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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd said on Thursday that it will create another online shopping event in the next two months to tap further into rural consumption.阿里巴巴于周二宣布将在两个月后举办另一网购节日,以此来刺激农村消费。The e-commerce giant, which generated a gross merchandise volume of 91.2 billion yuan (.3 billion) in the 24-hour sales event on Wednesday, said it will hold a similar festival to coincide with the upcoming Spring Festival in February.阿里巴巴在双十一当天销售额达912亿人民币,约合143亿美元,阿里巴巴称二月份春节时将会举办另一场类似的活动,Zhang Yong, chief executive officer of Alibaba, said like urban residents, many rural consumers have also become online shopping enthusiasts. ;The soon-to-be-launched shopping event will better serve rural consumers and bring more agricultural products to the dining tables of urban consumers,; he said.阿里巴巴CEO张勇称,像城市消费者一样,农村消费者也成为网购爱好者,“年货节将更好的为农村消费者务,把更多的农产品带到城市居民的餐桌上。”The Hangzhou-based firm said the Spring Festival event will be launched by its customer-to-customer site Taobao and its Rural Taobao business unit, which is dedicated to online shoppers in rural areas.年货节将由淘宝与农村淘宝共同打造,致力于务农村的网购者。Sun Lijun, vice-president of Alibaba who is in charge of Rural Taobao, said the Spring Festival shopping gala will help narrow the gap between urban and rural consumers.阿里巴巴副主席孙立军是农村淘宝的负责人,他称年货节将缩小农村与城市消费者间的差距。;We want villagers to celebrate Lunar Chinese New Year with seafood from New Zealand and wine from France. That said, we also want urban residents to enjoy high-quality fresh produce delivered directly to their doorsteps,; he said.“我们希望在村民们的春节餐桌上,可以有新西兰海鲜和法国红酒的出现,我们也希望城市居民可以享受到高质量新鲜的食材直接送货上门的务。”Alibaba has made globalization and going-rural its top priorities for further development. Last year, it said it will invest 10 billion yuan over the next three to five years to provide e-commerce services in about 100,000 villages.阿里巴巴将全球化以及进军农村作为首要任务,去年,阿里巴巴投资100亿用于未来三到五年在10万个乡镇提供电商务。Rural shoppers proved their buying power by pouring more than 10 million yuan in the first eight minutes of the Nov 11 online shopping festival. People in 8,000 villages participated in the 24-hour sales on Wednesday.农村消费者在双十一开始的前八分钟创造了1千万的销售额,明了他们的消费能力。八千个乡镇的人们参与了双十一的活动。Alibaba didn#39;t disclose the specific purchases made by rural shoppers, but said that items such as TV sets, air conditioners, shampoos and oil were very popular in villages.阿里巴巴没有具体透露农村消费者的购买情况,但称电视机、空调、洗发水和食用油是流行网购产品。 /201511/411225Beijing#39;s smog: A tale of two cities北京雾霾:两种城市,一个故事The first thing Jiang Wang does when she wakes up in the morning is check on her daughter to make sure she#39;s breathing clean air.王江每天早上醒来的第一件事就是查看女儿今天能不能呼吸到干净的空气。Next, it#39;s time to start making breakfast. She#39;s aly made sure all the groceries come from an organic farm.然后该做早饭了。她保所有的食材都产自有机农场。She#39;ll wash her produce with tap water filtered through a separate treatment system under her sink.水槽下方装有分体式处理系统,她用过滤水清洗餐具和食材。But that water isn#39;t for drinking -- there#39;s imported bottled water for that.但是过滤水不是用来喝的——喝的是进口瓶装水。This is how Wang typically starts her day, trying to minimize the effects of the toxic environment in Beijing.这就是王江一天的开头,尽量把北京有毒环境的影响降到最小。;From the moment you open your eyes till the moment, you rest in the evening,; she says, ;you have to pay really (close) attention, to the air, to the water, to the food you eat.;她说:“从早上睁眼到晚上休息,真的要(十分)注意。注意空气,注意水,注意食物。”Wang and her family are part of a growing number of Beijingers who are trying to pollution-proof their lives.北京人里像王江和她家其中只是一部分,类似的人数还在持续上涨,他们试图过上和污染隔绝的生活。And money is no cost.钱不是问题。It#39;s ;very expensive,; she says. ;But think about the health. There is nothing to trade off.;王江承认这种生活“特别耗钱”。