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Andy Grove, who died on Monday at 79, was not one of the technology industry’s household names. But the chemical engineer who turned Intel from a brilliant science project into the first industrial giant of the personal computing era has long been guaranteed a revered place in Silicon Valley lore. 安迪#8226;格罗夫(Andy Grove)于本周一逝世,享年79岁。格罗夫并非科技业家喻户晓的名人之一。但这位化学工程师让英特尔(Intel)从一个卓越的科学项目转变为个人计算机时代的首个行业巨头,一直在硅谷传说中享有尊崇地位。 Grove, who joined Intel in 1968, rose to become chief executive at the peak of its PC industry power, from 1987-98, and served as chairman until 2004. 格罗夫在1968年加入英特尔,在1987年至1998年英特尔在个人计算机行业的影响力达到巅峰时担任首席执行官,并担任董事长直至2004年。 He did as much as almost anyone to shape the computing world that has emerged over the past half century — and, in the process, to define the business culture that has taken such a powerful grip on modern management thinking. 他对塑造成长于过去半个世纪的计算机世界所做的贡献不亚于任何人,并且在这个过程中定义了深谙现代管理思想的企业文化。 His personal idiosyncrasies, insecurities and passions coalesced into a powerful brew. They included an iconoclastic disregard for the normal conventions of business and a win-at-all-costs determination; a relentless addiction to pre-emptive corporate reinvention and the merits of moving fast; a taste for gutsy, bet-the-farm risks; and an eye for the kind of industry domination that new digital technologies made possible. 他的个人特质、不安全感和热情汇聚成了强大的力量。他有着对企业常规惊世骇俗的蔑视,以及不惜代价获胜的决心;他极度痴迷于对企业进行先发制人的改造,并且行动迅速;他勇于孤注一掷地冒险;他渴望利用新的数字科技来获取行业主导地位。 “Many of the senior statesmen in the Valley worked for him, many of the [venture capitalists] worked for him,” says David Yoffie, an Intel director from the late 1980s and a professor at Harvard Business School. “In some sense, his career was the story of Silicon Valley.” 从上世纪80年代末就担任英特尔董事的哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)教授戴维#8226;约菲(David Yoffie)表示:“硅谷的许多资深人士都曾为他工作过,许多(风险资本家)也为他工作过。从某种意义上说,他的职业生涯就是硅谷的故事。” Grove was the classic outsider who found himself in the computing world that came to life in the 1960s. He was born András Gróf in Hungary on September 2 1936. His father was conscripted into a Jewish labour battalion during the second world war while he and his mother moved around Hungary to avoid detention and the fate that befell many Hungarian Jews who were rounded up and sent to Auschwitz. 格罗夫是一个典型的外来者,在上世纪60年代计算机世界诞生时,便投身其中。他于1936年9月2日出生于匈牙利,原名安德拉什#8226;格罗夫(András Gróf)。他父亲在二战期间被征到犹太人劳工营,而他和母亲辗转于匈牙利各地以免遭到拘捕,像许多匈牙利犹太人那样被抓起来送往奥斯维辛集中营(Auschwitz)。 It was after the Hungarian uprising of 1956 was brutally suppressed by the Soviet Union that Grove fled the country, escaping by foot into Austria and then a new life in the US. 正是在1956年匈牙利起义被苏联残酷镇压之后,格罗夫逃离了匈牙利,徒步逃到奥地利,随后到达美国,开始了新生活。 He never went back. Instead, arriving in Silicon Valley at the start of the 1960s, he was catapulted into a future that he helped to invent. 他从未再回去过。实际上,在上世纪60年代初抵达硅谷之后,他就投身于一个自己参与创造的未来。 Grove was one of the great business communicators, despite a thick accent that remained with him and a hearing impediment from early in life. 格罗夫是伟大的商业沟通者之一,尽管他一直带着浓重的口音,而且从早年起就有听力障碍。 He also translated his thinking into some of the most influential management books of the late 20th century. One — Only the Paranoid Survive — became a mantra not just for Grove but for the whole of Silicon Valley, where the threat of being disrupted by the next new upstart engendered persistent anxiety. 