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  • 科普贴:周末凭啥只有两天~ -- 18:56:0 来源:chinadaily In a nation where people work more than anyone else in the industrialized world, the two-day weekend helps keep us sane. 工业化世界,大家都争相拼工作量,在这样的国家里,双休日有助我们保持理智 No matter how exhausted you are at your nine-to-five, the promise of two full days set aside socializing, sleeping in, and brunching in the afternoon always looms on the horizon. 无论你朝九晚五有多劳累,都保能匀出两整天时间参与社交、睡个懒觉、下午的时候早餐午餐并作一顿,而这正有愈演愈烈之势 People working 0 years ago weren't so lucky.The modern work week began to emerge during the industrial revolution—thanks in part to our hard-partying predecessors. 两百多年前的人可没那么幸运现代工作周在工业革命期间应运而生,这多亏了我们夜夜笙歌的先祖们 Reserving one holy day a week rest and worship is an ancient tradition. Things took a turn in Britain during the 19th century when workers started using their one day off pleasure. After cramming a week's worth of fun and debauchery into a single day, employees would often come into work the next morning hungover or end up taking the whole day off to recuperate. 一周留出一天瞻礼日休息休息、做做礼拜是一古老传统在19世纪的英国,事情发生了转折,工人们开始花一天时间享乐,而把整个星期的玩乐和逍遥压缩成一天后,员工们第二天早晨上班常常是宿醉未醒、或者要请上一天假恢复疲劳 In the face of newly-med labor unions and pressure from religious groups to keep Sundays holy, the five-day, 0-hour work week was signed into law with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. 当时工会成立不久、宗教团体又施加压力要求礼拜天作瞻礼,一周五天工作制、每周四十小时的工作量签署成为法律,写入了1938年颁布的《公平劳动标准法中 The practice of playing hooky on the first day of the work week, also known as ;Saint Monday,; became so common in the 19th century that many employers started making Saturdays a half-day as a compromise. 工作日第一天偷个懒,即人们所知的“圣周一”在19世纪非常普遍,不少雇主开始安排周六干半天活,作为折衷 While the two-day weekend is a fairly recent phenomenon, today some people are working to extend it even longer. 尽管双休日这一现象近年才有,如今仍有人想要延长双休
  • 希拉里:若当选内阁将有一半是女性 --9 :8: 来源:中国日报 Hillary Clinton promised Monday that if she wins the race the White House, half of her Cabinet will be composed of women.希拉里;克林顿5日承诺,如果她在总统竞选中获胜,那么她的内阁将有半数成员是女性During MSN's town hall with Clinton Monday night, host Rachel Maddow asked the mer secretary of state how her Cabinet might look, citing Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who picked an equal number of women and men his Cabinet following his election in November.周一晚,在微软全国广播公司的一档节目上,主持人雷切尔;玛多引用加拿大新总理贾斯汀;特鲁多的例子(特鲁多月当选之后,内阁成员中男女比例均等),问前国务卿希拉里,她将如何组阁;[Trudeau] promised when he took office that he would have a cabinet that was 50 percent women, and then he did it. He made good on his promise,; Maddow said. ;Would you make that same pledge?;玛多问道:;特鲁多承诺在上任之后,内阁中将有50%是女性他兑现了承诺那么你也会做出类似承诺吗?;;I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America, and 50 percent of America is women,; Clinton replied.希拉里回答:;我组建的内阁也会反映出美国的现状,有半数美国人都是女性;Maddow then asked Clinton if that was a ;yes,; to which Clinton nodded.