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Bones are everywhere.Its an old coyote.Harsh place.到处都是动物的骸骨 这是只老土狼的头骨 恶劣的环境And it might be worth taking a couple of these with me.随身带上一两块这样的骨头 也许能派上用场Old coyote bones like these have a thousand uses and is light to carry.老土狼的骨头很有用 而且十分轻便 易于携带So, I head for the higher ground out there.And itll get us barries.Get a bit of alive land around here.我现在要去那片高地 这样我就能知道哪里不好走 哪里可能有人烟Getting to higher ground will give you an understanding of the landscape and show what youre up against.登上高地 你就能将周围环境 一览无遗 这样你就能弄清自己要面对怎样的环境You see on the horizon, those are the Cienlarika mountains.在地平线那边 就是慈恩拉日卡山脉And just short that is Rio Grande.separate Mexico from the US.近处的就是格兰德河 它将墨西哥和美国的领土分开One of the most patrol border in the world,you can reach that, you gonna find someone.这里是世界上巡逻最严的边境之一 如果能到那 你肯定能找到人Between here and there, its terrains just says take me on a few dare.In this environment, covering miles is punishing.这里崎岖的地形像是要告诉我 够胆就来试试吧 在这种环境下 赶路就是一种折磨With the right mind set,its possible to get it over quickly and easily.但只要有合适的方法 又快又省力的穿过这种地形也是可能的Parkour is a technique adopted by the French military.You need speed, balance and momentum.跑酷是法国军队惯用的一种方法 掌握好速度 保持平衡 合理发力Shaping the way to your body,and taking the most direct route.灵活调整行进路线 走最近的那条路Get this right,and its an effective way covering rough terrains.掌握这种方法之后 穿越崎岖的地形变得不再艰难As if the desert wasnt harsh enough,just beneath the surface lies a lethal reminder of when all this was ranchland.好像是嫌这片沙漠还不够残酷 地表之下居然还藏着一个致命的;武器; 提醒你 这里以前曾是个牧场201603/433276One can fall through this event horizon without feeling anything, without noticing it.人在穿越视界时 不会感觉到异样 甚至不知道自己穿越了视界After about a week of falling, one begins to feel the pinch大约一周的坠落之后 人会觉得自己被什么东西捏着and one extends longer and longer and gets slightly thinner.变得越来越长 而且稍稍变瘦And, of course, one begins to get squeezed until one gets very long and very thin and rather nasty.接下来 当然 他开始被挤扁 直到他变得又细又长 让人看不下去By the end of two weeks,ones fallen right into the center and is, of course, dead.大概在第二个周末 他已经落入了黑洞的中心 而且必死无疑Before you lose sight of the outer world当外面的世界渐渐从你的视野中消失的时候you would see things happening and see them at a greater rate so that it would look like a firework display.你能看到未来的事情发生 而且进行的越来越快 看起来就像电影胶片The frustration would be that, although you would be able to see不过令人沮丧的是 尽管你能看见everything that happens in the future, it would be going so fast未来的事情一件件发生在你眼前 但是它们发生得太快that from a scientific point of view, youd have no time to analyze it.以至于 科学地来说 你根本没时间你分析它们You wouldnt be able to take it in.甚至来不及看清楚Eventually things would be going off so fast and it would be so explosive that you yourself would be最后事情会进行得飞快 爆炸的力量也越来越强destroyed by the explosion, and that would be the end.最终你被爆炸撕裂 然后一切都没有了But it would be a very exciting way to end ones life.如果能以这么种方式结束自己的生命 想想还很激动呢It would be the way I would choose if I had the choice.说真的 如果有得选 我肯定会这样In the long history of the universe many stars must have burned up their nuclear fuel and collapsed in on themselves.在宇宙的漫长历史中 许多恒星都用尽了核反应燃料 最后坍缩成一团The number of black holes may be greater than the number of visible stars实际上黑洞的数量 也许要大于可见的恒星which totals about a hundred thousand million in our galaxy alone.