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President Bashar al-Assad’s forces seized a wide swath of rebel territory in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo, spurring the flight of tens of thousands of civilians amid intense fighting that threatens the collapse of the opposition’s last major urban stronghold.巴沙阿萨Bashar al-Assad)总统的部队在饱受战火蹂躏的叙利亚城市阿勒Aleppo)攻占了一大片叛军地盘,促使数万平民逃亡,激烈的战斗看起来可能摧毁反政府力量的最后一个主要城市据点。Activists and rebel leaders said pro-Assad forces on Monday recaptured the northern districts of the city, 活动人士和叛军领导人表示,持阿萨德的部队周一夺回了阿勒颇北部的几个区。Which has been divided between opposition forces on the east and Assad forces on the west since the rebels first stormed Syria’s second city in 2012.012年反政府力量首次攻打这个叙利亚第二大城市以来,该市一直处于两军对峙状态:反政府力量占据东部,阿萨德部队占据西部。The government advance means that over the course of a few days, rebels have lost about a third of their territory in Aleppo, which has become the most crucial 政府军在战场上的进展意味着,在几天时间里,叛军失去了自己在阿勒颇的大约三分之一地盘。and bloodiest battleground of Syria’s five-year civil war.在叙利亚五年内战中,该市已成为最关键和最血腥的战场。While past offensives in Aleppo led to intense jockeying among world powers to halt the fighting and maintain the status quo, the latest struggle has been marked by the absence of it at least on the rebel side.尽管以往在阿勒颇发起的攻势导致世界大国之间忙碌斡旋,以平息战火、维持现状,但最新攻势的特点是没有伴随任何外交努力,至少在叛军一方是如此。Key opposition supporters appear unable or unwilling to intervene. 主要的反对派持者似乎不能(或不愿意)干预。The Turkish government is focused on negotiating with Russia in an effort to weaken a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria that has stirred tensions with Turkey’s Kurdish population across the border.土耳其政府正集中精力同俄罗斯谈判,目的是削弱叙利亚北部的一块库尔德地盘,那里的库尔德人挑起了土耳其境内库尔德人与该国政府的紧张关系。Washington, always a reluctant rebel backer, has made no attempt at brokering a deal with the Kremlin to stop the bloodshed as it did in September. 华盛顿方面一直是不情愿的判军持者,这一次它没有月份那样,试图与克里姆林宫达成协议,以制止流血。Rebels believe the lack of a US diplomatic initiative is a direct result of Donald Trump’s election, which they believe has disoriented US officials with the prospect of a pro-Assad administration in the White House.叛军方面认为,美国没有采取任何外交行动是唐纳特朗Donald Trump)当选的直接结果,他们相信,白宫出现亲阿萨德的行政当局的可能性,使美国官员们不知所措。UN Syria envoy Steffan de Mistura tried but failed to get negotiations off the ground.联合国叙利亚特使斯特德米斯图Steffan de Mistura)做了尝试,但未能开启谈判。Faced with uncertainty in Washington, Mr Assad’s patrons, Russia and Iran, have moved to take the upper hand both in Aleppo and the wider Syrian war. 面对华盛顿的不确定性,阿萨德的后台俄罗斯和伊朗趁机行动,争取在阿勒颇乃至整场叙利亚战争中取得优势。They are throwing in military assets, with Moscow providing air support as Iran and allied Shia foreign fighters from Lebanon and Iraq pour into the battle.它们正投入军事资产:莫斯科方面提供空中援,而伊朗以及来自黎巴嫩和伊拉克的什叶派外国战斗人员投入战斗。来 /201611/480543。