玛多问希拉里,这算不算是;肯定;,她点点头Clinton has indicated bee that she's in favor of a Cabinet with equal parts of men and women. Earlier this month, she told Cosmopolitan that since ;we are a 50-50 country, I would aim a 50-50 Cabinet.;之前希拉里也曾暗示自己倾向于一个男女比例平衡的内阁本月初,她告诉《大都会:;我们是一个男女比例相当的国家,我也会力争组建一个男女平衡的内阁;If Clinton is elected as president, it would be a historic first the nation. Her campaign has also indicated that she could make history again by choosing a female running mate ; perhaps even Sen. Elizabeth Warren, which The Boston Globe floated as a possibility in a recent .希拉里若是当选美国总统,这对美国来说将会是历史性的一刻同时,她参加总统竞选还暗示着,她会挑选一名女性作为她的竞选伙伴,从而再次创造历史《波士顿环球报在最近发表的一篇文章中指出,她的竞选伙伴可能是参议员伊莉莎白;华伦A gender-balanced Cabinet would be another historic first the country. President Barack Obama's current Cabinet is made up of about 5 percent women.男女比例相近的内阁也将创造美国历史新记录现任总统贝拉克;奥巴马的内阁成员中女性约占总人数的5%While a strong majority of Americans ; 75 percent ; say women and men make equally good political leaders, women remain underrepresented in ;virtually all; elected offices in the nation, a recent Pew study found.一份新发布的皮尤研究报告指出,尽管绝大多数美国人(75%)认为,女性和男性一样,都能够成为优秀的政治领袖,但是,女性在几乎所有的国内选举活动中仍然会被忽视The first female Cabinet member was Francis Perkins, appointed as secretary of labor by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. But it would take years the second woman to get a Cabinet position, when Oveta Culp Hobby was appointed as the nation's first secretary of health, education and welfare.第一位女性内阁成员是弗朗西丝;珀金斯,她于1933年由民主党总统富兰克林;罗斯福任命为劳工部部长但是,时隔年之后才出现第二位女性内阁成员,在1953年,奥维塔;卡尔普;霍比被任命为美国卫生、教育和福利部首任部长英文来源:赫芬顿邮报译者:Lanxin(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)
  • 优步司机收入大揭秘 -- :56: 来源: 使用优步约车已成为了人们新的出行方式,低廉的价格,优质的务吸引了大批乘客可是你了解优步合作司机的收入是多少吗?这份工作是否如优步所说的那样收入丰厚? Data taken from leaked internal documents has suggested that some Uber drivers in the US are making less than their state’s minimum wage. According to a report, Detroit drivers make just . (?6., 7.33 euros) an hour – 0 cents less than the state’s minimum wage.近日,优步公司的内部文件流入网络文件数据表明,美国国内一些优步司机的收入尚未达到其所在州的最低工资标准据一份报告显示,底特律地区优步司机的时薪仅为8.美元(合6.英镑,7.33欧元),比该州的最低工资少了0美分The data Detroit, Houston and Denver reported by Buzzfeed News lists Uber payscale and driver history files, and estimates hourly wages while taking into expenses such as insurance, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.Buzzfeed News网站披露了底特律、休斯敦和丹佛地区优步司机行驶的历史记录和薪水总额,减去车险、保养维修费用和油费等相关费用,得出了上述地区司机的时薪Despite these initial calculations, a Washington Post report lowered the meagre earnings figures further. As Uber drivers are technically independent contractors and not direct employees of the online taxi service, the drivers also pay out twice the amount of standard tax usual workers.除初步估算之外,《华盛顿邮报的算法则令司机的收入数据进一步降低由于优步司机属于独立运营商,不属于优步公司的员工,缴纳的标准税额是普通工人的两倍After factoring this into its calculations – as well as the average hourly mileage costs travelling to a pick-up spot without a passenger – Detroit’s drivers were estimated to earn .60 an hour, with Houston and Denver following at .3 and $.1 respectively.如果再减去税额和司机接乘客途中的空车费,底特律的司机的时薪变为6.60美元,休斯敦和丹佛的司机的时薪则分别为8.3美元和.1美元The paper spoke to an anonymous Uber representative regarding the initial report, who said "It would be wrong, or at least very challenging, to calculate expenses with such a diverse clientele."