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With the announcement Thursday that scientists had discovered direct evidence of gravitational waves, one of Albert Einstein’s wildest theories was validated. It was further proof (as if any were needed) of Einstein’s genius.上周四,科学家们宣布观测到了引力波存在的直接据,从而实了阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦(Albert Einstein)的一个最令人难以置信的理论。这又一次印了爱因斯坦是个天才(说得好像还需要什么明似的)。But being a genius did not prevent the scientist, who died in 1955, from making mistakes. Some of his most significant errors occurred when he refused to believe the implications of his own ideas.不过,身为天才,这位1955年辞世的科学家也不能避免自己犯错。他的一些最重大的失误源于不愿相信自己的理论能推导出一些结论。Lawrence M. Krauss, a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University, walked us through four of Einstein’s notable blunders.亚利桑那州立大学(Arizona State University)的理论物理学家劳伦斯·M·克劳斯(Lawrence M. Krauss)给我们介绍了爱因斯坦犯下的四个不小的错误。1. Quantum Entanglement一、量子纠缠Einstein referred to this physical phenomenon, which suggests that objects separated by great distances can affect one another, as “spooky action at a distance.” He rejected the possibility, refusing to believe that objects could influence each other no matter how far apart they were.这种物理现象意味着,相隔甚远的物体之间可以相互影响,曾被爱因斯坦称为“鬼魅般的超距作用”。他否认了这种可能性,拒绝相信无论离得有多远的物体之间都可能相互影响。“He didn’t think the spooky action at a distance would be verified, but it was,” Dr. Krauss said. “He thought that was somehow unphysical. He presented this as an example of why quantum mechanics is probably wrong, but in fact it’s right.”“他认为鬼魅般的超距作用不会被实,但它就是被实了,”克劳斯士说。“他觉得这不符合物理原理。他举出这个例子,是为了说明为什么量子力学很可能是错误的,结果它其实是正确的。”A study released by a group of scientists in October provided the strongest evidence yet to support the claim. It followed a string of other experiments that have been conducted since the 1970s that suggest Einstein was too dismissive.去年10月,一群科学家公布的研究成果提供了迄今为止持这种说法最为有力的据。在此之前,有一系列自70年代以来的实验表明爱因斯坦太过武断。“These tests have been done since the late ’70s but always in the way that additional assumptions were needed,” one of the scientists involved told The Times in October. “Now we have confirmed that there is spooky action at distance.”“从70年代末开始就做了这些实验,但一直都需要做些额外的假设,”其中一名科学家在去年10月份告诉时报。“现在我们实,的确存在鬼魅般的超距作用。”2. Gravitational Lensing二、引力透镜效应In 1936, Einstein published an article in Science magazine, detailing what he called “lens-like action of a star by the deviation of light in the gravitational field,” or, in less scientific terms, the idea that objects in space could divert light.在1936年,爱因斯坦在《科学》杂志(Science)上发表了一篇文章,详细解释了他口中的“恒星让通过引力场的光线发生偏差的类似透镜的效应”。用更平白的语言来说,就是太空中的物体可以扭曲光线。“Of course,” he wrote offhandedly, “there is no hope of observing this phenomenon directly.”“当然了,”他随手写到,“没有直接观测到这一现象的希望。”But Dr. Krauss said: “He only thought of lensing by stars and didn’t think of galaxies. He really wasn’t much of an astronomer.”然而,克劳斯说:“爱因斯坦只考虑到了恒星的透镜效应,没有想到星系。他的确不那么精通天文学。”Gravitational lensing has become one of the most useful techniques available to scientists in mapping the universe.引力透视效应如今成为了让科学家得以绘制宇宙图谱的最有用的技术之一。3. The Cosmological Constant三、宇宙常数In trying to apply his general theory of relativity to the structure of the universe, Einstein threw into his equation a term representing a “cosmological constant,” because he believed he needed to represent a repulsive force that would counter the attractive force of gravity in order to represent the universe as static.在尝试将相对论的基本理论运用到宇宙构造中的时候,爱因斯坦在方程中加入了代表“宇宙常数”的一项,因为他认为,为了得到静态宇宙,需要加上这一项来代表制衡引力的一种斥力。Years later, when it was discovered that the universe was expanding, Einstein discarded the term. He was said to have called it “his biggest blunder.” (Though in recent years, questions have been raised about whether that e was misreported.) 多年以后,科学家发现宇宙在膨胀,于是爱因斯坦摒弃了这一常数。据称他把宇宙常数叫做“自己最大的错误”。(不过,近年来,有关这句话是否为误传的疑问浮出了水面。)In any case, Dr. Krauss said that Einstein should not be criticized for attempting to balance the equation, since the idea that the universe was static was accepted at the time. But, he said, that does not let Einstein off the hook.无论如何,克劳斯表示,那个年代大家公认宇宙是静态的,爱因斯坦不应该因为试图让方程成立而受到批评。但他又称,这并不意味着爱因斯坦就可以免责。“The second aspect is, it was also a mathematical blunder because the cosmological constant doesn’t produce a static universe,” he said. “It makes the universe expand faster and faster, which is what we’re experiencing right now.”“换个角度来看,这也是一个数学错误,因为宇宙常数并不能得到静态宇宙,”他说。“会得到的结论反而是宇宙在越来越快地膨胀,也就是我们现在的理解。”“Had he had the courage of his convictions, in some sense, he would have realized that his theory required a universe to be expanding, not one that was static, and he could have predicted it,” he added. “And as I often say, if he just could have predicted it, he would have been famous.”“在某种程度上,假如爱因斯坦有相信的勇气,就会意识到自己的理论成立的前提是宇宙在膨胀,而不是静态的,那么他就能做出这一预测,”克劳斯还表示。“我时常说,哪怕他只是预测出宇宙在膨胀,那他也会很出名。”(The cosmological constant, as it turns out, may not have been so wrongheaded. NASA scientists say that the term “significantly improves the agreement between theory and observation.” Dr. Krauss says that it is possible that dark energy may act in exactly the way that the term was originally meant to represent.)(现在看来,宇宙常数或许并非错得离谱。美国航空航天局[NASA]的科学家们表示,这个概念“极大地促进了理论与实测之间的融合”。克劳斯则称,有可能暗能量的行为恰好就符合这一概念当初代表的含义。)