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重庆西南医院取环需要多少钱丰都县人民医院复通输卵管Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe courted Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (Jan 4), holding out the prospect for a summit as he renewed his call for progress on an elusive World War II peace treaty.周一,日本首相安倍晋三向俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京示好,主张举行首脑会晤,并再次呼吁推进二战和平条约制定的进程。The two countries have never officially struck a peace accord more than 70 years after the end of the conflict amid a territorial dispute over four Japanese islands seized by Soviet troops at the wars conclusion.二战后,苏联军队占领北方四岛,在此后长达70年间,由于争议领土的冲突,日本和俄罗斯双方政府没有达成任何和平协议;President Putin and I share the view that it is abnormal for our nations not to have a peace treaty 70 years since the war;, Mr Abe said at his first press conference of the year. ;The issues related to the Northern Territories cannot be resolved without exchanges between the leaders,; he added, referring to the Japanese appellation for the islands.安倍晋三在新年的首次新闻发布会上称:“战0年间,日俄双方没有达成和平条约,对此普京总统和我都认为这是不正常的。北方领土的问题需要双方领导人协商进行解决。”在此期间,他用日本的名称来称呼这些岛屿;I will continue my dialogue with President Putin when opportunities arise,; he added. ;We will explore the most appropriate timing for his visit to Japan.;他还表示:“如果条件允许,我会同普京总统再续对话,我们将研究他访日的最佳时机。”Mr Putin has come under intense criticism from the ed States and other democracies over Russias annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine, with the countrys participation in the Group of Eight summits under suspension.由于俄罗斯吞并克里米亚以及在乌克兰东部的冲突,普京总统受到了美国和其他民主国家的强烈指责,同时俄罗斯参加八国峰会的资格也被暂时取消。Mr Abe is hosting a meeting of Group of Seven leaders in May. Mr Putin is not expected to attend and Mr Abe did not suggest otherwise. But he emphasised the need for dialogue, saying the international community must encourage Russias participation in the worlds fight against terrorism and the Syrian crisis.今年5月份,安倍晋三将在日本主持召开七国领导人峰会,如果安倍不提议邀请,普京则无法参加该峰会。但安倍晋三强调了对话的重要性,他认为国际社会应当鼓励俄罗斯参与到全球反恐斗争和解决叙利亚危机的行动中;It is also important that we gain Russias constructive engagement to deal with issues of terrorism, Syria and Iran,; Mr Abe said.他说:“俄罗斯在应对恐怖问题、叙利亚问题和伊朗问题上的行动是富有成效的,这点同样很重要。”来 /201601/420296重庆市不孕不育多少钱 Often likened to being “between a rock and a hard place Central Asia’s relatively isolated position has required it to maintain consistent and balanced good relations with two giant neighbours, China and Russia.中亚的处境常被比作“左右为难”,其相对孤立的地位要求它必须与两大邻国——中国和俄罗斯——保持协调、平衡的良好关系。Nevertheless, its high degree of integration with Russia has jolted the region’s local economies, the result of their twin exposure to the protracted Ukrainian crisis and the slump in commodity prices, manifested through tanking local currencies and reduced inflows of remittances from workers abroad.然而,由于中亚与俄罗斯高度一体化,受旷日持久的乌克兰危机和大宗商品价格暴跌的双重影响,该地区的经济遭受重创,这一点从当地货币糟糕的表现和海外工人汇款流入的减少便可见一斑。Anxiety has further gripped post-Soviet states in recent months, with the recent 35 per cent slump in the Azerbaijan manat and a 34 per cent devaluation in Turkmenistan, often considered the economy with the least direct exposure to Russia. Concerns are sping in Kazakhstan of an additional devaluation of the tenge (following last year’s 20 per cent decline) amid calls for early presidential elections.