一共约有1000亿个黑洞 这还只算了我们系而已We also have evidence that there is a very large black hole at the center of our own galaxy.我们也得到一些据 据表明在我们的星系中心 有一个无比巨大的黑洞201604/436230The risks are that approximately one in five people大约有五分之一的人will become much more anxious on these drugs,药后可能会感到焦躁that one in 100 or so will go on to a suicidal act,而一百人中会有一个人有自杀倾向that one in the area of something like 500 to 600 people每五百到六百人中会有一个人may go onto complete suicide,真的会自杀who wouldnt have done so if they hadnt been on the pills.而这些人如果不用此药就不会这样One drug in particular came under scrutiny.其中一种药接受了审查The makers of the controversial anti-depressant drug Seroxat颇具争议的抗抑郁药物塞乐特的制造者have been criticised by the health care regulatory body因其对药后可能产生自杀倾向for withholding information about the这一信息的隐瞒risk of suicidal behaviour associated with the drug.而被医疗监管机构批评In 2006, GSK, the makers of Seroxat,2006年 塞乐特的制造商one of these SSRIs,葛兰素史克承认admitted that Seroxat raised the risk of suicide eight times.塞乐特使自杀倾向提高了8倍Sadly, side effects from drugs are nothing new.遗憾的是 药物副作用并不是新鲜事Thalidomide was the great drugs disaster of the post-war era.反应停事件是战后的一次药物灾难201502/360682

Ive travelled 87 miles from Guangzhou to the city of Kaiping我从广州行驶了87英里前往开平to spend a couple of days with cousins on my fathers side,探望我父亲这边的堂兄弟们who Ive not seen for 23 years.我已经有23年没见过他们了Im struck by how much this place has changed.这个地方的变化之大让我震撼God, I have never seen so many four-wheel drives.上帝,我从没见过这么多四轮驱动车I think there has been a recent survey that says,我想起了最近的一份调查报告for the first time in China, more than 50%, half of the people,它说,在中国,第一次,有超过50%的人口are living in urban areas now, instead of in the countryside.生活在城市里,超过了农村人口Thats a remarkable change, when you think that China has always been at least 80% to 90% peasants.这是个令人印象深刻的变化,当你想到中国,曾至少有80%到90%的人都是农民的国家Up until the 1990s, my cousins were full-time farmers,直到20世纪90年代,我的堂兄弟们都还是农民but as China began to accept private enterprise,但当中国开始接受私营企业后they moved to the city and set up a successful restaurant.他们移居到城市,创办了一家成功的餐厅Im kind of curious to meet them and actually to learn more about parts of my familys past which I dont know.我很想见到他们,确实想了解更多关于我的家人那些我所不知道的过去This is my last visit, when I took my mother and actually her sister.这是我上次拜访,当时我着我母亲和她I know quite a bit about my mums family.我对我母亲的家人知道的多一些My dads family was sort of a mystery.我父亲的家庭是一个谜This is a great opportunity for me to reconnect.这是一次让我重新建立联系的好机会Hopefully over food.希望通过食物建立联系I think it will be about coming to terms about who I am and sort of where my place is.我想那将取决于是否接受我是谁以及我的位置在哪里201512/418033

The Guy with the Train in his Basement火车男Hi, Im Jason Shron, and I love VIA trains. In fact, I love VIA trains so much I built one in my house. So heres my basement, and heres my Doctor Who toys, and thats my full-size VIA train. It took me four and a half years and two thousand and five hundred dollars to build this VIA train in my basement, and here it is in twenty-six seconds.嗨!我是Jason Shorn,我爱 VIA火车。事实上,我太爱VIA火车,爱到自己在家里盖了一辆。这就是我的地下室,这些是我的《异世奇人》玩具,然后那是我的实体大小VIA火车。我花了四年半以及两千五百美金在我的地下室打造了这辆VIA火车,就在以下二十六秒中。