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宜春去哪复通输卵管好宜春市樟树市奉新县万载县上高县不孕不育看哪家医院好Now I know there arent a lot of men here, but bear with me.我知道在座的男性数量很少,不过耐心点儿。If youre a man, youll have to represent your gender.如果你是男人 你就必须代表你的性别。Please raise your hand if youve been told youre too aggressive at work.如果曾经有人说你 工作太有野心请举手吧。Theres always a few, it runs about five percent. Okay, get y, gentlemen.还是有一些人的,大概 5% 好的,下面准备好了,先生们。If youre a woman, please raise your hand if youve ever been told youre too aggressive at work.如果你是个女性,曾经有人说你 工作太有野心请举起手吧。That is what audiences have said in every country in the world,and its deeply supported by the data.每个国家的观众其反馈都一致,数据也很好地佐了这个现象。Now, do we think women are more aggressive than men? Of course not.那么我们真的认为 女性比男性有野心?当然不是。Its just that we judge them through a different lens,and a lot of the character traits that you must exhibit to perform at work, to get results, to lead, are ones that we think, in a man, hes a boss, and in a woman, shes bossy.只是我们用不同的视角去衡量他们有很多工作上需要的性格特征 比如行动力、领导力。对于男人来说,他是一个老板;对于女人来说,她就是专横的。And the good news about this is that we can change this by acknowledging it.好消息是通过承认这个现象 我们就能改变。One of the happiest moments I had in this whole journey is,after the book came out, I stood on a stage with John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco.在我的整个历程中 其中一次最快乐的经历就是这本书出版后,我和思科首席执行官 约翰.钱伯斯一起站在台上。He the book. He stood on a stage with me, he invited me in front of his whole management team,men and women, and he said, I thought we were good at this. I thought I was good at this.他看过那本书,和我一起站在台上 邀请我站在他的整个管理团队面前里面有男有女,然后他说:我以为 我们做得很好,我以为我做得很好。And then I this book, and I realized that we-my company we have called all of our senior women too aggressive,and Im standing on this stage, and Im sorry.但是我读了这本书以后,我意识到 我们-我的公司。一直说我们的女性高管过于强势。现在我站在这个台上说:我很抱歉。And I want you to know were never going to do it again.并且想你们知道, 以后我们再也不会这样做了。Can we send that to a lot of other people that we know?我们可以把这句话告诉 其他认识的人么?And so John is doing that because he believes its good for his company, and so this kind of acknowledgement of these biases can change it.所以约翰做了 他认为对公司有益的事。所以说只要坦承偏见就可改正错误。And so next time you all see someone call a little girl bossy, you walk right up to that person, big smile, and you say.下一次,你们看见有人说 一个小姑娘专横跋扈时你要走上前去,笑着告诉那人。That little girls not bossy. That little girl has executive leadership skills.这个女孩不是专横, 她有行政领导能力。I know thats what youre telling your daughter.Absolutely.我想你一直是这么告诉女儿吧。一点不错。PM: And you did focus in the book-and the reason, as you said, in writing it, was to create a dialogue about this.你确实在书中重点谈了— 如你所说写书的目的是为了建立一种对话机制。I mean, lets just put it out there, face the fact that women are in a time when we have more open doors, and more opportunities are still not getting to the leadership positions.我想说让我们把它放在那里 面对这样的现实。我们的时代有更多机会和选择。但女性仍旧无法得到领导职位。So in the months that have come since the book, in which Lean In focused on that and said,here are some of the challenges that remain, and many of them we have to own within ourselves and look at ourselves. What has changed?那么在这本书出版后的几个月《向前一步》集中讨论这点。现在仍然有些挑战 有很多挑战自我的机会。需要审视自我,有什么改变了?Have you seen changes?你看到了改变么?Well, theres certainly more dialogue, which is great.嗯,确实有更多对话,这很好。But what really matters to me, and I think all of us, is action.不过对我、对所有人来说 真正重要的是行动。So everywhere I go, CEOs, theyre mostly men, say to me, youre costing me so much money because all the women want to be paid as much as the men.无论我去到哪里,首席执行官们 他们大部分是男性,都跟我说你让我出大增因为所有女性都希望和男性薪酬平等。And to them I say, Im not sorry at all.我就和他们说: 我一点都不感到抱歉。201501/352084赣州治疗卵巢性不孕多少钱 Only this family could take one of its sons who aly had three name changes只有这个大家庭能够接受一个已经改过三次名字的儿子and give him a fourth, Dr. Combs并给他第四个名字 库姆斯士I know the board of trustees are looking at me back there like我知道校董们肯定正坐在后面想this is not the regular type of commencement speech that were used to这可不是我们习惯的那种常规毕业演讲Waste time first of all一开始就浪费了一堆时间Were changing things out here, you feel me?