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Jin Dynasty金朝Social Economy社会经济During the early years of the Jin, the frequency of hostilities caused the economy to stagnate.金朝早期,接连的战争使经济停滞。With a view to promoting commercial development, Emperor Taizu, adopted a policy of reducing trade barriers which included the establishment of a trading relationship with the Song.为了促进商业发展,金太祖采取了减少贸易壁垒的政策,其中包括建立与宋朝的贸易关系。This soon had an effect and expedited the recovery and development of commerce.这个政策很快取得了成效,加快了商业的复苏与发展。Furthermore, he revitalized agriculture through tax reduction and exemptions so as to encourage the farming community to trade with the neighboring tribes.不仅如此,太祖还通过降低和免除税收鼓励农民与周边的部落进行贸易并以此振兴农业。This brought about economic prosperity from the reign of the Prince of Hailing to the reign of Emperor Zhangzong.这些举措带来了从海陵王到金长宗时期的经济繁荣。The flourishing economy also benefited from a monetary reform that was introduced in 1198 during the reign of Emperor Zhangzong.繁盛的经济同时还得益于1198年金长宗执政时推行的货币改革。For the first time, silver was used as legal tender.银子第一次被用作法定货币。This reform was an important milestone in the history of currency and was to have a far-reaching influence on the currency system of later dynasties and even modern times.这场改革是货币史上的一个重要的里程碑,并对之后的朝代乃至今日的货比系统造成了深远的影响。 /201512/406497French actress Sophie Marceau recently joined middle-aged Chinese women for a square dance in the southern city of Guangzhou, a local newspaper reported.近日,据当地媒体报道,法国女演员苏菲·玛索在南部城市广州加入了中国大妈的队伍,跳起了广场舞。Popular with Chinese audiences, the actress frequently visits China for cultural exchange events or promotional activities for endorsed brands.深受中国观众欢迎的这位女演员经常来华参加文化交流活动和代言品牌的推广活动。The Parisian beauty said as a French woman she may only have one chance in her life to dance like this and ;it just feels great.;这位巴黎美女表示,作为一个法国人,这种在广场跳舞的机会,可能一生只有一次,;感觉真是太棒了;。Current humid weather in Guangzhou did not seem to dampen her spirits. She said she isn#39;t bothered by the weather and looks forward to some good local cuisine.广州目前潮湿的天气似乎并没有让她的精神萎靡不振。玛索表示,她不会受到天气的影响,并期待着能吃到一些当地的美食。Many elderly women enjoy swiveling their hips and rolling their arms in parks and plazas across the country, but it#39;s not to everyone#39;s liking since the music -- pop from the present and decades ago -- can be loud and disturbing.在全国各地的公园和广场上,许多中老年妇女都喜欢扭动臀部、挥动胳膊。但是并不是所有人都喜欢这种事。究其原因是因为那些现在或者几十年前流行的音乐实在是太吵、太让人不安了。Netizens are quite pleased with Marceau#39;s participation, with one comment saying she added ballet elements to the Chinese-style dance.广大网友对玛索跳广场舞大为赞赏,有人称,她把中式广场舞跳出了芭蕾舞的感觉。 /201603/433466

For a man who once weighed 980 pounds and had aly lost 650 of them, the loss of 50 more — the amount that vanished after Paul Mason#39;s nine-and-a-half-hour operation last month — might not seem like a big deal.对于一个曾重达980磅(约为445公斤),并已经减掉650磅(约为295公斤)的人来说,再减掉50磅好像根本不算什么。保罗·梅森就是这样,他上个月刚刚通过9个半小时的手术减掉了50磅(23公斤)。But Mr. Mason, who at his heaviest was known informally as the world#39;s fattest man, had been all but crippled by those 50 pounds, loose skin that hung over his body like melted wax over a candlestick. And so its absence has made all the difference.但是对于梅森——这个体重最重时被民间传为世界上最胖的人来说, 身上50磅松松垮垮的皮肤就像融化的烛蜡堪堪挂在烛台上一样,这50磅消失后,一切都不一样了。