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我最要好的朋友(My best friend) -- 1::3 来源: 我最要好的朋友(My best friend)  I have a best friend .She is Xie Hai Lan. She is ten years old .She has long and black hair.She has big nose and small mouse .  She is beautiful but she is short .She looks like her father .She is good at swimming .Her favourite sport is running .She is friendly to me .  She likes listening to muisc .She likes her parents .She usually dances and sings on weekend .She always eats noodles and she never eats fish and chicken .  This is my best friend ,L like her very Much!推荐阅读:我最要好的朋友(My best friend)A Joke --19 ::1 来源: There was a cave full of lots of vampire bats. Once, a bat called Andy came home late and there was of blood all over his body. All of his friends and family asked him where the blood came from, and asked him to take place. He didn't want to tell them at first, but after a while, he said "Follow me, folks". Then they flew over a valley, crossed a river, and stopped in front of a stone. Andy asked "Do you guys see that tree?" And his friends all answered "Yes" And then Andy said "I didn't".Landmarks in Guangzhou -- :: 来源: Landmarks in GuangzhouLandmarks in Guangzhou在广州这个改革开放的城市里,每天在路上你都可能遇上一个外国旅游者向你问路作为这个城市的小主人,这时你就可以把学校里学到的知识使用出来,在外国朋友面前显露两招了如果你是Sally, 你会像她那样,礼貌地给旅游者指路吗?Dear Coral:How is everything coming?Last week, my Chinese friend Mia took me to the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family. It was lay on the seventh Zhongshan Road. Mia told me, the temple had 6 years' history; the Chen supported money to build it the students. I was attracted by the beautiful ornamengts on the wall there! They are colourful, lively, and also mysterious, it must be a rarely which is so grand! Besides, it showed feelings of native soil.Then we went to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Inside there is a picture gallery, an exhibition of Dr. Sun's life, and a large hall that may be used as a theater, concert, or meeting hall. Do you know Sun Yat-sen? He founded the first Republic in China in 19 after many years' fighting. He is a important person the past China.Now I am more and more enjoy Chinese trip, tomorrow we will go to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees and Tianhe Sports Complex, I am excited it!Yours JoyceThis is me! -- :01: 来源: This is me!Hello, this is me! I have big eyes, a small nose and clean teeth. I am a handsome boy! When I grow up, I want to be a computer engineer. I am very happy to do my housework, because I am a good boy.My English name is John. I like to eat pears. I am Class One, Grade Six. I am very happy to study English, because English is interesting. So my mark is good.Look!This is me!一个便条 A Note -- ::39 来源: Dear daddy,When I was doing my homework, Blaire called me to go out with her. She wanted to go to the bookshop. I also have some books to buy, so I go out with her. I will return at about 5 o'clock p.m.. Don't worry about me.Yours,Lily亲爱的爸爸:我正做作业的时候布莱尔打电话叫我陪她出去一下她想去书店,我也有些书要买我大概下午5点回来不用担心我李丽

在暑假里(in summer hoilday) --9 ::01 来源: 在暑假里(in summer hoilday)  in summer hoilday.i'm going to hang kong. i'm going to go by ship. i'm going to go sighseeing.  i'm going to stay in a hotel. i'm going to book store. i'll be very happy.

英语聊天:在美容店里的英语对话及词汇-- :31: 美容美发店应该是所有人都要光顾的地方,即便你不是那么爱美之人也总要理理头发吧用中文我们可以对自己想要达到的预期效果侃侃而谈,那么如果进了一家外国美容店,你又该如何同美容师对话呢?一起来学一下吧  Hairdresser: Good morning, madam  美容师:上午好,太太  Guest: Good morning. I would like a shampoo and set  客人:上午好我想洗头、做头发  Hairdresser: Yes, madam. What style do you want?  美容师:是,太太做什么式样?  Guest: I'd like to try a new hair style. Could you show me some pictures of hair styles?  客人:我想换个新发型你能不能给我看些发型式样的照片?  Hairdresser: Sure. We have various models: hair bobbed, hair sweptback, chaplet hair style, shoulder-length hair style, hair done in a bun. Please have a look at them, madam  美容师:可以我们有各种各样的发型,如剪短发、后掠式、盘花冠式、齐肩式,还有把头发挽成发髻太太,您请看  Guest: Thanks. Please give me the style in this picture here but make the wave longer. I would like hair spray, please  客人:谢谢请你这张照片上的发型烫,波浪烫长些请喷些发胶  Hairdresser: Yes, madam  美容师:好的,太太  Guest: Oh, your hair dryer is too hot. Would you adjust it, please?  客人:哎呦,吹风太热了,请调整一下吧  Hairdresser: Sorry, madam. I'll adjust it right away  美容师:对不起,太太我马上调整  Hairdresser: Is that all right now?  美容师:现在可以了吗?  Guest: Yes, thank  客人:可以了,谢谢  Hairdresser: Please have a look  美容师:请您看一看  Guest: Beautifully done. Please trim my eyebrows and darken them  客人:做得好极了请把眉毛修一下,再画深一点  Hairdresser: All right, madam. And would you like a manicure?  美容师:好的,太太您还要修一下指甲吗?  Guest: Yes. Use a light nail varnish, please  客人:要的请用浅色指甲油  Vocabulary 单词表  1. bob: 剪短(头发)  . sweptback: 向后倾斜的  3. chaplet: 花冠  . spray: 喷,洒  5. adjust: 调整  6. manicure: 修指甲  7. varnish: 清漆,油

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