我们正在改变规则 感觉到了吗and thanks to this board right here这多亏了在座的各位校董It was all a dream, I used to Word Up Magazine我要谈的是梦想 我过去常常读Word Up杂志Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine崇拜豪华大轿车中的Salt-n-Pepa和Heavy DAnd then I went and enrolled into Howard Universe之后我被录取到霍华德大学I can still remember my first day at Howard Universe我还记得自己在霍华德大学度过的第一天I walked up that hill我爬到山上past the Quad through the main gate通过大门 经过QuadI made a ride on to the Yard我骑车去了YardMy mind was blown我感到非常震撼See, Im from New York知道吗 我来自纽约And New York has its own world and I rarely traveled outside in New York纽约有自己独特的世界 我很少外出到纽约进行游览So my mind was blown我当时觉得很震撼when I saw so many beautiful shades of brown我是第一次看到这么多漂亮的棕肤色身影I never heard so many accents我第一次听到这么多种口音Ive never seen so many beautiful women我第一次见到这么多漂亮的女士And we all know that Howard has the most beautiful intelligent women in a world我们都知道 霍华德拥有全世界最美丽聪慧的女性# be clear, # be clear我明确提醒一下 这里值得#201412/351077景德镇看免疫性不孕哪家医院最好的

宜春市袁州区高安市丰城市不孕不育What else am I missing? 我还漏掉了什么Okay, all those others. Those too, those are useful degrees 好 其它所有这些 也都是很有用的学位I had a degree in history literature 我拿到的是历史文学学位which is a great degree too 这个学位也很不错but theres some of the least practical majors and I combined them 不过 最不实用的专业课都被我选到了And its not that I didnt ideas about what to do after graduating, I had too many 我在毕业后倒不是一点想法都没有 而是想法太多I thought about taking the foreign service exam 我想过参加驻外事务考试about spending life as a diplomat 当一名外交官I even thought about medical school and how I could save people 我还想过进入医学院 去挽救人们的生命but then I also thought about waiting tables 我还想到了餐馆务and maybe opening a cupcake shop 或许我可以开一家杯形蛋糕店but in the meantime, I needed into my life intervened 但是 生活并不是一大堆幻想I became practical 我需要实际一些I needed money after graduation 我毕业后需要钱And my parents were not going to pay my way anymore 我父母也不打算继续付我的生活开I stopped worrying about getting the right job 我不再考虑怎么找到正确的工作and I focused on just getting a job 只要找到一份工作我就心满意足了And although its quite difficult at the time, I need to thank my parents 那段时间很艰难 不过我需要感谢父母for forcing me out into the workforce 谢谢他们逼我进入了职场My mom and dad are here today 我的父母今天也在现场So thank you, mom and dad 谢谢你们 爸爸妈妈for making me get up, get out and do something 是你们让我走出了第一步 开始自己的职业生涯With programming under my belt 由于有编程技能I found work for a small educational startup in Palo Alto 我在帕洛阿尔托的一家小型教育初创公司找到了工作and I discovered that technology was creative 我发现 技术具有创造性I could build things for people all over the world 我可以为全世界所有人创建出东西It was a start of a journey that has led me to incredible places 这是一个很好的开始 将我引向人生中各种美妙的地方But it was never my plan 但这并不是我的计划So maybe one thing more to try to remember 也许更需要大家记住的一点是is plans are made to be broken 计划就是用来打破的201512/414396鹰潭治疗不孕不育哪家医院好 Mr. President校长先生I should now like to introduce Thomas A. Pugel我下面要介绍 托马斯?A?普格尔professor of economics and global business经济和全球商务教授vice dean for MBA programs, Leonard N. Stern School of Business斯特恩商学院MBA项目副主任who will present the candidate for doctor of commercial science他将为大家介绍我们的商学士候选人Chair of the Board, Martin Lipton and please escort this candidate to the lectern请校董马丁.利普顿将这位候选人引上前台Janet Louise Yellen珍妮特?露意丝?耶伦chair of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve system美国联邦储备委员会主席and first woman to control American central bank in its 100-year history美国央行百年历史上的第一位女性领导者you employ the powerful tools of your office在职期间 你很好地利用了手中权力with sound judgment, deep expertise判断准确 技术专精and a strong sense of social responsibility体现出无比强烈的社会责任感A Brooklyn native作为布鲁克林本地人an alumnus of Brown and Yale Universities作为布朗和耶鲁大学校友you were drawn to economics by the rigor of its methods你熟练地驾驭了经济学研究的严谨方法and its potential to benefit humankind充分发挥了它的潜能 用以造福人类you served on the faculties of Harvard University and UC Berkeley你在哈佛大学和加大伯克利担任过教职工作where you are now a professor emeritus现任学校荣誉教授and ably served the Presidents Council of Economic Advisers在总统经济顾问委员会优秀地履行过职责Let me pause here for a personal note让我在这里加一点个人注解that I think is very appropriate to our event我认为在这样的场合讲这个很合适201504/368599赣州市章贡区南康区宁都县于都县看不排卵哪家医院最好的