这些前苏联共和国近几个月来愈发焦虑,阿塞拜疆货币马纳特汇率近期下5%,土库曼斯坦货币贬4%,通常认为这两个国家的经济受俄罗斯的直接影响最小。哈萨克斯坦货币坚戈继去年汇率下0%后进一步贬值,担忧情绪正在其国内蔓延,民众要求提前举行总统大选。Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan arguably face even greater pressure, with both GDP and fiscal revenue highly dependent on remittances from Russia and the transit of Chinese manufactured goods into Russia/Uzbekistan. Neither has a promising outlook; the World Bank currently forecasts remittances to decline 4.9 per cent and 17.8 per cent in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan respectively this year, while Kyrgyz export volumes to Russia slumped 33 per cent year on year last year also partly the result of a concerted crackdown on Kyrgystan’s re-export industries.吉尔吉斯斯坦和塔吉克斯坦无疑面临更大的压力,这两国的国内生产总GDP)和财政收入高度依赖来自俄罗斯的汇款,以及中国商品进入俄罗斯或乌兹别克斯坦的过境运输费。两国的前景都不乐观,据世界(World Bank)目前预测,今年吉尔吉斯斯坦的汇款将下.9%,塔吉克斯坦将下7.8%。吉尔吉斯斯坦对俄罗斯的出口量去年同比下3%,部分原因是吉尔吉斯斯坦再出口业受到联合性打击。Uzbekistan, the region’s most densely populated country, has also seen an 11 per cent decline in its som currency over the last year, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects inflation to remain in double digit figures as a result.中亚人口最稠密的乌兹别克斯坦,其货币索姆的汇率在过去一年也出现1%的下跌。据国际货币基金组织(IMF)预计,乌兹别克斯坦的通胀率也将因此保持在两位数。Diversifying remains a challenge多元化仍然是个挑战The twin factors of low oil prices and Russian weakness have further pushed Central Asian states to diversify their economies. Nevertheless, their ability to integrate into global manufacturing supply chains remains hampered by their relative geographical isolation, problematic infrastructure and mostly low population densities.油价低迷和俄罗斯经济走弱这两个因素进一步推动中亚国家实行经济多样化。但它们融入全球制造业供应链的能力,仍受阻于它们相对偏僻的地理位置、成问题的基础设施和普遍的低人口密度。As an example, Japanese companies have not expanded manufacturing facilities into Central Asia as they have rapidly done in Southeast Asia, due to this lack of competitiveness. Accumulated financial exposure to Central Asia and the Caucasus by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Japan’s main policy lender, currently amounts to only #165;642bn, barely 3 per cent of its total #165;21,106bn exposure across Asia, and most of this has also gone towards energy-related services.举例来说,日本企业在东南亚迅速扩大了生产设施,但在中亚就没这么做,原因是这里缺乏竞争力。日本的主要政策性——日本国际协力银JBIC)对中亚和高加索地区的金融敞口累积到现在,才仅420亿日元,勉强为其对全亚洲211060亿日元总敞口的3%。而且JBIC在该地区的大部分敞口都投入了能源相关务。Moreover, the declining rouble itself further stymies the potential for local manufacturing, given Russia’s much larger industrial economies of scale. Car dealers in Kazakhstan, for example, have slashed retail prices by an average 30 per cent in recent months to compete with a surge in Russian imports.此外,由于俄罗斯工业的规模经济比中亚大得多,卢布汇率下跌进一步阻碍了当地制造业的发展可胀?比如哈萨克斯坦汽车经销商近几个月将零售价平均削减了30%,以与激增的俄罗斯进口汽车竞争。Separately, private sector development and local innovation are difficult to implement even in the region’s more advanced economies, due both to the dominance of the state sector in most countries and the lack of access to credit and capital markets.再有,即便是中亚发展水平较高的经济体,也难以实现私营部门的发展和地方创新。原因有两个,一是国有部门在中亚大多数国家占主导地位;二是缺乏进入信贷和资本市场的渠道。