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  • “Three-miles” Seasoned Rice Vinegar“三公里”的丽江头醋Hundreds of vinegar jars were lining up in Zhang Sui#39;s backyard, a manifesto of his family#39;s devotion to vinegar making which lasts more than one hundred and fifty years. Among six generations, women instead of men were in charge of vinegar making. The name of the vinegar ;Three-mile; might seem confusing and irrelevant, but it embodied profound meanings.Above all, when Zhang Sui#39;s ancestors made the vinegar for the first time, they were told by the neighbors that the odor could be smelt beyond three miles. As a result, residents who were fascinated by the scent flocked to his ancestor#39;s house and enquired if they could take a bowl of vinegar home. In addition, virtually the name indicated Zhang Sui’s family’s long-lasting love for vinegar making which Zhang Sui#39;s mother, a lady of sixty years old, exemplified. “Those vinegar jars are part of my life. I cannot imagine a life without them. My mother#39;s mother can lift them up even when she was eighty years old.”She said with excitement. To the family, perhaps, making vinegar had aly become a way of life.“三公里”丽江头醋由玉米和大麦纯粮酿造的,但是“醋根”是张家的。当家的叫张岁,他家是制醋世家,男的行医,女的做醋,六代人150多年衣钵相传。张岁的母亲说舍不下那些酿醋的老坛子,它们釉厚胎薄,翻糟轻便,她说:“我婆婆的婆婆80多岁时还能搬动它们”。可见他们对酿醋的感情深厚。 /201505/375882
  • The visit to the doctor拜访医师A Man asked his doctor if he thought he#39;d live to be a hundred .一个男人问他的医师是否认为他会活到一百岁。The doctor asked the man ,;Do you smoke or drink ?;医师问这个男人:“你抽烟或喝酒吗?”; No ,;he replied , ;I have never done either .;他回答说:“不,我从不抽烟喝酒。”; Do you gamble,drive fast cars ,and fool around with woman?; inquired the doctor .医师问说:“你、开快车、玩女人吗?”;No,I have done any of those things either.;“不,我也从不干那些事情。”;Well then,; said the doctor ,; what do you want to live to be a hundred for?;医师说:“那你干吗要活到一百岁呀?” /201503/361445
  • New ways to flight the flu抵御流感的新方法You go to bed feeling fine. The next morning you#39;re sick with a fever, exhaustion, headache, body aches and more.晚上睡觉之前你还感觉良好,但是第二天早上醒来后却发现自己病了,发烧、疲劳、浑身疼等等。You may have influenza, better known as the flu. It#39;s caused by a virus, a tiny bit of genetic material surrounded by a protein. Flu viruses infect the nose, throat and lungs. (If people claim to have ;stomach flu,; they are mistaken. They really have some other infection.)此时你可能已经患上流行性感冒,也就是我们通常所说的流感。这种病一般由病毒引起,病毒是一种由蛋白质裹着的遗传物质。这些流感病毒会感染鼻腔,喉咙和肺部。(如果患者觉得自己患了;肠胃感冒;,那他们就错了,事实上他们是患有其他感染)。Every year, between 5 percent and 20 percent of all Americans come down with the flu. Those numbers come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. Complications send more than 200,000 of these flu victims to the hospital each year. Worse, the flu kills anywhere from 3,000 to 49,000 people annually - and that#39;s just in the ed States.来自美国华盛顿卫生与公共务部的数据显示在美国每年约有5%-20%人口染上流感,并且其并发症会致使20万以上患者不得不到医院接受治疗。更糟的情况是每年流感都会导致不同地区3000-49000名患者死亡,而这一情况仅仅是在美国。A widesp outbreak of flu or another infectious disease is called an epidemic. In some years, flu sps so far and so fast that it causes a worldwide epidemic. This is known as a pandemic. Researchers hope to prevent a pandemic if possible. One tactic: vaccines.流感广泛爆发或另一种传染病被称为流行病。在某段时间内,流感快速、广泛爆发会引起世界范围内的流行病,叫做流行性疾病。如果可能的话研究者希望阻止它。而他们的首选应对策略是疫苗。Flu vaccines offer people some immunity. Immunity is the body#39;s ability to resist a particular disease by making proteins called antibodies. A vaccine can give that process a head start. However, no vaccine yet can fight all types, or strains, of flu.流感疫苗能增强人体免疫力,它是人类通过自身制造抗体蛋白质来抵御特殊疾病必不可少的能力,而疫苗会赋予这一过程一个顺利的开端。但迄今为止还没有一种疫苗能抵抗各种类型的流感。What#39;s more, notes David Morens, ;Flu is not one virus. It#39;s many, many viruses.; Morens works at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. As an epidemiologist, he studies the causes, patterns and effects of disease.就职于美国马里兰州贝塞斯达国立卫生研究所的David Morens补充道:流感不是由一个病毒构成,而是由大量的病毒构成。作为一名流行病学家,他对疾病的起因,发展模式以及所产生的后果进行了研究。 /201506/383389