他还将自己的想法写成书籍,其中一些成为20世纪末最具影响力的管理类书籍。其中的《只有偏执狂才能生存》(Only The Paranoid Survive)不仅是格罗夫的理念,而且还成为了整个硅谷的理念——在硅谷,被下一个新秀企业颠覆的威胁让人持续陷入焦虑。 As he wrote in the opening lines: “The more successful you are, the more people want a chunk of your business and then another chunk and then another until there is nothing left.” Many managers may sense this truism. Few have the guts to do something about it. 正如他在该书的开篇所写:“你越成功,就有越多的人想抢走你的一部分生意,再抢走一部分,直到你一无所有。”许多经理人可能觉得这是老生常谈。但很少有人有勇气就此做些什么。 The paranoia was not just for show. “I sat in many, many meetings with Andy while he looked at the worst outcome, and what could possibly go wrong,” says Mr Yoffie. He adds that it was this refusal to rest on past success — and the ability to see how the various pieces of the business world would fall into place — that enabled Grove to take the pre-emptive actions needed to put Intel at the top of its industry. 这种偏执不仅仅是为了秀给别人看。“我与安迪开过很多很多次会,他会考虑最糟糕的结果,以及哪里可能出错,”约菲说道。他补充说,正是由于格罗夫拒绝停留在过去的成功,并且能够看清商业世界拼图中的不同碎片将如何落到正确的位置,所以他能够采取让英特尔走上行业巅峰所需的先发制人的措施。 Perhaps the most significant was Grove’s determination to make Intel the sole source for the new PC microprocessors, rather than just one of several suppliers — a move that was to give the company unassailable economies of scale and cement its lead. 或许最为重要的是格罗夫决心让英特尔成为新的个人电脑微处理器的唯一供应商,而不是几家供应商之一,此举令该公司获得无懈可击的规模经济并得以巩固其领先地位。 IBM, at the time its biggest customer and the originator of the PC, was against the move. But Grove remained firm and the rapid emergence of a new industry, led by Compaq Computer, provided a y market. IBM’s grip on the computing world was broken and Intel — along with Microsoft — had turned itself into one of the tech industry’s dominant monopolists. 当时英特尔最大客户、个人电脑鼻祖IBM反对此举。但格罗夫意志坚定,由康柏电脑(Compaq Computer)率领的新行业的迅速崛起提供了一个现成的市场。IBM对计算领域的控制被攻破,英特尔(与微软(Microsoft)一道)把自己变成了科技行业占主导地位的垄断者之一。 Grove showed a similar determination when, assailed by competition from Japan, he decided to abandon memory chips, the company’s original business, to bet everything on microprocessors. 在遭遇来自日本的竞争之际,格罗夫显示出了类似的决心,他决定放弃内存芯片业务(这是该公司的原始业务),全盘押注于微处理器。 But if he got the big strategic decisions right, Grove was as well known for a relentless attention to detail and a mercilessly demanding management style. Hired as Intel’s first employee by founders Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, it was his ability to get things done that made him invaluable. 但除了做出正确的重大战略决策,让格罗夫出名的还有他对细节的强烈关注以及毫不留情的苛刻管理风格。他是英特尔创始人戈登#8226;尔(Gordon Moore)和罗伯特#8226;诺伊斯(Robert Noyce)聘用的该公司第一位员工,正是他把事情做成的能力使他成为无价的人才。 He had followed a postgraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley with a job as a research scientist at Fairchild Semiconductor, Silicon Valley’s original chipmaker. But he came into his own as an operational genius, turning the cottage industry that was chipmaking into one of the most demanding of high-tech sectors. 在加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)获得硕士学位后,他曾在硅谷最早的芯片制造商飞兆半导体(Fairchild Semiconductor)担任研究员。但他却作为一位经营天才脱颖而出,把作坊式的芯片制造业转变为了要求最为苛刻的高科技行业之一。 As with Steve Jobs at Apple, Grove’s rages became famous, and his treatment of subordinates could be vicious. But the tempers never undermined his drive. “He had a talent for pushing people harder than they had ever been pushed before — and for making people want to please him,” says Mr Yoffie. “He was such a hard man to please.” 就像苹果(Apple)的史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)一样,格罗夫的火爆脾气很是出名,他对待下属的态度极其严厉。但这种脾气从未削弱他的鞭策力。“他有一种天分,能够给员工从未遇到过的严厉鞭策,并让员工愿意取悦他,”约菲表示,“他是一个很难取悦的人。” /201603/433287

