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Thomas Cromwell is probably the least sentimental Englishman ever to run the country.托马斯·克伦威尔也许是英国执政者中 最冷酷无情的人He understood with a clarity that Henry could never quite manage他对于局势的清楚认识 是亨利永远难以企及的that it would not be enough for the break with Rome to be proclaimed and then expect everyone to fall into line.他明白 仅仅宣布同罗马教廷决裂 远不足以让各方势力乖乖从He was anticipating a fight, and he was prepared to fight hard.他预见了战争 并做好打硬仗的准备Cromwell knew that sooner or later the Pope would throw his big gun into the battle excommunication. 克伦威尔知道迟早有一天 教皇会派出他的王牌 将英国逐出教会And if the king was to win the war,hed better fight back with something more or less novel in the language of politics, namely patriotism.而国王若想赢得这场战争 则要出奇制胜 以新颖的政治旗号予以反击 即爱国主义The country had to be aroused to a new sense of its sovereignty, its potency.这个国家必须要被激发出 新的主权意识与王权意识Demonise Rome as the foreigner,the alien, the enemy.将罗马妖魔化 视为外邦 异国 仇敌To this engine of chauvinist propaganda,Cromwell added the necessary machinery of coercion.为推广沙文主义 克伦威尔附加了必要的高压政策An oath had to be sworn recognising the royal supremacy,臣民必须宣誓承认王权至尊the legitimacy of the heirs of the king and Queen Anne,and the bastardisation of the Lady Mary.承认国王和安妮皇后的继承人合法 承认玛丽为私生女Insulting the new queen was treason,calling the king a schismatic or a heretic was treason.侮辱新皇后属叛国罪 称国王为宗教分裂者或异端者为叛国罪For the first time in English law,it was a crime just to say things.英国法律中首次 将发表言论列为罪行Cromwell managed to turn england into a frightened,snivelling, jumpy place克伦威尔成功地将英格兰变成了一个恐怖 悲戚 人人自危的国家where denunciation was a sanctimonious duty and countless petty little scores got settled by people who were protesting that they were just doing ;The right thing;.在此 道貌岸然者乐此不疲地揭发他人 而那些无数可怜的含冤而死者 只能在;死者无罪;抗议声中 得以瞑目 /201701/486669But this Little Big Shot follows her own path.本期“小小达人秀”主人公遵循着她自己的道路。Ladies and gentlemen, from Apex, North Carolina, heres Ainsley.女士们先生们,有请来自北卡州艾派克的安斯利。Hey, Ainsley, how you doing? Good.你好,安斯利,最近好吗?很好。Have a seat. Come on over here.来过来坐这儿。How old are you? 6.你几岁了?六岁。Wow. So, tell me why youre a Little Big Shot.你为什么来“小小达人秀”,能告诉我原因吗?I dressed up as a hot dog to dance.我扮成热跳舞。On the Internet, you have over 100 million views.网络浏览量超过了1个亿。Lets take a look at the photo. Lets have a look at this photo.让我们先来看看照片。So, all the rest of the little girls, they dressed up as a princess. Yes.照片上的其他女孩都扮成了公主。是的。You kind of went the other way and came as a hot dog.你反其道而行,扮成了一个热。Yes, I did. Why? Because that was my favorite costume.是的。为什么?因为这是我最喜欢的装。And I only did that because it was wear your favorite costume to dance, and that was my favorite costume.因为我能穿着自己喜欢的装跳舞,这是我最喜欢的衣。So, you kind of believe in being yourself? Yes.你是在做自己,是吗?是的。Did your parents try to talk you out of wearing the hot-dog outfit? No.你父母有没有劝你别穿了?没有。Are they different, too? Kind of.他们是不是有一些与众不同?有一点吧。Yeah. What makes your mom different? Singing.那好,是什么让妈妈变得与众不同?唱歌。Oh, she sings? Yeah.哦,她唱歌?是的。Have you thought about singing, or you just gonna be a hot dog?你想过唱歌吗,还是你就喜欢热?I mostly sing in my room and sometimes in my closet.我多数在房间唱歌,有时也在衣橱里面。In your closet? Yes.在衣橱?是的。So, how often do you have to go in the closet?你多久得去一趟衣橱?Mostly every time I get home from school.大多数情况下,我都是放学后去。But Im lucky now because its summer break.但我很幸运,因为现在放暑假。So, summers off from the closet, huh? Yes.所以暑假就不用躲衣橱里了是吧?是的。