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沙坪坝哪家医院治疗不孕不育合川不孕不育检查费用Obama Envisions Massive Economic Stimulus奥巴马拟提出大型经济刺激计划  With the reeling U.S. economy his top concern, President-elect Barack Obama will announce members of his economic team at a news conference Monday. Mr. Obama and his aides are signaling their intention to lay the groundwork for swift action on the economic front when the new administration takes over in January. 当选总统奥巴马将在星期一的新闻发布会上宣布其经济团队的成员,因为陷入困境的美国经济是他关注的焦点。奥巴马和他的助手发出的信号是,他们打算为新政府1月份接管政权之后在经济领域迅速行动奠定基础。In his radio address Saturday, the president-elect spoke of his determination to jump-start the American economy and create millions of jobs through large-scale infrastructure projects and alternative energy initiatives. He has also pledged to cut taxes for middle-income workers and small businesses. 当选总统奥巴马在星期六的广播讲话中,谈到了他决心通过大型基础设施和替代能源项目创造数以百万计的就业机会的举措,来重新启动美国的经济。他还承诺将对中等收入的工人和小企业减税。But while Mr. Obama must wait until Inauguration Day - January 20 - to begin implementing his economic program, he is moving quickly to form his economic team and craft proposals in consultation with congressional leaders. 但是,尽管奥巴马必须等到1月20日就职之后才能够开始执行他的经济计划,但是他已经在采取迅速行动组建自己的经济团队,并通过咨询国会领导人来制定经济计划。David Axelrod, who served as Mr. Obama's campaign strategist and will be a senior advisor in the new administration, spoke on Fox News Sunday. 大卫.阿克塞尔罗德是奥巴马的竞选策略的智囊,同时也将是奥巴马新政府的一名高级顾问。他在接受“福克斯周日新闻”电视采访的时候说:"The economic recovery plan we are going to bring in January has to be big enough to deal with the huge problem we face, to do the range of things we need to do - not just to get out of our problems in the short-term, but to build our economy in the long-term," said David Axelrod. "Our hope is the new Congress begins work on this as soon as they take office in January, because we do not have time to waste." “我们在1月份带来的经济复苏计划将要大到足以应付我们目前面临的庞大的问题,我们要做一系列我们需要做的事情,不仅仅是在短期内摆脱我们的问题,而是为了从长远上加强我们的经济。我们希望新一届国会明年1月开始工作后能立即开始在这个问题上工作,因为我们没有时间可以浪费。”Given a contracting economy with rising unemployment and a plummeting stock market, Mr. Obama clearly believes that aggressive government action is required to reverse America's financial slide.  鉴于经济紧缩、失业率上升和股市暴跌,奥巴马显然认为,政府需要采取积极的行动,以扭转美国金融滑坡。An economic advisor to the president-elect, Austan Goolsbee, says the amount of money Mr. Obama wants to commit to a stimulus program is much larger than what he envisioned during the campaign."It [the stimulus plan] has to be big," said Austan Goolsbee. "In the campaign, he [Obama] was looking at stimulus in the 5 billion range, and the economy has gotten substantially worse since then. We have got to make investments in the future of this country, and we have got to provide relief to ordinary Americans, to 95 percent of Americans. And that will be in the package."Goolsbee was speaking on the CBS program Face the Nation. The November 4 election increased the Democratic Party's majorities in both houses of Congress, which may make it easier for Mr. Obama to win passage of his economic plan. In the meantime, the outgoing Bush administration has signaled its willingness to consider some modest measures, such as an extension of federal benefits for the unemployed. There appears to be no consensus in Washington on how to rescue U.S. automakers, all of which could face bankruptcy in coming months. 11月4日的选举增加了民主党在国会两院的多数席位,这可能使奥巴马更容易让他的经济计划获得通过。与此同时,即将离任的布什政府已经表示愿意考虑一些温和的措施,如延长失业者的联邦福利等。华盛顿似乎在如何拯救美国汽车制造商的问题上无法达成共识,美国的几大汽车公司在未来的几个月面临破产。Democratic congressional leaders say, in the weeks ahead, they will work with the Obama team to draft a stimulus plan they hope can be voted on and signed into law when Mr. Obama takes office. 民主党国会领袖说,在今后的几个星期里,他们将与奥巴马小组一道起草一份经济刺激计划,他们希望能在奥巴马宣誓就职之后付诸表决,并签署成为法律。