4. Gravitational Waves四、引力波Direct evidence of gravitational waves has Einstein back in the news again now, since he originally proposed their existence a century ago. So it’s funny to learn that he changed his mind, 20 years after suggesting the idea.引力波存在的直接据如今让爱因斯坦再次回到了新闻里,因为正是他在一个世纪前最先提出了该理论。有意思的是,在提出这一概念20年后,他改变了主意。“He wrote a paper saying they don’t exist, and retracted the idea,” Dr. Krauss said. “It turned out he had made a mathematical error that was only discovered just before he was going publish” the retraction.“爱因斯坦写了篇论文说引力波并不存在,要收回这个理论,”克劳斯说。“结果是他犯了个数学错误,在他马上就要发表(收回)文章的时候,错误被发现了。”That paper was rejected by a first journal, Physical Review, Dr. Krauss said, after the mathematician and physicist reviewing the paper, Howard P. Robertson, found the error.克劳斯说,这篇论文先是投给了《物理》(Physical Review),然而进行评议的数学家、物理学家霍华德·P·罗伯逊(Howard P. Robertson)发现了错误,于是文章被杂志拒收。Einstein, angry at having his paper reviewed, planned to publish it in another, obscure journal, but found his error independently and managed to rewrite the paper so that it was accurate before it was published爱因斯坦对自己的文章竟被拿去评议感到愤怒,准备把它发表到另一份不出名的期刊上。不过,他自己也发现了这个错误,设法重写了论文,弄准确了之后才发表。“He wanted to retract the very thing we just discovered this year,” Dr. Krauss said, chuckling. “I think it’s a nice bit of poetry.”“他想要收回我们今年刚刚实测到了的东西,”克劳斯自己笑了起来。“我觉得这真是有点诗意啊。” /201602/426527A survey shows over 80% of college students are plagued by procrastination, requiring epic all-nighters to finish papers and prepare for tests.一项调查显示,超过八成的大学生被拖延症所困扰,这才有了大伙通宵达旦写论文或备考的壮观景象。Roughly 20% of adults report being chronic procrastinators. But Adam Grant writes in the NYT that most people think procrastination as a vice for productivity. But it#39;s actually a virtue for creativity.近两成的成人承认自己是慢性拖延症患者。但是亚当·格兰特在纽约时报上写道,大部分人认为拖延症是效率的大敌,但实际上它是创造力的表现。According to Grant our first ideas are usually our most conventional but when you procrastinate, you#39;re more likely to let your mind wander giving you a better chance of spotting unexpected patterns.根据格兰特所说的,我们的第一个想法通常是我们最习惯的那个想法。但当你有所拖延的时候,其实这更有可能会让你的思维活跃起来,这也会给你提供一个发现意外模式的机会。Experts say procrastination encourages divergent thinking.专家称,拖延激发了发散性思维。Even some monumental achievements are helped by procrastination. Grant says that according to those who knew him, Steve Jobs procrastinated constantly, Bill Clinton has been described as a ;chronic procrastinator; who waits until the last minute to revise his speeches.甚至一些名人的成就都是靠拖延的帮助才得以实现的。格兰特说,从那些了解乔布斯的人我们可以获知,乔布斯就是一个总是拖延的家伙。此外,比尔·克林顿是一个被形容为有;慢性拖延症;的人,直到最后一刻他才会修改他的演讲。Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter, is known to put off writing until the last minute. He once said, ;You call it procrastination, I call it thinking.;此外,编剧艾伦·索金曾说过,;你认为是拖延,我认为是思考。;众所周知,他的剧本总是要拖到最后一刻才会动笔。 /201601/423159

Qin Dynasty秦朝General概况Much of what came to constitute China Proper was unified for the first time in 221 B. C.中国本土的大部分地区在公元前221年获得了统一。In that year the western frontier state of Qin, the most aggressive of the Warring States, subjugated the last of its rival states. (Qin in Wade-Giles Romanization is Ch’in, from which the English China probably derived.)那一年,战国时代最具野心的国度——地处西陲的秦国征了最后一个对手。(“Qin”在威玛妥式拼音法里的发音是“Ch’in”,这也是“中国”英文发音的来源。)Once the king of Qin consolidated his power, he took the title Shi Huangdi (First Emperor), a formulation previously reserved for deities and the mythological sage-emperors, and imposed Qin’s centralized, nonhereditary bureaucratic system on his new empire.秦朝的国君一确立自己的统治,就自称“始皇帝”(意为“第一问君主”),这个名字原先称呼神和神话中的圣明天子的,现在则被始皇帝用来描述秦国的集中且非世袭的官僚体制。In subjugating the six other major states of Eastern Zhou, the Qin kings had relied heavily on Legalist scholar-advisers.在征东周的其他六个主要国家时,秦国曾经非常依赖与法家学派的谏言者。Centralization, achieved by ruthless methods, was focused on standardizing legal codes and bureaucratic procedures, the forms of writing and coinage, and the pattern of thought and scholarship.从冷酷的执政下获得的中央集权关注于标准化的法令和官僚流程、造币和书写的形式以及学派的思考模式。To silence criticism of imperial rule, the kings banished or put to death many dissenting Confucian scholars and confiscated and burned their books.为了消除人们对于帝国统治的异议,秦始皇放逐或处死了许多持不同意见的儒家学派学者,并把他们的典籍没收和焚烧。Qin aggrandizement was aided by frequent military expeditions pushing forward the frontiers in the north and south.秦朝的扩张是借助于频繁的军事远征来扩大其版图的北部和南部。To fend off barbarian intrusion, the fortification walls built by the various warring states were connected to make a 5 000-kilometer-long great wall.为了抵御蛮族人的进犯,由战国的一些国家建造的防御城墙被连接起来构成了一个长达5000千米的长城。What is commonly referred to as the Great Wall is actually four great walls rebuilt or extended during the Western Han, Sui, Jin, and Ming periods, rather than a single, continuous wall.我们通常所说的长城其实是在西汉、隋朝、晋朝和明朝时期重建和扩展的四座长城而不是一座单一的持续了很长时间的长城。At its extremities, the Great Wall reaches from northeastern Heilongjiang Province to northwestern Gansu.长城最远从黑龙江省的东北部一直延伸至甘肃省的西北部。A number of public works projects were also undertaken to consolidate and strengthen imperial rule.还有其他一些公共事业项目在进行以稳固和强化帝国的统治。These activities required enormous levies of manpower and resources , not to mention repressive measures.这些活动需要征集大量的人力和物力,更不必说一些镇压措施了。Revolts broke out as soon as the first Qin emperor died in 210 B. C.秦始皇在公元前210年一去世,反叛就立刻爆发了。His dynasty was extinguished less than twenty years after its triumph.他的王朝在胜利之后仅仅存在了不到20年。The imperial system initiated during the Qin dynasty, however, set a pattern that was developed over the next two millennia.然而,由秦朝首创的国家体系为今后两千多年的朝代建立了模式并得以发展。 /201509/397316