The Guy with the train in his basement地下室里有辆火车的老兄I still have a letter from 1987. I was twelve years old, and VIA rail was telling me, ;Were sorry, Mr. Shron, but we cant sell you any seats from our trains.;我还有一封1987年的信。我当时十二岁,然后VIA铁路告诉我:“很抱歉,Shron先生,不过我们不能卖给你任何我们火车上的座椅。”The train is where I feel most at home. Its where I feel most at peace. Its this bubble of comfort, especially when its hurdling along at eighty-five miles per hour with the snow and the rain pelting on the outside. Its just the perfect perfect place.火车是我感到最自在的地方。它是让我最感到最平静的地方。它是个舒适的小天地,尤其是当它在以每小时八十五英里(约137公里)的速度冲刺时,雪和雨水猛击着车外。它简直就是最完美的地方。At this end of the car on the real train is the bathroom. I replaced the bathroom with my record collection and turntable and all that, and the plan was to be able to chill out and just listen to music, but to be honest, I kinda just like listening to the train sounds.在真正火车车箱的这个末端是洗手间。我用我的唱片珍藏和唱片转盘以及全部那些东西给取代了洗手间,计划原是要能放轻松、就听听音乐,但老实说,我好像就是喜欢倾听火车的声音。This is amazing. Ive got a photo mirror of the next car, where the next car is supposed to go, so you think youre on a train, with another car.这超神奇的。我有个下一节车厢的镜像,那是下一节车厢该在的地方,所以你觉得身在一辆火车上,有着另一节车厢。Its details like these that make this train so real for me. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to have a VIA train in my basement, but you can only find stuff like the garbage can if you actually have a real VIA train, and thats what happened. Some friends and I found out about VIA train car number 5647. It was going to be scraped. So we got ahold of it before it was scraped, and we took all these original parts out of it, like the garbage can, the coat hooks, the gena-motor light, the first aid box, the groovy 70s carpet, that basket for your time table, the conductors valve, the folding gate, the radiator covers, and of course, all the comfy chairs.就是像这些细节使这辆火车对我来说这么逼真。从孩提时代我就一直想要在地下室拥有一辆VIA火车,但仅在如果你实际上拥有一辆真正的VIA火车时,你才能找到像垃圾桶之类的东西,而那就是发生的事情。我和一些朋友发现了关于VIA火车车厢5647号的事。它要被送去拆解。所以我们在它被拆解前得到了它,然后我们把所有这些原厂零件从中取出,像是垃圾桶,大衣挂勾,动力发电指示灯,急救箱,时髦的70年代地毯,那个放时刻表的篮子,车长阀(紧急刹车用),折叠栅栏,散热器遮罩,还有当然,所有的舒适座椅。Thats it. The guy with the train in his basement. You too can have a train in your basement. You just need two things: you need to be completely insane, and you have to have an amazing wife.就是这样。地下室里有辆火车的老兄。你也能在地下室拥有一辆火车。你只需要两样东西:你得要是完全疯狂的,而且你得要有位超赞的老婆。See ya.再见喽。201505/372901

Written on one of the spoons in the hoard are the words VIVAS IN DEO-May you live in God-a common Christian prayer. And it is likely that our fleeing family was Christian. By this date Christianity had been the official religion of the Empire for nearly a hundred years and, like pepper, it had come to Britain via Rome. Faith and trade often travel together, and both the peppercorn and the cross had a reach far wider than the Roman Empire itself.宝藏中的一把汤匙上刻着“VIVAS IN DEO”(愿主保佑你),这是一句常见的基督教祝词,因此宝藏的主人很可能是基督徒。当时,基督教作为罗马帝国的国教已达百年。它与胡椒一样从罗马来到了英国,如今,帝国早已消失,但它们依然存在。Next week I shall be moving away from earthly pleasures to examine some of the new spiritual structures that humanity was creating around the world about two thousand years ago. We will be starting in India-with an image that sits most happily in our contemporary Western imagination...a seated Buddha.下周我将远离尘世的喧嚣进而探究大约二千年前人类所创造世界各地一些新的精神结构。我们的旅程将从印度开始,它在我们当代西方人想象中是最幸福快乐的景象…它是一尊佛陀坐像。201503/362706