New York Senator Charles Schumer, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, spoke on A's This Week program. 美国参议院财政委员会成员、来自纽约州的参议员查尔斯.舒默在接受美国广播公司“本周”节目采访的时候说:"I believe we need a pretty big [stimulus] package," said Charles Schumer. "First, I think Congress will work with the president-elect starting now and will have a major stimulus package on his desk by Inauguration Day. In my view, it has to be between 0 and 0 billion. And that is because our economy is in serious, serious trouble." “我相信我们需要一个非常大的刺激计划。首先,我认为美国国会从现在开始就要与总统当选人一道工作,从而在他就职当天就把一份刺激经济的综合计划放到他的办公桌上。在我看来,这项计划将在5000到7000亿美元之间。这是因为我们的经济正处于非常严重的困境之中。”The president-elect has stated his desire to forge a bipartisan consensus on all major initiatives undertaken during his administration. When it comes to economic stimulus, Republicans have ideas of their own, including an extension of the tax cuts enacted during the Bush administration - some of which Mr. Obama has pledged to eliminate. 当选总统奥巴马表示,他希望在他当政期间在所有重大举措上都能够获得两党的共识。当谈到刺激经济计划的时候,共和党人有他们自己的想法,包括延长布什执政期间制定的减税计划,其中一些奥巴马已承诺要予以消除。The ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, Richard Shelby of Alabama, is taking a wait-and-see approach regarding the Obama economic program. 共和党在参议院委员会的资深议员、来自阿拉巴马州的理查德.谢尔比,对有关奥巴马的经济计划采取观望态度。"I would like to see the details of any stimulus package: what it would do, how it would work, and who would benefit from it," said Richard Shelby. "One thing we better be careful about is not just throwing money [at the problem], borrowing money and throwing it at deals. I want to support things that area meaningful for the economy." 他说:“我希望看到任何刺激方案的细节:会采取什么措施,如何运作,以及谁将会从中受益。我们需要特别小心的一点就是不能够仅仅通过扔钱来解决问题,不能只去贷款并把它用于某种交易。我认为应该持一些对经济有意义的项目。”Shelby was also speaking on This Week. 谢尔比也是在“本周”节目中说这番话的。Meanwhile, numerous media reports say Mr. Obama has tapped Federal Reserve official Tim Geithner as the next Treasury Secretary, and picked New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to be Commerce Secretary. Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers is expected to be named White House economic advisor. 与此同时,许多媒体报导说,奥巴马已经决定任命美国联邦储备委员会官员盖特纳为下一任财政部长,并选择新墨西哥州州长比尔.理查森为商务部长。前财政部长萨默斯预计将被任命为白宫经济顾问。New York Senator Hillary Clinton is widely reported to be Mr. Obama's first choice for Secretary of State, but no formal announcement has been made. 纽约州参议员希拉里.克林顿被广泛报导为奥巴马任命国务卿的第一选择,但至今尚未正式宣布这项任命。200811/57044南岸输卵管不孕多少钱 French first lady releases CD 法国第一夫人出专辑啦 France's first lady releases a music album. Will it hit the right note with the public? CNN's Mallika Kapur reports. Quite, quite a jazzy one, this one.She’s out with album no.3, her first as France’s first lady. Carla Bruni’s album releases in Europe this week though it’s aly been available free on her website, giving critics like this radio DJ in London a chance to make up their minds.It does sound a little bit, a bit kind of almost official price my first album. I mean, it’s a horrible thing to say, to say, cause she, I mean, she is good, but it’s not my kind of thing, and I think because of the style of the music, I think she will be in for a hard time with the critics.It’s not easy pleasing critics when you’re Carla Bruni, the former model turned singer, turned presidential spouse. It’s taken months for the French public, initially skeptical of her colorful past, to warm to her.The fact that she’s turned to singing, the fact that she’s had so many liaisons, and the fact that she’s got such an exquisite sense of style, the mixture of all these things is very potent, and the French, who do feel defensive culture in these days, are only too pleased to boost her and also show great deal affection for her.Her popularity is rubbing off on her husband. His approval ratings