Are those your parents over there? Yes.那个是你父母吗?是的。This is not gonna go good on TV. You know that.这在电视中讲出来可不好,你们知道的。How big is the closet? Tiny. Yeah.你的衣橱大吗?很小。是吗?Yeah. Thats the type of information we need to know about.是的。我们就要了解这样的信息。Do you know what it means when someone says your parents are being charged?你父母面临指控,你知道人们说这句话的意思吗?Yeah, kind of.知道一点点。So, what do you think that means? Like, we were gonna charge your parents, what would that mean to you?你都知道什么?比方说,我们会对你的父母进行指控,你觉得这是什么意思?Charging them to eat a pizza?指控他们去吃披萨?Yeah, they dont serve where theyre going.不错,他们有些地方是没做到位。Whats in the bag? A hot-dog costume.包里是什么?热装。Thats exactly what I wore for my ballet class.我上芭蕾课时就穿这个。Can I see it? Sure.我能看看嘛? 当然。Love this little girl, man.这小女孩真可爱。Oh, okay. That made you famous. Yes.这就是你走红的原因。是的。Thats it. Mm-hmm. This is all.就这么多。恩,对的。You know what? I think youve proven one thing very well.你知道吗?你很好地明了一件事情。I think that being an individual is pretty much the way to go.做自己是正确的道路。I think, Ainsley, youve been a great inspiration to us all, doing what you believe.安斯利,你给了所有人一个启发,做你认为正确的事情。And I believe, how about free hot dogs for everybody?我们向在场所有人分发热怎么样?Lets go! Were passing them out. Come on. Bring one over here.来吧!我们把热发出去。来吧,这边发一个。Thank you, sir. Thanks.非常感谢您。谢谢。Folks, give your love for Hot Dog Princess Ainsley!朋友们,为“热公主”安斯利鼓掌!Thank you, Ainsley. Take care. Bye-bye.感谢,安斯利!保重。再见。201706/514339Chairs. Chairs are made to the people can sit down and take a break.椅子。椅子是让人坐下来休息用的。Anyone can sit on a chair所有人都能坐在椅子上and if the chairs large enough they can sit down together如果椅子够大,还能很多人一起坐,and tell jokes, or make up stories or just listen.说笑话,编故事,或是聆听。Chairs are for people and that is why chairs are like Facebook椅子是为人设计的,所以椅子就像脸书Doorbells, airplanes, bridges, these are things people use to get together门铃、飞机、桥梁,人类会靠这些东西集结so they can open up and connect about ideas and musics, and other things people share,彼此敞开心胸,建立连接,谈谈点子,音乐,和其他人彼此分享的东西Dance floors, basketball, a great nation.舞池,篮球,一个伟大的国家。A great nation is something people build so they can have a place where they belong.伟大的国家是人建成的,是为了要有自己所属的地方。The universe, it is fast and dark, and makes us wonder if we are alone宇宙又快又黑,所以我们会很好奇,自己是不是孤独的。So maybe the reason we make all of these things is to remind ourselves that we are not.或许我们做出这些东西,是为了要提醒我们自己,我们不是孤独的。201701/490062

Today is Hillary Clintons birthday.今天是希拉里·克林顿的生日As its her custom shed every year she spent a quiet evening drinking the blood of her enemy.就像是每年的惯例 在一个安静的傍晚品尝胜利的滋味Focus testing gift idea. She even tweeted a message to herself.专心想着送给自己的礼物 她甚至给自己发了一条推文This is real from @hillaryclinton. happy birthday to this future president.这句话就是来自于希拉里自己:生日快乐,未来的总统大人Apparently shes never heard of a jinx.很显然她不知道扫把星的意思Is it appropriate to tweet happy birthday to yourself?在生日给自己发推文真的合适么?Isnt that kind of like liking your own status update on facebook?这样不就像是在脸书上给自己的动态点赞?And if you do, are you then on the hook for all the other holidays like-然后如果你这样做了 那是不是其他节日也相应需要做些什么 比如mothers day do you have to make yourself breakfast in bed?母亲节你需要给床上休息的自己做一顿早餐?I dont know how it works but since it is hillarys birthday.我甚至不知道怎么才能办到 但是既然今天是她的生日We wanted to do something fun to commemorate it so-我们想做一些好玩的事情来庆祝一下this afternoon we ask people who said theyre donald trump supporters所以今天下去我们让几位川普的持者to say something nice to hillary clinton on her special day.