《华盛顿邮报采访了优步公司的一位匿名代表,该代表对此发表了看法:“优步公司面对的是多种多样的乘客,这样的计算方式存在问题,或者至少会引起争议”The spokesman also questioned how the San Francisco-based company could accurately "calculate expenses when drivers make individual choices their vehicles?", explaining that "fuel expenses are wholly different between the two. Insurance costs are different. The cost of tyres are different."这位发言人同样质疑优步公司“在旗下司机的汽车各不相同的情况下,如何才能精确计算为司机付的费用?”他解释道“油费和上述两者完全不同,保险费和轮胎的费用也不一样”Washington Post also spoke to Lawrence Mishel, the president of the Economic Policy Institute, a DC-based think tank. Mishel stated: "Uber likes to play it both ways. It claims that it’s the future of work, while it also emphasises that most of the drivers work less than or hours a week. They want to be the wave of the future, but they also want to picture themselves and their drivers earning [extra] money."《华盛顿邮报还采访了位于华盛顿特区的经济政策研究所的主任劳伦斯·米舍尔米舍尔表示:“优步希望向外界展示自己在两方面的优势优步一方面声称这样的工作方式才是未来的工作方式,另一方面则称优步司机每周的工作时间还不到小时或小时优步希望成为未来的潮流,但同样希望令世人相信公司和旗下司机确实在挣钱”While the calculations are only applicable to Uber drivers in the US, this isn’t the first time accusations of low levels of pay has been levelled at the app-based taxi firm.尽管上述估算仅适用于美国,但是外界对优步司机收入较低的质疑却由来已久In February, IBTimes UK spoke to James Farrar and Lucas Malec – two UK-based drivers disillusioned by Uber’s commission rates and overall support. Farrar in particular estimated that after expenses he earned just 5.pounds an hour – well below the 7. pounds UK workers over the age of 5.今年月份,IBTimes的英国分站采访了两位司机詹姆斯·法勒和卢卡斯·马拉克,二人对优步付的佣金和总体持政策深感沮丧法勒表示在交纳各项费用后自己的时薪仅为5.英镑,远低于英国5岁以上工人7.英镑的时薪While Uber has recently settled two class-action lawsuits in the US in Massachusetts and Calinia, this was followed by further legal challenges claiming that the company violated the Fair Labor Standard Act.优步近日在马塞诸塞州和加利福尼亚州的两起集体诉讼中和原告达成了和解随后美国又陆续出现了对优步违反《公平劳动标准法的指控
  • 那些年我们穿过的T恤,捧腹喷! -- :19: 来源:sohu 语言是人类生活在这个星球上最伟大的发明之一,人们通过语言交流,不同的语言之间还可进行翻译其实,像小编就是不同语言文字之间的传送带,但是,有些东西真的是不能翻译!真的是不能翻译!所以我们今天不聊翻译,聊情怀!下面送上让老外送上一片膝盖的T恤衫英文印花,让你体验一把什么叫翻译见光死! One of the great things about the world we live in is the rich and diverse variety of languages that you can find across the globe. The only problem is that, as you can see from these pictures, sometimes these languages don't quite translate... 以前,英语老师总是说,去外国千万不能穿印着英文的衣,会闹笑话的其实不是所有都会闹笑话,恩,不是所有,是绝大部分…… In homage to hilarious translation fails, We has compiled this list of t-shirts from East Asia that don't quite say what they should . Some of them don't say anything at all (well, not unless ;temmby woroing terrislylastly; means anything to anyone?). But while all of them may have failed as far as translation is concerned, they have all definitely succeeded in making us laugh. Hard. 清纯的外表,口口的T! T恤上的单词自行查找,没错,这次翻译软件绝没有崩坏,但你三观说不定会被崩坏! My Chinese Friend Doesn't Understand English. This Is Her Favourite Top 这张照片是一小哥在养老院拍的,话说这T恤上的图文还真是很配 I Deliver Food To Seniors Who Live In Homes As A Side Job. This Woman's Shirt Made My Day 小伙子看起来很凌乱,纯真的眼神中透着些许口口! 黑帮老太 Gangsta Granny 作为Emniem的大粉,小编上眼就瞧出了是姆爷的歌,但姆爷的歌三观大都不太对,小朋友快快脱下…… My Brother Teaches English In Vietnam. I Don't Think This Young Student Or His Parents understood What His T-Shirt Meant 真不知道这位同志会不会当成色狼…… Oops 完全没有宿醉的样子,姑娘看起来蛮精神的 My Buddy Is Teaching Young Kids In Taiwan. This Is His Student 这姑娘T-Shirt上只有一个大写的歧视!穿成这样出国旅行,讲真,怎么嗝屁的都不知道 My Wife Photographed This Woman In Beijing Last Week. Better Not Wear That Shirt When You Travel, Lady English Source: Boredpanda