have improved since the two got married in February and there’s often more attention on her than him during trips abroad. So what kind of relationship do the couple share? Her songs may hold a clue. In a song called You Are My Drug, Bruni sings of a passion “more lethal than heroin from Afghanistan and more dangerous than Columbian coke.” In another, she croons “You are my lord, my orgy.” She could be thinking about her husband, but the first lady isn’t telling. She says most of the album was written before she met the president.It’s a bit early to tell if this album will do as well as her fist one, which sold around two million copies, or better than the second, which sold only around 400,000. But the first lady says she’s not doing it for fame or fortune. She’s decided not to hold concerts for this album, and royalties will go to charity.Malika Kapur, CNN, London.200812/57697Some Japanese Families Face Hunger During Recession经济复苏迟迟不到 日本更多家庭寻求食品援助Aid groups say thousands of Japanese families are living under the poverty line. For many that means they cannot afford to put food on their tables. One organization is trying to fix Japan's hunger problem.一些救援机构说,成千上万的日本家庭生活在贫困线以下。对很多人来说,这意味着买不起食物。Helping families in needVolunteers at the Second Harvest Food pantry in Tokyo fill cardboard boxes with b, vegetables and canned goods. The boxes soon will be sent to families living around the city. 东京的赈饥慈善机构“第二丰收组织”的志愿务人员往纸箱里装面包、蔬菜和罐头食品。这些纸箱将很快送往东京各处的家庭。"Our three main groups of people are refugees, single mothers and Japanese who are unemployed," said Ruby Sakuma, the pantry's coordinator. "Right now we have about 140 households we are serving. They get one package of food every two weeks, a total of six packages and when those six packages are sent we send them a letter saying this is the end, if they are in really dire circumstances then we sometimes renew their order and send them another six packages."佐久间是东京“第二丰收组织”的协调员。他说:“我们务的三个主要群体是难民、单亲母亲和失业的日本居民。目前我们向大约140个家庭提供务。他们每两个星期得到一箱食品,总共将得到6箱食品。我们发送完6箱食品之后,会给他们一封信,说赠送食品行动结束。如果他们的处境实在糟糕,我们有时候会再次帮助他们,向他们发送6箱食品。”Hard to keep up with demandSakuma says during this year's global economic slowdown it has been harder to keep up with demand and fill their clients' orders. 佐久间说,在今年的全球经济滑坡期间,他们更难满足对食品救援的需求,帮助有困难的家庭。Second Harvest is Japan's first and only food bank. Workers go to supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses to collect food that often, because of damaged packaging or other problems, would have been thrown away. “第二丰收组织”是日本第一家、也是唯一一家所谓“食品”。这家组织的工作人员到超市、餐厅和其它企业收集食品。这些食品通常由于包装损坏或其它原因而要被扔掉。This waste is what compelled American Charles McJilton to help create the organization in 2002. 这种浪费使得美国人麦克吉尔顿2002年创建了“第二丰收组织”。"Japan every year throws away about 20 million tons of food, worldwide food aid is only about 8.5 million tons. So over two and a half times the food that is delivered in the form of aid, is actually thrown away here in Japan. But at the same time, there is virtually no infrastructure in place within Japan to get those tons of food out to individuals out there who need it," he said.他说:“日本每年扔掉大约两千万吨食品,而全世界的食品援助每年总共才850万吨。因此,在日本扔掉的食品相当于世界食品援助总量的两倍半,而日本几乎没有任何机制把这些食品收集起来,送到需要的人那里。”Economic downturn has political implications Japan was hit worse than many other countries in the global financial crisis. Exports tumbled and joblessness rose to its highest levels in several years. 日本在全球金融危机中比很多国家受到的打击更严重,出口大幅度减少,失业率上升到近年来的最高水平。Some political analysts say the unemployment and economic distress that contribute to hunger helped Japan's Democratic Party win a landslide victory in recent elections. 一些政治分析人士说,失业和经济衰退加剧了饥饿现象,致使日本的民主党在最近的选举中以压倒优势获胜。