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In this American English pronunciation , we#39;re going to talk about how to reduce and link the word #39;to#39; and #39;the#39; together, in a sentence, like this: to the. (loop four times)在这节美式英语发音视频中,我们将要学习如何在句子中略读和连读单词“to”和“the”,就像这样,“to the”(循环四次)。I#39;ve spent quite a bit of time in my s talking about reduction and linking.我在视频中已经花了一些时间来讲如何略读和连读。And today, I want to take this specific case of linking the words #39;to#39; and #39;the#39;,今天,我想要利用连读“to”和“the”的特例and talk about how to simplify the mouth movement when we#39;re reducing these words, linking them, and making them very, very fast.来讲讲略读、连读单词时如何简化嘴部动作以及如何快速发音。The first thing I want to point out, is that there doesn#39;t have to be any movement in the lips or the jaw:我想指出的第一点是,我们不需要移动嘴唇或者下巴,we can articulate this with just the tongue. To the. (loop seven times)仅需舌头就可以发这个音。“to the”(循环七次)。So, what are we doing here?所以我们应该怎么做呢?The word #39;to#39; will reduce to either the true T-schwa sound, or the flap T-schwa sound. But for both of them, the tongue position will be the same.单词“to”应该略读为清音弱读音或是闪音弱读音。但不管是哪种,舌头的位置都是一样的。So the tongue tip is up at the roof of the mouth, ttt, with the jaw quite closed and the teeth pretty much together: tt, dd, tt, dd.所以舌尖抵住上颚,ttt,下巴闭合,牙齿几乎在一起,tt,dd,tt,dd。And I can make that sound just by moving the tongue, the jaw doesn#39;t have to move: t, d, t, d.然后我可以只靠移动舌头而不移动下巴来发音,t,d,t,d。Now, to make the TH for the word #39;the#39;. I do not need to bring the tongue all the way through the teeth.对于单词“the”中的th,不需要把舌头一直伸出牙齿。I can just bring it down, so it#39;s touching just behind, where the teeth come together. To, the (loop three times). To the (loop seven times).舌头可以放下来,放在牙齿咬合处后面,“to”,“the”(循环3次),“to the”(循环7次)。Let#39;s look at this up close and in slow motion. To the (loop nine times).我们离近了往上看,看一下慢语速的动作。“to the”(循环9次)。The word T-H-E is pronounced with the EE vowel when the next word begins with a vowel or diphthong.当后面的单词以元音或者双元音开头时,单词“the”的发音是元音EE。For example, to the other side, to the east. In these cases as well, all the articulation will happen with the tongue.例如,“to the other side”,“to the east”。在这些例子中,发音也是仅需要舌头移动。It will probably take a good bit of time and drilling to get this new way of saying #39;to the#39; into your habit. But it is worth doing.可能需要一段时间和训练才会习惯这种说“to the”的新方式,但这是值得的。Because when we simplify the mouth movement, it means it#39;s going to be easier to say it quickly in speech.因为当我们简化了嘴唇移动,意味着我们能够更简单地在演讲中快速发音。And when we reduce and pronounce these unstressed words very quickly like this,而当我们略读或者用这种方式快速说出这些非重读单词时,it provides a nice contrast for the stressed words, which are much longer, and have a lot more shape.会与那些更长更多形状的重读单词形成对比。As you drill these two words, put them into sentence fragments, and eventually sentences. To the (loop three times). To the store (loop three times).练习这两个单词时,把它们放到句子片段中,然后放到整个句子中。“to the”(循环3次)。“to the store ”(循环3次)。