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  • Adidas thinks it’s come up with the next big thing in running shoes. And the company isn’t being shy about telling everyone about it. When the goal is to catch Nike, you can’t be.阿迪达斯自认为已经找到了跑鞋领域的“下一个大发现”。而且该公司并不吝啬于向全世界宣示此事。如果它的目标是追赶耐克的话,那更应该这样了。At a swanky launch event at New York’s Javitz Center, Adidas product execs rolled out their new “ Energy Boost” running shoe, boasting that it will do nothing less than revolutionize running footwear. A worldwide launch is scheduled for Feb. 27.在纽约贾维茨会议中心(Javitz Center),一场华丽的发布会上,阿迪达斯的产品高管们滔滔不绝地介绍他们全新的“Energy Boost”跑鞋,称该产品无异于将给跑鞋领域带来一场变革。按照安排,这款跑鞋将于2月27日在全球发售。To a horde of journalists from North America, Europe and Asia, global brand chief Eric Liedtke proclaimed the start of a “new chapter” in running shoes, one that perfectly balances comfort and energy. The formula: small capsules fused together inside the sole provide consistent energy and bounce, designed to keep a consistent spring in a runner’s step all the way through a long course. Adidas execs say the technology, three years in the making, is proprietary, though they couldn’t be specific on questions about patent rights.面对一群来自北美、欧洲和亚洲的记者,阿迪达斯全球品牌总裁埃里克·里德克(Eric Liedtke)宣称这将是跑鞋领域“新篇章”的开始,这双鞋将完美地平衡舒适度和能量。其创意在于,鞋底是由大量的小气囊复合构成,从而能够提供连贯的能量和弹力,这种设计是为了能在长距离的奔跑过程中为跑步者提供持久而均衡的弹力。阿迪达斯的高管表示,这项技术历经三年研发,是独一无二的,不过他们并没有特别回应有关其专利权的问题。The marketing plan: roll out the Energy Boost, which will retail for 0, to serious runners at Adidas Stores and various running specialty chains. Advertising will be limited, with no TV. If the response is good, look for a wider retail rollout backed by a bigger ad budget. “The idea is to spend the big bucks later, in time for a broader retail launch, ” says Patrik Nilsson, president of Adidas America.该公司的市场营销计划是:通过阿迪达斯专卖店以及不同的专业跑步用具连锁店,将Energy Boost(零售价为150美元)提供给经常从事跑步运动或锻炼的消费者。该公司进行的广告宣传将非常有限,没有投放电视广告的计划。如果市场反馈良好,该公司将分配更多的广告预算从而进行更广泛的零售推广活动。阿迪达斯美洲区业务总裁帕特里克·尼尔森(Patrik Nilsson)表示:“我们的想法是,在需要启动更大规模零售销售的时候,再花大价钱做广告。”Adidas plans to eventually outfit all of its athletic shoes –basketball, tennis , the works – with its “Boost” technology. But for now, Nilsson says, the running category is where Adidas has its biggest opportunity for growth. That’s probably true: according to athletic apparel tracker SportsOneSource, it has just 4.4% of the global market, little changed from two years ago. Market leader Nike, meanwhile, enjoys a 54% share. Adidas does a bit better in the overall athletic shoe market with an 8.6% share, but that’s still only about a sixth of what Nike has when its Jordan Brand subset is included.阿迪达斯计划最终为其所有运动鞋类——篮球鞋、网球鞋等配备这种名为“Boost”的气囊技术。但是尼尔森表示,现在跑鞋类产品是阿迪达斯拥有最大增长机遇的产品类别。这个观点可能没错:根据运动饰领域追踪公司SportsOneSource,阿迪达斯只是拥有全球跑鞋市场4.4%的份额,和两年前相比并没有太大变化。,但是,市场领头羊耐克却掌握54%的份额。在整个运动鞋类市场,阿迪达斯的表现稍好,拥有8.6%份额,不过这只是包括乔丹品牌在内的耐克所占有份额的六分之一。SportsOneSource analyst Matt Powell thinks the Energy Boost concept will help, but that the running shoe category is so highly fragmented – minimalist, lightweight, fashion running, trail running, etc. – that no one technology is likely to change the industry. “Retailers say it’s a good program, but I don’t think it’s a game-changer, ” says Powell.SportsOneSource分析师马特·鲍威尔(Matt Powell)认为,Energy Boost概念将带来帮助,不过由于跑鞋市场高度分散——简约风格跑鞋、超轻便跑鞋、时尚跑鞋、越野跑鞋——没有一项技术可能颠覆整个行业。鲍威尔表示:“零售商表示,这是一个不错的项目,不过我并不认为这能够颠覆游戏规则。”