As the air cools, it condenses to form a cloud当空气冷却下来的时候凝结成云that rolls inland at 25 miles an hour,然后在陆地上以每小时40公里的速度翻滚visible evidence of the ocean of air above us.我们头顶上的海洋气团就是显著的据And just like any fluid, the atmosphere has a weight.像任何一种流体一样大气层也有重量It presses down on each of our bodies加压在我们身体的每一个部位with a force of over 14 pounds per square inch.压力达到每平方英寸14磅The only reason that we dont collapse in a heap我们没有被压毁的唯一原因是is because the air inside our bodies balances the pressure outside.我们身体里的空气的压力和外界的压力达到了平衡Were like lobsters walking on the sea bed,我们像在海底行走的龙虾oblivious to the weight of the fluid above us对上面液体的重量可以毫不在意because were so adjusted to it.因为我们已经适应了And if youre still in any doubt about the fluid nature of the atmosphere,如果你仍让怀疑大气层有液体的性质some people can even surf on it.有些人甚至可以在上面冲浪Admittedly, its a little trickier than traditional surfing,无可否认,这与传统意义上的冲浪相比,有点挑战性which is why its best left to an expert like Troy Hartman.这就是为什么让像特洛伊.哈特曼这样的专家来尝试的原因Troy isnt just falling vertically through the air,特洛伊不只是在大气中垂直地下降he can move horizontally, too.他也可以水平地移动The sky is Troys ocean.天空是特洛伊的海洋Whoa!哇!201509/398343

Dozens of astronauts have come this way before us在我们之前,已有数十名宇航员前往月球Twelve walked on the moon itself其中12人踏上了月球Just a quarter of a million miles from home.月球距离地球只有25万英里(40万公里)Three days by spacecraft坐宇宙飞船需要3天Barren.贫瘠Desolate.荒芜Its like a deserted battlefield月球看起来就像一个遗弃的战场But oddly familiar.但是惊人的熟悉So close, weve barely left home那么近,就像我们几乎没有离开家Neil Armstrongs first footprints.尼尔·阿姆斯特朗的第一个脚印Looks like they were made yesterday看起来就像在昨天留下的Theres no air to change them.那里没有能够改变脚印的空气They could survive for millions of years这些足迹会存在数百万年Maybe longer than us.或许比人类存在的时间都长Our time is limited我们的时间是有限的We need to take our own giant leap我们必须自己踏出自己的一大步One million miles, 5 million, 20 million miles.1百万英里 5百万英里 2千万英里Were far beyond where any human has ever ventured远征前人未曾到达的地方Out of the darkness, a friendly face一个友善的面孔从黑暗中浮现The goddess of love, Venus.爱之女神,金星The morning star.启明星The evening star.长庚星She can welcome the new day in the east...它可以在东方迎接新的一天......say good night in the west还会在西方道晚安A sister to our planet...金星是地球的姊星......shes about the same size and gravity as Earth. ...大小和引力与地球相仿We should be safe here我们在这里应该是安全的But the Venus Express space probe is setting off alarms但是金星快车空间探测器却时刻提醒着我们Its telling us, these dazzling clouds, theyre made of deadly sulfuric acid告诉我们那些耀眼的云层是由致命的硫酸构成The atmosphere is choking with carbon dioxide金星的大气层充斥着二氧化碳Never expected this Venus is one angry goddess.没想到金星是一个愤怒的女神The air is noxious, the pressure unbearable.有毒的空气,难以忍受的压力And its hot, approaching 900 degrees还有炙热,温度接近900度(500°C)Stick around and wed be corroded suffocated, crushed and baked多呆一会,我们会被腐蚀、窒息、压碎和烤焦Nothing can survive here.任何东西都无法在这里生存Not even this Soviet robotic probe.即使像前苏联金星号机器人探测器Its heavy armors been trashed by the extreme atmosphere.它的厚重装甲已被这极端的大气环境给毁了201505/375988

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