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Leung Chun-ying, former convenor of the Non-Official Members of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, Albert Ho, a lawmaker who is also head of a local political party, and Henry Tang, former chief secretary of the city government has been selected as the fourth-term Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Thatrsquo;s according to the latest announcement by the head of the cityrsquo;s electoral commission. Members of the 12 hundred-strong Election Committee started voting on Sunday morning, with each member entitled to cast a single vote by secret ballot. The main polling station and the central counting station are both located at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. A candidate must obtain more than 600 valid votes to win.The other two contenders for the cityrsquo;s top post include Leung Chun-ying, former convenor of the Non-Official Members of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, Albert Ho, a lawmaker who is also head of a local political party, and Henry Tang, former chief secretary of the city government. Incumbent Chief Executive Donald Tsang, whose term ends on June 30 this year, is barred from seeking a third term. The result of the first-round voting is expected to be unveiled at around 1 p.m. Should there be a need for more than one round of voting, the second and third round of voting will be scheduled from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. respectively on Sunday, according to the Commission. The chief executive heads the government and makes policy, signs budgets and appoints, removes and disciplines all officials, including the Executive Council, which the chief executive consults on policy and bills.The elected chief executive will then be appointed by the central government.香港特别行政区第四任行政长官选举结果25日揭晓。现年57岁的梁振英获得689张有效票,当选为香港特区第四任行政长官人选。选举投票于当日上午9时至11时举行。主投票站及中央点票站设于香港会展中心。行政长官选举委员会近1200位委员以无记名方式,就梁振英、何俊仁和唐英年三名合资格候选人进行投票。据香港特区选举管理委员会不久前公布,候选人取得超过600张有效票即胜出。香港特区选举管理委员会计票后宣布,梁振英获得689票,唐英年获得285票,何俊仁获得76票,梁振英当选香港特区第四任行政长官人选。根据《中华人民共和国香港特别行政区基本法》的规定,香港特区行政长官在当地通过选举或协商产生,由中央人民政府任命。香港特区第四任行政长官的任期自2012年7月1日至2017年6月30日。201203/175368How to Make Up Your Mind on HowcastMaking certain decisions, like whether or not to lose weight or file for divorce, can be difficult. Make the right choice and make up your mind.做某些决定,比如决定是否减肥或离婚都有难度。做正确的选择并下定决心。Step 1: Do not make decisionsDo not make any decisions when you are upset.心烦时不要做决定当你心烦时,不要做任何决定。Tip:Make sure you are calm and thinking clearly before you begin.小贴士:在你开始前要确保自己情绪平和并已经考虑清楚了。Step 2: FocusWrite down your options on the piece of paper. Focus on which options are in your best interest.精力集中将你的选择写在纸上。将精力集中在你最感兴趣的那些选择上。Step 3: WriteWrite down the problem and what is causing the problem to exist.写将问题和导致问题存在的原因写下来。Step 4: LookLook at your goals and what challenges or opportunities exist with each option.看看下你的目标和每种选择面临的挑战或机遇。Step 5: Talk with othersTalk with others who may be affected by your decision.和别人交谈和那些可能会受到你决定影响的人交谈。Step 6: ListenListen to what others have to say and see if there are different alternatives that you may not have thought of.倾听倾听他人所说,看下是否有你没有想到的其他选择。Step 7: Make a decisionMake up your mind and make a decision you can live with.做决定下定决心并做你自己能接受的决定。201103/128257One of Tibets most sacred creatures is the black-necked crane.西藏最神圣的一种动物是黑颈鹤In summer they live and breed out on the plateau,夏季它们在高原上繁衍生息,but in winter they congregate on farmland.但是在冬天它们聚集在农田里。70% of the worlds population can be found here.世界上70%的黑颈鹤都在这里The species was only recently identified by scientists,尽管科学家最近才发现这种生物but it has been known to Tibetans for hundreds of years.但是西藏人认识它们已经有几百年了In the 17th century,Tibets supreme lama wrote,在17世纪西藏的达赖喇嘛写到;Crane,lend me your wings,I go no farther than Lithang county.“天空中洁白的仙鹤请将你的双翅借我我不往远处去飞;And thence,return again. ;只到理塘就回”Tibetans believed he was predicting the site of his own reincarnation西藏人相信他在预言他的转世and in due course his successor was found,在适当的时候可以找到他的继承者sure enough,living in Lithang county.当然他的继承者一定是在理塘生活Even today,black-necked cranes are treated with reverence and即使在今天黑颈鹤落在村庄附近的农田时are welcomed by farmers as they land in the fields around the villages.农民都会尊敬地欢迎它们的到来 /201208/195430

And theyre y with the bell just about to ring.比赛就要开始了 选手们做好了准备And there we are. And they got to the ring...他们出场了 现在他们向拳击台走去And Joe Louis is in the center of the ring,Max going around.乔·路易斯占据了拳台中心 马克斯在四周游走Joe Louis with two straight lefts to the chin.to the jaw.乔·路易斯两记左路直拳打中对方下巴 直击下颚And, again, a right to the body.A left hook,and Louis hooks a left to Maxs head quickly.好 一记右拳打中身左勾拳 路易斯向马克斯的头部使出了快速左勾拳And shoots over a high right to Maxs head.接着又一记右高拳打在马克斯头上Louis, a left to Maxs jaw, a right to his head.Max shoots a hard right.路易斯左拳击中马克斯下颚 右路直击头部 马克斯从右路使出一记重拳Schmeling is stunned by the ferocity of Louis attack.施梅林对路易斯的汹汹来势感到错愕Hes landed more blows in this one round than he landed in his five rounds with the other fights.他这一回合打出的有效拳,比他在上次对战时五个回合加在一起的还要多... Schmelings going down.And Schmeling is down!The count is four.施梅林快招架不住了,施梅林倒下了,现在数到了四And Louis, right and left to the head,left to the jaw, a right to the head.路易斯左右两拳直击对方头部 左拳击中下颚 右拳击中头部And the German is watching carefully.And Schmeling is down.Schmeling is down.德国人此刻非常谨慎,施梅林倒下了,施梅林倒下了The count at five...现在是五Five, six, seven, eight.The fight is over...五 六 七 八 比赛结束The second-shortest heavyweight title fight in history is over in only 124 seconds.重量级拳击史上耗时第二短的比赛 仅用124秒就宣告结束Max Schmeling is beaten in one round!马克斯·施梅林在第一回合即被击败The first time in a world heavyweight championship...这是世界重量级拳王争霸赛的头一遭Im sure enough champion now.我终于得了冠军 /201302/224487

To snooker now and Hong Kongs Marco Fu had an uphill battle against World No. 3 John Higgins at the ongoing Snooker Haikou World Cup in China.The world No. 27 Fu was in sluggish form as the Hong Kong ace committed uncharacteristic errors in the opening two frames. Higgins took advantage and went on to land the first two frames to take a 2-zip lead. Fu didnt improve his fortunes in the third as he continued to make crucial faults, allowing Higgins to snatch the frame and hold a decisive lead. Fu eventually improved his play and battled back making it 3-1.But the Scot would bounce back to take the fourth, moving one frame away from taking the race to 5. But errors crept in as Higgins left the door open for Fu to fight back. Fu did make a late charge, winning the next two frames, making it 4-3. But that would be the end of the run for Fu as Higgins would hold off his challenge and prevail to move on to the next round.2012年斯诺克海口世界公开赛首轮争夺,中国香港傅家俊挑战苏格兰巫师希金斯,尽管1-4时连追两个赛点,但最终还是3-5失利出局,希金斯晋级第二轮。201203/173073

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