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We are here in Yellowstone National Park to follow some grey wolves and observe the deadly brilliance of the pack. They’ve learned to cooperate, hunting their prey with many acting as one pack. This mother grizzly knows how to protect its cub and itself. Stand your ground. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t let the grey wolves run you down. Grizzly mum stands up to the grey wolves. And eventually, they lose interest. Stand up, hold your ground. Wolves know that large prey can be dangerous if they fight back. What the wolves want is to get their prey on the run. Like, for example this herd of elk. Now the wolves can fan out over the herd, waiting for an old or sick or just unlucky elk to make a wrong move. The alpha male leads the hunt. He bides his time, directing his troops. And eventually, one elk stumbles. The hungry wolves quickly surround their faltering victim. They swarm in forthe kill, and then, the meal. Wolves are a vital part of a healthy Yellowstone echo-system. They filter out sick and weak animals in the herds and helpscavengers survive but providing leftovers from their hunts. This coyote however is not a scavenger but also a competitor, who's been interfering with the kills of the pack. So once again, the wolves use cooperation to guard their turf and drive out the intruder. 1. alpha/beta/omega male or female:In the power hierarchy, the alpha male or alpha female is the individual in the community to whom the others follow and defer. The beta male or female is the contender, subservient to the alpha male or female, but only after testing. The omega refer to member at the bottom of the social hierarchy that is subservient to all members. 2. bide one's time:To await an opportunity; wait patiently until your chance comes. 3. scavenger:An animal, such as a bird or insect, that feeds on dead or decaying matter.200811/54876African Union Rules No Coup In Guinea-Bissau非盟谴责几内亚比绍总统遭暗杀  The African Union has condemned the killings of Guinea-Bissau's President Joao Bernado Vieira and his army chief, calling it a blatant attack on state institutions. But the continental body stopped short of suspending Guinea-Bissau's membership in the organization. 非洲联盟谴责几内亚比绍总统维埃拉和武装部队总参谋长瓦伊将军遭到杀害,称这是对国家制度的悍然攻击。非洲联盟险些中止几内亚比绍非盟成员国的资格。The AU Peace and Security Council met in emergency session Tuesday to determine whether the assassination of President Vieira constituted a military coup, which would have meant automatic suspension from the organization. 非洲联盟和平与安全委员会星期二举行紧急会议,决定几内亚比绍总统维埃拉遭暗杀是否构成军事政变。军事政变意味着自动中止非洲成员国的资格。Two other west African nations, Mauritania and Guinea Conakry have recently been expelled from the continental body after army officers took power through extra-constitutional means.  另外两个西非国家毛里塔尼亚和几内亚-科纳克里最近被驱逐出非盟组织,因为一些军官通过宪法以外的途径夺取了政权。Guinea-Bissau military chiefs say an 'isolated group' of soldiers was responsible for the president's death, and the speaker of parliament will temporarily take power. 几内亚比绍军方领导人说,一个由士兵组成的“孤立的组织”对维埃拉总统被杀负责。几内亚比绍议会议长临时接管了国家政权。Burkina Faso's AU ambassador Bruno Nongoma Zidouemba, who holds the council's rotating chairmanship, said Guinea-Bissau's case does not appear to meet the definition of a coup. 布基纳法索驻非盟大使齐多安巴目前担任非洲联盟和平与安全委员会轮值主席。他说,几内亚比绍事件似乎还不符合军事政变的定义。"The assassination of the president is a very unusual situation and sad situation, but there is a coup when the constitution is suspended or institutions of the country are suspended. It is a very sad step in the evolution of Guinea-Bissau, but from the information we have up to now, it is not considered a coup d'etat," he said.  “几内亚比绍总统被暗杀是一件非同寻常的情况,非常悲惨的情况。但是如果发生政变,宪法会被中止,国家机构会被中止。这是几内亚比绍发展中的一个非常沉痛的一页,但是从我们目前掌握的信息来看,这次事件不是一次军事政变。”Guinea Bissau has a history of coups and coup attempts. The most recent came after last November's parliamentary elections, when soldiers attacked the president's office. Two people were killed, but the attempt failed. 几内亚比绍历来有政变和企图政变的传统。最近一次政变是去年11月议会选举之后,当时军人袭击了总统的办公室,两人被打死,但政变失败。