Jeff Kingston, Asia studies professor at the Tokyo campus of Temple University, says many voters blamed the defeated Liberal Democratic Party for the nation's stagnant growth. 美国天普大学东京分院的亚洲研究教授金斯顿说,很多选民指责败选的自民党为日本经济的停滞不前负有责任。""There is a strong sense of disquiet, I think perhaps among some there is a sense of betrayal, the social contract has been sundered," he said. "I think in Japan there was a collective identity as a society where everyone is middle class, everybody shares the same fate, there are not huge, wide disparities of income. That myth has taken a pummeling in the past few years."金斯顿说:“人们有强烈的不满情绪。我想,一些人感到受了欺骗,社会契约离破碎。我认为,日本是一个有集体意识的社会,所有人都是中产阶级,大家的命运休戚相关,收入没有巨大的差距。有这种想法的人最近几年急剧减少。”The Democratic Party, which will form a government later this month, pledges to help Japan's poor. During the campaign, the DPJ promised monthly stipends of around 0 to families for each child attending primary school.将在9月底之前组建政府的日本民主党承诺将帮助穷人。民主党在竞选期间承诺,将对有上小学子女的家庭每个孩子每月补助大约260美元。Denial of poverty But Second Harvest's McJilton says that if hunger is going to be resolved, it will take more than new government initiatives. He says throughout Japan, there is a denial that poverty is a problem. 不过,“第二丰收组织”的麦克吉尔顿说,要想解决饥饿问题,仅靠政府的几项行动计划远远不够。他说,日本上下几乎都不承认有贫困问题。"Poverty or hunger are things that exist in different countries, not here in Japan. And even among those that e, une may be hungry or poor, it's quite often viewed as 'they deserved it, they are not hard workers, it's not my problem,'" he said.麦克吉尔顿说:“就好像贫困或饥饿是存在于其它国家的事情。日本不在其列似的。即使一些人承认有人可能挨饿或贫困,他们也通常认为那些人应该如此,因为他们没有努力工作,所以不是我的问题。”McJilton says since the downturn began, the number of their Tokyo clients has doubled. Second Harvest has also received more requests from around the country to dispatch food to shelters and other charities.麦克吉尔顿说,自从经济滑坡开始以来,在东京要求他们帮助的人数翻了一番。“第二丰收组织”也从日本各地救援庇护机构和其它慈善机构收到更多要求提供食品的请求。And they might get even busier.他们可能会更加繁忙。Though Japan is now showing signs of economic recovery, economists say the long-term forecast remains unclear, as exports remain weak.虽然日本开始出现经济复苏的迹象,但是经济学家说,出口仍然疲软,长期经济展望仍不明朗。09/83800重庆看妇科医院哪里好

重庆治疗痛经哪家医院最好的Time to stop play-acting and spit out the tea是时候停止演戏,摒弃茶党思维了The Republicans are not being serious about the deficit共和党人没有认真对待赤字问题THIRTY billion dollars is a lot of money for anyone except America’s government. In Washington it is a bagatelle: about what the feds spend in three days, or less than 2% of the predicted budget deficit for this year. Yet in the peculiar battle that is now raging over the budget for a fiscal year aly half over, billion is all that now separates the Republicans and the Democrats, who have been bickering for the past 14 months over the details. Because neither side thinks it can afford to back down, the risks of a government shutdown are rising fast; without an agreement, the government will run out of money on April 8th.300亿美元对任何人来说都是一笔巨款,但对美国政府来说不是。对华盛顿来讲,300亿美元只是小菜一碟:大概相当于联邦政府三天的开销,预计还不到今年财政赤字的2%。然而在这场持续了将近半个财政年度的罕见战争中,就是这300亿美元成为了共和党人和民主党人的分歧所在,在过去的14个月中双方一直在为细节问题争吵不休。因双方均不想为之让步,政府倒闭的风险正迅速增加;如果达不成协议,到4月8日政府将无运转资金。Some irresponsible people, on both sides of the political aisle, think that a temporary shutdown would not matter all that much. A fair few Democrats hope that the Republicans will be blamed for their intransigence, as they were at the time of the last shutdown, in 1995-96 (though they may be disappointed on that score, since public opinion swung against the Republicans in 1996 only after their leader, Newt Gingrich, made a fool of himself over a seat on Air Force One). Those of a tea-partyish persuasion imagine that they will be politically rewarded by their supporters for sticking to their guns, and that the only good government is one on enforced leave.两党中有些不负责任的人认为政府暂时倒闭不会有太大影响。