  • 全球生活成本最贵城市TOP:月租万RMB! -- :5:01 来源: This map shows the top cities in the world.  这张地图展示了世界上(生活费用指数较高)的城市  The color of the markers corresponds with the Cost of Living in the city. Red markers show more expensive cities, green ones show cheaper cities.  这些色标记与各个城市的生活费用是相对应的,红色的标记表示了生活费用较高的城市,而绿色的则表示了生活费用较低的城市  The size of the markers correspond with the population of each city.  这些标记的大小则是与各城市的人口数量相对应  What is the Cost of Living Index? To calculate each cities' Cost of Living Index value, we start by assigning a value of 0 to a central reference city (that happens to be Prague). Once the reference point has been established, the Price Index value of every other city in the database is calculated by comparing their cost of living to the cost of living in Prague.  什么是生活费用指数?为了统计出各城市的生活费用指数值,我们在一开始给一个中心参照城市设定了0的值(这个城市刚好是布拉格)在定下参照值之后,数据库里每个城市的物价指数值就能通过比较它们与布拉格的生活成本来统计了  Theree, if a city has a Price Index of 1, that means that living there is % more expensive than living in Prague.  ,如果一座城市的物价指数是1,那就意味着住在那里的生活成本要比布拉格高出%  小编导读:那么我们就来看看生活指数排行前十的城市吧!  1. Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands) Price Index:300  第一名:大开曼岛(开曼群岛) 物价指数:300  真是令人想不到,生活费用指数最高的居然是位于加勒比海的一个岛!别看大开曼岛主要以捕龟业和旅游业为主,物价却高得惊人:一条Levis 501的牛仔裤1美元,一条Zara或HM的夏季连衣裙要0美元,一公斤的苹果要6美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要75美元,8公里的打的费是3美元天哪,一个月房租居然快万人民币!想想就觉得住不起呢······  . Zurich (Switzerland) Price Index:95  第二名:苏黎世(瑞士) 物价指数:95  苏黎世是瑞士最大城市,全欧洲最富裕的城市,世界金融中心之一,很多的总部所在地,拥有这么多头衔,不难理解苏黎世是物价指数最高的城市之一了,有些物价比大开曼岛还要高出许多呢一公斤的苹果要3.99美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要353美元,8公里的打的费是31美元一个月的房租已经超万人民币了呢,住什么的完全不敢想了呢······  3. London (ed Kingdom) Price Index:8  第三名:伦敦(英国) 物价指数:8  伦敦是英国首都,欧洲最大的城市,与纽约并列为世界上最大的金融中心,这样的城市物价想想也知道不便宜呢,某些物价已经超过了前两名的城市了一公斤的苹果要.96美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要375美元,8公里的打的费是美元哇哦,一个月的房租接近万000人民币了,好吧,我就静静地看着不说话······  . Geneva (Switzerland) Price Index:5  第四名:日内瓦(瑞士) 物价指数:5  还没数完前五名瑞士已经双杀了呢,看来瑞士的物价确实有点高日内瓦是瑞士的第二大城市,风光秀丽,人文气息浓厚,同时还是许多国际组织的总部或办事处的所在地,钟表业和业是日内瓦的两大经济柱一公斤的苹果要3.6美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要9美元,8公里的打的费是36美元就算总体物价指数比前三名稍低,总要有些指标超过前三名呢,8公里的打的费超过0人民币了耶,我还是老老实实走路吧······  5. New York City (ed States) Price Index:70  第五名:纽约市(美国) 物价指数:70  生活指数排行榜上第五名的是著名的大苹果——纽约市!纽约市美国最大城市,世界最大城市之一,而纽约的金融区被称为世界的金融中心在这样的城市生活就要做好高消费的准备呢一公斤的苹果要3.9美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要3878美元,8公里的打的费是5美元纽约的房租已经碾压了前几名的城市了,就快突破万5000人民币了,生活真是很不容易呢······  6. San Francisco, Calinia (ed States) Price Index:6  第六名:旧金山,加利福尼亚州(美国) 物价指数:6  在淘金热中迅速发展起来的旧金山,是美国西部最大的金融中心和重要的高新技术研发和制造基地,也是西半球华人人口密度最高的聚居地,在这里生活着很多华人同胞一公斤的苹果要3.35美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要571美元,8公里的打的费是7美元天了噜!一个月房租快要3万人民币!