来为希拉里的生日送上祝福Clinton on her special day. And this is how that went.来为希拉里的生日送上祝福 然后就发生了接下来这一幕And this is how that went. Todays hillary clintons birthday.然后就发生了接下来这一幕 今天是希拉里克林顿的生日Can you say something nice about her? No.你能说点祝福的话么 做不到N after the h, I cant really come up with anything. I cant say anything positive.呃说不出 我甚至想不到任何能说的 对她我没有好话可以说Id ask her if its truly her birthday or if shes lying about that too.我会问她今天是她的生日么 还是她连生日的日期都是假的Yes, shes a great con artist, shes great at deceiving the public. Shes the devil.好的 她是一个骗子 她很擅长欺骗公众 她是个恶魔In her 30 years politic eh-shes done nothing for the people.在她30年的政治生涯 她从未为人民做过任何事I do have nothing to say nice about her. I wont even wish her a happy birthday.我没有任何好话可以说 我甚至不想祝她生日快乐You cant say one positive thing about her for her birthday? No你难道没办法为了她生日说哪怕一句么?没办法Its just for her birthday-which is today. Thats okay.毕竟是她的生日 就是今天 没关系的She didnt call and wish me a happy birthday, so-no, nothing.她也没在我生日那天打来说生日快乐 所以 无话可说Happy birthday, Hillary. I hope that you get whats coming to you.生日快乐 希拉里 我希望你能得到应得的报应Happy birthday, Hillary. I hope you get arrested.生日快乐 希拉里 我希望你会被逮捕She can have a happy birthday, I just dont care if she has a happy birthday.她可以过个开心的生日 只是我完全不在乎她今天是否开心She can have a happy birthday, i just dont care if she has a happy birthday.她可以过个开心的生日 只是我完全不在乎她今天是否开心I hope you have a great day. Thats something. Thats it.我希望你今天过得开心 说的挺好 就这样That was really nice. Ok That felt good, right? No你这样真的挺好 行吧 感觉挺好 不是么 并没有Hillary Clinton, I think youre a liar and a murderer. And I like your hair.希拉里·克林顿 我觉得你是个骗子 是个杀人犯 还有就是 我喜欢你的发型201707/515943

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470024For those of us who might wish to resist surveillance,对那些想要抵抗监控的人来说the hunt for that technology is now on寻找这项技术的行动已经开始了and it is to cryptographers that we must look for answers.如密码学家所说我们必须寻找If you want a demonstration如果你想知道of their importance to todays internet,他们对当今互联网的重要性you only have to come to this bunker in Virginia.你只需要来弗吉尼亚州的这个地堡Today, an unusual ceremony is taking place.今天 正在举行一场特殊的仪式Please centre your eyes in the mirror.;请将双眼对准镜子中心;The internet is being upgraded.互联网正在升级Thank you, your identity has been verified.;谢谢 你的身份已被验;Right, were in.好了 我们进来了This is the biggest security upgrade to the internet这是近二十年中互联网界最大的in over 20 years.安全升级A group of tech specialists have been summoned by Steve Crocker,史蒂夫·克罗克召集了一群技术专家one of the godfathers of the internet.他是互联网教父之一We discovered that there were some vulnerabilities我们发现在域名系统的基础结构中in the basic domain name system structure存在一些漏洞that can lead to having a domain name hijacked这些漏洞能使域名被劫持or having someone directed to a false site and, from there,或者让某人进入一个虚假网站 而假网站passwords can be detected and accounts can be cleaned out.能够窃取用户密码并清空账号重点解释:1.now on 从现在开始例句:Take heart! It will be easier from now on.打起精神来!从现在起情况就会好转的。2.look for 寻找例句:He turned on the torch to look for his keys.他打开了手电筒,寻找钥匙。3.take place 发生例句:The meeting will take place soon.会议即将举行。201704/505376

