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People with delayed sleep phase disorder struggle to go to sleep at night and to wake early in the morning睡眠期失调遭推迟的人努力早睡早起Experts believe sufferers have internal body clocks that are slower than 24 hours专家认为生物钟失调者是因为生物钟慢了24小时This means they are out of sync with daily rhythms生物钟与日常节奏不同步Most of us love a good lie-in on the weekends. But for some people, getting out of bed each morning is a daily struggle that can disrupt their lives.我们大部分人都喜欢在周末睡个懒觉,但是对于一些人来说,每天早上最受折磨的就是挣扎着从床上爬起来。Now, researchers believe they have found out why some people struggle to sleep at night and reach for the snooze button in the morning - their body clocks are set too slow.为什么有些人尽量早睡就为了能早起,现在,研究人员认为他们找到了原因,就是因为他们的生物钟被设置得太慢了。A team from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, are investigating delayed sleep phase disorder, which is characterised by a persistent inability to fall asleep and wake at a conventional time.澳大利亚阿德莱德弗林德斯大学的一个研究小组调查研究了睡眠期失调遭推迟,其特征就是迟迟无法入睡无法按时醒来。Struggle to wake up for work? Your internal body clock may be out of sync挣扎着起床上班?生物钟与生活节奏不同步It affects up to 15 per cent of teenagers but can be a life-long condition.这一现象影响了15%的青少年但这种情况不会终身伴随的。Study leader, Professor Leon Lack, said initial results showed that the internal body clocks, of those with the disorder ran slower than average.此项研究的牵头人利昂·兰克说,初步的研究结果表明身体内部时钟失调相对平均时钟慢了一些。#39;Late sleepers can’t get to sleep until 2am or 3am at the earliest, or in some cases as late as 4am, which makes it very hard for them to get up for their commitments the next day,#39; he said.晚睡的人到了凌晨两三点才睡,有些晚睡的人甚至到了凌晨四点才睡,对于他们而言很难保第二天按时起床。#39;We’ve been investigating what causes people to be late sleepers and one of the most plausible explanations we’re perusing is that their body clocks run longer than 24 hours.我们已经调查研究了什么原因导致总有晚睡的人,其中一个貌似合理的解释就是他们的生物钟长于24小时。#39;Most people have a 24-hour body clock, it’s a natural rhythm that influences sleepiness and core body temperature but for people with delayed sleep phase disorder it takes longer to complete the cycle so they tend to go to bed later and wake up later.#39;大部分人的时钟是24小时,但对于晚睡的人而言,自然节奏影响了睡意和体温,睡眠期失调遭推迟要花很长时间才能完成这个周期,因此他们倾向晚睡晚起。Circadian rhythms are followed by most living things and follow a daily cycle that are governed by our internal body clocks. They influence sleep and wake cycles, body temperature and the release of hormones.生理节奏受我们身体内部生物钟的生活和日常规律配。他们影响睡眠和清醒周期、体温、荷尔蒙的释放。They can be affected by environmental factors, such as light levels, and so disrupted by flying across time zones and working night shifts.他们受环境因素影响,例如光亮度、飞行时差、晚班工作。Professor Lack said wider tests with a larger population would now need to be conducted to confirm the findings.兰克教授说对较大一个人群进行了广泛试验,现在需要确认这些研究结果。#39;If we establish what we’re expecting to find it will reinforce therapies that we know can help, such as bright light therapy to induce alertness in the mornings and melatonin to encourage earlier evening sleepiness,#39; he said.如果我们所期望的结果能成立的话,那么找到加强疗法是会有帮助作用的,例如明光疗法来引导早上清醒,褪黑素有助于晚上早睡,他说。#39;Exposing people to a bright light as early in the day as possible informs the body clock that it should be awake so therefore they fall asleep and wake up earlier on subsequent nights.#39;人们白天尽早暴露在明光环境下,提醒生物钟该清醒了,因此他们的身体逐渐就调整到了早睡早起的状态He said it was imperative to find a cause of the condition as it affected so many people.他说找出这种现象的原因势在必行,因为影响了如此多的人。#39;It causes young people to be late for school and when they do get to school they’re inattentive until their body clock finally wakes up.这种现象导致学生上学迟到,即使到了学校他们也是不清醒的,只有生物钟清醒了才能彻底清醒。#39;Adults can also have trouble holding down jobs because they’re always running late for work so it does have a detrimental effect on lives,#39; he said.成年人在早上上班时也存在这种现象,总是上班迟到,因此对生活影响不利,他说。 /201303/229062。

  • Reading in dim light won#39;t damage your eyes, you don#39;t need eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy and shaving your legs won#39;t make the hair grow back faster.在昏暗的灯光下看书不会伤害眼睛;每天也不必喝八杯水来保持健康;剃掉腿毛也不会让它长得更快。These well-worn theories are among seven ;medical myths; exposed in a paper published in the British Medical Journal.这些老生常谈在《英国医学杂志》的一篇论文中被列入七项“医学误区”。Two U.S. researchers, Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman, took seven common beliefs and searched the archives for evidence to support them.阿伦·卡罗尔和雷切尔·弗里曼是来自美国的两位研究人员,他们选定了七个普遍共识,搜寻了大量卷宗来寻找持它们的据。Despite frequent mentions in the popular press of the need to drink eight glasses of water, they found no scientific basis for the claim. The other six ;myths; are:尽管大众媒体经常提到每天要喝八杯水,但对这一说法他们并没有找到科学依据。其他六个“误区”是:Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight 在昏暗的灯光下看书会毁坏视力The majority of eye experts believed it was unlikely to do any permanent damage, but it might make you squint, blink more and have trouble focusing, the researchers said.这两位研究者说,大多数眼科专家认为这样不会造成永久性伤害,但会让你更频繁地眯眼和眨眼,并使眼睛难以聚焦。Shaving makes hair grow back faster or coarser 剔除毛发后反会令毛发长得更快更粗It has no effect on the thickness or rate of hair regrowth. But stubble lacks the finer taper of unshaven hair, giving the impression of coarseness.其实这对毛发的浓密度和再生速度都没有影响,但修剪后的新毛茬末端不像未修剪时那样逐渐变细,所以给人感觉变粗了。Eating turkey makes you drowsy 吃火鸡会令人昏昏欲睡It does contain an amino acid called tryptophan that is involved in sleep and mood control. But turkey has no more of the acid than chicken or minced beef. Eating lots of food and drink at holidays are probably the real cause of sleepiness.火鸡肉中的确含有一种氨基酸叫色氨酸,对睡眠和情绪会产生影响。但火鸡含的这种酸并不比肌肉或者碎牛肉多。在节日里暴饮暴食才可能是犯困的真正原因。We use only 10 percent of our brains 只有10%的大脑被利用This myth arose as early as 1907 but imaging shows no area of the brain is silent or completely inactive.这个误解早在1907年就产生了,但(对大脑)扫描成像显示,大脑中没有完全不活动的区域。Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death 人死后头发和指甲还会生长This idea may stem from ghoulish novels. The researchers said the skin dries out and retracts after death, giving the appearance of longer hair or nails.这个认识可能来自恐怖小说。研究者说,死亡之后皮肤会变干并且收缩,所以显得头发和指甲更长了。Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals 在医院里使用移动电话有风险Despite widesp concerns, studies have found minimal interference with medical equipment.尽管人们对此都很担心,但研究发现手机对医疗器械的干扰十分微弱。 /201308/251688。
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