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Lawyers for Melania Trump on Thursday filed suit for 0m damages against the Daily Mail in Maryland state court. 梅拉尼娅#8226;特朗普的律师团于周四现身马里兰州法院,要求《每日邮报》千万美元的赔偿金。The wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is also suing a blogger, Webster Tarpley, from the state in question.此外,身为共和党总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗普妻子的她还同时起诉了马里兰州的主韦伯斯特#8226;塔普利。In a statement, Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder, said: These defendants made several statements about Mrs Trump that are 100% false and tremendously damaging to her personal and professional reputation [and] broadcast their lies to millions of people throughout the US and the world without any justification.梅拉尼娅的律师查尔斯#8226;哈德尔在声明中称:被告针对原告的报导纯属子虚乌有,严重破坏了原告的个人及职业声誉,此外,被告还无故向全美及全球数百万民众散布了关于原告的谣言。Their many lies include, among others, that Mrs Trump supposedly was an ‘escortin the 1990s before she met her husband. 他们捏造的种种谎言包括0世纪90年代,在结识丈夫之前,特朗普夫人似乎做过‘陪游’。Defendantsactions are so egregious, malicious and harmful to Mrs Trump that her damages are estimated at 0m.被告极端恶劣的恶毒行为伤害了特朗普夫人,因此被告应向原告付千万美元的赔偿金。The suit was filed in Montgomery County, in suburban Washington DC, in response to articles published in August by the Daily Mail which reported rumors that Trump worked as an escort in the 1990s.《每日邮报》于8月份刊登了几篇造谣特朗普夫人曾0世纪90年代做过陪游的文章,对此特朗普夫人向华盛顿城郊区的蒙哥马利县法院提起了诉讼。Last month, announcing that Trump was considering a suit, her lawyer called those rumors 100% false.上个月,特朗普夫人的律师宣布特朗普夫人正在考虑起诉,律师称那些谣言百分百是假的。The Daily Mail article also contained allegations that Trump came to New York a year earlier than she has claimed, raising issues about her immigration status. 《每日邮报》刊登的文章还宣称特朗普夫人移居纽约的时间比她所说的时间早了一年,这意味着她的移民身份有假。Trump denied a story in Politico in which questions about her immigration status were first reported.《政治家》最先质疑了她的移民身份,她则否认了他们的报道。The lawsuit noted that while the article in question had been removed from the Daily Mail’s website, the newspaper had yet to apologize or formally retract. 诉讼方指出:虽然《每日邮报》已将争议文章撤下网站,但却尚未在报纸上致歉或正式撤回报纸上的文章。The Mail included a retraction of the story in its Friday UK print edition.《每日邮报》已在本周五的英国版报纸上刊登撤回声明。We did not intend to state or suggest that these allegations are true, the newspaper said, nor did we intend to state or suggest that Mrs Trump ever worked as an ‘escortor in the ‘sex business 《每日邮报》说:我们无意宣称或暗示那些针对移民身份的指控是真的,我们也无意宣称或暗示特朗普夫人曾做过‘陪游’或‘应召女’。It added that its article had included denials from a Trump spokesperson and the owner of the modelling agency in question, and said it regretted any such misinterpretation.《每日邮报》还说自己刊登的文章涵盖了特朗普夫人发言人和事件牵涉的模特经纪公司老板的否认之辞,它为任何导致他人误解的言辞而感到懊悔。The retraction was also posted online. 撤回声明还被发布在网站上。The Daily Mail newspaper and MailOnline/DailyMail.com have entirely separate editors and journalistic teams, it added. In so far as MailOnline/DailyMail.com published the same article it wholeheartedly also retracts the above and also regrets any such misinterpretation.《每日邮报》补充说:报纸版和网络版的编辑及记者团队是相互独立的,发表了相同文章的网站也诚心诚意地撤回了文章并为误导大众而感到懊悔。Asked if the retraction would affect the suit, Harder replied: It does not.被问及撤回文章是否会影响诉讼时,哈德尔回复说:不会。Tarpley’s blogpost, which has been retracted, claimed, per the suit, that it is widely known Melania was not a working model but rather a high-end escort and that she had a mental breakdown after a plagiarism controversy over her speech to the Republican national convention in Cleveland in July.