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Every page printed in the last 500 years Owes a debt to Gutenbergs invention.过去五百年间印刷的每一页纸 都应归功于古腾堡的发明With an investment of 800 guilders,耗资八百荷兰盾The equivalent of over a million dollars,His printing press goes into production.即相当于超过一百万美元的投资 他的印刷术投入了生产He prints 180 copies of the Bible.印制了一百八十本Another six billion have been printed since自此之后又有六十亿本印刷出版Books can now be produced Two thousand times faster than before.如今书籍的出版速度 比以前快了两千倍20 million are printed in 50 years.五十年间已印制了两千万本As knowledge begins to sp,知识随之开始普及it becomes more within reach of ordinary people普通人接触知识的程度in ways weve never seen before in human history.是人类史上前所未有的All these parallels you hear to the Internet,正如你们所熟知的互联网一样thats a very good analogy.这是个很恰当的类比Now a book will inspire one man to strike out across the oceans随后 有本书将鼓励一个人跨过大洋到达彼岸And change the future of mankind.并改变人类的未来1476, off the coast of Portugal.1476年 在葡萄牙沿岸An Italian sailor shipwrecked and left for dead by pirates.一个意大利水手被海盗袭击 遗弃海上 His name...Christopher Columbus.他就是 克里斯托弗·哥伦布201601/420700。

They drilled three-man crews,士兵们三人一组so that you would have one man bracing it with his feet.一个用脚固定着弓He would then pass it to a man standing who would load it,然后旁边的士兵上箭who would pass it to a forward man who would shoot it,接着交给在他前方的士兵射击by which time the man on the ground这时第一个士兵又得到时间had got round to the front,做下一轮的准备and so the army could advance with this constant fusillade,这样 整个军队可以万箭齐发this constant barrage of crossbow arrows.稳步挺进It really was the most aggressive mechanism对于发展军队而言for advancing an army.这是很具有攻击性的武器A new innovation: standardized, interchangeable parts.它的创新点在于标准统一 可交换零件The crossbow is the first modular weapon system十字弓是历史上首个basically in history.组合式的武器系统So now you have a weapon system如果一个武器系统where I can have extra spare parts,有很多零部件extra strings, extra steel, extra wood.诸如额外的绳子 钢铁或木头You can build it quickly,你就能够很快地造好该武器you can replace its parts very easily,轻松替换其零部件you can fix it quickly.也能快速将其组装好It will be 2000 years...大约两千年以后before standardized mass-produced parts标准化大规模生产become common in other weapons.在其它武器装备生产中得以普及201509/400227。

On Monday, President Obama announced he’s going to take executive action in an effort to reduce the rate of gun violence in America.周一奥巴马总统宣布将采取行政行动,减少美国暴力事件的发生率。He received a report from Attorney General Loretta Lynch to see what he can do within the scope of his authority. 他收到一封来自司法部长Loretta Lynch的报道,阐述在其权限范围内能做什么。;What I asked my team to do is to see what more we could do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands.“我要求我的团队做的是,能更多的做些什么来加强我们的执法,防止落入坏人之手。The president said he wants to make sure criminals, the mentally unstable and people who pose a threat to themselves and others are less likely to get a gun.奥巴马表示,他希望确保罪犯、精神上不稳定的人以及对自己和他人构成威胁的人不太可能获得。That likely means stepping up background checks for retailers and closing the loophole that lets collectors and gun shows sell firearms without performing background checks.这可能意味着加强对零售商的背景调查,结束收藏者和械店没有经过背景调查就售卖的漏洞。Obama emphasized that his actions will be in line with the Second Amendment and won’t overstep his executive authority.奥巴马强调其行为将符合第二修正案,不会超出自己的权限范围。He stressed the move is not going to solve or prevent every crime but believes that it will save lives. 他强调,这一举动并不是要解决或预防每一种罪行,但相信会拯救生命。He also called on Congress to enact tighter restrictions, but with a Republican majority he’s likely on his own.他也呼吁国会制定更严格的限制,但因共和党占大多数他可能只能靠自己的力量。译文属。201601/419945。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201601/421111。