China’s role in widening the economic base中国在扩大中亚经济基础中的作用Diversification is thus largely dependent on an expected massive surge in Chinese investment into the region which, in theory, should help build local industrial capacity and manufacturing supply chains. On paper at least, China has committed to investing .3bn into multiple infrastructure projects across Central Asia.于是中亚经济的多元化很大程度上依赖于一个预期——中国对该地区投资的大量激增。这些投资在理论上应有助于提高当地工业产能,帮助当地建立制造业供应链。至少在纸面上,中国已承诺向整个中亚的多个基础设施项目投资163亿美元。Central Asian states, particularly Kazakhstan, have also embraced the idea of acting as “transit hubsfor manufactured goods between China and Europe. Kazakhstan’s vice president is known to favour Chinese investment and the Astana headquarters of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, the state-owned railway firm, beams televised pictures of the China-Kazakhstan partnership in the sector onto the streets.中亚国家,特别是哈萨克斯坦,也接受了充当中欧之间商品“转运枢纽”的理念。众所周知,哈萨克斯坦副总理欢迎中国投资,该国国有铁路公司Kazakhstan Temir Zholy位于阿斯塔纳的总部还将中哈在该领域结成合作伙伴关系的电视画面播放到街头。In addition to collecting transit fees on transported goods, this is also expected to result in some manufacturing spillover. A recent Kazakhstan-China investment forum resulted in agreements to establish 20 JV manufacturing projects in sectors such as construction, transport, logistics, and food production.作为转运枢纽,中亚除了可以对转运商品收取过境费,或许还有望享受到中国制造业的溢出。在最近举行的哈中投资论坛的促成下,两国在建筑、交通、物流和粮食生产等领域达成了20个合资制造业项目的协议。Less-developed economies such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which also face greater domestic political uncertainty, are seeking Chinese investment into infrastructure. One major flagship project is a mooted Kyrgyz-China rail project, although this faces both political risks in Kyrgzstan’s democratic environment, as well a clampdown on Kyrgzstan’s re-export trade. The deputy finance minister of Tajikistan, meanwhile, announced that China plans to invest bn into the Tajik economy over the next three years.吉尔吉斯斯坦和塔吉克斯坦等欠发达经济体还面临着更大的国内政治不稳定,这些国家正在寻求中国对基础设施的投资。一个主要的旗舰项目是酝酿中吉尔吉斯斯坦-中国铁路项目,尽管该项目除了面临吉尔吉斯斯坦国内民主环境的政治风险,还要面对该国再出口贸易受到打击的风险。与此同时,塔吉克斯坦财政部副部长宣布,中国计划在未来三年向该国投资60亿美元。Turkmenistan also aims to become a regional transit hub in which China has a special investment interest. Kazakhstan in late 2014 inaugurated the first direct railway link connecting Iran with western Kazakhstan via Turkmenistan, to more fully diversify from Russian transit routes to Europe. Positioned as a halfway point, this new route also enables Turkmenistan to act as a gate for traded goods simultaneously between Russia, other post-Soviet states, and southwest Asia.土库曼斯坦也打算成为该地区的交通枢纽,而中国对此拥有特殊的投资兴趣014年底,哈萨克斯坦正式开通了首条经由土库曼斯坦直接连接伊朗与该国西部的铁路,使得交通线路在从俄罗斯到欧洲的线路的基础上,更加多样化。这条新铁路使地处线路中端的土库曼斯坦同时成为俄罗斯以及其他前苏联国家与亚洲西南部国家之间商品贸易的大门。According to Shohrat Kadyrov, a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science, Ashgabat is not only a major provider of gas, but also acts as an interlocutor between China and neighbouring states in the negotiation of supranational infrastructure corridors that aim to facilitate economic integration. In this regard, Turkmenistan is using the prospect of retaining its gas market share in China by investing in additional pipelines, which in turns allows it to bargain for infrastructure investments to facilitate the transit of Chinese-produced goods, arguably at Russia and Kazakhstan’s expense.