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and thats by the way how you say his name,他叫Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,dedicates a big part of the book to this idea that,他在这本书中用了很大一部分来阐述以下这个观点,A person can make himself happy, or miserable, regardless of what is actually happening outside,不管外界发生了什么,一个人都可以让自己快乐或者痛苦,just by changing the contents of consciousness.只要改变意识内容,就可以使一个人控制自己的情绪。And he goes on to e Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius, and Viktor Frankl...他还引用了Epictetus、Marcus Aurelius以及Viktor Frankl等人的观点。So this idea isnt something new, its been around for millennia now,所以这个观点并不是最新的,它已经存在了几千年了,but recently weve been able to gather more data on it.但是最近我们可以收集了更多的数据。And Ive talked about this idea ad nauseam now, so I wont go into detail with it.我已经讲过这个想法,所以不打算细讲了。Ive talked about it in my s about Meditations and Mans Search for Meaning, and many other s,在《冥想》和《人类对于意义的探寻》,以及很多其他的视频里我已经谈到过,but to touch on it briefly...但是简单的说一下…People have this idea that if you just had a bigger house, youd be happy.人们认为如果你有一个大房子,就会高兴。If you just had a nicer car, youd be happy. If you just had a lot of money, youd be happy.如果有辆好车,就会高兴。如果有很多钱,也会高兴。But thats just not how happiness works...但幸福并不是那样的…Heres a graph adjusted for inflation that shows a period of about half a century where personal income tripled,这是一个关于通货膨胀的调整图,图片显示了在半个世纪里,人们的收入增至三倍,but it didnt really affect how happy people were.但是却没有影响人们的幸福程度。After some basic point, where your basic needs have been met,在你的基本需求得到满足后,buying an even bigger house isnt the way to happiness. Its about changing the contents of your consciousness.买一个更大的房子并不能使人感到幸福。这就涉及到意识内容的改变。So how can we change the contents of our consciousness?那么我们怎样改变意识内容呢?One of the best ways to do this is to put ourselves in a state of optimal experience called flow.最好的一个方式就是让我们进入一种叫做“意识流”的最佳经历状态中。Csikszentmihalyi describes flow as, The stateCsikszentmihalyi是这样描述的,在这种状态下,in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.人们集中于一项活动,不受任何其他事情的影响。He goes on to say that, Concentration is so intense that there is no attention left over他还说,注意力特别集中,以至于没有多余的精力to think about anything irrelevant or to worry about problems.去考虑任何无关的事情,或者担心一些问题。Self-consciousness disappears, and the sense of time becomes distorted.自我意识消失,时间观念就会扭曲。And youve probably experienced this before, and its absolutely one of the best feelings in the world.你可能之前经历过,这绝对是世界上最好的一种感觉。If youre working on your business, you might be so focused on what youre doing如果你在研究生意,你可能特别专注于你所做的,that 12 hours might pass and you have no idea...可能过了12个小时,你依然毫无头绪…All of a sudden, you look up and you realize you havent even had any food,突然,你抬起头意识到自己还没有吃任何东西,you havent thought about anything else, the only thing that you could focus on was your business.你没有考虑其他的事情,你专注的唯一一件事就是你的生意。And the same thing applies to so many other activities whether youre a rock climber focused on climing your new record同样的事情也适用于其他很多活动,不管是攀岩者要刷新登山记录or a master pianist composing your new masterpiece. Its an amazing feeling.还是一位钢琴大师要创作新的作品。这是一种很棒的感觉。Youre so immersed into what you love doing, into what youre really good at,你沉浸在你所热爱的,所擅长的事情中,that your brain simply cant focus on other things.以至于不可能再关注别的事情。Youre not worrying about stupid things. Youre not regretting what you did yesterday你不用担心那些愚蠢的事情,不用后悔昨天做了什么,or stressing about what youll do tomorrow.或者强调明天要做什么。Its absolutely one of the best feelings in the world.这绝对是世上最好的感觉之一。So if we look at the flow diagram, heres how you put yourself in the state of flow...所以看一下流程图,这就是你怎样把自己放在意识流的状态中…You dont want what youre doing to be too challenging, otherwise youll have anxiety.你不想做太有挑战性的事情,否则你会焦虑。