In the latest incident, Security Council Chairman Zidouemba says a constitutional transfer of power appears to be in the works. "We have heard a declaration of a group of officers, and this group of officers said they will act through the constitution, and if you the constitution of Guinea-Bissau, normally the transition power should go to president of the national assembly. In the hours to come everything will be clear," he said. 在最新一起事件中,非洲联盟和平与安全委员会主席齐多安巴说,符合宪法的权力转移似乎正在进行之中。“我们听到一群军官发表的宣言,这个军官组织说,他们将遵循宪法的规定。如果你阅读一下几内亚比绍的宪法,就会知道,通常权力应转移给议会议长。在未来几个小时内,一切都会明朗化。”The country's constitution calls for a presidential election to be held within 60 days. 几内亚比绍的宪法要求在60天内举行总统选举。Guinea-Bissau has become notorious as a transit point used by Latin American drug cartels for shipments of cocaine bound for Europe. Government estimates indicate as much as 800 kilograms of cocaine moves through the west African nation each week, making drug trafficking easily the largest foreign exchange earner. 几内亚比绍被拉丁美洲的贩毒集团作为将可卡因运向欧洲的中转站,因此声名狼藉。根据政府的估计,每个星期有多达800公斤可卡因经几内亚比绍进入欧洲,使走私成为几内亚比绍最大的外汇收入来源。03/63778Hu's coup胡的精囊妙计Why a tiny deal by a Chinese bank in America matters为什么中国的小小生意能够影响美国THE price is so trivial it will not have a discernible impact on the buyer, IC, the Chinese bank that is the world’s biggest by value. By the time the acquisition is approved, it may well have been forgotten by most outsiders. And yet, it could be a transformative deal whose full implications will take years to emerge.如此微不足道的价格,对于坐拥世界最大市值的中国工商这种买家来说恐怕没什么显而易见的影响。等它的战略价值被众所周知的时候,这笔买卖可能早就已经被大多数局外人抛诸脑后了。但它的变革性意义将在数年之后完整地突显出来。Almost lost amid the many transactions signed on January 21st to coincide with the visit of China’s President Hu Jintao to America was an agreement by IC to buy 80% of the Bank of East Asia’s small, almost profitless, retail-branch network in New York and California for 0m. If approved, the transaction would be significant because for the first time a Chinese mainland bank would have activities operating under America’s regulatory framework. But its importance goes beyond that. A tick in the box by American regulators, expected by the end of the year, would mean that they have endorsed the soundness of China’s government controlled and politically directed banking system. That has been a barrier to Chinese banks expanding in America.中国工商将以1亿4000万美元购得东亚于纽约和加利福尼亚的两家小到几乎毫无收益可言的零售业务及其运营网络。这份于1月21日签署的合同几乎被遗忘在随中国国家主席胡锦涛的美国之行而来的众多交易之中。然而一旦其获准生效,这笔交易将是有意义的,因为这是中国大陆首次于美国控制的框架下运营。而且它的重要性远不止于此。这对于美国的管理者来说是一个标志,这意味着到今年末的时候,他们就等于赞同了中国政府控制,政治导向的系统。而这在过去一直是中国在美国扩展的阻碍。In recent years American supervisors have stopped short of granting full approval for Chinese firms, instead allowing them only to provide wholesale services to companies. Even then, in at least one case, supervisors have insisted that the permit be contingent on further improvements in the Chinese firm’s operating procedures. A licence for a retail operation must pass a higher threshold since local branches will be covered by America’s deposit-insurance umbrella. That, in turn, involves approving not only the operations of the bank that is entering America but also its home regulator, to ensure it is shipshape—in the jargon, that it can provide “consolidated comprehensive supervision”. In theory, the Federal Reserve’s examiners will now need access to the operations not only of China’s largest bank but of its regulators.近年来美国监管者已经停止了对中国公司完整授权许可的短缺控制,取而代之的是仅仅允许他们为其他公司提供大规模金融批发务。即使那样,至少在个案来说,监管者们已经坚持了颁发许可取决于中国企业自身运营状况的程序。由于本土分机构位于美国储蓄保险的保护伞下,取得零售金融务的执照必须通过更高的门槛。如此一来,获准进入美国市场不仅关乎自身的运作,还关乎它本国的管理者是否能够保它的“整洁干净”——用行业术语来说,就是它能够提供“牢靠并且系统的监管”。理论上来说,联邦储备审查官员现在需要批准的运营系统不仅属于中国最大的,还属于它的母国管理者。201107/143691

今年将有6.3百万毕业生,然而,智力集中型职位少之又少,基层组织和中小企业的刺激机制还不够。财政部将拨款433亿元,用于鼓励愿意到农村工作的毕业生。