  • Most people do a little decorating for the holidays, but for Bunny Williams it’s a major undertaking. Ms. Williams, the Manhattan interior designer, likes to focus on the mantelpiece — or in the case of her Connecticut house, which has five fireplaces, all five mantels.每逢节假日,大多数人都会在自己家里稍作布置,但对于邦妮·威廉姆斯(Bunny Williams)来说,这就是一项大工程了。威廉姆斯在曼哈顿做室内设计师,喜欢在壁炉架上下功夫。她在康涅狄格州(Connecticut)的别墅里有五座壁炉,也就有五处壁炉架可供她打理。“I have things on the mantel that I love,” said Ms. Williams, 70, who recently designed a line of stone fireplace surrounds for the British company Chesney’s. “But at holiday time, I take it all off and start over again. Every year, I try to incorporate something different while using some of my old favorite things.”“我会把自己喜欢的东西放在壁炉架上,”威廉姆斯说。她现年70岁,最近为英国奢侈壁炉品牌Chesney’s设计了一款石砌壁炉架。“但是在节假日里,我会把它们都拿下来,重新布置。每年我都会试着融入一些新东西,同时搭配一些我最喜欢的旧物件。”There are conflicting schools of thought on how to go about creating a composition. “Some people are very symmetrical; some people are not,” Ms. Williams said.在怎样布置壁炉架的问题上,人们分成了截然不同的流派。“有些人很注重对称美;有些人则不。”威廉姆斯说。But whether you prefer a balanced composition with pairs of objects or a free-form configuration, there is one principle that holds true, she insisted, “You need some things with height: Overscale is better than under scale.”但是,不管你是喜欢装饰品成对摆放的平衡布局,还是自由随性的不规则造型,有一个原则是不变的,她坚持这么认为,“你需要一些有高度的东西:超大号的饰品比偏小的饰品更好看。”Ornamental trees are an obvious choice, especially around the holidays. The ones Ms. Williams found at the Silverleaf store in the flower district were made out of sparkling leaves set in silver urns. “These are just fabulous,” she said, explaining that the color gave them a glamour above and beyond that of the average green topiary.装饰树显然是个很好的选择,尤其是在节假日期间。威廉姆斯在曼哈顿花卉区(flower district)的Silverleaf精品店找到了一些。它们由闪闪发亮的叶子和底部的银色小瓮组成。“这些树真是太漂亮了。”她说,并解释道,这种色泽能够赋予它们特殊的魅力,超越了一般的绿色修剪植物。She was also drawn to a cluster of silver-colored birds dusted with glitter, she said, because “glittery things make a room look festive.”同样吸引她的还有几只身上洒着亮粉的银色鸟儿。她说自己之所以被它们吸引,是因为“亮晶晶的东西能够让房间显出节日气氛。”But before you add sparkle, Ms. Williams said: “Start by layering garlands and greens. They can be real or artificial.”不过,在你准备为房间增添闪亮元素之前,威廉姆斯说:“你可以先用花环和绿色植物营造出层次感。植物可以用真的,也可以用人造的。”A five-foot-long artificial garland, like the one she found at Jamali Floral amp; Garden Supplies down the block, would be nice with little pine cones, she suggested: For fullness, “you’d use two of them on top of the mantel.”一条五英尺(约合1.5米)长的圣诞花环——比如她在贾迈利花卉与园艺用品店(Jamali Floral amp; Garden Supplies)找到的那款,搭配上小松果效果会不错。她建议说:为了让布局显得饱满,“你需要在壁炉架台面上装饰两条这样的花环。”If you want to add fresh flowers, she said, you might use something like the metal-wire flower-holder with glass bud vases that she found at Ronaldo Maia Flowers. “It makes flower arranging very easy,” she said. “You put a flower in each.”她说,如果你想点缀一些鲜花,就可能需要用到插花容器,比如她在Ronaldo Maia Flowers物色到的那款带有几个玻璃花瓶的金属丝花架。“它能让插花变得非常容易,”她说,“你可以在每只瓶里放一朵花。”You could also incorporate an unexpected element, Ms. Williams said, like the sea grass deer she found at Mecox, on the Upper East Side.威廉姆斯说,你还可以融入一些意想不到的元素,比如她在上东区的Mecox店里找到的那款海草鹿。Or for a more polished look, try adding a collection of mercury glass balls. “Mixing these with mercury Christmas trees would be very contemporary,” she said. “You could do a mantel with no greens, and all mercury and votives.”或者,如果你想打造更加光鲜的效果,可以尝试点缀一组水银玻璃球。“把它们和水银玻璃圣诞树搭配起来,会显得很有现代感,”威廉姆斯说,“你可以不用绿色植物装点壁炉架,而完全使用水银玻璃和许愿蜡烛。”The only rule is a simple one: Don’t be afraid to experiment.唯一的规则很简单:别害怕做尝试。“A mantel is like a blank canvas,” Ms. Williams said. “You can do so many things with it.”“一座壁炉架就好比一张空白的画布,”威廉姆斯说,“你可以在上面尽情发挥。” /201412/350219
  • THE MAJORITY of women posting the photos said they did so after falling out with their friends, while nearly a third said they were taking revenge on people who had done the same to them。多数上传朋友丑照的女性称她们是在和朋友闹翻后才这么做的,而有近三分之一的人说她们是以此报复那些上传自己丑照的人。Two fifths of women also admitted deliberately posting photographs of their friends without make-up. Even when asked to permanently delete the unflattering picture from Facebook, a fifth of women said they had refused to do so。五分之二的女性还承认她们故意上传朋友的素颜照。甚至在朋友要求她们从Facebook上永久删除难看照片时,还是有五分之一的女性称她们拒绝删除。 /201507/384806
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