  The theme for this year’s annual Danish Cabinetmakers’ autumn exhibition — held at the Oregaard Museum in Copenhagen in September and due to travel to Paris’s Maison du Danemark in January — was “petite”, the designs being a maximum size of 60cm by 60cm. But looking at the furniture by the 30 exhibitors, the brief could have been something else entirely.今年九月在首都哥本哈根的奥雷加德物馆(Oregaard Museum)举行的丹麦家具匠师作品展(Danish Cabinetmakers’ autumn exhibition),主题确定为“小”,它规定最大的参展品尺寸不能超过60厘米ⅹ60厘米。但走马观花30位展商推出的家具后,着实让人叹为观止。From TAF’s metal champagne tray table to Norm Architects’ three-legged folding chair, the designs resemble a line drawing turned into furniture. “We decided to make this year’s theme ‘petite’ purely because our exhibition space was very small,” says Mia Lagerman, chairwoman of the cabinetmakers’ exhibition association. “The designers don’t discuss the work before it’s shown, so there must have been something in the air that caused many of the pieces to have such fragile lines.”从TAF的金属材质香槟酒桌到Norm Architects的三条腿折叠椅,这些设计如同线条画摇身一变而成了家具。“我们之所以确定今年的展会主题为‘小’,就是因为展区面积实在太小。”家具匠师作品展览协会主席米亚拉格曼(Mia Lagerman)说。“设计师们在参展前,都对自己的展品只字不提,因此很多参展作品不约而同具有如此纤巧美丽的线条,冥冥之中有时尚之风在起作用。”It is not only Danish designers whose work resembles precise pen strokes. French-Polish designer Marta Bakowski launched her collection of Rays lights at Paris’s Maison amp; Objet fair this autumn. Each is made of a circular acrylic panel with a mirror LED bulb at the centre surrounded by hand-woven, two-tone ths that represent rays of light.不仅丹麦设计师的作品酷似精细的钢笔线条,在今年金秋的巴黎家居装饰览会(Maison amp; Objet)上,波裔法籍设计师马尔塔巴科夫斯基(Marta Bakowski)也推出了类似风格的Rays系列灯具。每盏灯的材质均为圆形丙烯塑料板,正中央是LED镜像灯泡(mirror bulb),周围则代表灯光束、手工缠绕的双色线。“I started by experimenting with weaving techniques and basket-making, then gradually developed the idea into a disc shape,” she says. “I was asking, ‘how can I make a lamp that talks about light even when it’s not lit up?’ Previously I have woven with reflective materials, but here I wanted to use pointillism [the style using tiny dots of colour developed in the 19th century by Georges Seurat]. I approached it as a painter would, looking at how colours interact and weaving different shades together.”“我一开始先是试验编织手法及竹篮编织,而后脑海中慢慢形成了圆盘形设计概念。”她说。“我当初就自问,‘如何能设计出一盏断电时依然有灯光效果的灯具?’在这之前,我尝试过用反射型材料编织,但我想用点法(就是使用19世纪画家乔治修拉(Georges Seurat)独创的色小细点画法)。我尝试用画家的方式进行设计,观察各种颜色如何相互作用,并把不同色调组合在一起。”Also displayed at Maison amp; Objet was Cuban designer René Barba’s tennis racket-shaped paper lamp for Ligne Roset. It comprises a double-sided fabric envelope with a pattern of black lines, which is slipped over an LED bulb and supported by a black lacquered steel base. “This graphic effect is very fashionable and echoes the trend for textured motifs on flat surfaces,” says Barba.在巴黎家居装饰览会上展出的还有古巴设计师雷内巴尔巴(René Barba)为Ligne Roset设计的网球拍外形的纸灯。它用双面布打造而成,上面画有黑色条纹,布罩就随意套在LED灯泡上,整个灯由黑色喷漆钢质基座撑。“这种图形效果非常时尚,它与平面的纹路图案时尚风格有异曲同工之妙。”巴尔巴说。Interior designer Annick Petersen, whose cage-like lights are made from thin copper wire strips, believes line-based designs are part of a trend for furniture made from industrial materials. “This raw look is a very popular design statement at the moment,” she says.室内设计师安妮克簠靟森(Annick Petersen)设计了由细铜丝制作的鸟笼形灯具,她认为线条形设计是工业材料打造家具流行时尚的组成部分。“这种粗犷外形是当前非常流行的设计风格。”她说。This view is borne out by the growing number of designers using powder-coated aluminium and steel in tables and chairs. One example is Made in Ratio’s Supernova trestle table, launched two years ago. It is topped with toughened glass and features two sets of star-shaped legs made from sand-cast recycled aluminium, which can be rotated to make a lower-height coffee table. “The six points touching the floor and glass create a structure no matter which way they are oriented. I wanted to meld those points in the form of a supernova, so it looks like a stellar explosion,” says Made in Ratio founder Brodie Neill. “Transparency of form and being very pared back is something I pursue in my work and the Supernova has both those qualities. The weight of the glass complements the geometrical, sculptural legs.”这种理念被越来越多使用铝合金设计桌椅的设计师(品牌)所明。其中之一就是英国品牌Made in Ratio两年前推出的Supernova搁板桌。它桌面为钢化玻璃,两组星形桌腿用沙铸再生铝材做成,再度旋转后还可搭成低矮的咖啡桌。“各自与地面及玻璃接触的六个撑点不管什么朝向,都是固定的结构。我希望把这些接触点组合成超新星的模样,酷似恒星爆炸。” Made in Ratio品牌创建者布罗迪尼尔(Brodie Neill)。“透明外形以及极简主义风格是我孜孜以求的设计风格,Supernova架搁板桌就是两者兼而有之。玻璃重量与几何形雕塑状桌腿实现了很好的互补。”Mirka Grohn and Jo Wilton, the co-founders of furniture brand amp;New, also achieve elegant lines and minimal forms using powder-coated steel. Their colourful Robot Too sideboard and Robot side table both have angular, zigzag legs. “We used steel because we wanted to create something delicate-looking,” says Grohn. “With steel, the furniture is very strong, but you can achieve really fine lines. Also, the legs are playful, just a bit of fun.”家具品牌amp;New联合创始人米尔卡格罗恩(Mirka Grohn)与乔威尔顿(Jo Wilton)也用烤漆钢板实现了优美线条与极简主义风格完美结合。他们推出的Robot Too餐具柜与Robot茶几采用了带角度的锯齿形桌腿。“我们使用钢质材料的原因是希望营造出纤巧的外观。”格罗恩说,“用钢质打造的家具非常结实耐用,而且能打造出优美的线条。此外,桌腿趣味十足,带点戏谑味。”