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to laugh something off ------ 不当回事英文释义 To not take something seriously; to dismiss the importance of something by laughing at it.例句 My brother is afraid of doctors, so yesterday when he became dizzy and fell down, he laughed it off and didnt go to the hospital.我兄弟害怕看医生,所以昨天当他感到头晕并跌倒时,他并不当回事,也不去医院。 /201501/353005。

Dont try to pull rank on me.别对我摆架子。pull rank on sb. 源自军队中级别较高的军官利用职权欺压下属,所以这个短语的正确意思是:“仗势欺压,摆架子”。因此,当美国人说;Dont try to pull rank on me.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Dont put on airs.;、;Dont ride the high horses in front of me.;。情景对白:Peter: My document is very urgent. The president is waiting for it. Let me use the copier first.彼得:我的文件非常紧急,总裁等着要呢。让我先复印吧。Benjamin: Dont try to pull rank on me. Were all equal here. My document is urgent, too.本杰明:别对我摆架子,这里人人平等,我的文件也急着要用呢。搭配句积累:①I am not your underling.我不是你的下属。②Sorry, Im not doing it on purpose.抱歉,我不是有意的。③Youll suffer from it if you dont change your style.如果你不改变这种作风,你会尝到恶果的。④I hate people who bully others by flaunting ones powerful connections.我讨厌狐假虎威的人。单词:1. put on airs 摆架子I find I cant stand for those who put on airs.我觉得我不能忍受那些摆架子的人。Dont put on airs in your working office, because everyone has their strong point.在公司别摆架子,因为每个人都有自己的优点。She had better not put on airs with me. I wont like it.她最好不要对我摆架子,我不喜欢那一套。2. underling n. 下属Every underling feared him.所有的手下都怕他。Once an underling, always an underling.一旦是下僚,永远都是一个下僚。3. flaunt vt. 夸耀They drove around in Rolls-Royces, openly flaunting their wealth.他们开着劳斯莱斯到处转悠,公开炫耀他们的财富。One secret he learned very early on was not to flaunt his success.他很早就学到的一个秘诀就是不要夸耀自己的成功。 /201212/212599。

In today' s Business English Pod episode, we' re going to look at language for showing a visitor around your office or factory. 今天的英语播客,我们将探讨的是有关参观办公室和工厂的语句。 There are many reasons that someone might visit a factory and take a tour. They might be a prospective client who wants to see where the products are made, or perhaps someone from head office is on an inspection tour, or it could be an official inspection to make sure you are following government or internal standards. If it' s your job to give the tour, you' ll want to make sure everything goes smoothly. So in today' s episode we' ll looking at language for guiding people on a tour and pointing out areas of interest. 参观和游览工厂有很多原因。那些来看产品是在哪儿生产的人很可能就是潜在的客户,或许是是来自高层的领导来视察产品是否符合政府和内部的标准。你的工作就是安排好这样的参观,你希望在参观时一切都能顺利地进行。所以在今天的这一集中我们要学习的是在参观过程中引导参观者参观时要用的语句。 We' ll be listening to Ingrid taking Carl on a tour of a factory where GC cleaning products are produced. Carl is from the head office of GC and he' s inspecting the factory where Ingrid works. His job is to make sure that the company' s factories are all up to standard and capable of handling future orders. As the dialog starts, Carl has aly arrived at the factory and met Ingrid, who is y to start the tour. 接下来将听到是在GC清洁产品生产工厂里,英格丽德和卡尔正在参观途中交谈。卡尔是来自GC公司的总部,正在视察卡尔工作的车间。他的主要任务是确保工厂能够达标地运行,能够应付未来的订单。对话开始时,卡尔已经达到了工厂,见到了已经做好参观向导准备的英格丽德。Listening Questions:1) What time of day does Carl arrive for his tour?2) What is the problem with the detergent production line?3) What role does newspaper play in the production of detergent in this factory? /201110/159141。

to come up through the ranks 从底层做起升到高层英文释义To start at the bottom of an organization and be promoted to higher positions.例句Twelve years ago I started working with our company in a very low position, but I worked hard and was able to come up through the ranks to become a senior vice president.12年前,我从公司里很低的职位做起,但我努力工作,得以从底层一直升到高级副总裁。 /201302/225244。