To the restaurant (loop three times). I#39;m going to the restaurant (loop two times). It will really help you to integrate that into your everyday speech.“to the restaurant”(循环3次)。I#39;m going to the restaurant(循环2次)。这真的会帮助你将其融入到你的日常讲话中。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/514195南昌/治疗多囊卵巢综合症子宫内膜炎价格表TED演讲视频:一个肯尼亚的寓言肯尼亚国会议员约瑟夫.乐库顿在介绍完他非凡的教育历程后,讲述了一个昭示非洲如何发展的寓言,不啻于希望之声。 Article/201704/501659江西看精子功能低下症哪家医院最好的The Dakota Access pipeline isn#39;t operational yet,but it#39;s aly sprung its first leak.达科他输油管还没有运行,但它已经出现首次泄漏。Officials say the controversial pipeline leaked about 84 gallons of crude oil at a South Dakota pump station in early April.官员表示,四月初在南达科他州泵站,该备受争议的管道泄漏约84加仑原油。The relatively small spill was properly cleaned up soon after it was discovered. 该相对较小的泄漏在发现后不久就被清理。And the state#39;s Department of Environment and Natural Resources did add some information about the leak to its online database.国家环境和自然资源部在其在线数据库中添加了一些泄漏信息。But the agency says it didn#39;t issue a news release about the spill because it didn#39;t pose a threat to public health, drinking water systems or fisheries. 但该机构表示,它并没有开展关于泄漏的新闻发布,因为它不会对公共健康,饮用水系统或渔业构成威胁。Still, opponents of the DAPL say this incident highlights the concerns they#39;ve had all along,that the pipeline is a threat to the environment.不过,DAPL的反对者表示,这一事件凸显他们一直在关注,管道对环境会构成威胁。News of the leak comes just a few weeks before the pipeline is scheduled to officially be up and running. Construction on the project is complete, and it#39;s expected to be fully operational June 1.泄漏消息发生在管道预定正式启动和运行的前几周。该项目的建设已经完成,预计将在6月1日全面运作。译文属。 Article/201705/509693栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451771南昌/省妇幼保健院妇科好吗

江西省南昌/华山医院结婚去打胎花钱吗上饶市人民医院宫外孕治疗TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/470006【视频讲解】LSD is one of the most potent hallucinogenic drugs—active at just around 100 micrograms...a miniscule amount.麦角酸酰二乙胺(简称LSD)是药效最强的致幻药之一,只要100微克左右的微小剂量就能产生致幻作用。Potent1. 效力强的Their most potent weapon was the Exocet missile. 他们效力最强的武器是飞鱼导弹。2. 有权势的,有权力的:“The police were potent only so long as they were feared”(Thomas Burke)“只有当他们害怕时,警察才是有权力的”(托马斯#8226;伯克)Hallucinogenic 迷幻药 《》 hallucinatory 幻觉Miniscule 微小It has a miniscule market share, but its unique abilities make it important enough to be worthcatering to if you can do so without inconveniencing other users.它的市场份额很小,但是其独特的功能使它具有了足够的重要性,颇值得我们关注,但前提是不给其他用户造成不便That fact has fascinated pharmacologists for decades. Namely, how can it have such long-lasting effects...12 hours or more...at such tiny doses?这一事实数十年来一直吸引着药理学家的目光。他们想知道,为什么它的药效能如此持久?如此小的剂量为什么能产生长达12个小时以上的药效呢?Pharmacologist 药理学家Namely 即,也就说A district should serve its client, namely students, staff, and parents. 一个学区应该务于其主顾,即学生、教职员工和家长。long-lasting 持久的One of the long-lasting effects of the infection is damage to a valve in the heart.感染的其中一个长期后果是使心脏的一个瓣膜受损。Dose 剂量To find out, researchers legally obtained LSD. And built copies of the receptors it binds to in the brain—serotonin receptors.