塔普利在现已撤回的文中称:大家都知道梅拉尼娅不是职业模特而是高级陪游女,7月份时,梅拉尼娅曾在克利夫兰举行的共和党全国大会上发表演讲并深陷抄袭风波,之后她为此精神崩溃了。来 /201609/464865The ed Nations imposed new restrictions on North Korea’s ability to export coal on Wednesday, the latest attempt by the international community to tighten a sanctions regime that has not halted Pyongyang’s drive towards a nuclear programme.联合UN)周三对朝鲜的煤炭出口能力施加了新的限制,这是国际社会试图收紧对朝制裁的最新举措,此前的一系列制裁措施未能阻止朝鲜推进其核计划。The 15-member UN Security Council voted unanimously to approve the new sanctions which could reduce North Korea’s export revenue by as much as a quarter if fully implemented, diplomats said.多名外交官表示,联合国安理会(UN Security Council) 15个成员国一致批准了新制裁措施,这些措施一旦得到全面执行,将令朝鲜出口收入最多减少四分之一。The new round of sanctions follows North Korea’s fifth nuclear test in September and a series of missile launches that it has conducted in recent months which have all added to the momentum behind its nuclear programme.新一轮制裁是在朝月进行第五次核试验、近几个月还开展了一系列导弹发射活动之后出台的,这些试验和发射加大了朝鲜核计划的发展势头。Amid high uncertainty about how a Trump administration will approach North Korea, the new sanctions also come amid a growing debate in Washington about the need for a different approach towards Pyongyang.新制裁措施出台之际,关于特朗普领导的美国新政府将对朝鲜采取什么样的政策,存在高度不确定性。此外,华盛顿关于是否有必要转变对朝策略的争论也越来越激烈。The resolution builds on a package of sanctions from earlier in the year which tried to limit North Korea exports of commodities, including coal its biggest source of hard currency copper, nickel and silver.今年早些时候安理会就通过了一揽子制裁方案,试图限制朝鲜多种大宗商品的出口,包括煤炭(这是朝鲜最大的硬通货来源)、铜、镍和银等。US officials said that a clause in the previous sanctions designed to prevent undue suffering by the North Korean people had been used to accelerate coal sales. Under the new rules, a cap has been placed on annual coal exports at 7.5m metric tonnes or around 0m, which would reduce export earnings from coal by 60 per cent.美国官员表示,此前的制裁措施中一则旨在防止朝鲜人民承受过大苦难的条款被利用来加快煤炭销售。新规定对朝鲜的年度煤炭出口能力设了上限,出口总量不能超过750万公吨或出口价值不能超过大亿美元,这会令朝鲜的煤炭出口收入减少60%。Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, said that the resolution imposed “unprecedented measureson North Korea. “No resolution in New York will persuade Pyongyang to cease its relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons,she said. “But this resolution imposes unprecedented costs on the DPRK [North Korean] regime for defying the UN’s demands.”美国驻联合国大使萨曼莎.鲍尔(Samantha Power)表示,该决议对朝鲜实施了“史无前例的举措”。她表示:“联合国总部没有任何决议能说平壤方面停止对核武器的坚定追求。但是这一决议会让朝鲜政权为违抗联合国的要求付出史无前例的代价。”Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, said that it was incumbent on members of the Security Council to implement the new rules. “Sanctions are only as effective as their implementation,he said.联合国秘书长潘基Ban Ki-moon)表示,安理会成员国有责任贯彻实施这些新规定。他表示:“制裁只有得到执行才有效。”The impact of the new sanctions will ultimately depend on China’s willingness to enforce the new export caps. Liu Jieyi, China’s ambassador to the UN, said: “The resolution adopted by the council today demonstrates the uniformed stand of the international community against the development by DPRK of its nuclear and ballistic missiles.”新一轮制裁会产生多大影响,最终要看中国执行新出口上限的意愿。中国驻联合国大使刘结一表示:“当天安理会通过的决议,表明了国际社会反对朝鲜发展核导计划、维护国际核不扩散体系的一致立场。”The apparent advances in North Korea’s nuclear programme have led US officials to admit that the policies aimed at containing Pyongyang’s ambitions have largely failed. James Clapper, director of national intelligence, admitted in September: “I think the idea of getting North Korea to denuclearise is probably a lost cause.”