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不孕不育北碚哪家医院好重庆治疗月经不调的的医院重庆省妇幼保健院查封闭抗体费用 Times Insider delivers behind-the-scenes insights from The New York Times. In this piece, Didi Kirsten Tatlow, a Times correspondent based in Beijing who has Anglo-Irish, German-Swedish roots, travels to Munich and unpacks a lot more than her suitcase. “时报内情”(Times Insider)专栏为读者呈现《纽约时报》所发报道的幕后故事。在这篇文章中,有英格兰-爱尔兰、德国-瑞典血统的驻京记者狄雨霏(Didi Kirsten Tatlow)前往慕尼黑,打开的远不止是自己的行囊。It was fitting that the moment of clarity came at a border crossing.顿悟的瞬间出现在过境时,算是恰到好处。As I got in the immigration line at Beijing Capital International Airport, I glanced at the Irish passport in my hand and saw two familiar words, newly precious, in gold letters: “European Union” in English, “An tAontas Eorpach” in Irish.在北京首都国际机场的出入境检查窗口,我瞥了一眼手里的爱尔兰护照,看到了两个熟悉的、近来犹显珍贵的金色单词:英语“European Union”和爱尔兰语“An tAontas Eorpach”(皆为“欧盟”的意思。——译注)。It was the day after news broke that Britain had voted to leave the European Union.那是英国投票决定退出欧盟的第二天。Just two generations ago, two European families — one Anglo-Irish, one German-Swedish — were at war with each other, literally.就在两个世代之前,两个欧洲家庭——一个是英格兰人和爱尔兰人的组合,另一个则是德国人和瑞典人的组合——还处在真刀真的交战状态。As my father tells it, his father was the captain of a British Navy minesweeper in World War II, a job that required finding and blowing up mines laid by the navy of the Third Reich to disrupt shipments of war supplies from the ed States to Britain. He survived.我父亲告诉我,二战期间,他的父亲是英国海军一艘扫雷艇的船长。他的任务是找到并引爆第三帝国(Third Reich)海军布设的水雷,保障从美国到英国的军需物资运输路线畅通。他最终保住了性命。My other grandfather was part of Germany’s industrial war effort, as the director of its biggest ball-bearings factory. His brother, my Onkel Egon, returned — alive — from the Battle of Stalingrad after driving a truck back to Germany with a small band of Wehrmacht survivors, one of them tied down, raving.我的外祖父参与了德国的战时工业动员,是德国最大的滚珠轴承厂的主管。他的哥哥,也就是我的伯公埃贡(Egon),活着从斯大林格勒战役(Battle of Stalingrad)的战场回到了家。他是开着一辆卡车回到德国的,和他同行的是一小队国防军(Wehrmacht)幸存者,其中一人是被绑着的,在胡言乱语。When my sister, brother and I were children, Onkel Egon was a curiosity to us because his wife, Tante Erika, drove him everywhere. Later we found out he had refused to touch a steering wheel for the rest of his life.当我们兄几人都还是小孩子的时候,埃贡伯公对我们来说是一个迷,因为不管他去哪里,都是他妻子坦特·埃丽卡(Tante Erika)开车送他去。后来我们才知道,他余生都拒绝摸方向盘。Add some French ancestry and there I was, a Pan-European like many others. As I looked at my passport in the line, I felt a surge of sadness that Britain might be leaving the “community of values” — of tolerance, transparency and democracy — that German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks about.再加上一点法国血统,便有了我,一个和其他很多人一样的泛欧洲人。一边排队一边看着护照时,我心头涌起一股悲伤,因为英国可能将退出德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)所说的那个崇尚包容、透明和民主的“价值共同体”。Born overseas and having lived most of my life in undemocratic or authoritarian societies, I see Europe as a place that contributes progressive social policies, excellent scholarship, the rule of law and, by and large, responsible political behavior to the world, qualities that people living in it perhaps don’t value as much as people living outside it.我出生在国外,且大多数时候都生活在非民主或威权主义社会,在我看来,欧洲为全世界贡献了进步的社会政策、杰出的学术研究、法治以及总的来说称得上心系世界的政治行为。对于这些品质,生活在欧洲的人可能不像欧洲以外的人那么在意。As I made my way from Beijing to Munich to see my family, I talked with Europeans about “Brexit.” A flight attendant for a Swiss airline, an older German man returning from Portugal and a young German academic from Nuremberg expressed bewilderment. They said it was a pity.