景德镇乐平市浮梁县治疗不孕不育哪家医院好So, Im making fun of it, but we discussed this for so many days.好吧,我在嘲笑它,但是我们讨论这件事有许多天了。You have no idea.你一点主意也没有。And to this day, I am ambivalent,至今我仍然在矛盾着。but when you have instead games like Flow, theres no doubt.但是当你有替代的游戏像《浮游世界》,当然毫无疑问。Its like, its about serenity and its about sublime.它有点像是关于宁静和崇高的。Its about experiencing what it means to be a sea creature.它是关于体验变成海洋生物意味着什么。Then we have a few also side-scrollers -- classical ones.我们也有少量像《横向卷轴》等的经典游戏。So its quite a hefty collection.这的确是一个巨大的收藏。And right now, we started with the first 14,现在,让我们从最初的14个开始,but we have several that are coming up,我们还有数个即将收购的游戏,and the reason why we havent acquired them yet is because you dont acquire just the game.为什么我们还没有收购它们呢?因为你不会只收购游戏,You acquire the relationship with the company.你还收购与公司之间的关系。What we want, what we aspire to, is the code.我们想要,渴望得到的是代码。Its very hard to get, of course.当然,这是很难得到的。But thats what would enable us to preserve the games for a really long time,不过这也使我们能够在一段很长的时间里保存游戏。and thats what museums do.这也是物馆所做的。They also preserve artifacts for posterity.当然他们也为后人保存文物。In absence of the code, because, you know,因为,你们知道,如果没有代码, game companies are not very forthcoming in some cases,公司在某些情况下不是很愿意,in absence of that, we acquire the relationship with the company.在没有代码的情况下,我们收购与公司的关系。Were going to stay with them forever.我们将永远和它们在一起,Theyre not going to get rid of us.他们不会摆脱我们。And one day, well get that code.总有一天,我们会得到那个代码。But I want to explain to you the criteria that we chose for interaction design. Aesthetics are really important.但是我想向你们解释我们选择交互设计的准则,美学是非常重要的。And Im showing you Core War here,在这儿我想向你们展示《磁芯大战》,which is an early game that takes advantage aesthetically of the limitations of the processor.它是一种早期的游戏,从美学上利用处理器的局限性。So the kind of interferences that you see here that look like beautiful barriers in the game你在这里看到的这种干扰,看起来像游戏中的美丽屏障,are actually a consequence of the processors limitedness,事实上是处理器局限性的后果,which is fantastic. So aesthetics is always important.真是很奇妙。所以美学始终是非常重要的。And so is space, the spatial aspect of games.游戏的空间方面也是如此。You know, I feel that the best games are the ones that have really savvy architects我觉得最好的是那些在幕后由真正资深的设计师制作的。that are behind them, and if theyre not architects,如果他们不是受过良好训练的架构师,bona fide trained in architecture, they have that feeling.他们就不会有这种感觉。But the spatial evolution in games is extremely important.但空间演变在中是极其重要的。Time. The way we experience time in games,时间,我们在中度过时间的方式,as in other forms of interaction design, is really quite amazing.像在其它形式的交互设计中一样,确实是令人惊叹的。It can be real time or it can be the time within the game,它可以是真实的时间,也可以是游戏中的时间。as is in Animal Crossing, where seasons follow each other at their own pace.例如在《动物之森》中,季节以各自的节奏更替。So time, space, aesthetics, and then, most important, behavior.所以时间,空间,美学,然后,最重要的行为。The real core issue of interaction design is behavior.交互设计的真正的核心问题是行为。Designers that deal with interaction design behaviors设计师们处理交互设计行为。that go to influence the rest of our lives.这些行为去影响我们生活的其它部分。Theyre not just limited to our interaction with the screen.它们并不局限于我们与屏幕的互动。In this case, Im showing you Marble Madness, which is a beautiful game在这个例子中,我将给你们展示《疯狂石头》。这是一个美丽的游戏。in which the controller is a big sphere that vibrates with you,控制者是一个大球体和你一起颤动,so you have a sphere thats moving in this landscape,所以在这种风景下你有一个运动的球体。and the sphere, the controller itself, gives you a sense of the movement.这个球体,控制者本身,给了你运动的感觉。In a way, you can see how games are the purest aspect of interaction design某种程度上,你可以看到怎样是最纯净的交互设计方面,and are very useful to explain what interaction is.以及在解释交互设计是什么时是如此的有用。We dont want to show the games我们不想使用一些设备来展示,with the paraphernalia. No arcade nostalgia.没有怀旧街机游戏。If anything, we want to show the code,如果可以的话,我们想展示代码。and here you see Ben Frys distellamap of Pac-Man, of the Pac-Man code.这里你看到Ben Fry的《小精灵》游戏的操作代码与图形的混合。201512/414859 新余性激素检查萍乡安源区湘东区莲花县查封闭抗体费用



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