相当一部分民主党人认为毫不让步的共和党人应受谴责,正如1995-1996年间政府倒闭时共和党人备受指责一样(虽然对此他们倍感失望,因为1996年公众批评共和党人完全是因为其党首纽特·金里奇为了空军一号的一个座位而犯傻)。那些持茶党思维的人认为坚守立场会得到其持者的政治持,而且一个好政府是被迫“休假”的政府。In the short term, it is true, a shutdown would be far from catastrophic; soldiers will continue to fight; aircraft will not collide; Social Security (pensions) cheques will mostly continue to be automatically sent out. But it would still be highly disruptive, not least for government employees who will not get paid, and it will inconvenience people and businesses in countless ways. That is no small matter while the recovery remains so fragile.确实,短期来讲,政府关门绝不是什么灾难性事件;士兵会继续战斗,飞机不会坠毁,绝大部分社会保险也会自动发放。但它仍极具杀伤力,特别是对那些拿不到薪水的政府工作人员。它也将给公众和企业带来诸多不便。在经济恢复仍旧脆弱的背景下,这绝不是什么小事。More worrying than a shutdown itself would be its implications. If the politicians’ attempts to resolve one year’s budget end in acrimonious collapse, what hope is there of reaching agreement on issues that require both sides to take much more political punishment? Later in April another battle looms, this time over the need for an extension to America’s debt limit, currently set at .3 trillion and now very close to being reached. A row over the fiscal 2011 budget might not alarm investors too much; a fight over authorising money that ultimately could be needed to pay international creditors is quite another thing.比政府倒闭更让人担忧的是其暗示意义。如果政治家们解决一年预算问题的努力都付诸东流,两党严重分裂,那又有什么希望让双方接受更多的政治让步,就诸多议题达成一致呢?四月后期另一场战役也会打响,这场战役关于是否需要放宽美国的债务限额。目前债务限额为14.3万亿美元,且已逼近底线。因2011年财政预算产生的严重分歧可能并不会使投资者过度担忧;最终可能还需要政府资金付欠债权国的债务,而就这笔资金产生的争论则是另外一种景象了。201104/130973合川输卵管堵塞的症状 今年一月,地方法院以"违反自然性行为"等罪名重判九名男子八年入狱刑期,这九名男子大多是塞内加尔国内同性恋者健康与权益活动团体的成员,其中包括一位较为知名的活动人士。这一判决受到联合国以及一些国际人权组织的关注和批评,国际社会谴责这一判决是侵犯同性恋者基本人权的又一案例,也将严重阻碍塞内加尔国内艾滋病预防工作的实施。In a packed courtroom in downtown Dakar, the appeals court pardoned all nine defendants and overturned charges of committing unnatural acts and criminal conspiracy.Biram Sassoum Sy, who led the defense team, says the men are completely cleared of any crime or wrongdoing and the case will not be pursued. When they were apprehended, arrested and sentenced, he says the law was broken at every step. The trial, he says, is invalid and they are free to go. Most of the defendants worked for HIV/AIDS programs targeting men who have sex with men. They were arrested at the home of a prominent gay activist in December.Sy says the police went to the defendant's house after neighbors tipped them off. The attorney says police arrested the men without a warrant and extorted a confession through bullying and harassment.Senegalese law prohibits homosexual activity but requires that the suspect be caught in the act. A search warrant is also necessary if police are to enter a private home. Sy says the original judgment was hasty and emotional, and correct legal procedure was not followed.The maximum penalty for homosexual activity is five years. The sentencing judge in this case added another three years for criminal conspiracy. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in Cape Town said no other African country has handed down such a severe sentence.Despite the positive outcome of the appeal, AIDS activists in Senegal are concerned about the effect the trial will have on HIV programs serving men who have sex with men.Daouda Diouf, director of community-led HIV programs at Enda Tiers Monde - an international non-profit organization based in Dakar, says AIDS work with homosexuals will take time to return to the level it was at before. He says the trial has created a lot of fear and the people working with this community feel threatened. It will take time to build up trust again, he says, so they can conduct HIV/AIDS activities without fearing for their safety.Diouf says that if HIV is not controlled in vulnerable groups like the homosexual community, it will be impossible to manage the HIV epidemic in Senegal. These men, he says, are key players in the country's fight against HIV. 04/67941重庆爱德华不孕不育科