1.Letting the party go on a little too long1.吃喝玩乐的时间略长Sure, your 20s is usually a life period where you#39;re pretty free of responsibilities, and many of us use that time to enjoy life and go a little wild. But take this too far and you will regret it, warn a number of Quora users.确实,20多岁通常是人的一生中最无拘无束的时期,而且很多同龄人都会选择在这段时期享受生活甚至干点疯狂的事情。但是时间长了你就会后悔了,Quora上许多答主都这么提出警告。2.Living the life your parents want for you, not the one you want2.过着父母希望你过的生活,而不是你自己想过的生活One of the top regrets of seniors is following others#39; expectations for their life rather than their own dreams and preferences. Apparently, there#39;s a particular flavor of this problem that#39;s common as early as your 20s--living out your parents#39; aspirations, not your own.对于年纪稍长的人来说,他们后悔的其中一件事情就是活在他人的期待之中而不是自己的梦想和喜好。很明显,这种特别的现象对于20多岁的年轻人来说是也同样常见——活出父母的愿望,而不是自己的梦想。3.Working on a relationship before you work on yourself3.在能够独立自理前就经营一段感情According to both everyday wisdom and reams of research, love is central to happiness. But you can#39;t really form a quality relationship with someone else until you have your own self sorted, caution several Quora respondents. Rush things and you#39;ll just end up in a regrettable muddle.根据每日智慧与大量的研究表明,幸福最为重要的因素就是爱。但是,只有当你能够完全独立,你才能与他人建立一段良好的关系,许多Quora答主是这么回答的。冲动鲁莽只会使你陷入后悔的泥潭。4.Confusing a job and a career4.混淆职业与事业的概念Your 20s are almost always a decade of professional growth. Several respondents cautioned that you can slow that process if you#39;re not clear with yourself about the value of any particular gig. For some folks that means investing too much in a rent-paying gig they aren#39;t passionate about. For others it means failing to see to it that their current job or interest could and should be built into a real career.每个人的20多岁事情几乎都是事业发展的关键时期。许多Quora答主都认为,如果你无法认清自己的某项职业行动的价值,你大可以缓一缓。对于有些人来说这就意味着过度投资于付清租房费用,但他们却并不为之感到振奋。对于别人来说则意味着无法保他们当前的职业或兴趣能否或应否培养起一份真正的事业。You can regret either under- or overinvesting in your work, the lesson seems to be. What you won#39;t regret is being clear-eyed about your longer-term professional trajectory and whether today#39;s effort is serving your goals, whatever they may be.你可以后悔自己对工作的投入不足或过度,但你会学到其中的经验。但你不会后悔的是能够看清自己的长期职业发展轨道,以及今天的努力能否为你的目标务,无论是什么目标。5.Not exercising5.缺少运动Your body is at its peak when you#39;re young. Keep it healthy, or you#39;ll soon regret it.你的身体在你年轻的时候处于鼎盛时期。所以你得保持身体健康,否则以后你就会后悔了。Bonus tip:Letting fear of regret hold you back额外贴士:惧怕后悔使自己却步As an end note, it#39;s also worth pointing out that while plenty of Quora members had regrets from their 20s to share, many others stressed that being too concerned about not making mistakes can paralyze you, keeping you from necessary experimentation and learning in your youth. Don#39;t let fear of regret keep you from trying and failing constructively, this group stresses.作为结束的提示,值得一提的是,虽然许多Quora答主都有在20多岁时后悔的事情,但是也有很多人强调过度拘泥不让自己犯错会麻痹你的神经,让你远离必要的实验研究以及年轻时期的经验吸收。千万不要让后悔的恐惧感使自己在尝试和建设性失败面前却步,这个群体的答主强调。It#39;s a healthy dose of perspective--keep these regrets in mind to try to avoid them, but don#39;t be held back by your fear of screwing up. Inevitably you will. Most of the time not only will you survive your misstep, but you#39;ll also come out a better person. What#39;s your top regret from your 20s?这是一个适当的视角——把这些让人后悔的事情谨记于心并尽量避免遇到它们,但不能让害怕失败的恐惧感征你。当然你会遇到这种情况。很多情况下你不仅能从这些失误中幸免于难,还能使自己变得更优秀。那么你在20多岁时最后悔的事情是什么呢? /201605/445805

