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上海/皮秒激光祛黄褐斑一次多少钱上海/眼袋的消除方法Thank you, and good morning. everyone.谢谢大家,早上好!It is always an honor and a pleasure to speak here at PC Expo.能够在PCExpo展览期间在这里演讲,我感到十分荣幸,而且非常高兴。An honor because this is the premier PC show in the industry ...我之所以感到荣幸是因为PC-Expo是业界最重要的电脑展览。And a pleasure because it gives me an opportunity to thank all of the Compaq customers in this audience for your business.我之所以感到高兴是因为它给我提供了一个机会,使我得以在这里向所有的康柏客户表示感谢,谢谢他们给予康柏的大力持。We at Compaq know that our success comes from one source - our customers. We also know that in this highly competitive business, we must continuously earn your trust and confidence.所有的康柏员工都非常明白,我们成功的唯一源泉就是您--我们的客户。我们也明白在这个竞争极其激烈的业务领域里,我们必须不断地赢得您的信任和信心。To that end, we are committed to provide you with innovative products like the ones you will see on display at our booth here at the Javits Center to deliver the most rewarding buying experience and to constantly improve our ability to meet your computing needs.为了实现这个目的,我们致力于为您提供具有创新特性的产品,就像您将在Javits中心康柏展台所看到的展品。我们还将努力使您享受到最佳的购买体验,并获得最丰厚的回报。同时,我们将不断提高我们自己的能力,以充分满足您的计算需求。It is this last point that is really at the heart of what I want to talk about today - how Compaq is evolving to meet your rapidly changing needs.我所说的最后一点其实就是我今天将要重点讨论的问题,也就是康柏将如何发展以满足您快速变化的需求。I want to discuss our vision of a new world of computing our decision to acquire Digital and what the combined company will be able to do for you.我想与大家探讨一下未来计算的蓝图,康柏收购DEC的决定,以及康柏能够为您所做的一切。Success in our industry is a constant process of invention and re-invention.在我们的行业里成功就是一个不断创造、再创造的过程。How could it be any other way in a world that is changing so rapidly - where the market rules that seemed clear one day appear to be out of date the next?除此以外,难道还有别的方式吗?要知道,这是一个变化如闪电般的市场:在这里,今天似乎市场规则已经非常明朗,而明天一切却已经陈旧过时;Where product lifecycles continue to shrink from years to months and even to weeks?在这里,产品的生命周期一缩再缩--从几年到几个月进而到几周;Where computing has moved from the small scale of local area networks to the planetary scale of the Internet?在这里,计算已经从小规模的本地区网络扩展到整个星球规模的Internet。In this interconnected world, customer expectations have never been higher.在这个网络的世界里,客户的期望值正变得越来越高。You expect to be able to access the information you need quickly and easily, from any place at any time using virtually any computing device.他们希望能够随时随地使用任何计算设备轻松快捷地访问所需的信息;You expect vendors to deliver more power at a lower cost and to make it easier to buy operate integrate and service their products.他们希望厂商以更低廉的价格提供更强大的功能,并且希望厂商使产品的购买、运行、集成和务更加简单方便。You expect the information infrastructure to be reliable and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - whether youre talking about the network itself or the systems that support your on-line bank on-line bookstore or on-line grocery.他们还希望信息基础设施一年365天每天24小时均保持可靠和可用--无论是网络本身,还是持其在线、在线书店或在线商店的系统。201311/264010上海/哪个医院热玛吉消除颈纹好 So what exactly is a successful life? How do you define it? Does being successful require you to amass material possessions or to wield great power? Must you be famous, or even become a celebrity? Perhaps its more about being devoted to serving others less fortunate than you or enjoying a life with family and friends, or living sustainably and leaving a legacy, such as world peace.