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How To Start a Business on HowcastIf you are y for the risks and the work, take your passion to the next level and start your own business.You Will NeedA business plan A budget Capital A name Your business structure An EIN, or Employer ID Number An accountant Business permits and licenses Insurance A location Equipment Step 1: Understand the risksUnderstand the risks associated with starting a business, and make sure you are prepared for the stress.Take business training courses to help you as your develop your business.Step 2: Develop a planWrite a business plan to use for financing and as a guide for running the business. Research the market to understand your competition and what running the business involves.Step 3: Develop a budgetEstimate the potential start-up costs for your business, such as equipment, petty cash, and salaries. Finance these costs through personal savings, loans, government grants, and investors.Step 4: Choose structureChoose a name and structure for your business. Structures include sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, non-profit, and cooperative.Step 5: Get an EINGet an employer identification number, or EIN, and register for federal, state, and local taxes. An EIN can also be used to open a bank account for the business.Consult with an accountant to help you understand your tax obligations.Step 6: Obtain licenses and permitsCheck local, state, and federal laws and obtain any business licenses and permits needed for your business.Step 7: Get insuranceInsure your company.Step 8: Get a locationChoose a location ideal for the type of traffic your business will draw. Make sure the zoning laws of the location fit your business, and that the facilities are adequate for your needs.Step 9: Purchase equipmentPurchase or lease any equipment or vehicles needed to get started and operate your business.Did you know? Only 31 percent of U.S. businesses survive at least seven years.201007/110057。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Fletcher and the students at Williston Central School in Williston, Vermont. Good luck with that current events game.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了弗莱彻先生的学校。Now, who wrote the words to ;The Star-Spangled Banner;: was it Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key, Betsy Ross or john Philip Sousa? Youve got three seconds, go.谁为《星条旗永不落》作词?他是本杰明#8226;富兰克林,弗朗西斯#8226;斯科特#8226;基,贝琪#8226;罗丝还是约翰#8226;菲利普#8226;苏沙?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!During the war of 1812, Francis Scott Key wrote the words that will become Americas national anthem.在1812年战时,弗朗西斯#8226;斯科特#8226;基为将要成为美国国歌的曲子作词。Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊“。AZUZ: Oh say, can you see controversy?这么说,你能看到争议吗?If you watched Mondays presidential inauguration, you heard Beyonce sing ;The Star-Spangled Banner.;如果你看了周一的总统就职,你会听到碧昂斯唱《星条旗永不落》。But did you see her sing it live?但你看到她是现场唱的吗?You might have heard about this accusation aly.你可能已经听到了这个谴责。Was Beyonce live or was she lip-synching.碧昂斯是真唱还是在对口型?We are going to play an excerpt, a clip from that performance for you right now. Check this out.我们将要为您播放一段从那个表演中节选的片段。让我们看看吧。AZUZ: So, live or lip-synching?那么,是现场唱还是对嘴型呢?The U.S. Marine Band, which provided the accompanying music said its not in a position to know for sure.提供伴奏的美国海军乐队他们不能确切的知道这一点。The owner of the company that ran the audio board, said I dont think its a question that I should answer.这家播放音乐板的公司负责人说我觉得这不是一个我应该回答的问题。 /201301/222601。

This short shows you how to fold a t-shirt in two seconds. Keep your t-shirts crease free with this simple yet amazingly fast technique.这个短片向你展示了如何在两秒钟内快速折叠好T恤衫。而这个简单速度却快得惊人的技术让你的心爱衣连折痕都不留下。201204/180058。

Step 1 Head to the petite department1.购买娇小可爱型装Head to the petite department, where clothing is tailored for women 5-foot-4 and under, regardless of their weight. Or shop in vintage stores; clothing from the 40s and 50s was often tailor-made for shorter woman.到专门为5.4英尺甚至更矮的女子提供装的百货商场,体重多少并不重要。或者到比较古老的商场,这里出售四五十年代的裁缝为较矮的女子订做的装。Step 2 Dress in one color2.穿一种颜色Dress all in one color; it will make you look taller.全身上下颜色统一,这会让你看上去高一点。Step 3 Wear V-neck tops3.穿V领上衣Wear tops that draw attention up and away from your legs: V-necks, halters, small shoulder pads, and necklines with beading or trim. Avoid tops that end at your hip bone; they can make legs look stubby.穿一些能够使人们的注意力从双腿向上转移的衣:V领,小的垫肩,或者衣领处有装饰的上衣。不要穿长到坐骨处的上衣,这会让你的双腿看上去非常粗短。Tip: Never wear a pattern or print that is bigger than your fist.小贴士:千万不要选择比你的拳头更大的装图案。Step 4 Choose the right pants4.选择合适的宽腿裤Wear wide-leg trousers to elongate your frame. Pair heels with them, with the pants hem reaching almost to the bottom of your shoe. Avoid cropped pants, which make short legs look even shorter.穿宽腿裤可以拉长你的身体框架。配一对高跟鞋,裤脚最好能盖到鞋底。不要穿短裤,这会让本来很短的双腿看上去更短。Step 5 Wear certain dresses5.穿连衣裙Choose dresses over skirts to create an unbroken vertical line. Flattering styles include Empire dresses and V-neck wrap dresses with a high waist; both lengthen your bottom half. Dresses should end either slightly above the knee or be ankle-length; anything in between will cut your silhouette in half.选择连衣裙,而不是短裙,这样可以造成不间断的垂直线。比较适合的风格包括腰际线比较高的帝国线连衣裙和V领裙,这两种裙子都让你的下半身看上去更修长。裙摆刚好到膝盖以上或到脚踝。长度在膝盖和脚踝之间的裙子都会让你的身高大打折扣。Step 6 Be a heel6.穿高跟鞋Wear backless footwear with dresses; they create one long, unbroken leg line. Avoid shoes with ankle straps for the opposite reason; theyll cut you off just where you need the illusion of length. And remember: Platform heels are your best friend.穿无后跟的鞋子,这样可以创造修长的不间断的腿部曲线。不要穿脚踝部有绑带的鞋子,这会破坏你努力想要创造的修长效果。记住:高跟鞋是你最好的朋友。201211/207818。