如果你有五百亿元,你首先会用来解决哪些问题?是爱滋病还是全球暖化?丹麦政治科学家Bjorn Lomborg 提出了出人意表的。201507/387069。

In ,the country of Samoa prohibited the sale of alcohol for three days to keep people safe while the island nation switched from driving on the right side of the road to driving on the left.The switch was so Samoans could get cheap ;hand-me-down;cars from nearby left-side driving New Zealand and Australia.But Samoans werent too pleased,since most of the cars they owned were designed to drive on the right.年,萨亚禁止酒精饮料售卖三日,为了在这个岛国从靠右行车转为靠左行车期间,保人们的安全。这样做的原因是,萨亚人可以从附近靠左行驶的,澳大利亚和新西兰买到便宜的二手车。但是萨亚人也不是很高兴,因为他们自己的车都是为靠右行驶设计的。In fact,2 out of 3 earthlings drive on the right.But why?...There arent clear and obvious reasons to choose one side over the other,so the origin of driving conventions is a perfect opportunity for the mathematics of game theory and symmetry breaking.Or we can just look at historical evidence.Todays rules evolved from;driving;livestock and carts on the earliest roads.实际上,三个地球人当中就是两个是靠右行驶的。但是,为什么呢?对于选择行车方向的偏好,没有清晰而明显的原因,所以说,这种习惯的起源对于数学上的,弈论和对称性破缺而言,是一个完美的机会。或者我们可以看看历史上的据。今天的规则 是从在古道上“驾驶”牲畜和马车的规则演变而来。Archaeologists view deeper grooves on the left lane leaving an ancient Roman quarry in England as evidence for left-side traffic,since departing wagons wouldve had heavier loads.And its possible that this left side convention was in place so right-handed soldiers and knights could draw their weapons more quickly against passing enemies.考古学家将英格兰一个古罗马时期的采石场的文物上,左侧车道凹陷更深的现象作为靠左行驶的据,因为出场的运货马车会装更重的东西。而且,靠左的惯例可能是适当的,因此,偏用右手的士兵和骑士们,能快速抽出自己的武器,迎击经过的敌人。Whatever the reason,keeping to the left was eventually made into law in England in 1835.And today,most people who drive on the left side live in countries,like India,South Africa,and Australia,which were once British colonies.But that doesnt explain why the rest of the world drives on the right.Some claim that following the French Revolution,drivers there switched to the right to reject the practices of their overthrown aristocracy,but others suggest the French drove on the right all along.不论什么原因,靠左行驶的规则,最终在1835年被英格兰以法律上形式确定下来。时至今日,大多数有靠左行驶习惯的人们的所在地,像印度,南非,澳大利亚,都是英国曾经的殖民地。但是,那不能解释为什么世界其他地方靠右行驶。有些人声称,在法国大革命之后,那儿的驾驶员们转成了靠右行驶,以抵制日贵族的惯例,但其他人说,法国人从来都是靠右行驶。Regardless,driving on the right side of the road did sp across much of Europe when Napoleon(and later Hitler) imposed their national driving rules on conquered territory.And other countries voluntarily switched to the right to align with their neighbors,like Sweden in 1967,or to veer away from their colonial pasts,like Nigeria and Ghana in the 1970s.无论如何,靠右行驶的习惯,在拿破仑(而后希特勒)将此强加到被征领土之后,确实在欧洲大部分地区被推广开来。其他的国家自愿改为右行,就像瑞典1967年那样,以向它们邻国看齐,或是为了远离他们的殖民史,就像在七十年代的尼日利亚和加纳那样。And in the US? Well,America owes its right-sided habit,in part,to the carts and postilion wagons of its early days.Driving either from the ground or from horseback,right-handed men preferred to walk or ride on the left side of the horses,so they could control the animals with their right hand.As a result,they drove their wagons to the right in order to be seated near the center of the road,to see and steer clear of oncoming traffic.那美国呢,美国靠右行车,在某种程度上是因为,美国早期的左驭马的马车。不论是在地上还是马背上,右撇子喜欢在马的左边行走或骑行,这样他们就可以用右手驾驭牲畜。因此,他们会靠右行车,使得座位靠近路中央,以便于看清和避开迎面而来的车辆.And thats ultimately the point of driving laws:to keep us safe from the high-speed,two-ton metal projectiles we call cars.从根本上来说,这就是交通法规的要义,保我们在高速行驶的,两吨重的,拋体一般的汽车中的安全。201503/364733。

600,000 people badly affected by rainstorms in southern China中国南方60万人受暴雨影响Heavy rain is sweeping across a large swath of southern China, affecting over 600,000 people.中国南方的大片地区遭遇暴雨,超过60万人受到影响。The national weather authority has issued a rainstorm alert in South Chinas Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong, and Hainan Provinces, as well as Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.国家气象局已在南方的浙江、江西、贵州、广东、海南省、广西壮族自治区等地区发布了警报。Heavy rainfall has abated today in many parts of the region, but it will begin again tomorrow.今天暴雨在多地已呈现减弱趋势,但预计明太难将会重新开始降雨。Lightning has killed one person and a building collapse due to flooding has killed one and left four missing in Guangxi.广西省,闪电造成1人死亡,由洪水造成的建筑物倒塌使得1人死亡、4人失踪。Weather forecasters warned of possible landslides and mud-rock flows in the region in coming days.天气预报称未来几天该地区可能会出现山体滑坡及泥石流。201506/380973。