You dont want what youre doing to be too easy for your skills either, otherwise youll be bored.你不想做太简单的事情,否则你会觉得无聊。But its when you balance these two that you end up in the flow channel.但是当你平衡这两者的时候,你就会进入意识流这一部分。Youre striving towards the upper right corner constantly.你努力想要向右上方持续靠近。You increase your challenge, you get better. You get better, you increase your challenge.增加挑战,就会变得更好。变得更好,就会增加挑战。And the more you move toward that direction, the more intense the state of flow gets.你越朝那个方向靠近,意识流状态就会越强大。So this is not really a how-to book, but our goal should be to find what it is that we love所以这不是一本“怎样做”的书,但是我们的目标应该是找到我们的所爱。and then keep getting better at it and keep making it more challenging.然后变得更好,让它更有挑战性。Or in other words, the main goal is to spend as much of your life as you possibly can in the state of flow或者换句话说,主要目标就是尽可能用一生的时间来实践意识流状态。because that is where you find this unbelievable ecstasy.因为它给你带来了难以置信的喜悦。And Csikszentmihalyi gives an example of the indians in the Shuswap region of Canada,Csikszentmihalyi给出了一个加拿大舒斯瓦普地区印第安人的例子,who would settle down in a place filled with resources,他们会在一个资源丰富的地方定居,and life was good, and they had everything they needed...生活很好,而且也有他们所需要的一切…They had all the food and fish where they were, but the elders would make sure that the entire village他们拥有定居地所有食物和鱼,但是长辈要确保整个村落would just pack up and move to a new location every 25 or 30 years.每隔25到30年就整体移居到一个新的地方。This way, they knew they would have new places to explore and hunt and fish and new challenges to overcome...这样,他们就知道有新的地方去开发、打猎、,还有新的挑战去克…And its a great story to keep in mind when you think about当你想到有那么多人余生都只想坐在电视机前的时候,how most people just want to settle down in front of their TV for the rest of their lives...你就会知道这个故事有多伟大。And in a lot of my s, I criticize being in front of the TV all night,在我的很多视频里,我批判整晚看电视的这种行为,or spending your entire day on your Facebook feed,或者是把一整天都花在 Facebook上。and I often get people who tell me, Well, what if that makes the person happy?经常有人告诉我,如果那样会让人高兴呢?And the answer is, Sitting on Facebook all day will not make anyone genuinely happy.是,整天面对Facebook不会让任何人真正高兴起来。If you pick a person who spends his entire day in front of the TV,如果你选中一个在电视机前待了一整天的人,hes probably not going to be the most exciting, happy, ecstatic person.他可能不会成为最兴奋狂喜的人。Lets take a look at the graph again...我们再来看一下这个图表…Looking at your facebook all day or watching TV puts you in the lowest left corner of the graph,整天看facebook或者看电视,会导致你出现在图表的左下角,which is known as the area of apathy.这是一个没有情感起伏的区域。Theres no challenge involved, theres no skill involved, youre apathetic.没有挑战,没有技能,你太无趣。And when youre not completely apathetic, Youre probably sitting there bored,当你不是完全没有兴趣的时候,可能你就会感到无聊,or worrying about everything there is to worry about.或者会担心一切事情。So move away from that... Move away from the boredom, apathy, and worry所以从那里走出来吧…离开无聊,冷漠和担心,and move towards ecstasy which is what youll experience when you hit the state of optimal experience called flow.奔向狂喜,这是一种当你遇上意识流最佳体验状态的时候才会有的经历。201706/515586TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463923If Morgan loses,he risks ruining his reputation, and his name.如果根失败 他就很有可能会毁掉自己的声望和名誉Morgan ratchets up the pressure on Edison,telling him to take out the competition in any way he can根对爱迪生施加的压力越来越大 告诉他务必设法除掉竞争J.P.Morgan was, really,an extraordinary character.J·P·根是一个非凡的角色He was steely-eyed, determined, very smart,and somebody who had that characteristic ;Ill take charge;. And he did.