The billionaire founder of Metersbonwe, one of China’s best-known fashion brands, has gone missing, the latest in a series of Chinese business people and financiers apparently embroiled in the country’s anti-corruption campaign.中国最知名时尚品牌之一美特斯邦Metersbonwe)的亿万富翁创始人失踪,这是明显因卷入中国反腐斗争而失踪的一系列中国商界人士和金融家中的最新一例。Metersbonwe suspended trading in its shares on the Shenzhen stock exchange yesterday while the company said it was investigating reports in the Chinese media that Zhou Chengjian, its chairman, had been picked up by police.昨日,美特斯邦威在深交所上市的股票停牌,该公司表示正在调查中国媒体上有关董事长周成建被警方带走的报道。The company is a household name on the Chinese high street and Mr Zhou was China’s 65th-richest man last year, according to the Hurun Rich list, with a fortune of Rmb26.5bn (.01bn). The company said in a second statement last night that it was unable to reach Mr Zhou or the secretary of the board, Tu Ke.美特斯邦威是中国商业街上家喻户晓的品牌,在去年的胡润百富Hurun Rich List)上,周成建是中国排名5位的富豪,身家达65亿元人民币(0.1亿美元)。昨晚,该公司在第二份声明中表示,无法联系到周成建及董事会秘书涂珂。Mr Zhou is the latest high-profile private sector businessman believed to have been caught up in the investigations, and his disappearance follows the detention last month of Guo Guang挀栀愀渀最 of the conglomerate Fosun, which owns Club Med.周成建是据信被卷入反腐调查的知名私营部门商界人士中的最新一个。在此之前,旗下拥有地中海俱乐部(Club Med)的企业集团复Fosun)的郭广昌上月曾被警方带走。Mr Guo went missing for several days and was later reported by his company to be assisting authorities with an unspecified investigation. Sources close to the company later said he was not a target of that investigation.郭广昌失踪了几天,后来复星表示,郭广昌被带走是为了协助当局对某案件的调查。知情人士后来表示,郭广昌并非调查对象。Until recently, the mainland private sector had been largely spared in the Chinese Communist party’s anti-corruption drive. Mr Guo’s detention therefore sent shockwaves through China’s business community.直到不久以前,在中国共产党的反腐行动中,内地私营部门基本得以幸免。因此,郭广昌被带走一事在中国商界引起了轩然。Dozens of government officials, state-owned company officials and financial industry executives have also been investigated or detained in recent months.最近数月,遭调查或拘留的还有几十名政府官员、国企领导和金融行业高管。Mr Zhou, a former tailor who became rich after founding one of China’s first nationwide fashion brands, went bankrupt twice before he was 18, but repeatedly relaunched businesses until he was successful. Metersbonwe succeeded by selling fashionable clothes more cheaply than foreign brands such as Hamp;M and Zara and targeting college students and recent graduates.曾经是裁缝的周成建在创立中国首批全国性时尚品牌之一后发家致富。他8岁以前曾两度破产,但他一次次东山再起,直至取得成功。美特斯邦威依靠出售比Hamp;M和Zara等外国品牌更便宜的时尚饰成功,面向大学生和新近毕业的学生。Mr Zhou told the Financial Times last year that he ended up running the village shop in the rural village where he was raised, in eastern Zhejiang province, because he was “lazierthan other members of the family. Mr Zhou recreated part of his village home inside the headquarters of his clothing brand in suburban Shanghai, complete with vegetable fields tilled by his elderly father.去年,周成建告诉英国《金融时报》记者,小时候他因为比家里的其他人更“懒散”,曾在他长大的浙江省东部的一个村子里打理村中商店。周成建在美特斯邦威位于上海郊区的总部园区重建了他在村子里的家的一部分,连同由他年迈的父亲耕种的菜地。来 /201601/422173。

Myanmars military-backed government has released 102 prisoners, including many jailed on political charges, in a move that comes just before it is set to hand over power to a pro-democracy opposition party.军方持的缅甸政府释放了102名囚犯,其中包括多名政治犯。缅甸政府是在即将把权力移交给民主派反对党之际采取这一举措的。The prisoners were freed Friday from Insein prison near Yangon, according to a presidential spokesman. At least 20 of the freed detainees were prisoners of conscience while others were common criminals, officials said.缅甸总统发言人说,这批囚犯星期五在仰光附近的永盛监狱获释。缅甸官员说,在这批囚犯中,至少20人是良心犯,其余是普通犯人。