俄罗斯科学院东方研究所(Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science)研究员肖赫拉#8226;卡德罗夫(Shohrat Kadyrov)认为,土库曼斯坦不仅是天然气的主要供应国,而且还在中国与邻国间关于建设旨在促进经济一体化的跨国基础设施走廊的谈判中,扮演中间对话者的角色。在这方面,土库曼斯坦利用保持其未来在中国天然气市场份额的前景,投资额外的管道建设,并借此争取基础设施投资以便于中国产商品的运输,但这无疑将牺牲俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦的利益。The importance of Russia俄罗斯的重要性Media attention has mostly focused on the surge in aspirant Chinese investment in the region coming “at the expense of Russia with the economic downturn luring Central Asian governments towards China’s trade and investment prowess.媒体关注主要都集中在中国雄心勃勃的投资在本地区的激增(所谓“挖俄罗斯的墙角”),该地区的经济低迷使得中国的贸易和投资能力对中亚各国政府颇具吸引力。Nevertheless, it is also clear that Russia remains a crucial partner and ally not just for Central Asian states themselves, but for ensuring the stability of China’s investments in the region, in particular its energy supplies.然而,同样清楚的是,不仅对中亚各国自身,而且在确保中国对该地区(特别是能源供应领域)投资的稳定性方面,俄罗斯仍是一个至关重要的合作伙伴和盟友。Indeed, despite the recent pain caused by Central Asia’s economic alliance with Russia, countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan appear to be making what amounts to a political decision to join the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which currently includes Kazakhstan, Belarus and, most recently, Armenia. This comes despite the clear evidence in Kazakhstan’s case that its participation in the EEU has not yielded significant economic benefits, as well as the concomitant exposure to Russian domestic political cycles.事实上,尽管中亚与俄罗斯的经济联盟导致了近期的阵痛,但吉尔吉斯斯坦和塔吉克斯坦等国似乎做出了堪称政治决策的决定——加入俄罗斯领导的欧亚经济联Eurasian Economic Union)。该联盟目前包括哈萨克斯坦、白俄罗斯以及最近加入的亚美尼亚。尽管有明确的据表明,哈萨克斯坦的加入并未产生显著的经济效益,而且还会暴露在俄罗斯国内政治周期影响之下,这些国家还是决定加入该联盟。Russia-led structures such as the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), beyond bland gestures of Sino-Russian geopolitical alliance and common interest, are acquiring real significance through the emphasis on maintaining, expanding, and modernising Russia’s network of military bases in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Armenia. Russian bases remain strategic for the security of Central Asian governments themselves, since nearly their entire domestic military budgets go to Russia.俄罗斯领导的组织——如集体安全条约组织(CSTO)——超越了中俄地缘政治同盟和共同利益的单调表态,正在通过强调俄罗斯在吉尔吉斯斯坦、塔吉克斯坦和亚美尼亚的军事基地网络的维护、扩大和现代化,而获得真正的影响力。俄罗斯的军事基地对于中亚各国政府自身的安全仍具有战略意义,因为这些国家几乎所有的军事预算都流向了俄罗斯。In this respect, Sino-Russian co-operation is maintained out of a common interest to keep the Central Asian region stable. Chinese investment is required to buffer stagnant inward foreign direct investment flows into Central Asia from Russia.从这个角度看,中俄合作出于维护中亚地区稳定的共同利益得到维系。中亚地区需要中国的投资以缓冲来自俄罗斯的外国直接投资的停滞。However, Beijing needs Russia to provide security in a politically complex region subject to periodic unrest, as a means to ensure its massive investments into the region’s energy and infrastructure sectors. This is particularly crucial given the security imperatives in China’s own restive Xinjiang province, through which all energy supplies pass.然而,北京方面需要俄罗斯在这个政治形势复杂、受周期性动荡影响的地区提供安全保障,并以此确保中国大规模投资进入该地区的能源和基础设施领域。这种保障尤其关键,特别是考虑到中国在自身桀骜的新疆维吾尔自治区保障安全的必要——所有能源供应都要经过这一地区。