可转念一想,钱换不来健康。But for Beijing#39;s rising middle class and poorer residents, this high-end home equipment is financially out of reach.然而对于北京增长的中产阶级和贫困居民,这种高端家庭器材在收入上就遥不可及。That#39;s turning pollution into both a health issue and a class issue -- and it#39;s killing off those left behind.这种差距把一个污染问题转变成了两个,健康问题和阶级问题——且污染正在消灭落在高收入后面的人。Research by Nanjing University#39;s School of the Environment has linked smog with nearly one-third of all deaths in China, positioning it on a par with smoking as a threat to public health.据南京大学环境学院调查,中国近三分之一的死亡和雾霾有关。调查认定雾霾对公共卫生的威胁与吸烟同等。Published in November last year, the study analyzed over 3 million deaths across 74 cities throughout China in 2013. The findings revealed that as many as 31.8% of all recorded deaths could be linked to pollution, with major cities in Hebei, the province that encircles Beijing, ranked among the worst.去年十月刊登的研究分析了2013年全中国74座城市3百多万死亡案例。结果揭示出全部有记录死亡案例中的31.8%和污染相关,主要分布在河北省。河北省环抱北京,污染排名位列最差之一。;Air pollution exacerbates inequality between the rich and poor in urban China,; Matthew Kahn, a professor of economics at the University of Southern California, told CNN in an email.南加州大学经济学教授马修·卡恩在邮件中对CNN说:“大气污染加剧了中国城市贫富不均。”;The rich live in cleaner parts of the city and on more polluted days they can drive to work, work inside, access better doctors, have second homes in the countryside and have expensive and effective air filters.;“富人住在城市更清洁、污染天数更少的地方。他们可以开车去上班,在室内工作,看更好的医生,到乡下多买一处房子,安装昂贵又实用的空气净化器。”Beijing risks becoming a tale of two cities, a place where the rich and poor don#39;t even breathe the same air.北京承受着风险,同一个故事中分化成两种城市的风险,变成富人和穷人连呼吸空气都不一样的风险。It adds up日积月累The Wang family recently installed a fresh air filtering system, which cost them about ,300.最近王江家花费4300美元安装了一套空气清新过滤系统。It works like a ventilation system, cleaning outside air and pumping it into their home.这套系统就像通风系统,净化外部空气再输入室内。They also have an air purifier in each room, eight in all, to filter out carbon dioxide and take care of any dirty air that may leak in. Those add up to about ,200.他们还在每个房间安装了共八台空气净化器,过滤二氧化碳跟任何溜进家里的污染空气。这些器材加起来花了大概7200美元。And the purifiers need to be changed about once a month -- which rings in at 0.空气净化器需要每个月更换一次,花费430美元。Water filters for sinks run about 0 and shower filters can cost upwards of ,000 on JD, a popular Chinese e-commerce site.水槽下的过滤器花费大概300美元,淋浴过滤器在京东(中国的一个火爆电商网站)上售价1000美元以上。For the super wealthy, companies such as Environment Assured, an indoor air quality and water filtration consultancy, will assess the toxicity of living and office spaces.针对巨富们的需求,环境保障之类的室内空气质量和滤水咨询公司会评定生活环境和办公环境的毒性。The company offers a top-of-the-line package that comes in at just under ,000, according to Alex Cukor, the vice president of enterprise solutions at Environment Assured.据环境保障公司企业方案部门副总亚力克斯·库克表示,公司提供同类商品中最好的产品套装,一套不到15000美元。Real estate prices can swing based on technology and proximity to pollution, too.房地产价格会在技术和污染距离远近的基础上摆动。A two-bedroom apartment in Beijing#39;s MOMA complex -- where the units come equipped with air filtration systems -- cost far in excess of million, according to the Lianjia real estate listings.根据链家房地产列表数据显示,北京MOMA住宅区里两室一厅的公寓售价远不止3百万,所有单元自带空气过滤系统。That#39;s almost six times the cost of a similarly-sized apartment on the city#39;s dusty fringes.这里公寓的售价几近北京灰扑扑的外环同面积公寓的六倍。And these costs aren#39;t reserved to homes.而且这些公寓还不面向家庭预售。The International School of Beijing, where tuition is north of ,000 a year, built a pressurized dome for kids to play in during the smog. It cost million. (Some public schools have also built domes recently.)北京国际学校,每年学费37000美元,学校建有加压圆顶体育场供孩子们在雾霾天活动。体育场耗资5百万美元。(一些公立学校不久前也建设了圆顶体育场。)