John Liston uses powder-coated steel for his Ribbon chairs. They look at first glance like a messy scribble in red crayon. “It wasn’t intentional, but it works well for this design,” says Liston, who was inspired by the way shadows from buildings take whatever form they fall on. “A shadow can transform the shape of a park bench with the graphic lines of the balusters and handrails and the angle of the light.” For him, the beauty of the material lies in its unexpectedness. “I love the idea of a chair looking like it might not be able to sustain weight, yet at the same time the steel gives it a huge structural integrity. Making furniture with a very thin structure creates negative space, so the piece looks lighter than it is.”约翰利斯顿(John Liston)用烤漆钢板设计出了Ribbon椅子,乍一看酷似红色蜡笔的杂乱无章涂鸦画。“这并非有意为之,但设计效果非常好。”利斯顿说。他的灵感来自于建筑物变幻无穷的投影图案。“栏杆与扶手的线条以及斜照光线能彻底改变公园椅子的形状。”他认为材料的美感就在于其不可预测性。“我特别喜欢把椅子设计成无法承重的模样,但与此同时,钢架结构又赋予其整体结构。结构纤巧的家具能更加突出周围空间,使家具本身更显轻盈。”Of course, these delicate structural forms aren’t new. In the 1950s, both Harry Bertoia and Charles and Ray Eames launched wire furniture. More recently, in 2013, the South Korean designer Jinil Park launched his Drawing Series of chairs, lamps and a table, each with intersecting lines that exactly replicate his preliminary sketches.当然,纤巧形家具早已有之。早在上世纪50年代,哈里伯托埃(Harry Bertoia)与夫妻档设计师查尔斯及蕾伊默斯(Charles and Ray Eames)就已推出线条形家具。2013年,韩国设计师Jinil Park创作了Drawing Series椅子、灯具以及桌子,每一款都采用了交错型钢丝,它们完全是他草图的“复制品”。German graphic designer Verena Hennig’s powder-coated aluminium Roll seating is an extension of her two-dimensional art. “My graphics are minimalist and reduced, so I wanted to create furniture that also only uses minimal lines,” she says.德国平面设计师维丽娜眠腭(Verena Hennig)创作的Roll铝合金座椅是其二维空间艺术观的延伸。“我的图形注重极简主义与简约型风格,因此我希望也能设计出使用最少线条的家具。”她说。Arihiro Miyake is another designer whose work displays this angular aesthetic. He designed the ballerina-inspired Coppélia suspended lamp for Moooi, with a crossed wire structure that acts as a base for dozens of LED lights.三宅有洋(Arihiro Miyake)是另一位展示角度设计风格的设计师。他为荷兰家具品牌Moooi设计的Coppélia吊灯的灵感来自于芭蕾舞女,吊灯使用了交叉线条结构,几十个线条的交叉点就是LED灯泡的安放位置。Other examples of the trend include Swedish interior stylist Annaleena Leino’s minimalist geometric clothes rails that hang from the ceiling, and Portuguese brand Galula’s Pendura coat stand, a simple triangle designed to be propped against a wall.紧随上述潮流的还包括瑞典室内设计师Annaleena Leino与葡萄牙家具品牌Galula。前者创作了极简主义风格、从天花板悬垂的几何图案挂衣杆;后者则推出了简洁三角形状、倚墙而靠的Pendura衣帽架。“Triangles create almost a frame against the wall. We wanted something with lines that looked just as beautiful without coats hanging from it,” says co-designer Filipa Mendes.“三角形衣帽架靠墙而放后,酷似一个框架。我们希望用线条打造出的东西外观与没挂衣帽时一样美不胜收。”联合设计师菲利帕门德斯(Filipa Mendes)说。 /201512/419109

  Is it good to be bored (or will it be the death of you)?无聊对你有好处还是致命呢?Boredom traditionally has a bad reputation. In 2009, a study of 7,524 civil servants found that those with the highest levels of boredom were nearly 40% more likely to have died by the end of the 25-year trial, compared with those who weren’t bored. The bored civil servants were also more prone to rate their health worse and to be less active and have more menial jobs. The authors speculated that boredom and inactivity might drive people to drink more heavily and smoke – activities not related to longevity.传统意义上,无聊是个不好的词。在2009年,一项针对7524个行政人员的研究发现,那些有最高无聊程度的人,跟不无聊的人相比,有超过接近40%的可能在25年后死去。那些无聊的行政人员还更容易轻视自己的健康状况,变得更不积极并从事更多脑力劳动。作者推测,无聊和不活跃或许会驱使人加重酗酒和吸烟,即一些违背长寿的活动。Boredom is often defined as a state of dissatisfaction with the dullness of a situation – usually with a bit of restlessness and fatigue. So it may seem counterintuitive that researchers are suggesting boredom might have benefits, and, indeed, be an evolutionary insurance scheme for making us seek new experiences. A series of studies from the University of Virginia, published in the journal Science in 2014 found that 18 out of 42 students who were left in a room with nothing to do for 15 minutes gave themselves at least one mild shock on the ankle to alleviate the boredom. The authors concluded that people would rather do something unpleasant than nothing.无聊通常被定义为对某种单调情况感到不开心的状态,常带有些许的不安和疲惫。因此这件事或许看起来是违反直觉的:研究者认为无聊也许有好处而且事实上可以成为一种改进的保障策略,让我们寻求新的经历。2014年发布在科学家杂志上,弗吉尼亚大学一系列的研究发现,被留在房间里15分钟没有事情做的42个学生有18个为了消除无聊至少轻敲过自己的踝关节。作者总结,相比较于什么都不做,人们宁愿做一些不开心的事。So whatever happened to daydreaming? A study from the University of Central Lancashire links a period of boredom with heightened creativity immediately afterwards. It is not the most robust study: 40 people copied numbers from a telephone directory for 15 minutes and then had to come up with different uses for a pair of polystyrene cups. Their ideas were rated more creative than those of 40 people who didn’t do the boring task first. Another group, who the numbers, were even more creative with the cups than those who wrote them out. Dr Sandi Mann, one of the authors, concluded that we should embrace boredom “to enhance our creativity”.因此做白日梦会发生什么呢?一项中央兰开夏大学的的研究认为一段时间的无聊过后将会马上增加创造力。40个人先从一个电话号码簿中摘抄一些数字,然后需要想出一对聚苯乙烯杯子的不同用处。根据评价,他们的想法比40个没有先做这些无聊任务的人更加有创造力。另一组的读数字的人甚至比那些摘抄的更有创造力。作为作者之一的Sandi Mann医生总结,我们应当接受无聊以“加强我们的创造力”。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430236。