在房租这方面,真是一城更比一城高呢······  7. Washington D.C. (ed States) Price Index:6  第七名:华盛顿哥伦比亚特区(美国) 物价指数:6  华盛顿哥伦比亚特区,简称华盛顿,是美国的首都,虽然作为美国的政治中心,经济色不浓,但是物价指数也是不容小觑一公斤的苹果要.39美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要7美元,8公里的打的费是1美元华盛顿的物价和前几名的城市比起来,好像不是特别高呢,然并卵,和世界上大部分城市比起来,还是要高出许多······  8. Hong Kong Price Index:57  第八名:香港 物价指数:57  香港是仅次于伦敦和纽约的世界第三大金融中心,是全球最富裕、经济最发达和生活水准最高的地区之一一公斤的苹果要3.18美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要5美元,8公里的打的费是8美元虽然香港因为免税的缘故被称为“购物天堂”,但是在当地生活的成本可一点也不低,比如房租,一个月的房租已经超过3万人民币了呢,比前面几名的城市都要高呢······  9. Oslo (Norway) Price Index:35  第九名:奥斯陆(挪威) 物价指数:35  奥斯陆是挪威的首都和最大城市,诺贝尔和平奖的颁奖地,挪威王室和政府的所在地,山光水色交相辉映,是座美丽的城市一公斤的苹果要.60美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要197美元,8公里的打的费是5美元到奥斯陆这里,物价指数一下子降了二十几了呢,和前面几名相比,真的低很多了呢······  . Chicago, Illinois (ed States) Price Index:9  第十名:芝加哥,伊利诺伊州(美国) 物价指数:9  到此为止美利坚已经完成四杀了!芝加哥是美国第二大商业中心区,美国最大的期货市场,著名国际金融中心之一一公斤的苹果要3.60美元,85平方米带家具的房子一个月房租要35美元,8公里的打的费是1美元从第一名看到这里,这样的物价真的已经不算高了呢······
  • 迪斯尼鳄鱼失控袭人,父亲受伤儿子死亡 -- ::19 来源: 岁的儿子被鳄鱼拖入水中时,他曾试图拉回,但他自己被另一只鳄鱼袭击 The father of a toddler killed by an alligator at Disney last month told rescue officials two alligators were involved in the attack, according to emails from the Reedy Creek Fire Department.从Reedy Creek消防部的邮件来看:上个月在迪斯尼被鳄鱼杀死的幼儿的父亲,曾告诉警察说当时有两只鳄鱼袭击他们Matt Graves said he was attacked by a second alligator as he tried to reach his -year-old son after the boy was pulled into the water outside Disney’s upscale Grand Floridian Resort.Matt Graves说他岁的儿子在迪斯尼高档的逸大酒店外被鳄鱼拖入水中时,他曾试图拉回,但他自己被另一只鳄鱼袭击Capt. Tom Wellons described his interaction with the Nebraska father in emails to his supervisors obtained by The Orlando Sentinel (http:tinyurl.comz9baqzn). Wellons said Graves initially refused to leave the area as rescuers searched little Lane Graves even though the father needed stitches and antibiotics from gator bite marks. Wellons said he eventually persuaded Graves to get medical treatment, promising he could return afterward.根据新闻网站Orlando Sentinel(http:tinyurl.comz9baqzn)拿到的Tom Wellons警官与他上级的邮件,Wellons在邮件中描述了他与这位来自内布拉斯加州的父亲的互动据Wellons说,当救援人员搜寻小Lane Graves时,他的父亲Graves起初拒绝离开,尽管被鳄鱼咬伤的他需要缝针和注射抗生素Wellons说他最终说Graves接受治疗,并承诺他可以在之后回来“This incredibly sweet couple insisted on showing us pictures of their happy son. (The) mom kept referring to him as her ‘happy boy,’” Wellons wrote in the emails.“这对极为恩爱的情侣坚持要我们看他们儿子的照片这位母亲一直将他称作自己‘快乐的男孩,’”Wellons在邮件中说On the way to the hospital, Graves shared “the horror that he experienced” as his son was being pulled into the water and “how another gator attacked him as he fought his son,” according to the email to supervisors.根据这些Wellons发给上级的邮件,在去往医院的路上,Graves分享了他的儿子被拖入水中时“他所经历的恐怖”,以及“另一个鳄鱼是如何在他去救儿子时袭击他的”The emails were warded to Orange County officials to alert them there may be a second gator. The boy’s body was discovered intact about yards from the shore, six feet underwater.这些邮件被转发给Orange County的警官,提醒他们可能有另一只鳄鱼男孩的尸体已在离岸码,水下6英尺的地方寻到Signs posted in the area advised against swimming but did not warn of alligators. In the days after the attack Walt Disney posted signs warning of alligators in the area.