朝鲜核计划的明显进展使得美国官员承认,旨在遏制朝鲜核野心的政策基本上失败了。今月,美国国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆克拉珀(James Clapper)曾承认:“我认为,让朝鲜无核化的想法也许注定要失败。”David Pressman, until recently US ambassador at the UN for special political affairs who was involved in the sanctions negotiations, said that the new restrictions if implemented were an important element in increasing economic pressure on North Korea, but would not by themselves change Pyongyang’s calculations.曾参与磋商对朝制裁事宜的戴维.普雷斯曼(David Pressman)表示,在对朝鲜增加经济压力方面,新制裁措施一旦实施将起到重要作用,但是它们本身不会改变朝鲜政府的盘算。“The idea that we are going to deal with this problem through more sanctions alone is a folly,said Mr Pressman, now at the law firm Boies, Schiller and Flexner. “We need more options on the table and we need more enforcement.”他说:“那种认为我们只会通过加大制裁处理这个问题的想法很愚蠢。我们需要把更多选项摆到桌面上讨论,我们需要加大实施力度。”目前,普雷斯曼供职于Boies, Schiller and Flexner律师事务所。来 /201612/481323

On Oct. 17, an offering was given at Yasukuni Shrine on behalf of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.107日,日本首相安倍晋三委托他人代表自己出席靖国神社参拜仪式。However, the prime minister will not pay an in-person visit to the shrine during this years autumn worship.但是在今年秋季的靖国神社参拜活动当中,安倍晋三将不会亲自前往参拜。According to Japanese media analysis, Abe is likely giving priority to bettering Japans relationships with China and Korea, since the three countries recently coordinated on plans for a summit meeting.据日本媒体分析,安倍可能更优先于考虑改善和中韩两国的关系,因为最近中日韩三国就一场首脑会议计划进行了协商。On Oct. 10, Toshihiro Nikai, secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Japans governing party, indicated that Abe may dissolve the House of Representatives and conduct a new election.100日,日本自民党(日本执政党)秘书长二阶俊表示,安倍晋三可能会解散众议院,进行一场新的选举。Abes term will end in December 2018. If the LDP is able to extend Abes tenure and win the election, then Abe will remain in office at least until early 2021.安倍的任期将在20182月结束。如果自民党能够延长安倍的任期,那么安倍将可以继续执政至少021年年初。Japans Kyodo News Agency offered the theory that, behind Abes skirting of the delicate historical dispute is the politicians intention to remain in power for longer, giving him more time to realize his political agenda.日本共同社提出一套理论称,在安倍微妙历史纷争外衣的背后是其想要延长任期的野心,这样一来安倍晋三就会有更多的时间来实现自己的政治抱负。In order to revise the constitution, Abe will first attempt to reduce friction with Japans neighboring countries, who are otherwise likely to support his opposition.为了修改宪法,安倍将首先试图减少与日本周边国家的擦,否则这些国家就有可能会持他的反对方。At a memorial ceremony for victims of World War II on Aug. 15, Abe claimed that Japan would adopt a modest perspective on world history, but neglected to mention introspection or offer an apology.在今5日纪念二战遇难者的一场仪式上,安倍晋三声称,日本将对世界历史采取一个温和的看法,但是却对反省和道歉一事闭口不谈。Moreover, the question of how to keep his own support base and still mollify the right wing is an important one for Abe.此外,如何保持自己的持率、安抚日本右翼仍然是安倍面临的重要问题。来 /201610/474553

  Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s president, has signalled she is willing to resign next year or accept the decision of an impeachment vote this Friday.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)已表示,她愿意明年辞职或接受本周五弹劾表决得出的决定。This development follows six weeks of massive civilian protest in response to a corruption scandal that has riveted the nation.韩国民众已举行了六周的大规模抗议,以回应一桩举国瞩目的腐败丑闻。Ms Park told leaders of the ruling Saenuri Party that she will either agree to resign in April or accept the decision of the constitutional court following an impeachment vote, according to local media reports.据当地媒体报道,朴槿惠对执政党“新国家党Saenuri Party)的领导人表示,她同意明年4月辞职,也会接受宪法法院在一项弹劾表决后作出的裁决。Last Tuesday, Ms Park told the nation in a televised address she would step down in accordance with a schedule drawn up by parliamentarians. That was dismissed by opponents as a stall tactic, and the following day they vowed to push forward with an impeachment motion.上周二,朴槿惠在电视讲话中向韩国民众表示,她会按照国会议员们拟定的时间表下台。反对派认为这是一种拖延战术,并在次日发誓要推进弹劾动议。The announcement of Ms Park’s resignation comes as the heads of nine of South Korea’s biggest family-controlled conglomerates (chaebol), including Samsung and Hyundai, were today dragged before a parliamentary inquiry into their role in the nation’s corruption scandal.朴槿惠宣布辞职意愿之际,包括三星(Samsung)、现Hyundai)在内的韩国九大财阀的领导人今日都应要求出席了国会听会,以阐明他们在这桩腐败丑闻中扮演的角色。来 /201612/482064

  When the British public votes on staying within or leaving the EU in a referendum on June 23, they will decide on the destiny of Britain for decades, perhaps a lifetime, said Cameron, adding: ;This is a decision that is bigger than any individual politician or government.;英国首相卡梅伦近日表示,英国民众3日就是否继续留在欧盟举行的全国公投,将会决定英国在以后几十年里、也有可能是永远的命运。卡梅伦补充说道:“这是一个比任何政治家和政府都更重要的决定。”The speech by Cameron is being described by commentators as his most emotive speech so far in making the case for Britain to stay in the EU.卡梅伦首相发表的这篇演讲,被家们称为是自其请求英国留在欧盟以来的最令人感动的演讲。No sooner had Cameron ended his speech, did opponents, including some members of his own Conservative Party, condemned his doom-laden message.就在卡梅伦结束演讲后不久,包括部分保守党成员在内的反对者发表了谴责,批评卡梅伦危言耸听。Former London Mayor and leading Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson said later: ;The principle guarantor of peace and stability on our continent has been NATO, and what worries me now is that it is the European Unions pretensions to run a foreign policy and a defense policy that risk undermining NATO.;前伦敦市长、英国退欧著名活动家鲍里斯·约翰逊后来说道:“北约一直都是欧洲大陆和平与稳定原则上的担保人,但是现在让我担忧的是,欧盟要求施行自己的外交和防卫政策,而这有可能使得北约被削弱。”It was a point echoed by the former head of history at Cambridge University, Professor David Abulafia, who dismissed the claim that the EU had brought peace to Europe as ;historically illiterate.; He, and some other academics, insisted it was NATO that had kept Britain safe since 1945.剑桥大学前任历史系主任戴维·阿布拉江教授对鲍里斯的观点表示赞同,他否定了欧盟给欧洲带来了和平的说法,认为这是“对历史的无知”。戴维和其他一些学者坚持认为是北约保障了英国自1945年以来的和平。Rather than focus on the economic reasons to remain in the EU, Cameron instead concentrated on what membership meant for Britains strength and security in the world.卡梅伦并没有把英国留在欧盟的动机放在经济原因上,而是集中论述了欧盟成员国资格对于英国国力和世界安全的意义;The dangerous international situation facing Britain today means that the closest possible cooperation with our European neighbors isnt an optional extra -- it is essential. Now is a time for strength in numbers,; Cemeron said, citing threats to security such as that the Islamic State posed.卡梅伦援引了IS组织之流造成的安全威胁,他说道:“目前英国面临着危险的国际局势,这意味着我们和欧洲邻国进行最密切的合作并不是可有可无的,而是必须的。现在是时候让我们团结起来了!;For 2,000 years, our affairs have been intertwined with the affairs of Europe. For good or ill, we have written Europes history, just as Europe has helped to write ours,; he said. ;Britain has a fundamental national interest in maintaining a common purpose in Europe to avoid future conflict between European countries.;卡梅伦说道:“在过去2000年里,英国的事务一直和欧洲的事务交织在一起。无论是好是坏,英国书写了欧洲的历史,正如欧洲书写英国的历史那样。维持一个欧洲的原则是英国最根本的国家利益,这可以避免欧洲国家在未来发生冲突。”来 /201605/444126。