重庆第八医院做彩超B超价格Sex job ads banned at employment officesBritain is to ban employers looking for lap dancers, strippers, topless barmaids or sexy web-cam performers from placing adverts at Jobcentres.Such a ban had previously been in place at the taxpayer-funded employment exchanges but that changed seven years ago when Ann Summers, a sex toys and suggestive lingerie retailer, successfully argued at the High Court that it was unlawful.Now the government plans to legislate to protect vulnerable jobseekers who are keen to get back to work from feeling they have to consider jobs that they are not comfortable with, Minister for Employment Chris Grayling said in a statement."We shouldn't put vulnerable people in an environment where they're exposed to these types of jobs and could feel under pressure to work in the sex industry."The statement specified that Jobcentres would no longer advertise jobs "that involve the direct sexual stimulation of others" because public money should not be a conduit to such work.However, Jobcentres will continue to advertise other types of vacancies in the adult entertainment sector, such as cleaning jobs in striptease clubs.Vocabulary:employment exchange: (Brit) a former name for employment office(职业介绍所)conduit: an agency or means of access, communication, etc.(中转机构)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110550 Vegetable oil植物油What’s cooking?发生了什么事?Edible oils are filling fuel tanks as well as bellies食用油填饱了肚子还要灌满油箱Sep 17th 2011 | from the print edition OIL markets are full of uncertainty. Asian demand is booming and doubts abound over the ability of supply to match the world’s appetite. What goes for crude oil also applies to the stuff squeezed out of vegetable matter.石油市场变幻莫测。亚洲国家对石油的需求与日俱增,石油供应能否满足世界需求受到广泛质疑。人们对原油的贪求目光同样落在了植物性物质所压榨出的东西身上。The price of stir-frying and dressing a salad has rarely been higher. Over the past decade the price of vegetable oils has all but quadrupled. Like other commodities, prices hit records in 2008. The subsequent slump is now forgotten: prices are back close to the peaks. Glencore, the world’s biggest commodity trader, may be about to confirm the industry’s allure: rumours are flying that it is mulling an investment in KS Oils, an Indian edible-oil firm.炒菜和酱沙拉的价格一直呈高企态势。过去十年间,植物油的价格几乎翻了两翻。与其它商品一样,它的价格在2008年创造了纪录。随后的价格暴跌现已被人们淡忘:现在价格又反弹至高点附近。全球最大商品交易商(瑞士)嘉能可国际公司将向人们实该行业的吸引力有多强:坊间盛传该公司正在考虑投资印度食用油企业“KS食用油品公司”。Kona Haque of Macquarie, an Australian bank, points to two structural factors behind oil’s sizzle: China and biodiesels. A planet with more mouths to feed and deeper pockets has led to rapid growth in consumption of vegetable oils as well as grains and meat. And although the rapid surge in demand for oils in China and the rest of Asia is slowing there is still plenty of scope for more growth.澳大利亚麦格理科纳·哈克指出炙手可热的石油业背后存在着两大结构性因素:中国和生物柴油。养活全球众多人口和全球巨大财富导致了植物油、粮食及肉类消耗的快速增长。尽管中国及亚洲其它地区迅速飙升的石油需求正在放缓,但石油的需求增长空间仍然较大。In the past few years a new source of demand has emerged for vegetable oils. Biodiesel production has rapidly accelerated and now consumes over a tenth of the global vegetable-oil crop. Depending on the crude-oil price and governments’ enthusiasm for mandating biofuels it could account for as much as a fifth by 2020, according to Peter Thoenes of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.在过去数年间,植物油出现了一种新的用途需求。生物柴油产量快速增长,消耗了全球植物油作物总量的十分之一。联合国粮农组织彼得·梭尼斯表示,受制于原油价格波动及政府热衷于强制使用生物燃油,生物柴油对植物油作物的消耗量到2020年有望达到五分之一。201109/154471重庆市第八人民医院闭经痛经多少钱重庆医院不孕不育



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