张贴在该区域的警告牌只是禁止游泳,没有警告知说有鳄鱼在袭击发生之后,迪斯尼在这里张贴了提防鳄鱼的警告Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials have said they’re “confident” they caught the alligator that killed the boy.佛罗里达州的鱼类和野生动物保护委员会官员说,他们“确信”自己抓获了杀害男孩的鳄鱼Agency records listed alligators caught on Disney property from the beginning of this year through May. It didn’t include the six trapped since the June attack.今年年初至5月,记录有只鳄鱼在迪斯尼地产被抓捕这还不包括6月号鳄鱼袭击后被困的6只Walt Disney World recently erected “No fishing” signs on several properties. Fishing at Disney World is now limited to excursions. Netting was also added to the rope fences that were installed after the attack and hotel beaches are now being staffed by employees and closing at night, except during fireworks.沃尔特·迪斯尼世界在它几处地产都竖立了“禁止钓鱼”的警示牌迪斯尼世界的钓鱼目前只限游览袭击发生后安装的绳栏上现在又加装了网现在酒店的海滩也有员工把守,除非有烟火表演,晚间海滩都将关闭Disney has beaches at eight hotels and at the t Wilderness campground.迪斯尼的8家酒店和维尔德尼斯堡露营地都有海滩
  • 时下流行埃拉病毒造型毛绒玩具 -- :53: 来源:   It may be the only time you will find these words in the same sentence: "Ebola" and "Add to Wishlist."  Giantmicrobes Inc., which makes a line of plush toys based on viruses and other microscopic organisms, has sold out its entire Ebola stock, including the small Ebola doll .95, a Gigantic Ebola doll .95 and an Ebola Petri Dish toy $.95, according to the company's website.  "Since its discovery in 1976, Ebola has become the T. Rex of microbes," says the Stamd, Connecticut-based maker of the "uniquely contagious toy" on its website, which promotes them as gag gifts that also have educational value.  With the latest Ebola outbreak, which aly killed more than ,500 people, mostly in West Africa, customers have snapped up the toy, which looks like half a pretzel.  "You do not want to get Ebola," warns the website. "A short incubation period of to 1 days presages symptoms which include fever, aches, sore throat, and weakness, followed by diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, and both internal and external bleeding. And then, between 50-90 percent of victims, death."  Giantmicrobes lists the World Health Organization as one of its largest customers, along with pharmaceutical companies and the American Red Cross.  Anyone disappointed by the current shortage of the Ebola toys can click on "Add to Wishlist" and wait more stock to arrive. Or make a different selection from the company's array of other plush toys, including Anthrax, Botulism, Cholera and Dengue Fever.   It was not clear how many of the toys have been sold and the company could not be reached comment.  相关内容  这可能是你头一次看到这两个东西出现在同一个句子中:“埃拉”和“加入意愿清单”  根据Giantmicrobes公司网站介绍,埃拉病毒造型毛绒玩具库存已经全部售罄这当中包括标价9.95美元的小埃拉玩偶,9.95美元的巨大埃拉玩偶以及.95美元的埃拉有盖培养皿玩具该公司曾出品过一系列的病毒造型和微生物造型玩偶、  这家位于美国康乃迪克州斯坦福德的微生物玩具公司在其网站上说,“自1976年,人类首次发现埃拉病毒以来,埃拉就成为了微生物界的暴龙” 该公司称这些恶作剧玩偶同样具有教育意义  近来爆发的埃拉病毒疫情,已经导致超过500人死亡,此次疫情主要发生在西非地区这些长得像半个椒盐脆饼的埃拉病毒玩偶受到了热捧  该公司网站上警告说,“你绝不会想染上埃拉”埃拉病毒的潜伏期短暂,从天到1天不等,有发热、疼痛、喉咙酸痛和身体虚弱等症状,接着会出现腹泻、胃痛、呕吐和内外出血有50%-90%的感染者会失去生命  Giantmicrobes 把世界卫生组织列为其最大的买家,次之的是美国的医药公司和美国红十字协会  所有对目前埃拉玩具短缺感到失望的顾客都可以点击“加入意愿清单”钮,以等待新一批供货上架或者选择该公司其他系列的毛绒玩具产品,包括炭疽病毒玩偶、肉毒杆菌玩偶、霍乱病毒玩偶和登革热病毒玩偶  对于这些玩偶的具体销量还无从得知,该公司也未作声明
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