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  • Trapped inside the palace,Cortes receives word from his men:受困于宫中 科尔特斯接受了他的部下的提议:;Were in imminent danger, Well all perish;我们的危险迫在眉睫 这样下去我们都得死;Unless Montezuma commands the hostilities to stop.;除非蒙提祖马命令人们停止敌对行为;;The strangers are my guests.;Lay down your arms.;这些陌生人都是我的宾客 放下你们的武器;The most powerful ruler in the Americas...美洲最有权势的统治者...murdered by his own people.被他自己的臣民杀害了Fighting for their lives,为生命而战 Cortes and his men barely escape科尔特斯和他的部下们带着金银财宝With a fortune in Aztec gold and silver勉强逃离了阿兹特克And leave behind a lethal time bomb.并留下了一个致命的定时炸弹201602/425744。
  • The kids behaviour today has hit Miss Yang hard.孩子们的举动重重地打击了杨老师We cannot afford to fail.我们不能接受失败This does mean a lot.这一切的意义重大And I am standing here, representing Chinese way of teaching.我站在这里,代表着中式教育Ive got to deliver.我必须要传递理念Ive got to present the Chinese teaching the best I can.我必须用最好的面目来展现出中式教育My dad always told me when he was still very healthy...我爸爸还很健在的时候总是跟我说He said to me, what I have left to my three daughters are knowledge, qualifications, good ability to survive in a tough society.他对我说,他能留给三个女儿的,是知识,品德,在一个恶劣的社会环境下良好的生存能力And I cannot forget that.我不能忘记他说的I can never forget about that.我永远都不能忘记I want to pass this to my students...我想给学生传递这些理念Because I think my dad is the best teacher in my life.因为我觉得我爸爸是我人生中最好的老师And I want to teach my students what I have been taught.而我想教给学生们我所学到的Its over halfway through the four week experiment and tonight is parents evening.四周的实验已经过了两周,而今晚是家长会Ladies and gentlemen, can we mop a little bit?女士们先生们,能不能稍微拖下地We only have ten minutes. Please be quick.我们只有十分钟了,请快一些With the Chinese school facing failure, this could be the last chance to turn things around.在中式学校正面临失败的时候,家长会也许能改变事态The hope is that the parents can make their kids behave.理想情况是家长们能让他们的孩子端正行为Parents in Britain, they maybe not as determined as the Chinese in getting their kids to do very well at school.英国家长,他们可能并没有像中国家长一样强烈地希望自己的孩子能学得很好But they may cooperate with us.但他们也许会与我们合作In a typical Chinese parents evening, the parents sit in rows and the teachers address them from the front of the class.在一场普遍的中式家长会中,家长们坐在一起,老师在课堂前作说明Their speeches could be their only hope of saving their school.他们的演讲也许是拯救中式学校的唯一希望201604/439095。
  • So LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol,低密度脂蛋白胆固醇很不健康and triglycerides - basically higher amounts of that还有过高的甘油三酯can lead to heart disease and age-related disease.会导致心脏病以及衰老相关的疾病We also see really nice decreases in blood pressure在测试过程中 我们也看到参与者over the course of the trials.血压有了显著降低So, again, another key heart disease risk factor.这是另一个心脏疾病的关键诱因In addition to so far rather limited human trials,迄今为止相当有限的人类测试之外theres lots of good evidence from animal studies还有许多来自动物研究的有利迹象that alternate day fasting, ADF,表明了隔日禁食即ADFis safe and effective.是安全且有效的Im convinced enough to try it.这说了我去尝试它Yesterday I fasted.昨天我禁食了Today I feed.今天进食So hopefully, we will make it back...easily enough.希望我们能补偿你 用简单的办法Ooh, magical mystery tour! I like that!奇幻神秘之旅 我喜欢重点解释:1.lead to 导致例句:Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness.过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。2.in addition to 除 ... 之外(还)例句:In addition to an album, I gave him a pen and a pencil.除了一本照相簿外,我还给了他一钢笔和一铅笔。3.so far 迄今为止;到某个程度例句:I have had no reply from her so far.我至今没有得到她的答复。 201510/406903。
  • Im in the Mexican gallery in front of what looks like a giant stone horseshoe-its about 20 inches (50 cm) long and about 4 inches (10 cm) thick and is made of a very beautiful grey-green speckled stone. When it first came to the British Museum in the 1860s they thought that it was a yoke for something like a carthorse-but there were two immediate problems with this theory: first the object is very heavy, its about five or six stone (35 kg)-too heavy even for a horses neck-and secondly, there were no carthorses or draught animals in Central America until the Spaniards brought them from Europe in the sixteenth century.在大英物馆的墨西哥厅,有一件形似大型石制马蹄铁的物品,长约四十厘米,厚十二厘米,由美丽的灰绿色斑点石制成。1860年它刚到大英物馆时,人们以为它是马匹之类的拉车的轭。但很快疑问便出现了:首先,这件东西重约四十千克,背起来过于沉重;其次,在16世纪西班牙人进入美洲之前,美洲其实没有任何用于负重拉拽的动物。It was only just over 50 years ago that it was generally understood that these stone carvings had nothing to do with animals; they were meant to be worn by men. They represent the padded belts made of cloth or basketwork worn to protect the hips during ancient Central American ball games. Indeed some of these stone belts may have been moulds used to shape lighter cloth or leather padding, but the one we have in the British Museum is made of solid stone, so heavy that if it was worn it can only have been very briefly. Nowadays it would perhaps be for a quick photo call, but we dont actually know exactly when or how it might originally have been worn.直到五十多年前,人们制品与动物无关,而是给人类穿戴的。它类似用布的软垫,戴在腰间,在古代中美洲的球类运动中用于保护臀部。有些石头腰带可能只是模具,成品则由较轻的布料或皮革制成。而大英物馆所藏的这一件也太过沉重,即使戴不了太长时间。我们无法准确了解古人佩戴它的原因何在,也不了解他们在什么情况下会佩戴它,又是如何佩戴的。We asked the leading expert on these games, Michael Whittington, what he thought these stone belts were for:中美洲球类运动专家迈克尔惠廷顿认为,这些腰带主要是在仪式使用的:;I believe these were ceremonial objects.Wearing an object thats 75-100 lbs around your waist during an athletic competition will slow you down considerably, so they probably were worn as part of the ritual ceremonies at the beginning of the game. 我认为这些是仪式用具。在运动比赛中戴着三四十公斤重的东西会让人动作变慢。因此应该是在比赛前的宗教仪式中使用的。它们象征着比赛中人们真正会使用的腰带。201501/354548。
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