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Are you one of the 17 million people who have never met an item you didn’t want to buy? You might be a shopaholic.You Will NeedSelf-evaluation Honesty Step 1: Evaluate why you shop(你为什么喜欢购物?)Evaluate why you shop. Valid reasons—you need food or clothes. Bad reasons—you’re bored, stressed, depressed, or just got your paycheck.Step 2: Explore your feelings(购物让你感觉如何?)Think about how shopping makes you feel. If buying something new gives you an incredible rush followed by horrible guilt—you might have a problem.Step 3: Look around your home(你买的是需要的还是想要的?)Look around your home—are most of the items in it things you needed, or stuff you wanted?Step 4: Check out your closets(你的衣柜里面是否摆满了带着标签的衣?)Check out your closets. A shopaholic’s wardrobe is filled with clothes that still have their tags and shoes that have never seen the light of day.If you’re on a first name basis with all the UPS guys, or can name every pitch person on the Shopping Network, you may have some spending issues.Step 5: Examine your conscience(你是否曾经向你的爱人或家人隐瞒你买的东西,或虚报它们的价格?)Examine your conscience. Do you find yourself trying to justify purchases to yourself and others? Do you ever hide packages? Lie about how much you’ve spent? Have you ever snuck a new garment into the house in a dry cleaner bag to conceal you’d bought something new?Step 6: Assess your willpower(你是不是有很强的购物欲?)Assess your willpower. Shopaholics find themselves unable to resist buying things—even when they know their credit cards are maxed out.Step 7: Get help(如果你都是,那么赶紧行动起来,找其他的事情来自己,不要沉迷于购物; )Get help if you failed our little test. Cut up the credit cards, find fun ways to fill your time that don’t involve buying anything, join Debtors Anonymous, or get therapy to discover the deeper issues behind your compulsive spending.Marie Antoinette, Mary Todd Lincoln, Jackie Kennedy, and Princess Diana are all believed to have been shopaholics.201001/95671

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Vitamin D is important to keep your bones healthy, particularly as you age and to protect you against diseases. Sunshine is a great source of this nutrient, but if you don’t get a lot of rays or eat the right foods, you may have to add D to your diet.维生素D对于维持骨骼健康非常重要,尤其是当你年长的时候,还可以抵抗疾病。阳光是维生素D的最佳来源,但是如果你没有接受充分的阳光照射,或者没有摄入正确的食物,你必须向饮食中添加维生素D。You Will Need你需要Milk牛奶Orange juice橙汁Cereal谷类食品Eggs鸡蛋Fish鱼Vitamin D supplements维生素D补充剂Soy milk (optional)豆奶(可选)Rice milk (optional)米糊(可选)Egg substitute (optional)鸡蛋代替品(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Drink fortified beverages1.加强维生素D的饮品Guzzle a glass of milk, which is fortified with Vitamin D, each day. Other drinks, like orange juice, are also fortified with the vitamin – giving you about 400 IUs of the nutrient for each 8 ounces.每天喝一杯富含维生素D的牛奶。其他饮料,例如橙汁,也含有丰富的维生素D,每8盎司可以提供400个IU的维生素D。If you’re allergic to dairy, try soy or rice milk.如果对奶制品过敏,可以尝试豆奶或米糊。Step 2 Eat cereal2.食用谷类食品Grab your spoon, bowl, and favorite cereal. Vitamin D is added to breakfast cereal to start your day right.拿起勺子和碗,吃一点最喜欢的谷类食品。早餐谷类中添加维生素D可以帮助你正确地开始一天的生活。Step 3 Eat eggs3.吃鸡蛋Scramble or poach an egg. Vitamin D is found naturally in egg yolk.每天吃一个鸡蛋。蛋黄中含有天然的维生素D。Check out the carton of your favorite egg substitute. Many are fortified with D.选择你最喜欢的鸡蛋代替品。许多产品中都添加了维生素D。Step 4 Eat fish4.吃鱼Add more fish to your diet. Tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel, and sardines are the top fish picks for Vitamin D.饮食中多添加一些鱼。金鱼,鲑鱼,鲱鱼,鲭鱼和沙丁鱼中都富含维生素D。Step 5 Use a Vitamin D supplement5.用维生素D补充剂Take a daily vitamin D supplement if you aren’t able to add D-rich foods to your diet, or enjoy at least 10 minutes of sunshine each day.如果饮食中难以添加丰富的维生素D,可以每天用维生素D补充剂,或者每天至少晒10分钟的太阳。Vitamin D deficiency can impair normal bone metabolism, leading to rickets, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis.维生素D缺乏会损害骨骼正常的新陈代谢,造成佝偻病,软骨病和骨质疏松症。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/230378