Some people will get organic produce shipped directly to their homes. A yearly membership to Tony#39;s Farm costs ,400. That will get you two weekly deliveries of produce, three kilograms (about 6.6 pounds) each.有机食品会直接运送到部分人家里。托尼农场一年的会员资格收费3400美元,农场每周给每位会员送三公斤(6.6磅)产品。Others escape the bad air by traveling abroad.其他人则出游海外以逃离污染空气。And then there#39;s the more outlandish products.还有更多稀奇古怪的产品。You can buy canned air from Britain for 5 a bottle. Anti-pollution creams can top 0 (the jury#39;s still out on how well these work) and there are also expensive ;pollution-catching; amulets.你可以购买产自英国的罐装空气,每瓶115美金。防污染乳霜(审核人员尚未认定产品效果如何)100美元以上。还有昂贵的“污染捕捉”护身符。The typical Beijinger likely can#39;t afford any of that -- the average individual salary is a little less than ,00 year, according to a report from Peking University. And that#39;s the highest in China.从北京大学的数据报告来看,大多数北京人恐怕负担不起其中任何一项——平均个人工资稍低于1700美元。而这个数字在中国是最高的了。But even though the China#39;s economic boom has delivered material wealth to millions, growing numbers are becoming frustrated that China#39;s elite and ultra-wealthy -- many of whom got rich off the country#39;s rapid industrialization that caused the pollution problem -- can protect themselves, but they can#39;t.尽管中国经济繁荣为数百万人带来了物质财富,但增长的数字渐渐让精英和巨富垂头丧气——他们中大多数依靠国家高速工业化发迹,而高速工业化带来污染问题,而他们没法从污染中保全自己。;It really has reached a point where concern over air pollution throughout the country is threatening China#39;s social stability,; Barbara Finamore of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) said in a question and answer session in May.战略与国际研究中心(CSIS)的芭芭拉·菲纳莫雷在五月份一次问答会上表示:“对全国大气污染的关注达到了威胁中国社会稳定的节点。”A recent environmental protest in the southwest city of Chengdu was quickly quashed by authorities.最近的一次环境抗议发生在西南城市成都,很快就被官方平息了。Baby steps婴儿学步China is the world#39;s largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, and it#39;s costly -- the country#39;s economy lost roughly 5 billion due to pollution in 2012, according to the RAND corporation.中国是世界最大的温室气体排放者,且排放代价高昂——据兰德公司数据显示,由于2012年的污染,中国国家经济粗略上损失了5350亿美元。The government knows air quality is a pressing problem and publicly declared a ;war on pollution; in 2014.政府清楚空气质量问题迫在眉睫,于2014年公开宣布打响“治污战役”。With their newfound wealth, China#39;s upper and middles classes have been able to travel abroad and see more of the world -- and in turn learn about the dangers of pollution and how to avoid it.手握新财富,中国上层和中产阶级已能出游海外,见识更大的世界——反之也了解了污染的危险性和避免污染的办法。But on the street during a red alert it is still commonplace to see ordinary people wearing a scarf over their mouth and nose, rather than a protective mask. Even state media has said the government needs to better study and understand the effects of pollution.但污染红色警报期间,街头巷尾照样能见到普罗大众用围巾裹住口鼻而不是戴着防护口罩。尽管官方媒体已经表达了政府需要更好地学习和理解污染带来的影响。Still, China had some success in recent years, both locally -- 663 localities in Beijing#39;s city limits replaced coal with clean energy, state-run Xinhua news reported -- and internationally, with the signing of the Paris climate accords.近几年内中国仍取得了一些成绩——地方上,663个北京下属地区限制城市用煤,清洁能源取而代之;国际上,签署了巴黎气候协议。And China actually leads the world in wind and solar power, according CSIS#39; Finamore.战略与国际研究中心表明,实际上是中国引领了世界风能和太阳能的使用。Such measures though have done little to dispel the view that Beijing is becoming increasingly unlivable. ;Under the Dome,; a Chinese documentary on the negative effects of pollution, took the country by storm when it debuted in 2015. The film drew millions of views online, before government censors stepped in and removed it from Chinese sharing websites.这些措施离对消除北京向不适宜居住逐步变化的作用微乎其微。《苍穹之下》,一部展现污染负面影响的纪录片,2015年首次登场便犹如风暴席卷中国。在政府审查介入并删除视频分享网站上的资源前,影片观影数就达几百万之巨。 /201701/488921