  Russia has for the first time charged a human rights activist for failing to comply with its vague ;foreign agents; law, Human Rights Watch said Monday.人权观察组织星期一说,俄罗斯首次根据含混的所谓“外国代理人法”起诉人权活动人士。On Monday, Russian authorities informed Valentina Cherevatenko, chair of the coordination board of ;Women of the Don Union;, that they were bringing criminal charges against her.俄罗斯当局星期一告知女性权益组织负责人瓦伦蒂娜·切雷瓦坦科,她受到刑事起诉。Russian authorities said Cherevatenko was aware that she was required to register her organization as a ;foreign agent; because it received foreign funding, but she neglected to do so.俄罗斯当局说,该组织接受外国资助,因此切雷瓦坦科知道应将该组织作为“外国代理人”进行登记,但她没有依法办事。Russian authorities have been using a “foreign agentslaw from 2012 to blacklist groups receiving international funding and engaging in activities deemed political. The vague law implies such activities are disloyal and has been applied to more than 100 Russian organizations, many of them charities forced to scale back their activities or shut down.2012年以来,俄罗斯当局利用“外国代理人法”将接受外国资助和参与政治活动的组织列入黑名单。这一含混的法律认为这些组织的行为带有背叛性,俄罗斯已00多个组织因为这一法律被列入黑名单,其中不少是慈善机构,他们被迫减少活动,或停止运作。The law gives prosecutors the power to shut down any foreign and international organizations in Russia deemed a threat, and to fine and imprison any Russian repeat offenders working with them for up to six years.这项法律授权检察机构取缔任何被视为威胁的外国及国际组织,此外,检察机构还有权对屡教不改为这些组织工作的俄罗斯公民进行罚款和监禁,刑期最年。来 /201606/451704

  Barack Obama said yesterday that he was “concernedabout whether Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi could hold on to power, and that additional financial aid for the country would depend on resolving its political crisis. 巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)昨日表示,他“担心”伊拉克总理海德#8226;阿巴Haider al-Abadi)能否保住大权,而美国对该国的进一步财政援助将取决于该国解决政治危机The US president also said it was possible the ceasefire in Syria could soon collapse and that a failure to reach a political settlement there could lead to fighting continuing for years. 美国总统还表示,叙利亚的停火可能很快就会崩溃,如果未能达成政治和解,战火可能持续多年Mr Obama was speaking at the end of a sometimes tense two-day trip to Saudi Arabia where he pledged to continue providing military support to Washington’s Gulf allies to defend themselves against Iran, but also encouraged them to engage diplomatically with Tehran. 奥巴马是在对沙特阿拉伯有时气氛紧张的两天访问结束之际发表讲话的。他承诺将继续为美国在海湾地区的盟友提供军事援助,帮助它们抵御伊朗,但他同时也鼓励这些国家与德黑兰进行外交接触A senior White House official said the two days of conversations, first with the Saudis and then yesterday with the leaders of the Gulf Co-operation Council, had been an attempt to “clear the airafter the tensions over the Iran nuclear deal, which many in the Gulf opposed. 一名白宫高级官员表示,这两天的会谈第一天是和沙特方面进行,昨日则是和海湾合作委员会(Gulf Co-operation Council)国家的领导人进行,目的是消除伊朗核协议达成后的紧张气氛;海湾多国都反对这一协议In Baghdad, Mr Abadi is struggling to put together a new cabinet at a time when the country is at war with Isis and facing a severe economic crisis because of falling oil prices. 在巴格达,阿巴迪正在该国与“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)交战并面临因油价下跌导致的严重经济危机之际艰难组建新内阁“I’m concerned. I think prime minister Abadi has been a good partner for us,said Mr Obama. “With respect to direct help to the Iraqi government, what I recommended was that we wait to assess how the current government turmoil in Iraq plays itself out over the next couple of weeks.“我很担心。我认为阿巴迪总理对我们而言是一个好的合作伙伴,”奥巴马表示,“在直接帮助伊拉克政府的问题上,我的建议是我们等一等,以评估伊拉克当前的政府动荡在接下来两星期的发展。