Among those freed was 32-year-old New Zealand citizen Philip Blackwood, who was sentenced last year to two and a half years in prison for using an image of Buddha in a flyer that a judge said insulted Buddhism.获释者中包括32岁的新西兰公民菲利普·布莱克伍德,他去年因为在宣传材料上使用佛的图像被认定亵渎佛教,判处两年半监禁。Under the leadership of reformist President Thein Sein, Myanmars government has released more than 1,300 political prisoners in recent years, even while continuing to throw activists and dissidents behind bars.近年来,在改革派总统吴登盛任期内,缅甸政府先后释放了1300多名政治犯,同时又将另外一些活动人士和异议人士送入监狱。At least 537 people remain jailed on political charges, according to the Assistant Association for Political Prisoners.政治犯援助协会说,缅甸目前还监禁着至少537名政治犯。来 /201602/424973。

Uzbekistan named its new president and Kazakhstan and Armenia replaced their prime ministers yesterday in the biggest political shake-up in post-Soviet central Asia in years.昨天,乌兹别克斯坦任命了新总统,哈萨克斯坦和亚美尼亚总理换人,这是后苏联时代中亚地区多年以来最大规模的政坛人事变动。A joint session of the upper and lower houses of Uzbekistan’s parliament named Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who has been the country’s prime minister since 2003, as acting president following the death last week of Islam Karimov, who had ruled central Asia’s most populous nation since before its independence from the Soviet Union.乌兹别克斯坦最高会议立法院和参议院联席会议决定,任命自2003年以来担任总理的沙夫卡#8226;米尔济约耶夫(Shavkat Mirziyoyev,上图)为代总统。在乌兹别克斯坦从苏联独立出来以前就开始担任总统的伊斯兰#8226;卡里莫夫(Islam Karimov)已于上周去世。乌兹别克斯坦是中亚人口最多的国家。Separately, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who also has ruled neighbouring Kazakhstan since Soviet times, initiated the first big reshuffle of his government in more than two years by dismissing prime minister removing Karim Massimov as prime minister and appointing him head of the security services. 在邻国哈萨克斯坦,也是从苏联时期就开始掌权的努尔苏丹#8226;纳扎尔巴耶夫(Nursultan Nazarbayev)启动了两年多来首次政府大改组,解除了卡里#8226;马西莫夫(Karim Massimov)总理职务,任命他为国家安全委员会主席。And in Armenia, prime minister Hovik Abrahamyan resigned in the face of widesp popular dissatisfaction with the government.而在亚美尼亚,面对民众对政府的普遍不满,总理奥维#8226;阿布拉米Hovik Abrahamyan)主动辞职。This week we have seen a series of events that demonstrate that the regional politics is very much in flux, said Luca Anceschi, a lecturer in central Asian studies at the University of Glasgow.本周我们见了一系列事件,它们表明本地区政治局势极为动荡不定,格拉斯哥大学(University of Glasgow)中亚研究讲师卢卡#8226;安切斯基(Luca Anceschi)表示。The leadership changes come as the region suffers its worst economic downturn in two decades. 此轮领导层变动正值该地区遭遇20年以来最严重的经济萧条。The International Monetary Fund anticipates growth in the region will fall to just 1.2 per cent this year after averaging 8.3 per cent between 2000 and 2014, on the back of lower commodity prices and recession in Russia.据国际货币基金组IMF)预测,受大宗商品价格低迷和俄罗斯经济衰退影响,今年该地区经济增长率将下滑.2%。在2000年至2014年期间,该地区经济年均增.3%。In Uzbekistan, the choice of Mr Mirziyoyev as acting president ahead of elections to be held later this year will be interpreted as a clear sign that he has been selected by the country’s elites as Karimov’s successor.在乌兹别克斯坦,选择由米尔济约耶夫在今年晚些时候举行大选前代行总统职务,将被视作他被该国统治精英选为卡里莫夫继任者的明确信号。Under Uzbekistan’s constitution, in case if the president dies or becomes incapacitated, the presidency should pass to the chairman of the senate. 根据乌兹别克斯坦宪法,如果总统死亡或丧失履行职务能力,总统职务应由参议院主席代理。