在从北京去慕尼黑探望家人的路上,我和几个欧洲人谈起了“英国退出欧盟”(Brexit)。一位瑞士航空公司的空乘、一位从葡萄牙回国的德国老人和一位来自纽伦堡的年轻德国学者表达了他们的困惑。他们说太遗憾了。In Munich, my friends and relatives shared the surprise and disappointment. They were puzzled why so many in Britain would choose a harder path in life, outside the common market.在慕尼黑,我的朋友和亲戚也都感到很吃惊,很失望。他们不明白英国为什么有那么多人愿意选择脱离共同市场,走上一条更艰难的道路。If “Brexit” were to happen — several believed it wouldn’t — they would miss Britain’s quirky culture, its English-language presence in the bloc and its heft within the union as a (hitherto) rational ally for Germany in Brussels, they said.他们说,如果“英国退出欧盟”真的成为现实——有几个人认为不会——他们会怀念英国那怪兮兮的文化、英语在欧盟的影响力以及(迄今为止)作为德国在布鲁塞尔的理性盟友的地位。They hoped that Germany would not go the same route.他们希望德国不要步英国的后尘。“Our economy is doing so well now, and we still have people who think the same way,” a friend said, referring to “Brexit”-style critics of the European Union in Germany, like the right-wing populist Alternative für Deutschland party. “I shudder to think what would happen if things got tough.” “我们现在的经济形势非常好,但依然有人有这样的想法,”一个朋友说,他指的是德国国内持“英国退出欧盟”、对欧盟持批评态度的人,如右翼民粹主义政党德国另类选择党(Alternative für Deutschland)。“我很担心一旦形势恶化,这种事会发生。”Yet a taxi driver from the Steiermark (an Austrian state near Slovenia) who lives and works in Munich praised the vote, saying all European countries should do the same.但一名来自施泰尔马克州(奥地利接近斯诺文尼亚的一个州)、如今在慕尼黑生活和工作的出租车司机却对投票大加赞赏,称所有欧洲国家都应该这么做。Switzerland was the model for everyone, he said, complaining about “foreigners” who got the same rights as “natives.” He wasn’t referring to Syrians and others fleeing war or poverty who are arriving in Europe in large numbers — he meant people from other European nations.瑞士是所有人的榜样,他一边说,一边抱怨“外国人”享有和“本地人”一样的权利。他指的不是为了摆脱战争或贫困而来到欧洲的大量叙利亚人或其他人,而是来自其他欧洲国家的人。“You’re Austrian,” I said. “Aren’t you a foreigner, too?” He was silent.“你是奥地利人,”我说。“你不也是外国人吗?”他沉默了。I asked why he disliked the European Union. “They have so many rules for everything,” he said. An example? “I can’t think of any now,” he admitted.我问他为什么不喜欢欧盟。“他们什么事情都有好多规矩,”他说。比如?“我一时想不起来,”他承认说。In China, incomprehension has been a common reaction to the vote, as people mull why Britain would abandon such a deal and how a democracy might not deliver what is in a nation’s best interests.在中国,对这次投票的普遍反应是不理解。人们不明白英国为什么要放弃这样的待遇,一个民主国家为何不能做出符合国家最大利益的选择。If Britain leaves, Ireland and Malta will be the only two English-speaking nations in the bloc. Their numbers could swell a little, as some Britons with Irish ancestry apply for Irish passports, including students and parents at my son’s British international school in Beijing.如果英国退出欧盟,爱尔兰和马耳他将是欧盟内部仅有的两个说英语的国家。这两国家的人数可能会增加一些,因为一些有爱尔兰血统的英国人正在申请爱尔兰护照,包括我儿子在北京就读的英国国际学校的学生和家长。As I traveled back to China on Saturday, I looked at the passport in my hand and thought of my two grandfathers whose warring families became one peaceful one, and was glad for those gold letters spelling out “European Union.”周六回中国时,看着手里的护照,我想起了祖父和外祖父——曾经交战的两个家庭,结成了一个和睦的大家庭,而那些金色字母拼出的“欧盟”字样,让我心感宽慰。 /201607/452645Should the Chinese people learn to appreciate the helpfrom other countries?中国应该学会感激他国的帮助吗?My observation of thenationalism of the Chinese people is that, they think the nation is a greatcountry now, and they attribute the achievements to Mao Zedong’s leadership,Deng Xiaoping’s reformation, as well as the rule of the communist party. On theother hand, whenever mentioning other countries.. they talk about thehumiliation in the history, such as the burn down of the Qing Summer Palace(Yuan2 Ming2 Yuan2).