It was important to make sure that any additional financial aid to Iraq was “effectively spent he said. 他表示,有必要确保对伊拉克的任何进一步财政援助得到“有效出”The president said the ceasefire in Syria was “very fragile and may be breaking down in part because of attacks by the Assad regime. 美国总统表示,叙利亚的停火“非常脆弱,可能会破裂”,部分原因是阿萨德(Assad)政权在发起攻击With speculation that the US would send more arms to rebels if the current peace talks collapse, Mr Obama said “the problem with any plan B that does not involve a political settlement is that it means more fighting, potentially for years 外界猜测一旦当前的和平谈判破裂,美国会向叛军输送更多武器,奥巴马表示,“任何不包括政治和解的B计划的问题在于,它意味着更多的战斗,可能会持续数年。Gulf leaders are worried that in the aftermath of the Iran deal, the US will not do enough to push back at what they see as Iranian ambitions for regional dominance. 海湾地区国家领导人担忧,在伊朗核协议达成后,美国不会采取足够行动回击他们眼中伊朗主宰该地区的野心。来 /201604/438940


  The bomb atrocities in Brussels are a reminder, if any were needed after last November’s jihadi assault on Paris, of how easy it is for terrorist cells to attack neuralgic targets in European cities and bring them to a standstill. 布鲁塞尔发生的炸弹暴行是一个提醒(如果说在去年11月巴黎遭到圣战攻击后,还需要任何提醒的话):恐怖小组攻击欧洲城市的神经中枢目标、使之陷入瘫痪有多么容易What appears to have been a double suicide attack in the departure hall at Zaventem airport, and an even deadlier bombing in a metro train at Maalbeek station, next to several EU headquarters in the heart of Brussels, killed at least 30 people and wounded around 180 more, some of them critically. The city went into lockdown. 在扎芬特姆机Zaventem airport)出发大厅发生的貌似双重自杀式袭击,以及一列地铁列车在布鲁塞尔市中心、靠近数个欧盟大楼的马埃勒贝克站发生的更具杀伤力的爆炸,已造成至少30人遇难,还有80人受伤,其中一些人伤势严重。布鲁塞尔市已进入封城状态A claim of responsibility on an Isis website indicates this was the work of local cells inspired by their millenarianism, using the Paris model they adapted from a jihadist attack on Mumbai in 2008. The attacks come after last Friday’s arrest of Salah Abdeslam, in a Brussels suburb known for being a jihadi nest, who was wanted as the surviving perpetrator of the Paris carnage. His local accomplices may have brought forward plans to strike Brussels for fear that his detention would lead to their detection. “伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的一个网站发表了声称对此次连环爆炸负责的声明,声明显示,这起连环爆炸案是受该组织末日理念启发的当地恐怖小组所为,采用了巴黎恐袭的模式,而该模式借鉴008年圣战分子对孟买发起的攻击。这起爆炸案发生之前,被通缉的巴黎恐袭生还肇事者萨拉赫阿卜杜勒-萨拉Salah Abdeslam)上周五在布鲁塞尔郊区落网,当地是一个已知的圣战分子老巢。他在当地的同伙可能提前实施了攻击布鲁塞尔的计划,担心他被抓将导致他们的计谋败露Such horror calls out for firm but measured conclusions. Europe cannot cocoon itself from the arc of fire to its east and south, the killing fields that run from Iraq and Syria to Libya. That is made obvious not just by terror attacks but the European Union’s inability to act together to deal with the waves of refugees from these and other countries a dispiriting response that betrays the values of the union. 此类恐怖行为要求得出坚定但有分寸的结论。欧洲避不开其以东和以南的战火弧线,即从伊拉克和叙利亚延伸至利比亚的杀戮场。使这一点显而易见的不只是恐怖袭击,还有欧盟未能团结行动,应对来自上述国家和其他国家的难民潮——那是一个背叛欧盟价值观的令人沮丧的回应Brussels is not just the capital of Belgium but of the EU, which is being challenged to show it has the resilience to confront what will be a long and ugly conflict. Isis is making the case for “more Europein security. 布鲁塞尔不仅是比利时首都,也是欧盟首都;欧盟正受到挑战,要求它拿出韧性,迎接一场漫长而丑陋的冲突。