As much as the actual quality of the new shoes – which consumers will ultimately judge – Adidas’ launch fits its modern strategy of promoting itself as an innovator to a young, tech-savvy crowd. A 40-something browsing in an Adidas store in New York isn’t likely to find much that’s familiar. At Wednesday’s presentation, Liedtke channeled Steve Jobs with his jeans and black shirt (though not a turtle neck), as he boasted that Adidas had “cracked the code” of finding the optimal combination of comfort and energy in a running shoe. A handful of young, all-Adidas clad helpers joined him in holding up the Energy Boost shoe to the audience. To complete the Apple connection, the company even handed out free iPad minis to the audience.不管这款新跑鞋的实际质量(消费者将最终作出评判)如何,阿迪达斯本次推广活动符合其现代战略——将自己作为创新者推广给年轻、精通科技的用户群。40多岁的中年人在纽约的阿迪达斯专卖店闲逛的话,不大可能找到自己太熟悉的东西。在周三的介绍会上,里德克穿着和史蒂芬·乔布斯一样的牛仔裤和黑色衬衫(尽管不是圆翻领),他表示阿迪达斯已经“破解了密码”,找到如何在跑鞋中实现舒适和能量的最优组合。几位年轻、一身阿迪达斯打扮的助手捧着Energy Boost跑鞋,来到台前和他一起向观众展示。为了使与苹果的联系更加完美,该公司甚至向观众免费派发迷你iPad。Of course, Apple’s stock has been slumping of late. All the more reason to continually convince the public you’re always coming up with the next cool thing. Whether you are or not, they’ll let you know.当然,苹果的股价最近持续下滑。因此,作为商家,你更加有理由继续说公众,让他们相信你总是能拿出很酷的产品来。但是你究竟酷不酷,要由他们说了算。 /201303/228206。
  • Make 2013 the best year ever for you and your pet by including him in your resolutions. In the new year, make sure both you and your pet are healthy, and spend as much quality time as you can with your best pal.在下新年决心时,顺便也给你的宠物制定一下吧,让2013年成为你和宠物过得最好的一年。在新的一年里,确保自己和宠物都非常健康,尽可能地花时间去和宠物相处。If you#39;re both aiming to shed a few pounds, then tackle that exercise and diet regimen together. Who knows? Maybe having a furry partner will allow you to finally stick to your resolutions.如果你和宠物都想减肥,可以一起运动和注意饮食。谁知道呢?也许有个毛茸茸的伙伴陪着你,你会坚持完成新年决心的。Get Active!动起来!I#39;m sure just about everyone has ;exercise more; on their list of new year#39;s resolutions, but don#39;t forget about your pet! If you#39;ve overindulged in the past year, then your best friend has probably followed suit (he looks up to you, after all). Take your dog along on your regular jogs, and incorporate him into recreational sports.我知道每个人在新年决心的清单上都会写着“多做运动”,但是也不要忘记了你的宠物!如果你去年过度宠爱你的宠物,它可能也会学你的样子(毕竟它以你马首是瞻)。平常慢跑时把带在身边,和它一起做休闲运动。Give your cat toys that encourage more active play, and carve out more time in your day to play with her. Including your pet in your resolution to work out more will be twice the fun, with twice the results.给你的猫咪准备一些玩具,让她更活跃,每天抽出更多的时间陪她一起玩。让你的宠物参与到“多做运动”的新年计划里,你会得到双倍的乐趣和双倍的收获。Veg Out健康饮食If you plan on cutting down on junk food and eating healthier in the new year, then put your pet on the same regimen. Exercise is only half the battle. A healthy diet is crucial for your pet#39;s well-being.如果你计划新的一年少吃垃圾食品、健康饮食,你可以让宠物也这样做。锻炼身体只是成功的一半,健康饮食对你宠物的发展而言非常关键。If that means shelling out a few extra bucks on quality food, it#39;s worth it knowing that that could mean a few extra years on your friend#39;s life.虽然说这样做,你可能就需要多花些钱来提供高质量的食物,但是这也意味着你的爱宠会多活几年,这样想想一切就很值得了。Check It体检Regular checkups keep you healthy and give you peace of mind, so do the same for your pet. In addition to a general physical, you can take care of everything from heartworm prevention to yearly vaccinations at the vet.定期检查身体会让你保持健康并且安心,所以也为你的宠物体检吧。除了普通的身体检查外,还可以每年去找兽医接种预防心丝虫。As your pet ages, new ailments and conditions may occur but stay under the radar, so that#39;s all the more reason to get him regular checkups. Make 2013 your pet#39;s healthiest year yet.宠物慢慢长大时,也许会出现新的疾病或情况,而你可能没有注意到,所以你需要带它定期做检查。