那么,成功的人生究竟是什么样的?该如何定义成功?成功的人生是否意味着积累物质财富或是能够行使大权?是否意味着你要非常出色,甚至成为名人?也许成功的人生更意味着帮助比你不幸的人,和家人及朋友一起享受生活、和睦相处,或是为子孙后代留下遗产,比如世界和平。Trying to answer this question drew me to the innovative TED website earlier this year. TED (standing for technology, entertainment and design) is a small non-profit organization devoted to ideas worth sping. They do this through their website and annual US and UK conferences where they bring together the worlds most fascinating thinkers and doers.在寻觅何谓成功人生时,我想到了年初见到的创新型网站TED。TED(指technology, entertainment, design在英语中的缩写,即技术、、设计)是一家小型非盈利机构,该机构通过他们的网站和美英年度会议致力于有价值的思想的传播。美英年度会议,即TED大会,会议云集世界上最杰出的思想家和实干家。This is where I found a very appealing definition of success, which was used by a well known American basketball coach called John Wooden. He defines true success as peace of mind through knowing that you have made the effort to do the best of which you are capable. This is appealing because it means that anyone from anywhere can live a successful life with a bit of hard work and self-belief. He also argues that you should never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. And that is a great piece of advice.有一位著名的美国篮球教练约翰·伍顿曾给成功下了一个很有感染力的定义。他认为,真正的成功是竭尽全力做好自己力所能及的事情从而达到内心的平和。这个定义很有感染力,因为这意味着,无论任何人,不管来自哪里,只要努力并且充满自信,就能拥有成功的人生。他还说,永远不要让无法做成的事情影响到你能做到的事情。这可是一个很好的建议。 /201308/252476上海/哪里做假体隆鼻好

上海/抽脂移脂隆胸上海/鼻子整形失败修复费用 And the question to me becomes:对我来说,问题就变成了:What do we do,我们要做什么as our science gets to be so good当我们的科学在解剖学上in looking at anatomy,如此先进的时候that we reach the point where we have to admit我们已经到了不得不承认that a democracy thats been based on anatomy基于解剖学上的人的民主might start falling apart?也许正在崩溃的时候I dont want to give up the science,我不想对科学失去希望but at the same time it kind of feels sometimes但是同时,有的时候隐约觉得like the science is coming out from under us.科学的发展是受到我们影响的So where do we go?因此我们将走向何方?It seems like what happens in our culture看起来我们的社会is a sort of pragmatic attitude:有着一种实用主义的态度:;Well, we have to draw the line somewhere,“好,我必须在某处画一条界限,so we will draw the line somewhere.;那么我就在那画一条界限”But a lot of people get stuck in a very strange position.但是很多人会因此陷在一个非常尴尬的位置So for example,举个例子Texas has at one point decided德克萨斯州有一个决定that what it means to marry a man嫁给一个男人is to mean that you dont have a Y chromosome,意味着你没有Y染色体and what it means to marry a woman means you do have a Y chromosome.同时如果你娶一个女人意味着你有Y染色体Now in practice they dont actually test people for their chromosomes.现实中,他们实际上不会去检测染色体But this is also very bizarre,但是这也非常奇怪because of the story I told you at the beginning因为我一开始告诉了大家那个关于about androgen insensitivity syndrome.雄激素不敏感综合征的故事If we look at one of the founding fathers of modern democracy,如有我们看一下现代民主制度的奠基人之一Dr. Martin Luther King,马丁·路德·金,士he offers us something of a solution in his ;I have a dream; speech.在他的“我有一个梦想”的演讲中,为我们提供了一个解决方法He says we should judge people ;based not on the color of their skin,他认为我们“不应该根据一个人的肤色but on the content of their character,;而是应该根据他的品格”去评判一个人moving beyond anatomy.摒弃人种差异And I want to say, ;Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea.;我想说“是的,那听起来确实是个好方法”But in practice, how do you do it?