为了弄清这一点,研究人员通过合法方式获得了LSD。他们复制了LSD在大脑中连接的受体——5-羟色胺受体。Built1. 被构造2. 有…体格的(做形容词)...a strong, powerfully-built man of 60. …一位体格健壮的60岁男子。Serotonin血清素;5-羟色胺(血管收缩素)They mixed the LSD and the receptors together, and crystallized the result. They then imaged the structure, using x-ray crystallography.之后研究人员将LSD和受体混合,并将所得到的结果结晶化。最后他们运用X射线晶体学对结构进行成像。Crystallize1. 结晶2. 使成形; 具体化,He has managed to crystallize the feelings of millions of ordinary Russians.他成功地阐明了数百万普通俄国人的感情。-graphy 学crystallography 结晶学Geography 地理学aerography 气象学And they found that when LSD linked up with the serotonin receptor, a sort of ;lid; formed over it. Almost like the drug went in, then pulled the door shut behind it.研究人员发现,LSD与5-羟色胺受体相连时,会在上方形成一个“盖子”。就像药物进入以后关上后面的门一样。link up1. 连接;接合;We must link up theory with practice.我们必须把理论和实践联系起来。2. 联合成团体They linked up with a series of local anti-nuclear groups.他们与一系列反对核武器的地方团体联合起来了。;You could think of the top part of LSD as a hand, holding onto the latch and pulling it down.; Bryan Roth, a pharmacologist at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill involved in the research. “你可以把LSD的顶部想象成一只手,这只手抓住门闩拉下来。”布莱恩#8226;罗斯是北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山分校的药理学家,他参与了这项研究。latch门闩You left the latch off the gate and the dog escaped. 你没插门闩,跑了。;This explains why LSD is so potent, why such a small amount of it is active, and secondly why it lasts for such a long period of time. Because basically once it gets in there it takes hours to come off the receptor.; The study is in the journal Cell.“这就解释了LSD为什么如此强大,为什么很少的剂量就能产生作用,为什么其药效可以持续如此长的时间。基本上来说,一旦它进入体内,那就需要数个小时才会离开受体。”该研究结果发表在《细胞》期刊上。come off1. 离开2. 成功; 奏效It was a good try but it didn#39;t really come off. 这是一次好的尝试但未真正奏效。3. 结果 (最差、最好)Some Democrats still have bitter memories of how they came off worst during the investigation. 一些民主党人仍留有他们在调查中如何惨败的痛苦记忆。The result may also explain why microdosing—taking even smaller amounts of LSD, at sub-psychedelic levels—might work as a mood enhancer, as some users have reported.该结果也可以解释为什么微剂量……为什么即使用很少量的LSD,产生轻度幻觉也可以使情绪兴奋,此前有使用者提到过这一点。Psychedelic1. 幻觉的2. 有迷幻色的...psychedelic patterns.…光怪陆离的图案。Enhancer 增强剂; 增强器Cinnamon is an excellent flavour enhancer.肉桂是一种绝佳的提味料。;It#39;s clear from the data we have that these small doses can engage these receptors, and of course we know that the receptors that LSD interacts with, they#39;re the same receptors that are thought to be involved in antidepressant drug action.;“很明显,从我们获悉的数据来看,小剂量也可以对受体产生作用,当然我们知道,与LSD接触的受体同抗抑郁药的受体是一样的。”interact with 相互交流;相互沟通;The two chemicals interact with each other.这两种化学物品相互作用。Antidepressant 》 depressant lt; depress 沮丧Roth does not advocate trying it out. But he says the discovery of the ;lid; might someday lead to the development of novel antidepressants—ones with long-lasting effects, at just the tiniest of doses.罗斯并不提倡进行试验。但是他表示,这一“盖子”的发现或许在某一天可以促进新型抗抑郁药的研发,一种只需要最小剂量就可以长时间有效的药物。try out 试验;测验;The method seems good but it needs to be tried out.