让2013年宠物的身体最健康!Unplug and Cuddle离开电子设备,抱抱宠物吧!You#39;re a gadget addict, and you know it. It#39;s OK; we all are. But this year, make a conscious effort to plug in less and cuddle more. You know how your cat is always making herself comfortable right on your laptop and blocking your view? There#39;s a reason for that: she just wants your attention! So the next time your cat gets between you and your screen, prove that your screen isn#39;t getting between you and your cat. Close your laptop, and give her some snuggle time.你对电子设备上瘾,你也知道。这没什么,我们都是这样的。但是今年,让我们有意识地少用电子设备,多给它们一些拥抱吧。你的猫咪总是舒地坐在你的笔记本上,挡住你的视野。她这样做是有原因的:她想吸引你的注意力!所以下次当你的猫坐在你和屏幕中间时,去明一下给它看:你的屏幕并不能挑拨你和猫咪之间的关系。关上笔记本,给她一些依偎的瞬间吧。Give Him the Brush-Off给它刷牙Make 2013 the year to finally tend to your pet#39;s dental hygiene. Just like your own pearly whites, his teeth need to be brushed too. Not only does poor dental hygiene cause bad breath (what is that, a biscuit from 1982?), but it could also cause more serious problems like oral bacteria and gum disease.让2013年成为注意宠物口腔卫生之年吧。要想让宠物拥有像你那样洁白如珠的牙齿,得给它刷牙才行。不注意口腔卫生不仅会让口气差(是1982年的饼干味吗?),而且还会导致严重的问题,如引起口腔中的细菌和牙龈病。In the new year, get him a pet toothbrush and toothpaste (never human products), and make brushing part of his daily routine or at least two to three times a week. And make an appointment for a checkup with the pet dentist while you#39;re at it!在新的一年里,给它买个宠物牙刷和牙膏(别给它买人用的产品),让它每天都刷牙,或一周至少刷两到三次。还可以和宠物牙医预约,为宠物检查牙齿。Teach an Old Dog New Tricks教它们点新花样If you#39;ve had your dog for a while, then chances are he#39;s grown bored with his daily routine. Spice up his playtime and outdoor runs with a few new tricks. New tricks will stimulate your pooch#39;s brain and make him sharper, better behaved, and more engaged.如果你养已有了一段时间,它很可能已经厌倦了日常的活动。教几个新的把戏,让它在游戏时间和室外的活动时更加活跃。新的把戏会刺激宠物的大脑,让它更聪明、表现地更好、更积极地参与。If you have a new dog or one that just won#39;t behave, then sign up for a local training class. Going through a guided training course together will be quality bonding time, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment and your dog brand-new manners!如果你刚有了一条或你的不懂规矩,你可以在本地报一个培训班。一起去上引导性的培训课程是极好的交流机会,会让你有一种成就感,并让你的爱犬礼仪有加!Give Back向它们伸出援手Any pet owner knows that it feels great to be able to care for a pet, so why not maximize that rewarding feeling by helping homeless animals who may not get regular care?只要养过宠物的人都知道,能够照顾宠物的感觉有多棒。为什么不去帮助那些没有得到照顾的无家可归动物呢?这样会让那种感觉最强。Sign up at your local animal shelter or Humane Society to see how you can volunteer. Lending a hand to animals in need not only brightens their day, but it could also save a life.去当地的动物收容所或动物保护协会注册一下,看看你能帮上什么忙。向陷入困境中的动物伸出援手不仅能够让它们开心,有时甚至还会挽回它们的生命。 /201302/224747。
  • 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:手机致癌的问题,现在也没个定论;不过使用蓝牙耳麦的人,我还是觉得有点呆……不过,确实是路上的一道风景,没事看看、听听他们,挺解闷的!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/242066。
  • Our physics professor was struggling to draw the class into discussion of Archimede#39;s principle of water displacement. He told us that Archimede noticed that when he got into a pool at the public bathhouse, the water rose spilling over the edge. Excited at his discovery, he ran down the street yelling, ;Eureka, eureka!; The instructor asked if anyone knew what that meant.我们的物理教授千方百计引导我们讨论阿基米德的排水原理。他告诉我们阿基米德去公共浴池洗澡,他进入池子,发现水涨高了,溢出池沿。他对这一发现十分激动,跑到街上高叫:“Eureka,Eureka!”教授问我们谁知道他喊的是什么意思。One student stood up and answered, ;I#39;m naked ! I#39;m naked!;一个学生站起来答道:“我光屁股啦,我光屁股啦!” /201302/227306。
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