但实际操作中,你怎么去做?How do you judge people based on the content of character?你如何根据他的品德去评判他?I also want to point out我还想指出that Im not sure that is how we should distribute rights in terms of humans,我不太确定我们应该如何分配人类的权利because, I have to admit, that there are some golden retrievers I know因为,我不得不承认,有些黄金猎犬that are probably more deserving of social services比起我知道的一些人似乎更应该than some humans I know.得到社会的帮助I also want to say there are probably also some yellow Labradors that I know我还想说,我知道有些拉布拉多似乎that are more capable of informed, intelligent, mature decisions比有些40岁左右的人在性关系问题上about sexual relations than some 40-year-olds that I know.更慎重,更聪明,更能作出成熟的决定So how do we operationalize因此我们如何去衡量the question of content of character?品德的问题?It turns out to be really difficult.结果明是非常困难的And part of me also wonders,我还想知道what if content of character如果品德的好坏turns out to be something thats scannable in the future --在未来可以被扫描出来——able to be seen with an fMRI?也许可以用核磁共振成像看见?Do we really want to go there?我们真的愿意走到那一步吗?Im not sure where we go.我不确定我们将走向何方What I do know is that it seems to be really important我知道的是应该思考一下to think about the idea of the ed States being in the lead美国所引领的民主存在的问题of thinking about this issue of democracy.看起来是非常重要的Weve done a really good job struggling with democracy,我们在争取民主的问题上已经做得非常好了and I think we would do a good job in the future.我认为今后同样会做的更好We dont have a situation that Iran has, for example,我们情况和伊朗不同,比如where a man whos sexually attracted to other men一个男人在性方面对其他男人有吸引力is liable to be murdered,那么他是可以被杀的unless hes willing to submit to a sex change,除非他愿意改变自己的性取向in which case hes allowed to live.那么他将可以活下来We dont have that kind of situation.我们没有那样的情况Im glad to say we dont have the kind of situation with --我非常高兴的说我们没有那样的情况--a surgeon I talked to a few years ago对一位外科医生说,那是在数年之前who had brought over a set of conjoined twins他带来一个连体婴儿in order to separate them, partly to make a name for himself.希望可以帮助他们分离,某种程度上也想让自己出名But when I was on the phone with him,但是当我跟他通电话时asking why he was going to do this surgery --问他为什么希望做这个手术——this was a very high-risk surgery --因为这是个危险性很高的手术——his answer was that, in this other nation,他答道,在这个国家these children were going to be treated very badly, and so he had to do this.这样的孩子将会被残忍的对待,因此他必须要帮助他们这么做My response to him was, ;Well, have you considered political asylum我对他的回答是,“恩,你为他们考虑过政治避难instead of a separation surgery?;而不是进行手术吗?”The ed States has offered tremendous possibility美国为像这样的孩子保持他们自己的特征for allowing people to be the way they are,提供了很大的可能without having them have to be changed for the sake of the state.他们从不用为了国家改变自己的身体So I think we have to be in the lead.因此我认为我们应该要引领这种思想201508/395303上海/嘉定区开双眼皮

上海/超声刀消除颈纹需要多少钱This is for her:这是献给她的:I love being a girl.我热爱当女孩。I can feel what youre feeling我可以体会你的情感as youre feeling inside the feeling before.体会你刚才体会到的情感I am an emotional creature.我是一个情感动物Things do not come to me as intellectual theories认识这个世界,我靠的不是知识理论or hard-pressed ideas.或抽象的概念They pulse through my organs and legs and burn up my ears.而是像脉冲那样在我的器官里,在我的腿里,我的耳朵里流动Oh, I know when your girlfriends really pissed off,哦,我懂得你的女朋友的烂心情even though she appears to give you what you want.虽然她表面还是对你百依百顺I know when a storm is coming.