally injured. We must not expect a lively young man to be always so guarded and circumspect. It is very often nothing but our own vanity that deceives us. Women fancy admiration means more than it does. ;;And men take care that they should. ;;If it is designedly done, they cannot be justified; but I have no idea of there being so much design in the world as some persons imagine. ;;I am far from attributing any part of Mr. Bingley#39;s conduct to design, ; said Elizabeth; ;but without scheming to do wrong, or to make others unhappy, there may be error, and there may be misery. Thoughtlessness, want of attention to other people#39;s feelings, and want of resolution, will do the business. ;;And do you impute it to either of those?;;Yes; to the last. But if I go on, I shall displease you by saying what I think of persons you esteem. Stop me whilst you can. ;;You persist, then, in supposing his sisters influence him?;;Yes, in conjunction with his friend. ;;I cannot believe it. Why should they try to influence him? They can only wish his happiness; and if he is attached to me, no other woman can secure it. ;;Your first position is false. They may wish many things besides his happiness; they may wish his increase of wealth and consequence; they may wish him to marry a girl who has all the importance of money, great connections, and pride. ;;Beyond a doubt, they DO wish him to choose Miss Darcy, ; replied Jane; ;but this may be from better feelings than you are supposing. They have known her much longer than they have known me; no wonder if they love her better. But, whatever may be their own wishes, it is very unlikely they should have opposed their brother#39;s. What sister would think herself at liberty to do it, unless there were something very objectionable? If they believed him attached to me, they would not try to part us; if he were so, they could not succeed. By supposing such an affection, you make everybody acting unnaturally and wrong, and me most unhappy. Do not distress me by the idea. I am not ashamed of having been mistaken--or, at least, it is light, it is nothing in comparison of what I should feel in thinking ill of him or his sisters. Let me take it in the best light, in the light in which it may be understood. ;Elizabeth could not oppose such a wish; and from this time Mr. Bingley#39;s name was scarcely ever mentioned between them. Article/201109/154615江西中医药大学附属医院封闭抗体检查多少钱 南昌/修复处女膜大约多少钱

南昌/治支原体感染费用It was walking back and forth on the wall of the building over the door to Mister's store. And getting very angry and impatient. So far it seemed to be invisible to everyone else. However, through the glass door of the store I could see people walking by and they would look up over the door of the store and shiver and move away from the door. I could also feel that it was terribly evil.  By this time Mister had called the police. Then he said, "I'll just go out there and talk to the man and tell him I called the police, maybe he will go away, and no one will get into trouble." My mother grabbed his arm and said, "No man, no man big black thing, it kill, it kill, no go out, it kill you!!" My mother got between Mister and the door, by this time the employees and two customers in the store were getting alarmed wondering what my mother was talking about. I was crying and pushing Mister back saying, "Please, don't go, don't go wait for police!!" He unlocked the door, moved me and my mother aside, and started to walk out, my mother again got in his way, and I was in the back pulling on his pants, trying to keep him from going out. Article/200901/61472 Elizabeth could not repress a smile at this, but she answered only by a slight inclination of the head. She saw that he wanted to engage her on the old subject of his grievances, and she was in no humour to indulge him. The rest of the evening passed with the APPEARANCE, on his side, of usual cheerfulness, but with no further attempt to distinguish Elizabeth; and they parted at last with mutual civility, and possibly a mutual desire of never meeting again.伊丽莎白听到这些话,不由得微微一笑,她只稍微点了一下头,并没有做声。她看出他又想在她面前把那个老问题拿出来发一通牢骚,她可没有兴致去怂恿他。这个晚上就这样过去了,他表面上还是装得象平常一样高兴,可没有打算再逢迎伊丽莎白;最后他们客客气气地分了手,也许双方都希望永远不再见面了。When the party broke up, Lydia returned with Mrs. Forster to Meryton, from whence they were to set out early the next morning. The separation between her and her family was rather noisy than pathetic. Kitty was the only one who shed tears; but she did weep from vexation and envy. Mrs. Bennet was diffuse in her good wishes for the felicity of her daughter, and impressive in her injunctions that she should not miss the opportunity of enjoying herself as much as possible;advice which there was every reason to believe would be well attended to; and in the clamorous happiness of Lydia herself in bidding farewell, the more gentle adieus of her sisters were uttered without being heard.他们分手以后,丽迪雅便跟弗斯脱太太回到麦里屯去,他们打算明天一早从那儿动身。丽迪雅和家里分别的时候,与其说是有什么离愁别恨,还不如说是热闹了一场。只有吉蒂流了眼泪,可是她这一场哭泣却是为了烦恼和嫉妒。班纳特太太口口声声祝她女儿幸福,又千叮万嘱地叫她不要错过了及时行乐的机会;;─这种嘱咐,女儿当然会去遵命办理;她得意非凡地对家里人大声叫着再会,于是们低声细气地祝她一路平安的话,她听也没有听见。1.at last 终于, 最后The big moment has come at last!重要的时刻终于到来了!2.break up 破碎, 分裂The meeting didn#39;t break up until noon.集会到中午才结束。3.set out 出发, 开始They set out on the last stage of their journey.他们开始了旅行的最后一程。4.bid farewell 告别He bade farewell to his family.他向家里人告别。 Article/201201/168914九江市第一人民医院修复处女膜多少钱抚州市第一人民医院做输卵管复通



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