This pattern of Sino-Russian cooperation is arguably being replicated elsewhere, such as in the ambitious pending construction of the Nicaragua canal, whereby China will finance the majority and Russia will provide military and other forms of security during the construction process.中俄合作的这种模式无疑正在被复制到其他地方。例如,在雄心勃勃、等待开工的尼加拉瓜运河项目中,中国负责大部分投资,而俄罗斯将在建设过程中提供军事及其他形式的安全保障。While media reports often emphasise the “historical distrustbetween China and Russia, evidenced by long-drawn and sometimes acrimonious negotiations over bilateral gas supply contracts, it is clear that China does not aspire to undermine Russia’s sociopolitical and security influence in the region, while Russia in turn is not resisting China’s economic encroachment into the region. It might be a stretch to call the relationship symbiotic, but it is certainly mutually tolerant.虽然媒体报道经常强调中俄之间“历史上的不信任”,并以两国间旷日持久、时而争吵激烈的天然气供应合同谈判为据,但很明显,中国并不想削弱俄罗斯在中亚社会政治和安全方面的影响力,而俄罗斯反过来也并不抵制中国对该地区的经济渗透。称这种关系为共生关系可能有些牵强,但它们一定相互宽容。Diana Gapak is a Russia/CIS analyst. Daniyar Kosnazarov is a head of Central Asia and Caspian Region department, Geopolitics and Regional Studies Division, The Library of the First President of Kazakhstan. Gavin Bowring is a researcher at Asean Confidential, a research service at the Financial Times.本文作者戴安娜#8226;加帕Diana Gapak)是一位专注于俄罗独联体的分析师。达尼亚#8226;科斯纳扎罗夫(Daniyar Kosnazarov)是哈萨克斯坦第一总统图书The Library of the First President of Kazakhstan)地缘政治和地区研究部(Geopolitics and Regional Studies Division)中亚和里海地区部门负责人。加#8226;鲍令(Gavin Bowring)是英囀?金融时报》旗下研究务机构《东盟投资参考Asean Confidential)研究员。来 /201503/364015重庆处女膜修补手术价格

重庆爱德华医院男科重庆爱德华医院电话 French police carried out a massive operation to the north of Paris on Wednesday morning as they appeared to be closing in on suspects involved in Friday’s terrorist attacks who have been the object of a Europe-wide manhunt.法国警方周三早晨在巴黎北部展开大规模行动,他们冲入了一栋公寓,以抓捕巴黎恐怖袭击案的嫌疑人。现场发生了战和爆炸,有五人被捕。French television showed images of dozens of police in Saint-Denis on the northern outskirts of the French capital and replayed audio of what appeared to be an exchange of heavy gunfire.这次行动在当地时间凌:30左右开始,目击者说看到了爆炸和激烈交火。数十名军人、安保人员在现场援警方。早:30左右发生了另一系列的爆炸。Several French media sources, including AFP, reported that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, believed to be the mastermind behind Friday’s attacks, was the target of the raids.法国检察机构确认,在行动中,一名女性触发爆炸装置自爆。三名男子被捕。但当局拒绝确认他们的身什?公寓附近的另一男一女也被捕。AFP also reported that between two and four people were holed up in an apartment, surrounded by police, and that several police had been wounded in the gunfire.法国电视台播放了大量警察在巴黎北部郊区圣丹尼地区的画面,并播出了似乎是双方激烈交火的音频。Witnesses said the operation had started at about 4.30am with explosions and heavy gunfire. Dozens of police are still at the scene although there is currently no gunfire.包括法新AFP)在内的几家法国媒体报道称,据信,阿卜杜勒哈米德阿巴德(Abdelhamid Abaaoud)是上周五巴黎恐怖袭击案的策划者,是警方此次突击行动的目标。The investigation into Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris sp across Europe on Tuesday, with security services in a number of countries racing to round up suspects as it emerged that French police were hunting not for one but possibly two surviving attackers.针对上周五巴黎严重恐怖袭击的调查周二遍及整个欧洲,很多国家的安全机构纷纷围剿嫌疑人,有消息称,法国警方正在追捕的在逃袭击者不是一个,可能是两个。Salah Abdeslam, a 26-year-old, remained the focus of a Europe-wide manhunt that has focused on the rundown Brussels district of Molenbeek where he lived.26岁的萨拉赫阿贝德斯拉Salah Abdeslam)成为欧洲范围内追捕的主要目标,搜捕范围主要在他居住的布鲁塞尔破旧街区莫伦贝克。