  So you’re coming to New York City around the holidays, and you’d like to see some art?预计在假期到纽约,来一趟艺术之旅吗?No problem. We’ve got plenty.没问题,我们有很多选择。But whether you’re heading for a big show at the Met or somewhere further afield, there are a few things to keep in mind.但是不管你是要到大都会艺术物馆(Met)或者是到没有那么热门的地方,请务必记得几件事。— This is the busiest time of the year for many museums, with attendance rising steadily between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.那段时间是许多物馆一年之中最忙碌的时刻,从感恩节到新年期间,参观人数渐渐上升。“From now until the end of the year over all we’d expect to see about 40 percent more visitors” than in a normal week, said Tina Vaz, a spokeswoman for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. In the week between Christmas and New Year’s, she added, average daily attendance is 60 percent higher than usual.跟平常时间相比,“从现在一直到年底,我们预估参观人数会增加40%,”所罗门删古根汉美术馆(Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)的发言人蒂娜瓦兹(Tina Vaz)说。她补充,在圣诞节到过年之间,每日参观人数比平常多了六成。— Saturdays see the biggest crowds, year-round.周六人最多,全年的周六都这样。— Try going on Wednesdays, or after 3:00 p.m., when crowds begin to thin.可以在周三去,或下午三点后,那时候人会渐渐变少。— New Year’s Eve afternoon is usually the least bustling during the busy holiday week.在最忙那周的跨年当天下午,人最少。— You will have an extra day at the Whitney Museum of American Art, which has seen a soaring number of visitors since opening in its downtown location in the spring. The museum is usually closed on Tuesdays, but it will be open on Tuesday, Dec. 29.惠特尼美术馆(Whitney Museum of American Art)会多开一天,自从这间美术馆在市中心的新馆春天开始营运以来,参观人数一直在上升。原本惠特尼美术馆周二休馆,但在12月29日的那个周二会开放。— The big museums are closed on different days: The Guggenheim is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Met is closed on Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. MoMA closes at 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve and is closed on Christmas Day. And the Whitney is closed only on Christmas Day.很多大物馆闭馆时间不一样。古根汉物馆(Guggenheim)在圣诞节前夕和圣诞节当天闭馆,大都会艺术物馆在圣诞节和元旦闭馆;现代艺术物馆(MoMA)在圣诞节前夕开到下午3点,在圣诞节闭馆。惠特尼美术馆只有圣诞节闭馆。Now, what kind of art do you want to see? Here are some suggestions from The New York Times’s critics.所以,你想要找的是那一种艺术呢?以下是《纽约时报》的建议:Go Big大展览MoMA’s “Picasso Sculpture” has proved so popular that you need a timed admission ticket to get in. (Museum members can get in an hour early.) The Times’s Roberta Smith wrote, “Large, ambitious and unavoidably, dizzyingly peripatetic, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.”现代艺术物馆的《毕加索雕塑展》(Picasso Sculpture)大受欢迎,所以进去是有一定时段(物馆会员可以提早一小时入场)《纽约时报》的罗伯塔史密斯(Roberta Smith)写道:“宽广、具野心、不可避免的,多得让人头晕的参观者,这是场一生一次的展览。”Downtown, at the Whitney’s new home, there’s “Frank Stella: A Retrospective.” Ms. Smith wrote that “the show provides an overdue update on the mythic, maligned artist who has adamantly done it his way.”在惠特尼市中心的新馆,展着《弗兰克·斯特拉:回顾展》(Frank Stella: A Retrospective)。罗伯塔史密斯写道:“这个展览提供了这位神话般、邪恶面的艺术家固执呈现的作品。”Both exhibitions run through Feb. 7.这两场展览都将展到2月7日。Go Smaller (in Manhattan)小展览(在曼哈顿内)— “Francis Bacon: Late Paintings” at Gagosian’s Madison Avenue gallery through Dec. 12《弗朗西斯培根:晚年画作》(Francis Bacon: Late Paintings),高古轩画廊(Gagosian),展至12月12日。— “Fields of Dream: The Surrealist Landscape” at Di Donna through Dec. 18《梦之地:超现实主义者的风景》(Fields of Dream: The Surrealist Landscape),迪·唐纳画廊(Di Donna),展至12月18日。— “Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity” at Helly Nahmad through Dec. 23《涅莫辛涅:德·契里柯和古代》(Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity)海利·纳哈迈德画廊(Helly Nahmad),展至12月23日。— “Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms” at Asia Society through Jan. 3《菲律宾黄金:被遗忘的王国之宝藏》(Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms),亚洲协会物馆(Asia Society),展至1月3日。— “Transmissions: Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America, 1960-1980” at MoMA through Jan. 3《传播:东欧和拉丁美洲的艺术,1960到1980年》(Transmissions: Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America, 1960-1980),现代艺术物馆,展至1月3日。— “Martin Puryear: Multiple Dimensions” at the Morgan Library through Jan. 10《马丁 普里尔:多重面向》(Martin Puryear: Multiple Dimensions),根图书馆(Morgan Library),展至1月10日。— “Jim Shaw: The End Is Near” at the New Museum of Contemporary Art through Jan. 10《吉姆阠:末日将近》(Jim Shaw: The End Is Near),新当代艺术物馆(New Museum of Contemporary Art),展至1月10日。— “The Eye of the Shah: Qajar Court Photography and the Persian Past” at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World through Jan. 17《国王之眼:卡扎尔宫廷摄影和波斯的过去》(The Eye of the Shah: Qajar Court Photography and the Persian Past),古代世界研究所(Study of the Ancient World),展至1月17日。— “Superheroes in Gotham” at the New-York Historical Society through Feb. 21《高谭市的超级英雄》(Superheroes in Gotham),纽约历史协会(New-York Historical Society),展至2月21日。— “Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez” at Museum of Arts and Design through April 3《埃妮G帕德森:Dead Treez》(Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez),艺术和设计物馆(Museum of Arts and Design),展至4月3日。Go Elsewhere其他— “What Border Have You Crossed?” at the Queens Museum through Dec. 31《你越过了什么的边界?》(What Border Have You Crossed?),皇后区艺术物馆(Queens Museum),展至12月31日。— “Martin Wong: Human Instamatic” at the Bronx Museum of the Arts through Feb. 14《黄马鼎:人类快照》(Martin Wong: Human Instamatic) ,布朗士美术馆(the Bronx Museum of the Arts),展至2月14日。— “Coney Island: Vision of an American Dreamland, 1861-2008” at the Brooklyn Museum through March 13《科尼岛:美国梦之岛的视角,1861-2008》(Coney Island: Vision of an American Dreamland),布鲁克林物馆(Brooklyn Museum through),展至3月13日。Go Outside户外走走Most everything is closed on Christmas Day. But there is more than enough art in public (authorized and otherwise) to fill a day’s wandering. Dozens of official installations and permanent works are on view. If you’re looking for street art and you need a guide, you can try the Geo Street Art app, which is regularly updated, but includes at least a few works that are now gone.圣诞节那天,几乎所有店都关门,但是在户外也有许多艺术品(授权的或不定),能够度过这一天。你可以看到许多官方装置艺术或者永久装置,如果你想要找街头艺术,需要导览的话,可以使用Geo Street Art这个应用装置,它经常更新,但上面也会有一些现在不复存在的作品。 /201512/414136