It means he can get out of his wheelchair and go for a walk. It means he can take a shower standing up. It means that his knees no longer ache, that he can slip easily in and out of bed without feeling like he has anvils strapped to his thighs, that he has sensation in his feet, and that when he puts his pants on he does not have to contend with an apron of extra flesh flopping from his waist to his thighs.现在的他可以甩掉轮椅独立行走;可以站着洗澡。现在的他膝盖不再疼痛;上下床时不再像大腿绑着铁砧一样;双脚也有了知觉;穿裤子时也不用再和从腰上耷拉到大腿的一圈肉做斗争。;It seems a bit weird,; Mr. Mason said recently. ;I#39;d got so used to maneuvering my excess skin out of the way.;;感觉有点诡异,;梅森最近说道。;毕竟我已经习惯随时把我多余的皮肤想办法拨开了。;It took a lot of planning and a great deal of good fortune for Mr. Mason, who is 54 and comes from Ipswich, England, to have the operation at all. Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where it was performed, waived all its fees. So did the four plastic surgeons who operated, and so did the general surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the nurses who took part.来自英国伊普斯维奇现年54岁的梅森做足了准备才终于完成了这项手术。进行手术的曼哈顿上东区勒诺克斯山医院免去了一切手术费用。同时,执刀的四名整形外科医生、普通外科医生、麻醉师和参加手术的护士都没收取任何费用。Mr. Mason#39;s bills would probably have exceeded 0,000, said Dr. Jennifer Capla, the surgeon who led the team at Lenox Hill.据勒诺克斯山医院领导这手术队伍的医师珍妮弗·卡普拉说,梅森的账单大概会超出25万美元(约合155.2万元)。It took Mr. Mason a long time to get as fat as he was, and it has taken him a long time to try to shed all that weight and find a life approaching normalcy. Bullied, sexually abused and unloved as a child, he said he dulled his feelings with more and more food. Eventually he got into bed and kept eating until he became too heavy to get out. Finally, spurred by a sympathetic therapist, he had gastric bypass surgery, in England, overhauled his diet and dropped to 350 pounds.梅森经历了很长时间才变得这么胖,又花了很长时间瘦下来,过上正常人的生活。幼年时期遭遇的欺凌、性虐待、失宠让他依赖越来越多地进食来发泄情绪。结果他躺到床上,一直不停地吃,吃到胖得没法下床。最终,在一名同情他的临床医师的鼓励下,他在英国进行了胃分流手术,彻底改变了饮食,把体重减到了350磅。Back at home now in Orange, Mass., where Mr. Mason has moved to be with Ms. Mountain, the couple still faces many obstacles.如今梅森已经回到家乡马萨诸塞州的奥兰治市,并和蒙特恩住在了一起。然而这对眷侣面前的路途依旧坎坷。Though her cat-furniture business is beginning to take off, Ms. Mountain said, she does all the work herself and she struggles to keep up with orders. Money is very tight, and there are issues surrounding Mr. Mason#39;s immigration status.蒙特恩说,尽管她的猫家具事业正有所起色,但她要独立负担所有工作,疲于及时处理接到的订单。家里财政紧缺,同时梅森的移民身份也有些问题。His visa is scheduled to run out in a few months. He and Ms. Mountain cannot get married and live together in the ed States until she can prove to the authorities that she has the means to support him as well as herself, she said.梅森的签还有几个月就到期了。如果蒙特恩不能明自己有能力同时养活他和自己,他们就不能在美国结婚生活,她解释道。;Somehow or other he will find a way to stay, and then he can maybe take a part-time job in town,; she said.;总有办法能留下的,到时候他大概可以在城里做份兼职吧,;她说。;Stacking shelves, whatever I can do,; Mr. Mason said. ;I don#39;t mind.;;摆架子,只要是我能做的就行,;梅森说。;我不在意具体是什么工作。;Down the line, he hopes to have at least one more operation, to remove the flesh that still hangs from his upper arms. But that is in the future. At the moment Mr. Mason is just adjusting to his new self, emerging into a different life; one with more possibility.