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抚州看子宫性不孕哪家医院最好的南昌华山医院不育检查大约好吗U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations Samantha Power is visiting South Korea amid rising concern over North Koreas nuclear program and worries about increasing sophistication of the Norths missiles.美国驻联合国大使萨曼#8729;鲍尔正在韩国访问。目前人们对于朝鲜核武器项目以及导弹技术发展的担心日益严重。Ambassador Samantha Power visited the South Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone and toured the line that separates the two Koreas. Her visit comes as analysis of satellite images suggests Pyongyang may soon test an intercontinental ballistic missile.萨曼#8729;鲍尔大使参观了朝韩非军事区韩国一侧和三八线。目前有卫星图像显示,平壤可能很快会实验洲际弹道导弹。Power told a news conference in Seoul the ed States will use all available means to isolate the regime in Pyongyang.鲍尔大使在首尔记者会上说,美国将使用一切可能的手段来孤立平壤政权;We are committed to using all the tools in our toolkit to address the serious threat, including diplomatic pressures we are mobilizing around the world to convince other nations to isolate the regime.;她说:“我们将使用一切可能的工具在应对这一严重威胁,包括外交压力,我们正在说世界其他国家来孤立朝鲜政权。”Power met with South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn to discuss North Koreas nuclear program. She emphasized the close ties between the ed States and its ally on the Korean peninsula.鲍尔与韩国总理黄教安,讨论朝鲜核项目问题。她强调了美国与韩国的紧密关系;While the ed States may be farther away geographically from the DPRK than you are, we take the threat that the DPRK poses just as seriously. We understand that this is not only a threat to the ed States and the Republic of Korea, but to the very foundation of our international order.;鲍尔说:“尽管地理上美国距离朝鲜比较远,不过我们对于朝鲜构成的威胁和你们一样重视。我们理解这不仅是对美国与韩国的威胁,也威胁着国际秩序的基础。”The ed States and South Korea have urged governments around the world to take action against North Korea. Reports say they are applying pressure to stop North Korea from sending guest workers overseas to earn money for the regime.美国与韩国呼吁世界各国对朝鲜采取行动。有报道说,两国在施加压力制止朝鲜向海外输送劳工赚取外汇。There are also calls for tougher U.N. Security Council sanctions after the Norths fifth nuclear test last month in defiance of U.N. sanctions.朝鲜上个月不顾联合国制裁进行了第五次核试验,有关国家还呼吁联合国对朝鲜实施更严厉的制裁。来 /201610/470555南昌华山医院治疗早泄费用 Against a background of modern Moscow through the windows of the Federation Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Europe, stood a tall man with enigmatic eyes and a sincere smile. He was in the midst of 100 of Russia’s most influential individuals business owners, top managers, politicians and media people. While he was part of the crowd, he stood there friendly but somehow different to the others.他眼神深邃、笑容真挚,站在欧洲最高天大楼“联邦大厦Federation Tower)的窗前,窗外现代莫斯科的景致一览无余。他是俄罗斯100位最具影响力的个人(其中既有企业主、顶级经理人,也有政客和媒体人)之一。尽管他亲切地融入众人之中,但不知怎地就是与众不同。I met Sergey Galitskiy at the reception hosted by Andrey Kostin, president of VTB, the Russian bank, and director-general of St Petersburg University’s Graduate School of Management, where I am dean. I was lucky enough to be drawn into a conversation with Galitskiy that gave me belief in a simple maxim: everyone should be given a chance to become great and change the world.在俄罗斯外贸(VTB)行长、圣彼得堡大学管理学Graduate School of Management at St Petersburg University)(我是该学院的院长)理事长安德烈?科斯Andrey Kostin)举办的一场招待会上,我见到了谢尔加利茨基(Sergey Galitskiy)。我非常有幸与加利茨基进行了交谈,他使我相信了一条简单的格言:每个人都应该拥有变得伟大和改变世界的机会。What took me by surprise was that during our three-hour conversation he said little about his core business, even though it definitely merited attention. One of the most esteemed businessmen in Russia, Galitskiy created Magnit, the country’s largest retail chain, with a philosophy that the regions, rather than Moscow or St Petersburg, which dominate Russian business, should be the starting point and remain the prime focus. He founded Magnit in the southern city of Krasnodar and it has grown largely in provincial centres an unusual but successful approach. The chain now has more than 13,000 stores in 2,400 towns and cities across Russia.