我能感知暴雨来临I can feel the invisible stirrings in the air.我还能感知那看不见的空气的震动I can tell you he wont call back. Its a vibe I share.我可以告诉你,她不会给你打电话了。因为我跟她是在同一波段上的。I am an emotional creature.我是一个情感动物。I love that I do not take things lightly.我不会只是看得到事情的表面。Everything is intense to me,任何事情,对我而言,都是紧张的the way I walk in the street, the way my momma wakes me up,不管是在街上走,是妈妈从睡梦里将我叫醒the way its unbearable when I lose, the way I hear bad news.是我面对失败,是我听到坏消息的那种震动I am an emotional creature.我是一个情感动物I am connected to everything and everyone. I was born like that.我跟所有人所有事都连接在一起。我天生就是这样的。Dont you say all negative不要是说这不好那不好that its only only a teenage thing,那是小孩子的做法or its only because Im a girl.也不要说,那是因为我是女孩These feelings make me better.这些反而让我高兴They make me present. They make me y. They make me strong.让我快乐,让我感到实在,让我感到强大I am an emotional creature.我是一个情感动物There is a particular way of knowing.那是一种特别的认知方式Its like the older women somehow forgot.有点像老妇人的健忘I rejoice that its still in my body.她还活在我体内,我因此而高兴Oh, I know when the coconuts about to fall.我知道椰子什么时候会掉到地上I know we have pushed the Earth too far.我知道我们对地球伤害太多I know my father isnt coming back,我知道我的父亲不会再世and that no ones prepared for the fire.我知道没有人准备好接受战火I know that lipstick means more than show,还有唇膏不仅仅是为了展示and boys are super insecure,我知道男孩也时常惴惴不安and so-called terrorists are made, not born.所谓的恐怖主义分子是后天的,非天生的I know that one kiss我知道,一个亲吻could take away all my decision-making ability.可以消解我的一切判断力And you know what? Sometimes it should.知道吗?有时候确实应该这样This is not extreme. Its a girl thing,这不是极端。这是女孩会做的事情what we would all be if the big door inside us flew open.假如我们内心的那道大门得以打开,这也是我们每个人都能做到的Dont tell me not to cry, to calm it down,不要告诉我停止哭泣,冷静not to be so extreme, to be reasonable.不要走极端,要理性I am an emotional creature.我是一个情感动物Its how the earth got made, how the wind continues to pollinate.这正是地球的运作方式啊,这也是风的运行规律啊You dont tell the Atlantic Ocean to behave.你不可能指挥太平洋怎样做I am an emotional creature.我是一个情感动物Why would you want to shut me down or turn me off?为何让我停下,让我掉头?I am your remaining memory.我是你残留的记忆I can take you back.我可以把你带回过去Nothings been diluted.没有被冲淡,Nothings leaked out.也没有一点滴漏I love, hear me, I love我爱,听我讲,我爱that I can feel the feelings inside you,我可以体会你心底的情感even if they stop my life,即使那样会停止我的生命even if they break my heart,即使那样会打碎我的心even if they take me off track,即使那样会把我偏离正轨they make me responsible.但这会让我变得有责任感I am an emotional, I am an emotional,我是有情感的,我是一个incondotional, devotional creature.有情感的、无条件全情投入的动物And I love, hear me,听我讲,我爱I love, love, love being a girl.我爱,爱,爱当一个女孩Can you say it with me?听到了吗?I love, I love, love, love我爱- 爱-爱-爱being a girl!当一个女孩!Thank you very much.谢谢大家!201511/408182 Now, my favorite example of color bravery is a guy named John Skipper.关于勇敢地面对肤色差异,我最喜欢引用的例子是一个叫John Skipper的家伙,He runs ESPN.他是ESPN的管理者。Hes a North Carolina native,quintessential Southern gentleman, white. 他是北卡罗来纳州当地人,典型的南方绅士,白人哦。He joined ESPN, which aly had a culture of inclusion and diversity, but he took it up a notch.在他加入ESPN时,ESPN已经形成了一种包容和多元化的文化,但他将文化落实。He demanded that every open position have a diverse slate of candidates.他要求每一个空缺岗位都要有多元化的候选人。Now he says the senior people in the beginning bristled,and they would come to him and say,Do you want me to hire the minority,or do you want me to hire the best person for the job?