商务英语必备1000字 50暂无文本 /200708/16531。

In this Business English vocabulary lesson, well take a look at some common collocations related to some of the different approaches to training and training programs. 在这商务英语词汇课中,我们看看一些常用和训练方法和训练课程相关的习惯搭配。Training is one of the most important investments a company will make. Poor training can lead to poor performance, inefficiency, employee dissatisfaction, and a range of other problems. Good training, on the other hand, can make a company run smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Training programs take many different shapes and forms, ranging from highly developed online systems to informal on-the-job training. Regardless of what form the training takes, its essential to think about the desired outcomes and plan accordingly. 培训是一个公司即将做的一项重要投资。不好的培训会导致员工不好的业绩,低效率,雇员的不满,和一系列的问题。好的培训,另一方面来说,能够让公司更顺畅,更有效,更有益地运行。培训项目有许多类型和种类。不管培训室一种什么形式,考虑好期望的收入和计划是很重要的。Before we listen, lets talk a little about collocations. A collocation is a group of words that native speakers often use together. A correct collocation sounds natural, while an incorrect collocation sounds unnatural. For example, in English we say ;go online; to talk about using the Internet. But we cant say ;proceed online; or ;travel online;, even though ;proceed; and ;travel; mean ;go;. Those simply arent natural expressions. 在听之前,让我们先简单说说搭配。一个搭配是指以英语为本族语的人经常用的一连串的单词。一个正确的搭配听起来很自然,而一个不正确的搭配听起来很不自然。比如,英语中我们用上网来说使用网络。但是我们不能说在网上前进或者在网上旅游,尽管它们的意思是上网。那些显然不是地道的表达。Youll hear many useful collocations in todays dialog. As you listen, try to pick out these natural combinations of words. Then well explain what they mean and how to use them in the debrief. Were going to hear a conversation between two people about training and development. Jeff works in HR for a firm of engineering consultants. Hes talking to David, who has just given a presentation about new approaches to training. 在今天的对话中,我们听到了很多有用的搭配。当你听的时候,试着找到这些常见的搭配。然后我们将会解释它们的意思和怎么在汇报中用这些搭配。我们将要听到的是两个人之间就培训和发展讨论的对话。这个人正在和大卫对话,之前他就培训方法进行了陈述。Listening Questions1. Why does Jeff think his company needs to find a new approach to training?2. What type of training does Jeffs company currently do? /163576。

President Donald Trump told Fox and Friends last Tuesday he didnt live up to a campaign promise to stare down China over manipulating its currency because, well, he got along better than he thought with Chinese President Xi Jinping.美国总统唐纳德·特朗普于上周二向《Fox and Friends》透露,他没有兑现竞选承-就中国操纵人民币而紧盯该-这是因为他与中国主席习近平相处得出乎其自己意料地奀?;I didnt soften my stance,; Trump said. ;Look, China came to the ed States, the President, who I really developed a very good relationship with. I think he is a terrific person.;特朗普说道:“我并没有软化自己的立场。中国的领导人来到美国,我们之间建立了非常好的关系。我认为习主席一位了不起的人。;I really got to know him very well over a two-day period. We were together hours and hours and hours by ourselves. We had a 15-minute scheduled meeting and it lasted for three hours. The same thing happened the next day. We have a good chemistry together.;“在两天的会谈中,我们相处的非常愉快。我们独处了很久很久很久。本来预5分钟的会谈,却持续了3个小时,第二天也是如此。我们之间有一个很好的化学反应。”Its hard to see how Trump is not changing his stance, since one of the pillars of the economic plan he released in June of 2016 called for the president to instruct ;the Treasury Secretary to label China a currency manipulator.;可以明显看出,特朗普正在改变自己的立场,因为他于2016月发布的经济计划的重点之一就是呼吁总统命令“财政部长将中国列为货币操纵国”。By way of explanation, Trump said China is changing its stance on North Korea and he didnt want to jeopardize those actions by bringing up the economic issues.特朗普对这一转变解释称,中国正在改变其对朝鲜的立场,他不想通过引起经济问题来危及这些行动;What am I going to start trade war with China in the middle of him working on a bigger problem with North Korea?; Trump said.特朗普说道:“难道要我在习主席着手解决朝鲜这个更大问题的时候对中国发动贸易战吗?;Im dealing with China with great respect. I have great respect for him. Well see what he can do. Maybe he wont be able to help. Thats possible. I think he is trying. Maybe he wont be able to help. Thats a whole differential story.;“我正充满敬意地与中国打交道。我十分尊重习主席。现在,我们看看他能做什么。也许他帮不上什么忙。这是可能的。我觉得他在尽力。也许他帮不上什么忙。这是一件完全不同的事情。”来 /201704/506009。