让我感到意外的是,在我们长达3个小时的交谈中,他很少谈及自己的核心业务,即使这绝对值得一提。作为俄罗斯最受人尊敬的商人之一,加利茨基创办了国内最大的零售连锁店Magnit。他的经营哲学是,应该以地区(而不是主导俄罗斯商业的莫斯科或圣彼得堡)为起点,并且一直将之作为主要焦点。他在南部城市克拉斯诺达Krasnodar)创建了Magnit,并在联邦区中心迅速发展——这种模式不常见但很成功。该连锁店如今在俄罗400个城镇拥有超.3万家店。Galitskiy’s success story first caught my attention 10 years ago. I started my career at a Russian aluminium company, managing marketing and sales of household aluminium foil in the north-west of the country.10年前,我第一次注意到加利茨基的成功经历。我在俄罗斯一家铝业公司开始职业生涯,负责俄罗斯西北部家用铝箔的市场推广和销售。Magnit, our biggest customer, had just had its initial public offering. Later, when I had switched to an academic career at St Petersburg GSOM, I used Magnit as a case study in my classes on supply chain management. Magnit was a great example of Russian business that could be compared to the world-renowned US retailer Walmart and Barilla, the food multinational.Magnit是我们最大的客户,当时它刚刚完成首次公开发行(IPO)。后来,我转行进入学术领域、在圣彼得堡大学管理学院工作,把Magnit作为供应链管理课程的研究案例。Magnit是俄罗斯企业的典范,可以与世界闻名的美国零售商沃尔玛(Walmart)和食品跨国企业巴里拉(Barilla)相媲美。The topic of our first conversation, however, was not retailing but football. I was not a football fan but my attitude to the game changed dramatically after our discussion. I learnt how Galitskiy had taken on the challenge of developing a football club, FC Krasnodar, not only by engaging with local business but also by changing the whole football system.然而,我们第一次交谈的话题不是零售,而是足球。我不是球迷,但在我们交流后,我对足球的态度大为转变。我知道了加利茨基如何面对发展克拉斯诺达尔足球俱乐部(FC Krasnodar)的挑战,不仅与当地企业建立了关系、还改变了整个足球体系。Football is the most popular sport in Russia. At the same time, it has become a national tragedy. The Soviet Union enjoyed its greatest success at the Uefa European NationsCup in 1960, which it won, but since then the national team has had some extremely poor results and very few good ones. However, 1960 remains still so strong in the Russian memory that it is mentioned by the media during each big competition.足球是俄罗斯最受欢迎的运动。同时,它也是民族的悲哀960年,苏联在欧足联(UEFA)举办的欧洲国家杯(European NationsCup,后改名为欧洲足球锦标赛,简称欧洲杯)中取得了巨大成功,赢得了第一届的冠军。但是自那以后,苏联队有过一些极糟糕的成绩,却很少取得好成绩。然而,俄罗斯人有关1960年的记忆仍然强烈,每逢重大赛事媒体都会提及那一年。The Russian Premier League is one of these. Its popularity has lured large Russian and international companies to fund the leading teams. Their sponsorship of star players and experienced coaches has led to some outstanding results in the recent past.俄罗斯足球超级联Russian Premier League)是其中之一。该联赛的高人气吸引了俄罗斯本土以及国际大企业来赞助领先的球队。他们赞助足球明星和经验丰富的教练,最近带来了一些令人瞩目的成绩。Krasnodar, though, the youngest senior football club in Russia, has rewritten the rules. Galitskiy founded the club in 2008, investing his time and money and achieving the seemingly impossible by using his talent as an entrepreneur.不过,克拉斯诺达尔足球俱乐部——俄罗斯最年轻的顶级联赛俱乐部——重写了规则。加利茨基于2008年创建了这家足球俱乐部,投入了时间和金钱并且利用他作为企业家的才智取得了看似不可能实现的成绩。His ultimate goal, however, was not just to have a football team. He also had an ambitious plan to improve football in Russia by changing the whole approach to the game. He established an academy at Krasnodar for boys who dream about football as he did when he was a child. The academy has become a community of hundreds of prospective footballers aged 12 to 17, training and studying all week. The idea at its core is a devotion to football, the club and the city, creating a foundation for future success. Graduates of the academy have aly surpassed expectations, playing in the Russian Premier League and in Europe.然而,他的最终目标不只是拥有一家足球队。他还有一个宏大计划——通过改变整个足球体系来提高俄罗斯的足球水平。他在克拉斯诺达尔创办了一家足球学校,面向那些像他年少时一样拥有足球梦的少年。该学校现在有数百名1217岁的准球员,整周进行培训和学习。该学校的核心理念是热爱足球、热爱俱乐部、热爱这座城市,为未来的成功打下了坚实基础。这家足球学校的毕业生已经超出了期望,在俄罗斯超级联赛和欧洲联赛效力。The club’s newly finished stadium has been another ambitious project. Galitskiy funded the construction of the 34,000-capacity arena, which has been built not for profit but for the dream of giving everyone a chance and leaving a mark on history.俱乐部新建成的场馆有另外一个宏伟计划。加利茨基投资建设了这座能容.4万人的体育场,目的不是盈利,而是为了实现他的梦想——给每个人一个机会、在历史上留下印记。