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With the collapse of Rome,随着罗马帝国的没落Europe reverts to a dark age of war,famine and savagery.欧洲再次陷入到满是战争 饥荒和蛮荒的黑暗时代Many essentials of Roman life are lost for centuries:很多先前罗马生活中的必需品都不复存在The technology to build aqueducts,比如建造水渠的工艺The use of coins,In some areas even writing.硬币的使用 甚至在某些地区 文字也已经消失Rome loses 95% of its population.罗马帝国损失了百分之九十五的人口London is abandoned.The drama of Rome suggests,伦敦俨然成了座废城 罗马的悲剧警示着我们That civilization does not progress in a straight line文明的演化并不是一路平稳Towards more prosperity,朝着更繁荣 更井然有序More order, more law, more technology.法制健全 有更多先进技术的方向发展的It shows us, in the picture,通过图片 我们知道Amazing things being achieved by the Greeks and the Romans,希腊和罗马人曾取得了许多伟大的成就And then those things being lost again.但随着时间流逝 它们又慢慢消逝不见With the fall of Rome,由于罗马帝国的覆灭Europe will fragment and stay divided for 1500 years.欧洲分割的局势持续了一千五百年But two new forces emerge,但随后两股新的势力出现了Key to the story of mankind.他们是人类文明前进的关键From the frozen north: the Vikings.他们是从冰封寒冷的北部而来的维京人From the sun-baked south: the Arabs.以及从烈日炎炎的南部而来的阿拉伯人201511/407936


Yellow alert for smog issued in many areas in China中国多个地区发布雾霾黄色警报Today Beijing sees its first blue sky in 2016, after several days of continuous hazy weather.在连续几天的雾霾后,北京迎来了2016年的首次蓝天。Meanwhile, some surrounding areas, such as Hebei province, are still struggling with smog.然而与此同时,如河北省的一些周边地区仍然被雾霾笼罩。译文属201601/419881

Here are true facts about the land snail.The land snail is just like a tiny human who happens to look like a disembodied tongue,And is covered in mucus.And has a shell.The land snail breathes air just like the peoples do and it eats with its mouth hole.Its bottom pair of tentacles offer smelling while its top pair offer crude seeing.It is however born without ears,which makes hearing difficult.Impossible,really.Theyre Deaf.这是关于蜗牛的一些事实真相。蜗牛就好比一个小人 恰巧外形像是一根脱离人体的舌头。而且还裹着鼻涕脓。还有一个壳。蜗牛呼吸空气就和人类一样,而且同样靠嘴巴吃饭。它用下方的一对触角来闻气味,上方的一对勉强解决视力问题。然而它却没有耳朵使得听觉大打折扣。完全不可能,真的。它们是聋子。But in all other ways,theyre exactly like a tiny human being who happens to have a peins next to his face.And a vagina.Most land snails are hermaphodites meaning they have both mommy parts and daddy parts.This however does not mean that they can self baby make.When they mate,land snails circle around one another.Think full body French kiss,but with more mucus.不过总的来说,它们完全就是缩小版的人类啊,只不过恰巧在脸旁边长了根阴茎。还有个阴道。大多数的蜗牛都是雌雄同体,这意味着父母大人有的器官它们都有。但这并不是说它们就可以自己和自己生宝宝。在交配的时节,蜗牛彼此之间会互相打探。想象一下全身心的法式舌吻,外加粘稠鼻脓。As they do this,theyre looking for opportunities to impale each other with their love darts.I wish this was a metaphor,but its not.They actually have love darts.like actual darts.Its crazy.Land snails have a totally different level of kinky.These calcified darts,which look totally bad ass,are stored in the snails dart sac,located right below the penis.When the darts impale the mate,they inhibit spermicidal secretions which makes the next part more effective.在这一过程中 它们会等待最佳时机用爱神之箭射进对方身体。我希望这只是个比喻,但它不是。它们真的是有爱神之箭。就像弓箭一样,太暴力了。蜗牛的恶趣味等级和其他物种不同。这些石化的爱箭,好凶残好狂野,它们被存放在蜗牛的箭囊之中,位于阴茎下方。当爱箭射入伴侣体内时它会抑制对方的精虫杀手, 这会使得之后的过程更高效。After a spirited darting,the snails insert their penises into each others vaginas and then the just hang out.and try not to laugh,because that might hurt the other snails fellings.Even if all the junk is right there in your face,its not nice to laugh.The snail holds onto sperm for multiple partners before fertilizing its eggs which makes paternity tests a bitch.The eggs are then laid into top soil and soon baby snails emerge.Thus completing the spiral of life.在一顿乱箭飞舞之后蜗牛会把自己的阴茎插入彼此的阴道中,之后就开始刷无聊图。而且还不能笑 因为这样会伤害到小伙伴的感情。就算你的眼前是一堆鸡鸡你也不应该笑场。在给它的蛋受精之前蜗牛会积攒多位小伙伴的精虫,这样你就不知道是哪个爹被坑了。之后蜗牛会把卵产在土壤里不久小蜗牛就孵化了.至此也就完成了绳命的螺旋。See what I did there?Spiral of ...oh God,kill me.So next time you get anxious about sex or sexuality remember that when you meet someone you find attractive at least you dont have to worry about a dart getting shot into your head.看我都说了啥?螺旋。。。让我去死吧。下次如果你对性爱产生了焦虑,记住当你遇见自己心仪的对象时,至少你不用担心对方深藏弓和箭。201502/357386

Europe’s most wanted man, Salah Abdeslam has been formally charged with ‘terrorist murder’, the Belgian prosecutor has announced.比利时检察官宣布,欧洲头号通缉犯萨拉赫·阿卜德斯拉姆已被正式指控犯有“恐怖谋杀”罪。The suspect has admitted to being in Paris on the night of November 13 when several coordinated attacks claimed the lives of 130 people.犯罪嫌疑人承认参与11月13日晚上夺去130人性命的数起连环袭击。According to his lawyer he is cooperating with police but will refuse extradition to France.据他的律师表示,他正与警方合作,但将拒绝引渡到法国。The first suspect to be taken alive, the information Abdeslam gives could provide vital insight into the ISIL terror group.被活捉的第一个嫌疑人,阿卜德斯拉姆给出的信息能对ISIL恐怖组织提供重要认识。Security services will be looking for answers on ISIL’s plans and structures, Abdeslam’s contacts in Europe and Syria as well as his support networks and finances.安全部门将在ISIL的计划和结构上寻求,包括阿卜德斯拉姆在欧洲和叙利亚的联系人,以及持他的网络和财政。After four months on the run, the 26-year-old was finally captured during a raid on a flat in the Molenbeek area of Brussels on Friday.在逃四个月,26岁的嫌犯在周五对布鲁塞尔莫伦贝克区一公寓的突袭中被捕。译文属。 /201603/432300

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