他非常坚毅 果敢 聪慧过人 还有一种舍我其谁的气势Feeling the pressure from Morgan,Edison sets out on a mission to prove his direct current is the safest form of electricity.感觉到来自根的压力 爱迪生启动了一项计划 他要明直流电是最安全的The War of the Electric Currents is the dark side of Thomas Edison.电流之争展示了托马斯·爱迪生的阴暗面The tactic that Edison took was to persuade people that alternating current was the killer current.爱迪生采取的策略是告诫大众 交流电是人类杀手It is a side of Edison we dont normally see.这是爱迪生鲜为人知的一面He begins using Teslas alternating current in a series of demonstrations,hoping to scare the public about ACs power.他开始使用特斯拉的交流电进行一系列演示 希望吓退公众对交流电的兴趣Edison used all sorts of dirty tricks to try to discredit AC.爱迪生用尽了各种肮脏伎俩试图败坏交流电的名声He killed animals before an audience.包括在观众面前电死动物But nothing seems to be slowing the enthusiasm for Teslas stronger current.但没有任何事情能够阻碍特斯拉对更强电流的热情Growing ever more desperate to please Morgan,Edison is relieved when a letter arrives that could be his opportunity.爱迪生比以往任何时候都更想取悦根 这时收到的一封信可能将成为他的机会A New York state prison has been looking to replace hanging as a means of execution.一所纽约州监狱正尝试使用其它死刑执行方法取代绞刑Many have come to believe that the medieval method is cruel and inhumane.很多人都开始相信 中世纪的这种方式既残暴 又不人道Electricity could provide a useful alternative.电或许能够提供一种有用的备选The design Edison envisions is simple,yet groundbreaking.爱迪生的设计很简单但却具有开创性 201605/444930

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477467栏目简介:Fifth graders at one of the citys international schools put on an exhibition today to show their research findings and solutions to real-life issues. Theyre in the last year of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. International curriculums have been receiving much attention since the Shanghai Education Commission allowed 21 public high schools to test such courses. Our reporter Song Wenjing takes a look.201705/507173No one knew it at the time,but the tightly-packed streets, alleys and houses of a place like Bristol made a perfect factory farm for the bacillus.当时没人了解这种疾病 但像布里斯托尔这样街道 小巷及屋舍 都紧紧挤在一起的市镇 成为了杆菌上佳的培养皿Vermin, crawling with fleas,lived alongside the crowded population of people and animals.爬满跳蚤的害虫到处乱窜 和拥挤的人群及牲畜 共居一处The nibble of a flea was a common irritation in this lousy, ant-heap world.在这个藏污纳秽 人口密集的地方 跳蚤叮咬是很常见的烦恼And even when the buboes appeared,there was no reason to suppose that fleas or rats were responsible.即使之后出现了淋巴结炎 也没有丝毫理由怀疑 跳蚤和老鼠是罪魁祸首But there was no doubt about what would happen next.当然 结果可想而知The youngest, the oldest and the poorest those with least resistance would be taken first.but then everyone else, too.老人 小孩和穷人 这些抵抗力最低的人 首先死去 接下来 无人能幸免In a town this ripe for infection,almost half the population would have perished in the first year.这一个小镇的疫情 使得在第一年里 就有将近一半的人口死亡Among them, 15 of Bristols 52 city councillors,their names struck through as they died.包括布里斯托尔52名市议员中的15人 他们的名字被划去 表示死亡Terrified and bewildered,the healthy abandoned the sick to their fate.惊恐又困惑的健康人 抛下了病患 任由他们自生自灭Whole towns, villages, even families,were cruelly divided into the living and the dying.城镇 村寨 甚至家族 都被残忍划分为活着和将死的人Husbands would have shunned their wives,fathers and mothers recoiled from contact with their children.丈夫躲避着妻子 父母不再愿意和自己孩子亲近 /201611/477721

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