Hong Kong police are investigating the disappearance of a publisher who sold books critical of China’s top leaders, in a case that has sparked further protests about mainland interference in the affairs of the semi-autonomous territory.香港警方正在调查一名出版人失踪的案件,此人曾销售批评中国最高领导层的图书,此案已引发抗议,抗议针对的是中国内地干涉这个半自治的特别行政区的事务。Lee Ka-chiu, a senior official in the government’s security bureau, said on Sunday that the police missing persons unit was trying to find out what happened to Lee Bo, who was last seen in Hong Kong on Wednesday, but that it had not yet reached any conclusions.香港保安局(Security Bureau)副局长李家超(Lee Ka-chiu)周日表示,警方的失踪人口调查组正在试图查明李波(Lee Bo)的下落,后者上周三最后一次在香港露面,但警方尚未得出任何结论。Four of his colleagues from the Mighty Current publishing company disappeared late last year while outside of Hong Kong, amid speculation that they had been taken for questioning by security forces in mainland China.李波在巨流传媒(Mighty Current)出版公司的四名同事去年末在香港境外相继失踪,当时有传言称,他们被中国内地安全部门带走问话。Activists say Mr Lee’s case is even more concerning because he went missing from Hong Kong, which has an independent, British-style legal system as part of the “one country, two systems” arrangement that was agreed with Beijing when the former colony was handed over in 1997.活动人士表示,李波的案件甚至更加令人关切,因为他是在香港失踪的,而香港拥有一个英式的独立司法体系,这是这个前殖民地1997年回归中国时达成的“一国两制”安排的一部分。On Sunday, the bookstore in Causeway Bay, which sits underneath a nail parlour and opposite a Burberry store in the heart of Hong Kong’s main shopping district, was closed.周日,位于铜锣湾(Causeway Bay)的这家书店没有开门。该书店地处香港主要购物区的心脏地带,楼上是一家美甲店,对面是一家柏利(Burberry)专卖店。Posters outside the shop promoted a range of their books, which would almost certainly be banned in authoritarian China because they cover a range of topics that are deemed highly sensitive, such as corruption and the personal lives of top leaders.店外的一些海报推介一系列图书,这些书在威权的中国内地几乎肯定会遭禁,因为它们涉及一些被视为高度敏感的主题,比如腐败以及最高领导人的私人生活。Mr Lee’s wife told Hong Kong media that she last saw him on Wednesday and he later called from a mainland number to tell her he was “assisting in an investigation” and would be back soon.李波的妻子告诉记者,她最后一次见到他是在上周三,之后他从一个内地电话号码给她打电话,说他正在“协助调查”,很快会回来。Albert Ho, an opposition lawmaker in Hong Kong, said on Sunday that he had “strong reason to believe Mr Lee Bo has probably been kidnapped and smuggled back to the mainland for political investigation” because of his role in publishing books that were critical of the Chinese government.香港立法会的民主派议员何俊仁(Albert Ho)周日表示,他有“充分理由相信李波先生很可能已被绑架,并被偷偷带回中国内地协助政治调查”,原因是他在出版批评中国政府的图书方面扮演了角色。It was not immediately possible to verify his claim.记者无法立即核实他的这一说法。Mr Lee, the Hong Kong security official, said that the police had asked their mainland counterparts if the publisher had been detained and they were yet to hear back from them.香港保安局的李家超表示,警方已询问内地同行有没有拘留这名出版人,但尚未得到回音。Although Chinese security forces regularly detain dissidents in the mainland without charging them or informing their families, they have no legal right to operate in Hong Kong.尽管中国内地安全部门经常在不提出指控、也不通知家人的情况下扣留在内地的异见人士,但他们依法没有在香港执行任务的权利。However, democracy campaigners fear that the city’s autonomy and its British-style freedoms are being eroded, pointing to growing threats to freedom of the press and academic independence.然而,民主派活动人士担心,该市的自主性和英式自由正受到侵蚀,他们指出新闻自由和学术独立面临越来越大的威胁。Lee Cheuk-yan, another opposition lawmaker, said the disappearance of the booksellers undermined Hongkongers’ sense of security and suggested that the one country, two systems arrangement had “been torn up”.另一位民主派议员李卓人(Lee Cheuk-yan)表示,书店职员的失踪破坏了港人的安全感,并且表明一国两制安排已“被撕毁”。“We’ve been living with a false sense of security and that’s very frightening,” he said.“我们一直生活在安全的错觉中,那是非常可怕的,”他说。 /201601/420943

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