  A falling elevator trapped and crushed a man to death on New Year#39;s Eve, and witnesses said he helped a woman to safety before losing his own life.新年前夜,美国纽约发生电梯意外,一名男子身困突然下坠的电梯并被夹身亡。而目击者称,他在死前帮助一名女性摆脱危险。The man, identified as Stephen Hewett-Brown, 25, was riding the lower Manhattan elevator around midnight when it malfunctioned. He was able to push a woman out of the lift and onto one of the building#39;s floors before getting pinned between the elevator car and the shaft as he tried to escape himself, witnesses said.该男子身份已确认,他名叫休伊特·布朗,现年25岁。他在午夜时分乘坐电梯时,突遇电梯故障。据目击者称,他把一名女性推出电梯外,而自己想要逃生时,却被夹在了电梯门与地板之间。They said he wished onlookers a happy new year before he died from his injuries. Witness Manuel Coronado said he tried to help Hewett-Brown but couldn#39;t lift him out.目击者表示,在布朗因伤去世前,还祝福周围的人新年快乐。其中一名名叫曼努埃尔·科罗纳的目击者表示,他曾经试图帮助休伊特·布朗,但是他没能举起他。;He was saying, #39;I can#39;t breathe.#39; I tried to pull him up, but he said, #39;Leave me here, leave me here,#39;; Coronado told the Daily News of New York.科罗纳告诉纽约日报:“他当时说:‘我不能呼吸了。’我试着把他拉起来,但是他说:‘放下我吧,放下我吧。’”The New York Police Department said the victim was unconscious, suffering from severe body trauma, when officers arrived shortly after midnight. A police spokesman said he had no information on the exact circumstances of Hewett-Brown#39;s death, but the department says no criminality is suspected.纽约警方表示,当警察午夜之后赶到时,受害者已经失去知觉,身体严重受创。一位警方发言人说,他并不清楚休伊特·布朗死亡的具体情况,但是随后,警方表示,并没有犯罪迹象。Brown#39;s mother told the Daily News the family declined to comment.布朗的母亲告诉纽约日报,现在全家上下都拒绝对此事做出。 /201601/420637


  In a very candid interview, Princes William and Harry opened up about what they#39;ve learned from their father, but also made very personal revelations about their family, fatherhood and the friendship the two brothers share.在近日的一次采访中,威廉和哈里王子敞开心扉,畅谈父亲对他们的影响,两人同时还透露了王室家庭的一些生活细节,谈到了为父心得以及两兄弟情谊。The princes sat down at Kensington Palace for the a documentary celebrating 40 years of Prince Charles#39; charity The Prince#39;s Trust.两位王子在肯辛顿宫接受采访,录制庆祝查尔斯王储的“王储信托”慈善基金成立40周年纪录片。Prince William, 33, spoke movingly about how fatherhood has changed his life.33岁的威廉王子动情地表示,为人父改变了他的生活。;I#39;m a lot more emotional than I used to be, weirdly. I never used to get too wound up or worried about things,; he said, as he discussed how his children Prince George and Princess Charlotte have affected him.在谈及乔治小王子和夏洛特小公主对自己的影响时,他说道:“挺神奇的,我变得比过去更多愁善感了。过去,我从来不会因为什么事而过度兴奋或担心。”The death of Prince William’s mother Princess Diana when he was just 15 seemed to weigh heavily on his mind as he told the presenters that as a parent he has realized how ;precious life is.;威廉王子的母亲戴安娜王妃在他15岁时去世,此事似乎一直让他难以释怀。他告诉主持人,作为一名父亲,他已经意识到“生命有多么宝贵”。;But now the smallest little things, you well up a little more, you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more, I think, as a father,; William said.威廉说:“现在,即使是最微小的事物,也会比以往更加触动你的心弦。你开始为世界上发生的很多事所触动。或者说,你开始从一位父亲的角度进行思考。”;Just because you realize how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective, the idea of not being around to see your children grow up and stuff like that,; he said.他还说:“正是因为你认识到生命的宝贵,它使你能够正确看待一些事物,比如担心不能看着孩子长大之类的问题。”William and Harry grew up with Charles and Diana in Kensington Palace and now both make their homes as neighbors. Harry, 31, clearly relishes his role as uncle to Prince George and his baby sister Princess Charlotte, describing their home as a ;giant playground; for his nephew and niece.威廉和哈里随查尔斯王储和戴安娜王妃在肯辛顿宫长大,现在两位王子住所相邻。作为乔治小王子与夏洛特小公主的叔叔,31岁的哈里王子显然十分享受这一角色。哈里称他们的房子是侄子和侄女的“大型游乐场”。;I can hear the wheels of those plastic tractors Prince George loves playing on,; he said.哈里表示:“小乔治喜欢玩塑料拖拉机,一听到轮子滚动的声音我就知道他来了。”William teased his younger brother, saying, ;He comes and scrounges food,; showing that even though he has his own family now, Harry is still a big part of their life.威廉王子挪揄弟弟说:“他(哈里)常过来蹭吃蹭喝。”可见虽然威廉有了自己的家庭,但哈里仍旧是他的家庭的重要一份子。”The documentary was shot over the last year with British presenters Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, better known as Ant and Dec.该纪录片摄于去年,主持人是英国人安东尼·麦克帕特林和德克兰·当纳利。人们常称这对搭档为安特和戴克。 /201601/421539