梅森希望将来至少能再进行一次手术,切除他耷拉在上臂的肉。但这些都是后话,现在的梅森还在适应全新的自己,步入完全不同的人生,感受新人生的万千可能。He does not get as tired as he did just after the operation and is now walking his dog, Duke, in the garden every morning, something that was unthinkable before. He and Ms. Mountain have done some gardening, and are starting to make plans to grow vegetables and fruit.梅森觉得和术后初期相比已经没那么累了。现在他每天早上在花园里遛他的,杜克(Duke),这在以前想都不敢想。他和蒙特恩一起修建了花园,并筹划着种上蔬菜水果。The other day, they went to the movies. It seems like a small thing, but it wasn#39;t.前几天他们还一起去看了场电影。听上去没什么但实际上却很特别。;I was able to sit in a cinema seat for the first time in 30 years and hold hands and cuddle, like couples do,; he said.;这是我人生三十年来第一次能坐在电影院座位里,还能像情侣一样牵手拥抱,;他说。 /201509/400193

Just a day before Americans across the country sit down to celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey dinners, Obama was on hand to reveal the turkeys whose lives would be spared. He also rolled out an array of his signature dad jokes, such as, ;Time flies, even if turkeys don#39;t.;美国会在感恩节当天享用火鸡大餐来庆祝,感恩节前一天奥巴马举行了火鸡赦免仪式。奥巴马致辞感慨:“时光飞逝,但火鸡不飞。”As is tradition, the president was accompanied by his daughters, Malia and Sasha, for the occasion.作为传统,奥巴马是在两个女儿的见下完成的这一仪式。;They do this solely because it makes me feel good, not because they actually think this is something I should be doing, and as you get older you appreciate when your kids just indulge you like this and I am grateful for this,; Obama said.奥巴马称:“女儿们的陪伴只是为了让父亲感觉放松一些,而不是因为她们认为这就是义务。老了以后才会更加珍视孩子对你如此迁就的时刻。我很感激她们的陪伴。”This year, there were two turkeys up for the title of the National Thanksgiving Turkey, and Americans were able to vote on Twitter for which bird should be crowned the winner. While there could only be one winner, both turkeys were pardoned by the president, though only one got the privilege of gracing his presence.今年有两只火鸡竞选国家感恩节火鸡的称号,美国人民在推特上投票选出自己最喜欢的那只。尽管只有一个胜者,但是两只火鸡最后都被赦免,不会被送进烤箱,但是只有一只得到了国家感恩节火鸡的称号。;America is a country of second chances and this turkey has earned his spot to live a second chance,; Obama said.奥巴马称:“美国是一个给予人民第二次机会的国家,这只火鸡赢得了第二次机会。”The turkeys were dubbed ;Honest; and ;Abe; by schoolchildren in California. The Twitter contest was a close race, but Abe came out on top with 55 percent of the vote.两只火鸡的名字分别为“诚实”和“安倍”,是由加州学生选出。尽管两只火鸡的票数势均力敌,但是最后安倍因获得了55%的持率而获胜。While the two turkeys are both originally from California#39;s Central Valley, they will not be returning to the Golden State, but rather will be spending the rest of their lives on a farm in Virginia.这两只火鸡都是在加州长大,但是他们不会被送回去,而会被送到维吉尼亚州的一个农场安度晚年。While Obama candidly admitted he agreed with those who think the annual event is a little ridiculous, he did close out the ceremony on a more serious note as he wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.尽管奥巴马也认为这个年度仪式有些荒唐,他还是以祝大家感恩节快乐而结束了这次仪式。;We go through challenging times, so often the news of the day can make folks discouraged,; the president said, ;but the fact is that we live in the greatest country on earth and we are blessed in so many ways.;总统说:“我们经历了很多艰辛,有些新闻也会让我们倍感沮丧,但是事实上我们生活在世界上最伟大的国家,我们在许多方面是幸运的。” /201511/412648

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