Wal-Mart, Gap refuses safety pact Philip Jennings of the UNI Global Union on the retailers decision not to sign a deal to improve working conditions in Bangladesh. 世界最大零售商沃尔玛拒绝签署消费者和劳工团体敦促实施的工人安全协议,称它的工厂监督员将对其在孟加拉国使用的279家工厂“进行100%的深度安全检查”,并把结果发布在官方网站上。上个月,孟加拉国拉纳广场(Rana Plaza)工厂区发生坍塌,致超过1100人死亡。之后,血汗工厂话题再次成为热议焦点。美国劳工联合会发言人芬尼根表示,希望美国零售企业效仿Hamp;M,尊重公会以及劳动者,主动承担起责任。We started this process on Monday morning, and we didn’t have the signatories that you have mentioned. Since Monday, we have now over 25 signatories. We have a critical mass of companies that sourcing Bangladesh that had signed up for this agreement. There may well be more news in the next 3 hours and 33 minutes, I am not surprised of Walmart, they want to have their own flag of convenience; they want to present themselves to the world as the judge and the jury of their own behavior; they don’t past the test of independent governance, independent inspection or proper remediable measures. Well, this is … We appeal to Gap, you’ve got time. Gap, you’ve got 3 hours and 32 minutes to sign up for this safety accord. This is a moment where history is in the making, we want Gap to be part of this. I appeal to Glenn Murphy, the CEO, and to all the consumers that are loyal whom Gap to enter this agreement.Well, this is an interesting bid. Gap says that it doesn’t want dispute to be launched in court, into going through the courts. How big is the deal of that, really? Or is it just an excuse?For me, it looks some more paper thing, and they’re getting into details and trying to find the detail which provides an obstacle. For them, it’s not to sign up. We have a system of governance in place; we have a system of independent inspection in place; we have a way of dealing with the issues as they emerge as social partners in a dialogue. Going to court is the ultimate after a process of arbitration. We are going to try to resolve these issues on the basis of the reports we’ve received. We are talking about finding arbitration only when we need to do it. We will have a respective report that will be placed before the parties with a remediation measure. We hope this does not go to the court. A court is a last resort. We go there if we have to. So, Gap, come on. As I said before, get the lawyers out of the room. We have a critical massive companies signing up. This is a life-changing decision. Stand up, step up and sign this agreement. /201305/241239

How To Re-Enter Work Mode After Vacation on HowcastStep 1: Take extra timeWhen planning your trip, set aside a day at the end of your vacation to decompress at home and prepare for your return to work. If possible, arrange for your first two days back to be half days to ease back into the workday.第一步:预留些时间当你计划旅行时,在假期结束时要留出一天时间从而在家中缓解压力,并准备开始工作,如果可能的话,重新开始工作的前两天可以安排工作半天,以便自然地回到工作状态。Step 2: Start prepping before you leaveIn the days leading up to your vacation remind others that you’ll be out, and tie up loose ends that will distract you or eat up time when you come back.第二步:在离开前开始准备在放假前期,提醒别人你将要休息了。把握好两头:既不要在放假前分心,也不要重返工作时浪费时间。Step 3: Readjust your sleep cycleGo to bed and wake up early a day or two before returning to work to just your sleep cycle.第三步:调整睡眠时间在开始工作时的前一、两天要早睡早起,重新调整睡眠时间。Step 4: Go through your e-mailsSpend an hour going through your e-mail and thinning out your inbox the day before you come back to work.第四步:浏览电子邮件花一小时来浏览电子邮件,在你开始工作的前一天要将所收的信件处理完。Tip:Ask for an update on special projects the day before you return so can hit the ground running.建议:申请特殊事件提醒,让它在你工作的前一天提醒你,这样你就能马上处理。Step 5: Show up earlyShow up early the first day back to prioritize your to-do list without the distraction of curious co-workers asking about your trip.第五步:早去公司第一天重返工作时要早去公司并将所要做的事排序,不要让好奇的同事打听你的旅行而让你分心。Tip:Take your boss out to lunch on your first day back to catch up and discuss work matters one-on-one.建议:在第一天重返工作时,和老板一起出去吃午餐,以便尽快重新拾起并一件件地讨论工作事宜。Step 6: Bring your vacay back with youKeep a few pictures with you at work as a reminder of how great your vacation was. Last but not least, start planning the next trip so you’ve always got something to look forward to!第六步:将休闲的乐趣带回来工作时可以可以随身带一些度假时的相片,来提醒你假期过得很愉快。最后也是最重要的一点,及早计划下一次旅行,这样你总会有期待的美事。201010/116187

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