Australia are refusing to move their athletes into the Rio Olympic Village because of concerns about the state of their accommodation.澳大利亚拒绝让运动员搬进里约的奥运村,因为他们担心那里的住所状况不佳。Problems include ;blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring;, according to team boss Kitty Chiller.据澳大利亚团队主管凯蒂#8226;奇利尔称,奥运村的问题包括“堵塞的厕所,漏水的管道和暴露的电线”。Chiller said she had raised concerns with local event organisers and the International Olympic Committee, and was ;pushing hard for a solution;.奇利尔说,她已要求当地的奥运会组织者和国际奥委会关注此事,并“大力催促他们给出解决方案”。Australian staff are in nearby hotels with the first athletes due on Monday.澳大利亚的工作人员以及将于周一(7/25)抵达的第一批运动员住在奥运村附近的酒店。Alternative accommodation for team members arriving over the next three days has been arranged.未来三天将要抵达的团队成员的替代住所也已安排好。Chiller, the head of Australia#39;s Olympic delegation, said extra maintenance staff and more than 1,000 cleaners have been engaged to fix the problems but the faults, particularly the plumbing issues, have not been resolved.奇利尔是澳大利亚奥运代表团团长,她说,临时的维修人员和1000多名清洁工已开始处理各种问题,但是各种故障,特别是管道问题,还没有得到解决。She said in a statement on the Australian Olympic website: ;Due to a variety of problems in the Village, including gas, electricity and plumbing, I have decided that no Australian team member will move into our allocated building.她在澳大利亚奥运网站的一份声明中说:“由于奥运村里存在包括天然气,电力和管道在内的各种问题,我已经决定不让任何澳大利亚团队成员搬进给我们分配的住处。”;Problems include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean.;“这些问题包括堵塞的厕所,漏水的管道,暴露的电线,未安装照明设施的昏暗楼梯间,以及需要大规模清洗的肮脏地板。”The British team have had staff in place for several days and a spokesman told Reuters: ;We are confident that our accommodation is y to receive athletes and will be to the highest standards within the village.英国奥运代表队已让工作人员在里约奥运村住了几天,一位发言人接受路透社采访称:“我们相信我们的房间已做好准备接收运动员,而且将是奥运村里最高标准的住所。”;Whilst we have encountered some maintenance difficulties this is not uncommon with new build structures of this type and we have been working hard to overcome them.;“虽然我们遇到了一些维修方面的困难,但这对此种新的建筑结构来说很常见,我们也一直在努力克困难。”The 31-building village will house 18,000 athletes and officials at the height of the Games, which start on 5 August.里约奥运会将于8月5日开始举行,在比赛最火热的阶段,这个拥有31栋楼房的奥运村将容纳1.8万名运动员和工作人员。 /201607/456455

Procession from the Groom’s House to Obtain the Bride新郎迎娶新娘的全过程Because traditions varied from region to region,there were some cases in which the groom stops to have dinner with the bride#39;s family. There hewould receive a pair of chopsticks and two wine goblets wrapped in red paper. These gifts were symbolic of his receiving the joy of the family in the person of their daughter. In some regions,the groom would be presented with other symbolic gifts such as sweet longan tea,two hard-boiled eggs in syrup and transparent noodles. Yet another regional custom was the groom#39;s given soup with a soft-boiled egg. He was expected to break the yolk of the egg as a symbol of breaking the bride#39;s ties with her family.由于不同区域的传统的不同,有一些案例中,新郎停下来与新娘的家人共进晚餐。在那里,他会得到一双筷子,和2只用红纸包着的葡萄酒高脚杯。这些礼物象征着新郎迎娶他们的女儿的家庭的欢乐。在一些地区,新郎会收到其他象征性的礼物,如甜桂圆茶、两个煮熟的糖鸡蛋和透明的面条。还有一个地域的风俗是新郎半熟的鸡蛋汤。他打破鸡蛋的蛋黄象征着打破了新娘与她的家庭的联系。 /201605/442816

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