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重庆人流术费用重庆市第四人民医院检查不孕不育费用再教育和就业 Reeducation and Employment在中国,人才市场和再教育确实变得越来越流行。随着发展的深入,以及对提高生活水平的技术需求,这就变得必需了。Listen Read Learn During the course of our lives, we must make many choices that we may come to regret. This is especially true when choosing a career. Jobs that sound exciting or rewarding become dull or not worth it as we live our daily existence. This is where reeducation can help. Occupational schools have been set up to train people in jobs that they may be better suited for. People can adapt their interests and talents through selected courses. They can learn cooking skills, which are always in great demand. Gardening is an option for those who enjoy the outdoors or have a green thumb. If a person is interested in motors or cars, they can get training as a mechanic. Even more, the learning of a foreign language would allow them the opening of a dream life. The job qualification certificates they earn can also be used too enhance their resumes, so that they are trained in a variety of skills. Eventually, this could get them increase in wages or even a job globally. Job fairs and reeducation centers are indeed becoming more and more popular in China. This is needed as development expands and skills are needed to advance the new standard of living.听看学Top在我们一生之中,我们都会做出许多自己后来可能会后悔的选择。在选择职业时更是如此。听起来令人激动或报酬丰厚的工作,在我们日复一日的生活中变得枯燥或毫无意义。再教育对此能有所帮助。职业学校已经被建立起来,以便培训人们从事他们可能更适合的工作。人们可以依据自己的兴趣和特长来选课。他们可以学习需求量一直很大的厨艺。那些喜欢户外活动或园艺的人可以选择园艺;如果有人对托车或汽车感兴趣,他们就可以接受技工培训;而学习一门外语甚至可以帮助他们打开生活梦想之门。他们获得的职业资格书也可以用来增加他们简历的分量,以显示他们接受过一系列的技能培训。最终,这可以帮助他们提高工资待遇或在世界范围内谋得一份工作。在中国,人才市场和再教育确实变得越来越流行。随着发展的深入,以及对提高生活水平的技术需求,这就变得必需了。Grammar 语法小结 构词法——前缀在英语学习中掌握一些英语构词法,对单词的记忆和理解有很大的帮助。下面列举一些常用的词缀。1.表示否定意义的前缀dis-, 例如:dishonest 不诚实、dislike 不喜欢im- , 例如:impossible 不可能、impractical 不切实际的un-, 例如:unable 不能、unemployment 失业mis, 例如:mistake 错误、misunderstand 误解un-, 例如:uncover 揭露、 unlike 不同的2. auto-表示“自己,独立,自动”, 例如:automobile汽车、 autobiography自传3. re-表示“再一次,重新”, 例如:rewrite 重写、 repeat 重复4. out- 表示“在上面,在外部,在外”, 例如:outline 轮廓、outside 外面5. extra- 表示“超越,额外”, 例如:extraordinary 卓越的6. de- 表示“在下,向下”, 例如:descend 下降、degrade 降低7. super- 表示“超过”, 例如:superhero 超级英雄、 supernature 超自然界8. over- 表示“在上面,在外部,向上”, 例如:overhead 在头顶上、 overeat 吃得过饱家庭总动员 Do it together找出下面句子中的语法错误并改正。 1. I will wait for you out side.2. Over eating will do harm to your body.3. She likes shopping on the line.4. Who is the super hero in the movie?5. She has a big over draft to pay off.1. out side —— outside2. Over eating —— Overeating3. on the line ——online4. super hero —— superhero5. over draft —— overdraft /200807/43863重庆人工流产术的价钱 13. Got you! (骗、吓...)到你了吧!A: My sister just now called and said she's moving in with us.A: 我刚刚打电话来, 说她要搬进来跟我们一块儿住。B: What?B: 什么!A: Got you!A: 上当了吧!"Get you" 是「(骗、吓、捉弄...)到你了吧!」的意思。今年两会召开前夕,各大网站就此次两会的热点话题在网友当中进行投票,以下列出的就是投票中选出的网友们最关注的两会讨论热词。  1. 养老保险 pension insurance system  2. 反腐倡廉 anti-corruption bid  3. 依法拆迁 lawful housing demolition and relocation  4. 调控房价 housing prices control  5. 贫富差距 gap between the rich and the poor (wealth gap)  6. 就业问题 employment  7. 医疗改革 medical reform  8. 司法公正 judicial justice  9. 民主监督 democratic supervision  10. 教育公平 equal access to education /201003/98252重庆医科大学附属第一医院妇科人流