80% of grads to get jobs by DecemberThe Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, along with those of Education and Finance, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the People's Bank of China have conference on finding jobs for this year's graduates. Data shows China will have 6.3 million graduates this year. But the number of talent-intensive posts is small. And the incentive to work in grass-root organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises isn't strong. So the Ministry of Finance is providing a 43.3-billion-yuan subsidy for graduates willing to work in the countryside. Li Xiangwei, Researcher, Ministry of HR Social Security, said, "For example, a college graduate will get 6 thousand yuan to compensate the tuition fee if he works in the countryside for a year. And he can get a total of 24 thousand yuan if he works for four years." The State Administration for Industry and Commerce says the administrative fees for registration and certificates are waived for graduates who set up a company. And a new regulation allows the graduate entrepreneurs to apply for the small secured loans. They used to have to register for unemployment to get the loans. Yin Weimin, Minister of HR Social Security, said, "We strive to achieve a 70 percent employment rate for the graduates by July and the rate is expected to hit 80 percent by the end of the year. And the unemployed graduates will receive free training." The employment and assistance plan calls for one career counseling session for each graduate, and internships for 350 thousand. 201004/101608

二0一0年上海世会即将于今年五月一日正式拉开帷幕,为了实现七千万人次参观者、其中三百五十万海外游客的目标,中国国家旅游局已将2010年定为“中国世旅游年”,世旅游的推广活动将贯穿一整年时间。届时,将通过举办“全球百城世旅游宣传月”、“全国百城世旅游宣传周”、推出覆盖中国各地的世旅游精品线路、邀请中外媒体宣传报道世旅游等一系列活动,大力宣传造势,吸引海内外游客参观世、游览中国。2010 Will be the Tourism Year of the Expo in China China has named 2010 the tourism year of the World Expo to welcome the 2010 Shanghai Expo.Shao Qiwei, Chairman of the China National Tourism Administration, says China will welcome foreign friends to visit Shanghai during the Expo and to learn more about the city and China. "2010 will be the tourism year of the Expo in China. We will have a promotional campaign in more than 100 cities around the world with a goal of making a platform of communications and cooperation for China and other countries and regions in the world."The 2010 Shanghai Expo will run from May to the end of October. It is expected to attract more than 70 million visitors from home and abroad.Han Zheng, Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal Government, says the city welcomes visitors from all over the world. "At present, the preparation work for the 2010 Shanghai Expo has been running in good order. A successful Expo will not only bring great opportunities for the development of Shanghai, but also will help the world know more about China, which will promote the development of China's tourism industry."201001/93687

In its first ever National Building Competition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency challenged teams from across the nation to cut wasteful energy use in buildings in which they live and work. Residential and commercial buildings together consume 40 percent of U.S. energy and the Obama Administration is eager to show how that load can be reduced.在首届全国建筑竞赛上,美国环保署要求来自全国各地的参赛小组最大幅度地降低人们工作和生活于其中的建筑的能源浪费。居住和商用建筑消耗能源占全美能耗总量的大约百分之40。In recent remarks at Pennyslvania State University, President Barack Obama promoted a plant that could help commercial buildings achieve greater energy efficiency. 建筑物消耗大量能源。这就是为什么奥巴马总统2月初前往宾夕法尼亚大学,推动一个可能帮助商用建筑提高能效的计划。"Making our buildings more energy-efficient is one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to save money, combat pollution and create jobs right here in the ed States of America," he said. 他说:“提高建筑的能源利用率,是节省资金、控制污染、在美国创造就业的最快、最简单和最省钱的途径。我们要做的就是这个。”Obama toured Penn State research labs where scientists are working on new technologies designed to cut energy waste in commercial buildings. Stores like the Sears department store in Glen Burnie, Maryland, which took second prize in the contest, are aly using some of those technologies.奥巴马总统参观了大学实验室。那里的科学家正在研究一些新技术来减少商业建筑的能源浪费,其中包括艾德·莫恩兹在马里兰州格伦尼经营的西尔斯连锁百货店。The Sears store sells everything from appliances and automotive supplies to clothes and consumer electronics. As manager, Ed Maunz walks the floors all day long, not just to check on staff, but to see how building systems are working. "The building is running 24 hours a day. And, certainly a building this size can consume a lot of energy if there are not efficiencies to keep it in check"西尔斯出售从家用电器、汽车配件,到衣和电子产品等各种商品。莫恩兹说:“这座建筑的电力系统一天24小时工作,人不在时也照样运转。这么大一个建筑物,要是不控制能源使用效率,会消耗大量的能源。”201103/127047

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