这个方法似乎不错,但需要试验一下。Lid盖子Novel 新奇的 newProtesters found a novel way of demonstrating against steeply rising oil prices.抗议者们找到一种新奇的示威方式来反对石油价格的飙升。 Article/201706/512629赣州市无精症好多钱原味人文风情:What kind of movie does it look like?那看起来像哪种电影?It looks like...maybe a grown-up movie not meant for kids. My mom would not let me see this movie.它看起来像...可能是一部大人的电影,不是给小孩看的。我妈妈不会让我看这部电影。Hi, my name is Alexa, and I#39;m five years old, and my favorite color is blue.嗨,我的名字是 Alexa,我五岁,我最喜欢的颜色是蓝色。Hello.哈啰。Hi, Alexa.嗨,Alexa。Tell us exactly what you can see.完整告诉我们妳可以看到什么。It looks like an old man and an old lady, and the lady looks mad at the man, and the man just looks like...这看起来像一个老先生和一个老太太,然后老太太看起来在生老先生的气,老先生看起来就像...Maybe she#39;s angry that he didn#39;t rake the farm?她搞不好在气他没有把农场耙平?And she#39;s like, ;Hey! Rake the farm aly! You want to have more vegetables!;然后她就会说:「嘿!快去把农场耙一耙!你想种出多点蔬菜好吗!」Is it American Gothic by Grant Wood?是不是格兰特?伍德的〈美国哥德式〉?Yes!没错!What do you see this time?妳这次看见什么?There is a picture of a person out at night at the ocean, and it looks like nighttime.有幅一个人晚上外出到海边的画,那看起来像是天黑了。She has, like, a red bathrobe. Her eyebrows are, like, bented down, like...她有一件红色浴衣。她的眉毛往下弯,像是...Maybe she wanted to stay at the beach a little longer but she couldn#39;t because it was aly turning to nighttime.有可能是她想在海滩待久一点不过却不行,因为已经要变晚上了。And she#39;s all alone?她一个人而已?Yeah.对。What are you thinking, Max?Max,你在想什么?I#39;m thinking it#39;s narrowed it down to many hundreds of portraits.我在想,这已经把范围缩小到几百幅肖像画了。Yeah.真的。On her bathrobe, it has, like, Chinese signs on it.她的浴衣上有像是中国符号在上面。I#39;m wondering if maybe it#39;s a Japanese print, like a Hiroshige print, or a ukiyo-e print from the late 19th century.我在想这有没有可能是日本版画,像是歌川广重的版画,或十九世纪晚期的浮世绘。Take a guess. Press the button.猜一下啊。按按钮。Okay. I#39;m gonna guess that it#39;s a Japanese ukiyo-e print.好。我猜那是幅日本浮世绘。No.不是。No! I didn#39;t get it. Okay.不是!我没猜中。好吧。Can you do us a drawing?妳可以帮我们画看看吗?Sure.没问题。I think it#39;s Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait. Ding, ding, ding.我想那是芙烈达?卡萝的〈自画像〉。叮叮叮答对了。Tell me exactly what you see.把妳看到的完完全全告诉我。I can see...pirates. Like, they#39;re at their home with all their stuff, and they#39;re looking for things, but they#39;re just laying there with their arm on the table, and there#39;s one that has a really fluffy coat on.我可以看到...海盗。像是,他们和全部的东西在家,然后他们在找东西,不过他们就只是把手臂放在桌上靠在那,还有一个海盗穿着毛茸茸的外套。He looks like the captain.他看起来像是船长。How many pirates are there?有几个海盗?There#39;s only two.只有两个。Is there a white smear at the bottom?底下有滩白白的东西吗?Yes.有。I think it#39;s The Ambassadors by Holbein.我想那是霍尔班的〈使节〉。Ding, ding, ding.叮叮叮答对了。Nice one, Max.答得好,Max。You both did a great job, but there#39;s only one winner. To Max!你们两个都做得很好,不过赢家只有一个。给 Max!Thank you so much.非常谢谢。You#39;re welcome.不客气。You see, that#39;s a skull. That#39;s its jaw and that#39;s the back of its head. See it now?妳看,那是颗骷髅头。那是它的下巴然后那是它的后脑勺。看到了吗?Yeah.有。 Article/201610/471273江西中医药大学附属医院无痛人流多少钱

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