But Nigmatulla Yuldashev, the little-known figure who holds that role, nominated Mr Mirziyoyev to take over in view of his many years of experience in government and the respect in which he is held by the population, according to a statement from the Uzbek senate said.但是,根据乌兹别克斯坦参议院的声明,名气不大的参议院主席尼格马图#8226;尤尔达舍Nigmatulla Yuldashev)提议,鉴于米尔济约耶夫在政府有多年工作经验以及饱受国民爱戴,由其代理总统职务。Mr Mirziyoyev was widely considered the favourite to become the next Uzbek president and was master of ceremonies at Karimov’s funeral last Saturday. 米尔济约耶夫被普遍认为是人气最高的下任总统人选,他上周六主持了卡里莫夫的葬礼。This week, he has been the most visible member of the country’s elite, meeting Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, as well as a senior Boeing executive.本周他成为该国出镜率最高的高层政治人物:与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)会面,并接见了波Boeing)的一名高管。The reshuffle of the Kazakh government comes as the country central Asia’s largest economy, and a significant oil producer, is also preparing for its first ever transition of power. 在哈萨克斯坦政府改组之际,这个中亚最大经济体及重要石油生产国也正准备迎接史上首次权力交替。Mr Nazarbayev, 76, has announced no plans for a successor, but analysts believe the country’s elites are aly manoeuvring for position.现年76岁的纳扎尔巴耶夫宣布尚无关于继任者人选的计划,但是分析人士认为该国统治精英已经在钩心斗角地争权。Livia Paggi, a specialist on the region at risk consultancy GPW, said the main beneficiary of Mr Massimov’s dismissal appeared to be Dariga Nazarbayeva, the president’s daughter and deputy prime minister. 风险咨询机构GPW的中亚地区专家利维娅#8226;帕吉(Livia Paggi)称,马西莫夫卸任总理的主要受益人似乎是总统之女、副总理达丽#8226;纳扎尔巴耶夫(Dariga Nazarbayeva)。The removal of Massimov seems to suggest that Dariga is still in the game as a potential successor. she said.她表示:马西莫夫被免似乎表明,达丽加仍然是潜在的继任者人选。Mr Massimov’s removal comes after the Kazakh government was rattled by a rare wave of protest earlier this year. 今年早些时候哈萨克斯坦爆发罕见的抗议浪潮,引起政府当局不安。The government has also warned of a growing terrorist threat following a shootout between gunmen and police in the western city of Aktobe. 此外,在西部城市阿克托别(Aktobe)爆发手与警方的战之后,政府警告恐怖主义威胁上升。The appointment of Mr Massimov, who is seen as a competent manager, to head the Kazakh security services might also be an attempt to insure against unrest during a future presidential transition, analysts said.分析人士称,任命能干的马西莫夫领导国家安全委员会,可能也是为了防止未来总统换届期间发生动乱。The reshuffle of the government should be seen not only in terms of today’s politics but also in terms of tomorrow’s power transfer, Mr Anceschi said. Whatever you think of the Uzbek transition, it was orderly. 对于政府改组,不仅要从时下的政治局势来看待,还要从日后权力交接的角度来解读,安切斯基称,不管你怎么看待乌兹别克斯坦的权力过渡,它都是有序进行的。I think that this sense of order and cohesion within the elite might have appealed to someone at the top of Kazakhstani politics.我认为,这种精英阶层内部有序而团结的感觉或许对哈萨克斯坦政界最高层的某个人有吸引力。In Armenia, Mr Abrahamyan’s resignation was widely anticipated ahead of parliamentary elections next year. 在亚美尼亚,人们此前就普遍预计阿布拉米扬会在明年议会选举前辞职。There were mass protests in the capital Yerevan this summer amid an economic slowdown and tensions over the government’s handling of a flare-up in fighting with Azerbaijan over the mountainous enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh earlier this year.今年夏天,首都埃里温(Yerevan)爆发了大规模民众抗议,原因一方面是经济放缓,另一方面是今年早些时候亚美尼亚与阿塞拜疆因纳戈尔卡拉巴赫地区(Nagorno-Karabakh,简称纳卡地区)爆发冲突,亚美尼亚当局对事件的处理引发局势紧张。纳卡地区是亚美尼亚在阿塞拜疆境内一块多山的飞地。来 /201609/465997。