Alun Hubbard is a glaciologist,这些瀑布叫做冰川锅穴studying the enormous power冰河学家艾伦·哈伯德of these waterfalls, which are known as moulins.研究的便是它们的巨大能量Weve got this amazing moulin going off here today.今天我们找到了这个非凡的冰川锅穴The waters overflowing from the lake, which is beginning to drain.从湖里溢出来的水正在慢慢流干Tonnes of water cas cading down this pipe that is, effectively,无数吨的水从这里倾泻而下plummeting to the depths of the ice sheet through相当于是从一千米高的冰川上over a kilometre of vertical ice.骤然跌落至冰原最深处Alun is here to study where the melt water goes艾伦来这里是为了研究这些水流去了哪里and what effect it has on the remaining ice.以及剩下的冰川会受到什么影响To do that,为此he needs to find a moulin that has recently run dry.他要找到一个刚流干的冰川锅穴Just a week ago, there was仅一个星期前 这里有一个a three-mile long, ten-metre deep lake here.三英里长 十米深的湖The weight of all that water cracked the ice beneath这些水的重量把下面的冰都压碎了and the lake drained in just a few hours湖水倾泻而出with incredible force.几小时内就流干了 /201301/218079。

英国音乐家Oz Bayldon和他的团队在喜马拉雅山巅的演出打破了最高演出的世界纪录。British musician, Oz Bayldon, and his team have broken the world record for the highest gig ever played. They raised 35,000 pounds for a Nepalese orphanage by singing atop Mera Peak, one of Nepals Himalayan peaks.Most musicians go through highs and lows in their careers. Oz Bayldon is definitely experiencing a high. The 40-year-old has just clawed back his record for the worlds highest gig, and raised 35,000 pounds for charity in the process.The founder of Music4Children endured a grueling two-week trek across the Himalayas to reclaim the record he originally set in 2005.After losing the title to a group of Germans in Bolivia, Mr Bayldon decided to put on his backpack once again and climb 6,654 meters to the summit of Mera Peak. The guitarist completed his quest on Wednesday with the help of eight intrepid volunteers. Back on lower ground, Bayldon explained the cause that had captured his heart.Oz Bayldon, British Musician, said, ;Nepal captured my heart, and I realized that, for the rest of my life, anyway, I wanted to help children. And its obviously now in Nepal, and hopefully if we can keep doing world events like this and keep building our profile we’ll be able to help a lot more children in Nepal.;So far around 35,000 pounds have been raised by Bayldon and Music4Children, the proceeds of which will be donated to a Nepalese orphanage.201206/185454。

Anger can hurt your relationships as well as your health. But rage can be reined in.You Will NeedAn attitude adjustment More opportunities to laugh And the ability to forgive Step 1: Avoid anger triggers(避开“导火索”)Avoid anger triggers. If Friday night cocktails with your co-workers has turned into a weekly bitchfest that makes your blood boil, find something more uplifting to do.Step 2: Adjust your attitude(改变看法)Adjust your attitude. For instance, remind yourself that screaming and honking is not going to make traffic move faster.Step 3: Laugh away annoyances(一笑置之)Laugh away little annoyances before you work yourself up into a lather. For example, if the boss is being a jerk, steal five minutes to jokes on the Internet.Remember: there will always be problems in life that you canStep 4: Breathe deeply(深呼吸)Take a few deep breaths from your diaphragm, so your stomach and not just your chest rises. ItStep 5: Count to 10(从1数到10)Slowly count to ten when you feel your temper rising. Often we react out of pure emotion without stopping to think about whatStep 6: Postpone your anger(忍耐)Recognize that youStep 7: Exercise(做运动)Exercise regularly to help release everyday tension and stress so they donStep 8: Don't(不要借酒消愁)Skip the liquor when youStep 9: Be forgiving(学会宽容)Be more forgivingAn estimated 16 million Americans exhibit intermittent explosive disorder, or repeated aggressive, violent behavior that201001/94931。