重庆爱德华网上预约1、a wise guy 骄傲自大的人。这里的wise并不表示“聪明”,相反它含有讽刺的意味。Alic’s all right, I guess, but sometimes he’s such a wise guy. 据我看,亚历克这个人还不赖,不过有时候太狂妄自大了。有时候本词组还用于朋友之间的调侃。Who’s the wise guy that took my lunch box? 是哪位机灵的大爷拿走了我的饭盒?2、a shrinking violet 畏首畏尾的人。原意为“正在发蔫的紫罗兰”。紫罗兰在背阴的地方悄悄地开花,所以violet是谦虚的象征,代表“腼腆的人”,但加上shrinking意思就有了变化。George has a very good mind. He would rise fast in the world if he weren’t such a shrinking violet.乔治很聪明。如果他不是一个畏首畏尾的人,在社会上早就出人头地了。3、a backseat driver 不在权限范围内而指手划脚的人。在美国开车出门是许多人生活的一部分。开车的技术当然每个人都不一样,一般来说,开车的人都不太愿意被别人指指点点。所以我们把那些老是喜欢在后面给开车的人提出不必要的指导和建议的人叫做backseat driver。One place where you find lots of backseat drivers is in politics. 要说指手画脚的人,在政界你可以找到好多。4、a wet blanket 令人扫兴的人。这一表达的来源是:当发生火灾的时候,为了扑火,把湿毛毯盖到火上。后用来指在社交场合泼冷水、令人扫兴的人。I’m sorry to be such a wet blanket, but I’m afraid I have to go home now. 我让大家扫兴,实在太对不起了。不过,我现在必须回家啦。5、a late bloomer 大器晚成的人。原意是“迟开的花”,与人大器晚成相似。Paul was such a slow worker at first that we almost fired him, but he proved to be a late bloomer. 保罗初来时工作非常迟钝,我们几乎要开除他,但最终实他是一个有潜力的人。6、an apple polisher 拍马屁者。过去美国学生为了讨好老师,把擦得光光亮亮的苹果递给老师,本词组源于此。You should take much care of him, and he’s a real apple polisher. 你可得多留心那小子,他可是个货真价实的马屁精。7、an ugly customer 粗暴的人。Ugly是ugly behavior(行为丑恶)的意思,指使用暴力,威胁他人。Customer原意为“顾客”,转用于表示“一沾上边就会有麻烦的人”。When he starts drinking, he can become an ugly customer. 他一喝上酒就会大吵大闹,令人真是没办法。8、a visiting fireman 远方的客人。原指从地方前来的团体客人。他们从地方前来参加大会,感到一身轻松,吃喝玩乐,挥金如土。现多指重要的商业伙伴或高级官员或公司老板,是需要殷勤招待的客人。I’m behind in my work because our office had three groups of visiting firemen this week. 本周我们公司有三批远方来客,因此我耽搁了工作。9、an Indian giver 送东西给人而日后往回要的人。这一表达法的起源是:在过去,某些印第安部落有送礼必须还礼的习俗。因此,有不少印第安人为了得到新奇的礼物而向白人送礼。后来就把一般给人送礼而指望别人还礼的人都称为“印第安送礼者”。Toby may have given you these books, but don’t start celebrating yet. He’s famous for being a Indian giver. 托比可能送给你这几本书了,但是不要高兴的太早。他送东西又往回要,是出了名的。10、a name-dropper 以仿佛很熟悉的口吻谈到著名人物的人。Drop是“若无其事地说”。本词语指由于虚荣心作怪,到处胡乱提及著名人士的名字以提高自己身价的人。Most social climbers are name-droppers. 绝大部分削尖脑袋往上流社会钻营的人,大多喜欢提著名人士的名字。11、an eager beaver 工作卖力的人。Beaver海狸是一种哺乳动物,前肢比后肢短,趾有爪,擅长挖掘,忙于筑坝。所以用eager beaver来喻指“干劲十足的人,积极、努力又热心的人”。He seems never to know what tiredness is, and he’s really an eager beaver. 他似乎从不知什么叫累,真是个用功的人。12、mall rat 喜欢逛购物中心的年轻人。Mall是购物中心,有的规模小,有的规模大。一到周末各地的购物中心都有买东西的人,有的人不见得买什么,只是在里面像老鼠一样钻来钻去。I used to be a typical mall rat hanging around watching the crowds, especially the girls. But now I join the football club, and I have no time.我过去是个典型的逛购物中心迷,在那里看人,特别是女孩子。但是现在我加入了足球俱乐部,就没有时间了。 /200804/36560重庆人流医院哪家 83. 我是一个中国人。 [误] I am a Chinese. [正] I am Chinese.注:第一句译文是不地道的,正确的说法应该去掉不定冠词,或者说 I am a Chinese man。同样,He is an English 也没有 He is English 或 He is an Englishman 好。 /200806/42538秀山土家族苗族自治县处女膜修复手术哪家医院最好的

重庆爱德华私密整形多少钱403. 他有份不错的工作。 [误] She had a very worth while job. [正] She had a very worthwhile job.注:表示“值得干的”、“有价值的”意思时,worthwhile 常常放在名词之前作定语。worth while 分写时意思为“值得花时间”、“值得花力气”,不可用作定语,常用作表语。 /04/67800 Julie is studying as Susan sneaks in.Susan: Pssst. (whispering) Come here. Susan: Okay, I'll come there. Are you still mad at me about the party?Julie: Oh you picked up on that, did you?Susan: Okay, look. I've been thinking about things and just forget what I said earlier.Julie: You mean I can go?Susan: Shhh. Geez, oh. Mike's in the other room.Julie: You're not gonna tell him?Susan: No! And neither are you!Julie: Ah. Why are you walking on eggshells? You are my Mother. You have every right to override him.Susan: I know. I just think it's sweet that he worries about you and I want him to feel that he's part of the decision making process.Julie: Oh, well clearly he's not if you're going behind his back.Susan: Do you want to go or not?Julie: Yes! I really want to go to the party.Mike walks in.Mike: Party? You guys still talking about that?Susan: Ah. Can you believe it? Oh. (to Julie) Let it go! You know Mike and I decided. No Party and that's final.Mike and Susan walk out the door. Susan turns and gives a "thumbs up" to Julie and mouths "have fun." /201004/102000重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院治疗妇科怎么样重庆打胎到哪家医院好



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