  5.You Can#39;t Eat Melons in the US5.美国:不许吃西瓜!Our global dining taboo list has found its way back to the Americas. You#39;re probably thinking, I have American etiquette down packed, what else can you teach me? We bet you didn#39;t know that you could be arrested for eating a watermelon in Beech Grove, Indiana. The wacky law applies to Beech Grove#39;s parks. It was established after a bunch of watermelon pierced park trash bags, making a terrible mess. So when you#39;re in Indiana, you best be sure to mind your melons.好吧,看来美国也难逃这份全球风俗禁忌榜单了。大家或许会纳闷,从小就是听着各种规矩礼仪长大的,还有什么禁忌不知道?小编敢打赌你肯定不知道在印第安纳州Beech Grove市吃西瓜会被拘留吧。以前有段时间,公园的垃圾袋常常会被西瓜皮刺破,影响公园环境,于是政府就颁布了一项新奇的法律,规定在该州所有公园内都不允许吃西瓜。所以,如果到了印第安纳州,吃瓜果的时候最好小心些,别被逮住。We#39;re not finished with the U.S. of A. just yet. If you thought park-eating watermelon offenses were crazy, then don#39;t ever visit Gainesville, Georgia. To this day, it is illegal to eat fried chicken with anything but your hands. Passed in 1961, these crazy outdated taboos normally go overlooked. One lucky 91-year old#39;s friends thought it would be funny to have her arrested for eating her birthday meal with utensils. (Oh look, a heart attack- just what I always wanted!) Everyone had a good laugh and the charges were dropped.别急着惊讶,你不知道的美国禁忌可还多着呢。大家要是觉得印第安纳州的“禁瓜法律”已经把自己雷到了,那估计去了乔治亚州的盖恩斯维尔,你会被雷得外焦里嫩。直到今天,那里还明文规定,吃炸鸡只可用手拿着吃,如果借助任何餐具那都是犯法的。这项法律于1961年通过,不过因为年代久远,大家现在一般都无视它。有位91岁高龄的老朋友曾经打趣儿说,要是过寿的时候因为用餐具吃饭而被逮捕,那可就悲催了。(天呐,快看,心脏病发作了——正如我所愿!)4.Be Careful What The Baby Eats4.注意孩子的饮食!Jamaicans believe children should not be given chicken before they can talk or else the baby will never speak. They even believe that infants who drink milk from the bottle will grow up to be drunks. Intriguing superstitions can be found all across the Pacific. In Nigeria, children are not allowed to eat eggs out of fear that it will cause them to steal when they get older. Silly as it may sound to us, if this is what has been passed down from generation to generation, would you rather go with the flow or risk raising a sticky-fingered mute? Some even say that pregnant women should stay away from eggs for the same reason. Sweet food, snails, puffer meat, and kola-nuts are also added to an expectant Nigerian#39;s list of foods to avoid. The reasons behind this taboo vary from causing the baby to drool all over itself to having scaly skin.牙买加人一直笃信,如果在儿童会说话之前给他们吃鸡肉,会导致儿童失声。更甚者是,他们认为如果给婴儿直接用瓶子喝牛奶,那么这个孩子长大后肯定是个酒鬼。太平洋彼岸有趣的迷信可多着呢。在尼日利亚,大人不允许小孩吃鸡蛋,他们担心如果小时候吃鸡蛋,长大后会变成小偷。在我们听来,这些似乎很荒谬,可是转念一想,这些迷信都是一代一代传下来的,你敢冒着你孩子未来可能变成一个爱小偷小摸的哑巴的危险去挑战“权威”吗?!还有些人认为最好在怀期间就让妇远离鸡蛋,不怕一万,就怕万一啊。还有,尼日利亚人觉得甜食、蜗牛、河豚、可乐果等,妇也不宜食用。造成这些禁忌的理由也是多种多样,什么可能会导致婴儿以后容易流口水啊,或者生的孩子是鳞状皮肤之类。3.Eat With the Right, Wipe with the Left3.右手吃饭饭左手擦屁屁This taboo is respected in many different nations. African, Caribbean, and even Muslim countries all believe that only the right hand should be used for eating. For certain hygienic reasons, these customs teach that each of our hands serves its own purpose. The left is solely for wiping. We touched on it earlier but the eat with the right, wipe with the left taboo deserves further explanation. If overlooked, you pose great risk of offending others. Not only should you dine with your right hand, it is the only one to be used in greetings. When arriving for a meal, never offer the left for a shake. If you catch the right one on the wrong day, you might fall victim to a swift right hook.很多国家都有这个说法。不管是非洲、加勒比海、甚至还有一些穆斯林国家,他们都认为人应该用右手吃饭。出于某种卫生原因的考虑,这个习俗告诉大家每只手都应该各司其职。左手只能负责擦擦屁股啊、提提鞋之类的“脏活”。这一点我们之前谈到过,不过“右手吃饭饭,左手擦屁屁”这个禁忌,小编还得多给大家解释解释。因为如果忽视了这个习俗,你可能会冒犯到别人。不仅我们吃饭的时候要用右手,见面握手也要用右手。赴约用餐跟人打招呼时,千万不要伸左手跟对方握手。如果哪天你悲催地去握你对面的右手,那你就等着挨一记右钩拳吧。Some will give you a pass on holding a cup with your left hand, but never ever wipe your mouth with it. To be on the safe side, keep it under the table. Put it between your legs or even sit on it. Do whatever you need to do to keep from being offensive.有时候,人们可能不会介意你左手拿着水杯,但是一定不要左手持水杯喝水。为了保险起见,尽量把左手放在桌子下边,夹在腿中间,或者干脆压在腿下边。总之,要时刻留心自己的举止,别让别人觉得你很无礼。2.A Polite Goodbye2.礼貌的告别方式Hopefully you never get too thirsty in Kazakhstan. If you happen to order a cup of tea, don#39;t look as it as half empty. See the miniature portion of your steaming drink as a nice, warm, half-full hug. Never ask the server to pour you some more. In Kazakhstan, a full cup of tea is the most polite way we#39;ve ever heard of telling someone they#39;ve overstayed their welcome. The people of Kazakhstan drink tea about 6 times per day. Now we can understand why they use it as a form of communication. (And why they only give you half a cup!) Formally a nomadic society, the people of the Republic still carry deep superstitious beliefs. Tea is only consumed warm, they believe cold drinks will make you sick. Aside from telling you to get out, the half full cups of tea also show how much the guests wants to be able to serve you during your visit. The passing of an empty cup for a refill is a courteous act hosts love to participate in. Other taboos are a lot more common. Things like picking your nose… just don#39;t do it. Anywhere.但愿在哈萨克斯坦旅游的时候,大家别渴着自己。如果你点了一杯茶,端上来以后却发现只有半杯的量,请息怒。你就把这半杯热腾腾的“迷你茶”当作当地人友好而热情的“迷你抱抱”吧。千万别让务生给你续杯。因为在哈萨克斯坦,如果对方给你倒了满满一杯茶,就意味着他在礼貌地暗示你待的时间太久了。哈萨克斯坦人平均每人每天要喝六次茶,现在大家知道为什么他们以喝茶作为交流方式了吧。(既然喝茶是为了交流,为毛就只倒半杯呢!)哈萨克斯坦共和国算是一个典型的游牧民族,所以仍存有根深蒂固的迷信思想。当地人认为喝冷饮会使人生病,所以只喝热茶。此外,主人给你倒的茶的量也能表示出他们有多欢迎你。客人喝完茶后,主人一般都主动添茶,以示热情友好。哈萨克斯坦还有很多在其他国家也常见的禁忌,就比如说不要挖鼻孔……记住,不管在哪儿,都别挖~1.Don#39;t Eat With Your Hands1.