Authorities have established that Mr Abdeslam’s brother, Ibrahim, blew himself up on the Boulevard Voltaire outside the Comptoir Voltaire Cafe on Friday night.法国当局确认,阿贝德斯拉姆的哥哥易卜拉欣(Ibrahim)上周五晚在Comptoir Voltaire Cafe咖啡馆外的伏尔泰大道上引爆了自己身上的炸弹身亡。But it emerged on Tuesday that they now believe another man, who has yet to be accounted for, may have accompanied them on a shooting rampage that evening in a black Seat Leon later found abandoned in a Parisian suburb.但周二有消息称,他们现在认为。另一个警方尚未提供细节的男子可能当晚在一辆黑色西雅特Leon(Seat Leon)汽车内跟他们一起参与了射杀行动,这辆车后来被遗弃在巴黎郊区。Even as many details remained unclear, the frenetic hunt underlined the cross-border dimensions of a plot that has left a trail from IsisSyrian base to Greece’s easternmost islands and a rundown Brussels immigrant neighbourhood.在很多细节仍不清楚之际,法国警方疯狂的搜捕突显出这场阴谋的跨境范围之广,其行踪从“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的叙利亚基地到希腊最东边的岛屿以及布鲁塞尔破旧的移民街区。There were growing signs that accomplices helped Mr Abdeslam to flee France in the aftermath of the attacks. A Renault Clio linked to the assailants was found parked in Paris18th district.越来越多的迹象表明,有同伙曾帮助阿贝德斯拉姆在恐怖袭击之后逃离法国。一辆与袭击者有关的雷诺Clio(Renault Clio)汽车被发现停在巴黎第18街区。There were also indications that French authorities as far back as August had uncovered information that Isis was contemplating an attack on a concert hall.还有迹象表明,法国警方早在今月就取得了Isis正考虑袭击一个音乐厅的信息。A French jihadi who was captured by authorities on returning from Syria in August told them he had met there with Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Belgian, whom he said had instructed him to target a concert venue.今年8月在从叙利亚回国途中被警方抓获的一名法国圣战分子告诉他们,他刚刚在叙利亚与27岁的比利时人阿巴德会面,他表示,阿巴德命令他袭击一个音乐厅。Mr Abaaoud has subsequently been linked to aborted attacks on France’s Thalys high-speed train and a church earlier this year. He was also previously involved in a robbery in Brussels with one of the Abdeslam brothers. “He is a man who has grown in importance [within Isis],a French intelligence official said.阿巴德后来与今年早些时候法国大力士(Thalys)高速列车和一所教堂的未遂恐怖袭击有关。他之前还与阿贝德斯拉姆的一名兄弟参与过布鲁塞尔的一桩盗窃案。法国一情报官员表示:“他(在Isis内部)的重要性上升了。”French authorities said Mr Abdeslam had booked rooms in a hotel in the Alfortville suburb of Paris to serve as a safe house for the group ahead of the attacks, together with a flat in the Bobigny area.法国当局表示,阿贝德斯拉姆曾在法国郊区阿尔福维勒的一家酒店预定过房间,在恐怖袭击之前曾把这里当作这个团伙的安全屋,还在比尼地区租过一栋公寓。In Austria, the interior ministry confirmed Mr Abdeslam entered Austria from Germany on September 9 with two other men it did not name, adding that inquiries were continuing to establish where he had stayed and for what purpose.奥地利内政部实,阿贝德斯拉姆曾日与另外两位没有具名的男子从德国进入奥地利,并补充称,他们正继续调查,以确定他当时住在哪里以及有何目的。Later on Tuesday night US authorities said two Air France flights bound for Paris, one from Los Angeles and one from Dulles airport in Washington, were diverted after anonymous threats.周二夜里晚些时候,美国当局表示,在匿名威胁发出后,两架从洛杉矶和华盛顿杜勒斯机场飞往巴黎的法Air France)班机改变了航线。In Belgium, prosecutors on Tuesday charged two Belgian men Hamza Attou and Mohammed Amri with participation in a terrorist enterprise in connection with the Paris attacks.在比利时,检方周二指控两名比利时男子哈姆扎阿Hamza Attou)和穆罕默德阿姆里(Mohammed Amri)参与了一起与巴黎恐怖袭击相关的恐怖主义行动。来 /201511/411636重医附一院取环多少钱