These achievements, which Galitskiy revealed entirely without vanity during our conversation, were rooted in one big common idea: keep investing in the future and it will pay you back, both monetarily and morally. He is passionate about his city, his business, his football, his happiness and will do all it takes to move mountains while giving others the chance to live by the same conviction.这些成就——加利茨基在我们聊天中完全不带炫耀地讲述了这些成就——根植于一个很大的共同理念:继续投资未来,它会回报你的,无论是在金钱方面还是道德方面。他对自己的城市、企业、足球、以及快乐充满了,会尽一切可能创造奇迹,同时给其他人机会,使他们可以以同样的信念生活。A man of change is not generally recognised as a hero. The changes Galitskiy brings about are not seen as heroic. They are the result of a thousand simple steps taken by someone who keeps going with the future in mind.变革之人一般不被看作英雄。加利茨基带来的改变也不被视为英雄之举。它们是心系未来之人跬步之积的结果。Konstantin Krotov is head of the Graduate School of Management at St Petersburg University本文作者为圣彼得堡大学管理学院院长 /201701/487481九江县共青城市彭泽县武宁县修水县看输卵性不孕哪家医院最好的

景德镇看精液不液化哪家医院最好的The World Health Organization is advising officials not to accept blood donations from people who recently returned from countries affected by the Zika virus.世界卫生组织建议各国有关机构,不要接受近期从寨卡病毒传播国家返回者捐献的血液。The mosquito-borne virus is most prevalent in Latin America, particularly Brazil, and poses its greatest danger to pregnant women.寨卡病毒是一种通过蚊子叮咬传播的病毒,目前在拉丁美洲迅速传播,特别是巴西。寨卡病毒对妇构成最大威胁。Doctors suspect the Zika virus is linked to a rare neurological condition called microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads.医生怀疑寨卡病毒与一种罕见的新生儿小头症有关。Brazil reports more than 4,000 microcephaly cases since October. But experts are puzzled why it is nearly non-existent in other Latin American countries where the Zika virus is present.巴西报告说,自去0月以来发现了4000多起新生儿小头症病例。让专家们感到迷惑的是,其他拉美国家也存在寨卡病毒,但几乎没有发现过新生儿小头症病例。Spain confirmed the virus Thursday in a pregnant woman who recently traveled to Colombia. It is the first known pregnancy-related Zika case in Europe.西班牙星期四实,一名最近去过哥伦比亚的妇感染了寨卡病毒。这是欧洲第一个涉及妊娠的寨卡病毒感染病例。There is currently no treatment for Zika. But a number of global pharmaceutical houses are rapidly working on a vaccine.目前没有针对寨卡病毒感染的治疗手段,但一些全球制药大公司正在加紧研制疫苗。来 /201602/425847吉安治疗多囊卵巢月经不调价格表 鹰潭市月湖区余江县贵溪市治疗月经不调哪家医院最好

新余市渝水区分宜县治疗多囊卵巢综合症子宫内膜炎价格表 A North Korean submarine is missing and presumed sunk, according to reports in the US media. The vessel was operating off the North Korean coast for several days when it disappeared, a paper with close links to the US military says.根据美国媒体的一则报道,朝鲜的一艘潜艇下落不明,或已沉没。而一篇和美国军方有密切关联的文章指出,这艘潜艇消失时已经在朝鲜海岸执行任务数日。The accident comes at a time of heightened tension in the region as South Korea and the US continue their largest-ever military exercise. North Korea has issued another threat of war over the drill. It said it was prepared to launch a pre-emptive strike in response to any sign that an invasion was being prepared.这起事故发生之时正值该地区局势紧张之际,韩国和美国正进行他们有史以来最大型的联合军事演习。与此同时,朝鲜也对该军事演习发出了战争威胁。朝鲜方面表示,一旦发现任何入侵迹象,他们会随时准备进行先发制人的报复打击。According to the US Naval Institute journal, officials said the US Navy was tracking the submarine when it suddenly disappeared. It says the North Korean military operates a fleet of about 70 submarines ranging in sizes.根据美国海军学院杂志报道,政府官员表示,美国海军正在监视这艘潜艇的时候,它就突然消失了。该报道还指出,朝鲜军队拥有70艘大小不一的潜艇。The US military had observed the North Korean navy searching for the missing submarine, CNN reports. B Korea correspondent Stephen Evans says North Korea has two submarine bases on the eastern coast, facing Japan, and the submarine was thought to have been operating near these bases.根据CNN的报道,美军已对朝鲜海军进行监视并搜寻失踪的潜艇。B韩国通讯记者史蒂芬·埃文斯表示,朝鲜在东部海岸有两个朝向日本的潜艇基地,这艘潜艇应该在这些基地附近工作。If the North Korean submarine has sunk, it is not known if its difficulties were connected to the current stand-off between North and South, our reporter says. Security tensions have increased since the North tested a nuclear device in January.如果这艘潜艇已沉没,目前尚无法判断它的故障是否和现在南北对峙的局面有关。在一月份朝鲜进行核试验之后,该地区的安全局势日趋紧张。来 /201603/432252萍乡治疗不孕不育哪家医院好九江市都昌县湖口县医院治疗卵巢囊肿



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