他说在最初的时候,高层怒不可遏,径直找他谈话,你希望我雇佣少数族裔的人,还是一个最适合这份工作的人?And Skipper says his answers were always the same:Yes.而Skipper说他的回答总是不变的,是。And by saying yes to diversity, ESPN.I honestly believe that ESPN is the most valuable cable franchise in the world.向多元化敞开大门,我发自内心地相信ESPN是世界上最具价值的电台。I think thats a part of the secret sauce.我认为这是其秘密武器之一。Now I can tell you, in my own industry,at Ariel Investments, we actually view our diversity as a competitive advantage,and that advantage can extend way beyond business. 现在我要告诉你的是,在我从事的行业,在亚瑞投资公司,我们实际上将多元化看作竞争优势,这个优势的影响力远远超乎商业范畴。Theres a guy named Scott Page at the University of Michigan.在密歇根大学有个叫斯科特佩奇的人,He is the first person to develop a mathematical calculation for diversity.他是第一位建立多元化数学算法的人。He says, if youre trying to solve a really hard problem,really hard,that you should have a diverse group of people,including those with diverse intellects. 他说,如果你试图解决一个非常困难的问题,非常困难的问题,你的团队成员应是多元化的,人人各有所长。The example that he gives is the smallpox epidemic.他举的例子是天花传染病。When it was ravaging Europe,they brought together all these scientists,and they were stumped. 当天花肆虐欧洲时,科学家们汇聚在一起,却束手无策。And the beginnings of the cure to the disease came from the most unlikely source,a dairy farmer who noticed that the milkmaids were not getting smallpox.第一道曙光从谁也不曾料到的地方照来,原来是一位奶农,他注意到挤奶女工都没被感染。And the smallpox vaccination is bovine-based because of that dairy farmer.正因为那位奶农,基于牛痘的疫苗才得以发现。Now Im sure youre sitting here and youre saying,I dont run a cable company,I dont run an investment firm,I am not a dairy farmer. 我确信坐在这儿的你们会说,我并不管理一家电台,我并不拥有一家投资公司,我不是一位奶农,What can I do?我能做些什么?And Im telling you, you can be color brave.我来告诉你,你可以勇敢地面对肤色差异。If youre part of a hiring process or an admissions process,you can be color brave.如果你在公司做人事或行政,你应让自己变得勇敢。If you are trying to solve a really hard problem,you can speak up and be color brave.如果你在努力解决一个很困难的问题,你应直言不讳,勇敢面对。Now I know people will say,but that doesnt add up to a lot,but Im actually asking you to do something really simple: 我知道有些人会说,这样做贡献不了什么的。但实际上我是在请你做一些非常简单易行的事情:observe your environment,at work, at school, at home. 注意周边环境,工作中,在学校里,在家里。Im asking you to look at the people around you purposefully and intentionally.我请你们注意身边的人,有意识地去观察,Invite people into your life who dont look like you, dont think like you,dont act like you,dont come from where you come from,and you might find that they will challenge your assumptions and make you grow as a person. 让你的生活与那些你不曾来往的人有所交集,这些人或许长相、思想、行为跟你不一样,或许跟你来自不同的地方,你会发现,他们会让你反思你曾经的假设,让你朝着正确的方向成长。You might get powerful new insights from these individuals,or,like my husband, who happens to be white,you might learn that black people,men, women, children,we use body lotion every single day.从他们身上,你也许会听到全新的深刻见解,或者,像我的丈夫,他碰巧是白人,你会懂得黑人,无论男人,女人,还是孩子,我们每天都用润肤露。Now, I also think that this is very important so that the next generation really understands that this progress will help them,because theyre expecting us to be great role models. 那么,我认为,其重要性也在于让下一代明白,这一进程会帮助他们,因为他们在期望我们成为杰出的榜样。201507/383545上海/鼻头变小的方法上海/e光祛斑会反弹吗



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