北碚渝北区打掉孩子哪家医院最好的 Security has been tightened in cities around the world because of possible terror threats as they prepare for public celebrations marking the start of the new year.世界各地许多城市在准备迎新年的公开庆祝活动之际,加强保安措施,以应对可能的恐怖主义威胁。Sydney, Australia will be one of the first cities to mark the start of 2016, with its biggest fireworks display ever -- seven tons of fireworks at a cost of .1 million for the 12-minute show.澳大利亚悉尼市是全球最早迎新年的城市之一。悉尼市准备举行有史以来规模最盛大的焰火晚会。价值五百一十万美元吨焰火将2分钟内燃放。But Jakarta, Indonesia, is on high alert this year, after police uncovered plans for an alleged terror attack on the Indonesian capital during the festivities.但是印度尼西亚首都雅加达今年处于高度戒备状态。警方早先发现有人策划对雅加达迎新年的活动发动恐怖袭击。Brussels mayor canceled the Belgian capitals annual New Years Eve celebration because of a terror threat.由于受到恐怖袭击的威胁,布鲁塞尔市长取消了比利时首都一年一度的新年除夕庆祝活动。Mayor Yvan Mayeur said according to a crisis center analysis, it would not be possible to screen the tens of thousands of people who were expected to turn out for fireworks.布鲁塞尔市市长梅尔说,根据危机中心的分析,当局无法逐一检查数以万计可能前来观看焰火的人。Meanwhile, Belgian police announced Thursday they have arrested a 10th suspect in the November 13th Paris attacks in which 130 people were killed. Belgian police arrested two people earlier this week suspected of plotting a New Years Eve terror attack on what they call ;emblematic; targets.与此同时,比利时警方星期四宣布,他们逮捕了巴黎恐怖袭击事件的0名嫌疑人13日发生的巴黎袭击事件导致130人死亡。比利时警方本周早些时候逮捕了两人,他们涉嫌策划在新年除夕对他们所谓的“标志性”目标进行袭击。Four of the Islamic extremists who killed 130 people in multiple terrorist attacks in Paris in November were from Belgium.涉嫌制1月巴黎恐怖袭击,造成130人死亡的伊斯兰极端分子中,有4人来自比利时。Paris has also cancelled its fireworks show and cut back on plans for the evening, closing off the famed Champs Elysees avenue to cars for only one hour instead of three. But the light show projected on the Arc de Triomphe will be go on as scheduled. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told a French publication ((the weekly Journal du Dimanche)) that France needs its symbolic passage into the new year, to ;send a signal to the world; as it continues to recover from the attacks.巴黎也取消了迎新年的焰火晚会,并缩减了晚间活动计划。著名的香榭丽舍大道为晚间活动只对汽车关个小时,而不是原先的3个小时。但的灯光展将如期举行。巴黎市长伊达尔戈对《星期日》周刊说,法国需要象征性地走进新年“向全世界发出信息”,显示巴黎正继续走出恐怖袭击的阴霾。In Turkey on Wednesday, authorities detained two suspected Islamic State members believed to be planning suicide attacks on New Years celebrations in the Turkish capital, Ankara. The alleged plot involved suicide bombings in central Ankara where crowds gather to celebrate the start of the new year.土耳其当局星期三拘留了两名伊斯兰国成员嫌疑人。这两个人据信策划在土耳其首都安卡拉举行迎新年庆祝活动的时候发动自杀袭击。袭击计划涉及在安卡拉市中心人群聚集迎新年的地点进行自杀炸弹袭击。In New York City, thousands of police officers, some armed with long guns, radiation detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs, are preparing for the citys massive New Years celebration in Times Square, expected to draw more than a million people.在纽约,几千名警察正在为时报广场举行的大规模迎新年活动做准备。一些警察佩戴长,放射物质探测器和炸弹搜寻犬。预计将00多万人参加那里的迎新年活动。Police, the FBI, and Homeland Security officials say there are no specific credible threats to New York or any other U.S. celebrations.纽约警方、联邦调查局和美国国土安全部官员表示,纽约和美国其他城市的迎新年活动没有具体可信的威胁。来 /201601/422181重庆什么妇科医院比较好重庆妇科免费咨询



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