ISIS的所作所为明,有必要在安全事务上强化欧洲团结There are obvious practical measures that need urgently to happen, chief among them better intelligence-sharing about jihadi networks. Belgium, with multiple and overlapping layers of government that do not talk to each other, presents a particular problem. The federal government warned after Mr Abdeslam’s arrest that it might trigger an attack, but was powerless to stop it. But there needs to be far greater pooling of information in real time across the EU and with its allies. After Paris, remember, Mr Abdeslam’s car was checked by police at the French border with Belgium but they seem to have had no idea who he was. 有一些明显的实用措施迫切需要落实到位,其中最主要的是改进有关圣战分子网络的情报共享。在这方面,具有多级且相互重叠的政府层面的比利时,带来一个特别的问题。联邦政府曾警告称,阿卜杜勒-萨拉姆被捕可能触发一场攻击,结果却未能阻止攻击发生。但是,在欧盟各国乃至欧盟与盟友之间,需要大力加强实时情报共享。别忘了,在巴黎恐袭发生后,阿卜杜勒-萨拉姆乘坐的汽车曾在法国和比利时边境被警察拦下,但警方当时似乎对他一无所知Member states need also to learn more about minority communities and what motivates their members. This is not just about ostensible religious affiliation but the search for identity of some Muslim youth, disaffected and directionless but offered a deranged superhero status by Isis and its ilk. It is chastening to learn Mr Abdeslam, pursued across the continent, was hidden by neighbours for four months. 欧盟各成员国也需要更多地了解少数族裔,以及他们受到什么信念的激励。这不只关乎表面上的宗教信仰,也关乎某些穆斯林青年对身份认同的搜寻,他们不满,失去方向,却被ISIS之流提供了变态超级英雄的地位。整个欧洲大陆追捕的阿卜杜勒-萨拉姆竟然被邻居隐藏个月,这一点值得深思Above all, the EU and the west need constantly to demonstrate the values they defend, eschewing simplistic bombast and knee-jerk repression. For Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner to contest the US presidency, Brussels is another brick in the wall he purports to believe will keep Muslims and Mexicans out of the US. For Marine Le Pen of France’s far-right Front National, an attack on the EU capital is an excuse to call for a Battle of Algiers-style razzia a vast armed police raid on immigrant “neighbourhoods on the fringes of the Republic 最重要的是,欧盟乃至西方需要不断展现他们捍卫的价值观,避免简单化的夸夸其谈和下意识的压制。美国共和党总统候选人领跑者唐纳德礠朗Donald Trump)声称,他相信一堵高墙会把穆斯林和墨西哥人挡在美国门外,而布鲁塞尔为这堵高墙又添一块砖。对于法国极右翼政党国民阵线(Front National)的马琳勒Marine Le Pen),欧盟首都遭到的攻击提供了一个借口,让她呼吁进行一场阿尔及尔之Battle of Algiers)式的镇压:由配备械的警察对“共和国边缘的移民社区”发起大规模突袭Such policies undermine our open societies, built on individual and collective freedoms and religious tolerance. Together they would run up the white flag of surrender. Isis and its acolytes are learning how to tear apart our civic fabric. We need to make that civility more resilient, not do their work for them. 此类政策削弱我们所处的建立在个人和集体自由以及宗教宽容基础上的开放社会。加在一起,它们相当于举起投降的白旗。ISIS及其追随者正在学会如何撕裂我们的文明体系。我们需要使那种文明更具韧性,而不是成全他们的目的。来 /201603/433010




  U.S. President Barack Obama has told fellow party members he is certain a Democrat will be the next president of the ed States.美国总统奥巴马告诉民主党人说,他确信下任美国总统将是民主党人。Speaking Thursday in Baltimore, just north of Washington, the president said, ;Democrats will win in November and we will have a Democratic president succeeding me - just in case theres any confusion about that.;奥巴马星期四在美国首都华盛顿以北的巴尔的表示,民主党人将赢1月的总统大选,一位民主党总统将接替他的职位,这一点毋需置疑。Obama said he was confident of his prediction because Democrats ;focus on the things that matter in the lives of American people.;奥巴马说,他之所以相信这一预言会实现,是因为民主党人把注意力集中在与美国人民生活息息相关的问题上。Obama, in a jab against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, said that ;Were not going to strengthen our leadership around the world by allowing politicians to insult Muslims or pit groups of Americans against each other.;奥巴马抨击共和党总统参选人川普。他说,如果容许政界人士侮辱穆斯林或挑起美国各群体之间的对抗,就不能加强美国在世界上的领导地位。来 /201602/424984

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