不可直接用手吃东西Some customs tell you which hands to use but if you#39;re traveling to Chile you better grab your utensils. Chileans never eat anything by hand. Even the smallest French fry must be stabbed with a fork. Pizza, chicken nuggets, and whatever else you can think of, the people of Chile don#39;t believe in finger food at all. Usually, dinner is not served until 8pm or later. Even if you#39;re ravished with hunger, keep those hands out of your mouth. Licking your fingers or utensils is considered vulgar. Avoiding the temptation is obviously why they eat everything with utensils. Standard European manners are taken to the max to avoid being disrespectful. In Chile, you need to know which utensils are the correct ones to use for your meal. If we ever visit, we#39;ll need to write a few notes on the palm of our hands. To us, salad fork or dinner fork… they all work the same.有些习俗可能会规定什么场合用哪只手,但是如果到了智利,大家最好时刻备好餐具。因为智利人从来不直接用手吃东西,即使是小小的薯条,也必须用叉子叉着吃。不管是披萨还是炸鸡,还有任何你能想到的可以直接用手吃的东西,智利人都要用餐具吃。一般情况下,直到八点或者更晚才会吃晚餐。就算你已经饿到肚子咕噜咕噜叫,也别妄想进食口粮。当地人觉得舔手指或者舔餐具是很粗俗的行为。很明显,他们吃任何东西都要用餐具的原因是避免让别人产生想吃的欲望。为了尽量不冒犯到别人,智利人真是把标准化的欧洲礼仪发挥到了极致。在智利吃饭的时候,你需要搞清楚吃哪个菜要用哪种餐具。要是哪天大家去智利,估计还得提前在手上写个小抄啥的。毕竟对我们而言,吃沙拉用的叉子和吃正餐用的叉子没什么两样,不都是叉子么。翻译:毛志遥 来源:前十网 /201509/400752。



  Although most young Argentinians aren’t even thinking about marriage these days, they seem quite fond of wedding ceremonies. So they’ve come up with a bizarre party trend of fake weddings, where groups of 20- and 30-somethings get together to attend wedding-themed parties complete with fake bride and groom.虽然大多数阿根廷年轻人根本没考虑过谈婚论嫁,可他们似乎都还很喜欢参加婚礼。所以他们开启了“假结婚”的奇异潮流,一堆20或者30多岁的年轻人齐聚一堂,参加婚礼主题的聚会,不过新郎和新娘都不是真的。The idea was the brainchild of 26-year-old publicist Martin Acerbi, who, a couple of years ago, organised a fake wedding with four of his friends in La Plata, about 32 miles away from Buenos Aires. “It all started two years ago with a group of friends: we realised we hadn’t been to a wedding in a long time because hardly anybody is getting married anymore,” Acerbi says.26岁的公关马丁·阿克比想出了这一主意,几年前,他与他的四位朋友在距离阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯51.5公里远的拉普拉塔组织了一场假婚礼。他回忆道:“一切始于两年前我和一群朋友的经历:由于现在很少有人结婚,我们意识到我们很久没有参加过婚礼了。”To his surprise, the event was a huge success which got him thinking about a new business. The friends went on to found ‘Falsa Boda’, a fake wedding organising company, in November 2013. They rent out real wedding locations, hire caterers, florists, and DJs, and make everything look like a real wedding. Except, there is no ‘happily ever after’.令他惊讶的是,他们组织的假婚礼获得了空前的成功,这使得阿克比想到了新商机。这几位志同道合的好友于2013年11月成立了一家组织假婚礼的公司Falsa Boda。他们租赁了真正的婚礼举办地点,雇佣了宴席承办者、花匠和DJ,让一切看上去与真正的婚礼一模一样。唯一的差别在于,婚礼过后没有“从此之后的幸福生活”。The bride and groom are hired too, as is a secret boyfriend or spurned lover who arrives unexpectedly to disrupt the ceremony. There’s a fair bit of drama when the bride or groom abandons the wedding and elopes with the third actor. There’s a different storyline for each event, and sometimes the ‘bride’ even throws her bouquet to the female guests.新娘和新郎也是雇佣来的,假婚礼上还会有秘密男友或者感觉备受冷落的情人前来闹场。有时新娘或者新郎会抛弃婚礼与第三名演员私奔。每场假婚礼最后都会有不同的故事结局,有时新娘会将捧花扔给女性客人。“These wedding professionals have become our strategic allies, we organise it like it’s the real thing, except the marriage itself is fake,” Acerbi said. “Our guests get all the fun of a wedding party with none of the commitment, or the problem of finding someone who is actually getting married.”阿克比说:“这些婚礼专家已经成为了我们的战略同盟,我们将它当做一场真正的婚礼来举办,只有婚姻本身是假的。我们的客人可以充分享受这场没有承诺的婚礼的乐趣,就算看中新郎新娘也没有关系,因为他们不是真的结婚。”Each fake wedding event can accommodate 600 to 700 guests, who all pay about to attend. According to Acerbi, the events are mostly targeted at women, who end up buying the majority of the tickets. “The romanticism around weddings is clearly still alive, at least in that respect,” he explained.每场假婚礼能容纳600-700名客人,每位客人需付50美元入场费。据阿克比透露,假婚礼的主要目标是女性,她们购买了大部分入场券。他解释说:“虽然婚姻本身是假的,但婚礼的浪漫氛围并未减少。”32-year-old marketing manager Pablo Boniface, who recently attended a fake wedding, said: “The girls were euphoric, as if a cousin of theirs was really getting married, but it was just an actress. When the bride arrived, everyone went crazy, pulling out their phones and snapping pictures like she was a Hollywood star.” He agreed that the fake weddings were a big hit because hardly anyone his age ever talks about getting married. “I’m single and so are all of my friends of both sexes. Marriage is something we don’t even think about. It’s a formality that has nothing to do with love.”32岁的市场经理帕布洛·伯尼菲斯最近参加了一场假婚礼,他说:“姑娘们的情绪都很高涨,感觉就像她们的亲戚真的在结婚一样,但其实婚礼上只有演员。新娘入场之后,每个人都很疯狂,拿出他们的手机拍摄照片,感觉她就像一名好莱坞明星。”他承认假婚礼特别受欢迎,因为他的同龄人很少会考虑结婚。“我还是单身,我身边的男女朋友们也一样。婚姻是我们不会考虑的东西。这是一场与爱无关的仪式。”There’s plenty of data to prove Boniface right. 22,000 couples tied the knot in Buenos Aires in 1990, but that number nosedived to almost half that – 11,642 – by 2013. According to government statistics, the people who do get married are much older. So people these days don’t have many opportunities to attend wedding parties, which is why Acerbi’s fake weddings are so popular.不少数据显示1990年布宜诺斯艾利斯有2.2万人结婚,而这一数字到了2013年暴跌至11642人。据政府统计,真正结婚的人年纪都比较大。如今阿根廷的年轻人没什么机会参加婚礼,阿克比的假婚礼才会如此受欢迎。“They are going to see something they don’t do in real life any more,” explained sociologist Victoria Mazzeo. “The fact is that very few young people get married anymore.”社会学家维多利亚·马泽尔表示:“他们会见识到现实生活中看不到的东西。事实上,现在很少有年轻人结婚了。”And as Boniface pointed out, it’s apparently easier to meet someone at fake weddings than at real ones!正如伯尼菲斯指出,很明显去假婚礼结交朋友远比去真婚礼方便。 /201510/404684

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