据我观察,中国人的民族主义情绪是这个样子的:他们认为中国现在是个伟大的国家,把成功归功于毛泽东的领导,邓小平的改革,T·G的治理。另一方面,无论何时他们谈论其他国家的时候,总是讨论他们历史上被羞辱,比如圆明园被烧毁这些。In fact there were numerous helps to China from other countries. In 1945, USAand USSR fought Japan to make it unconditional surrender. During 1950s, USSRhelped China on economic recovery and industrialization. Most of the importantindustries were built with the technologies from USSR. USSR also helped Chinain making its nuclear bomb in the earlier phase until USSR later changed itsmind. China did never mention that many of its nuclear professionals wereeducated in the USA and they were the critical contributors of the capabilityto have the bomb in 1964. Later on, during the Sino-Soviet border conflict in1969, USA warned USSR not to use its atomic bomb to China that may have changedthe USSR decision to invade China. After 1978 China started the economicreformation and 1979 Deng Xiaoping visited USA, all major western countriesinvested in China with a giant amount of money and technology. Even Japan madea significant contribution to China’s development. After 1989 event, most ofthe western countries froze theeconomic assistance to China, but Japanrestarted its cooperation with China very soon. Within the recent 20 years,China has learned almost all advanced technology from USA and other countries.It is to happen only with the help of hundreds of thousands foreign Universitytrained experts, many of them are originally Chinese, but many are justforeigners who went China to help Chinese people sincerely.事实其他国家帮了中国很多,1945年美苏攻打日本,日本无条件投降。50年代,苏联帮助中国的经济和工业复苏。大部分的工业是基于苏联技术建设的。苏联最初还还帮助中国制造核弹,直到苏联改变主意。中国从未提到过,他们很多和专家是在美国接受教育的,而这些专家为中国在1964年拥核起到了关键的作用。在1969年中苏边境冲突期间,美国警告苏联不许对中国使用核武器,这也许改变了苏联意图侵略中国的企图。1978年后中国开始改革开放,邓小平访美,所有的西方主要国家都对中国进行了大量金钱和科技的投资。甚至日本也对中国的发展做出的重要贡献。89事件后,大部分西方国家冻结了对中国的援助,但日本之后很快重启了与中国的合作。在最近20年内,中国从美国和其他国家那里学习了几乎所有的先进科技。这些事成百上千的外国大学专家帮助下才实现的,他们许多人原本是中国人,但是其实他们是外国人,他们到中国真诚的帮助中国人民。For an individual, if you want to have friends, you need to know how toappreciate their help when you were in hard time. You cannot just take it asgranted, or just take advantage from your friends and then throw them away likeold shoes. Don’t you think it works the same way for a country? How could theChinese people understand this issue?对于个人而言,如果你想交朋友,在你困难时候得到帮助,你要懂得如何感激他们。你不能只觉得这是理所当然的,或者从朋友那里占到便宜后就把他们像扔破鞋一样甩到一边。难道你们不觉得对于国家来说也应该是一样的吗?中国人如何才能理解这个问题。 /201701/487108重庆医科大学附属第二医院无精子症治疗

大坪医院不孕The first night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday was, rightly, not about the clothes: It was about trying to unify the party, rise above the opponent and so on, as many of my colleagues have described. Which is not to say it lacked a fashion statement or two.民主党全国代表大会周一召开的首晚,装没有上议事日程,正该如此。大会是关于试图建立党内统一、超越对手等议题的,正如我的许多同事所描述的那样。但这并不是说,大会上没有发出一两个时尚宣言。The loudest may have come early in the evening, courtesy of a starring the economist Austan Goolsbee and the actor Ken Jeong in which Mr. Goolsbee reveals to Mr. Jeong that most of the Donald Trump-branded clothing line is not Made in the U.S.A., but rather in Bangladesh, China, Mexico and other countries (facts that seem to undermine Mr. Trump’s assertion of America First but also seem to have had no impact on his supporters). But the most pointed came, not surprisingly, from Michelle Obama.承蒙一个视频,最响亮的宣言可能是当晚早些时候发出的,该视频由经济学教授奥斯坦·古尔斯比(Austan Goolsbee)和演员郑肯(Ken Jeong)主演,古尔斯比在视频中对郑肯说,大部分唐纳德·特朗普品牌的装不是美国制造,而是孟加拉国、中国、墨西哥和其他国家制造的(这些事实似乎有损特朗普的美国第一的说法,但似乎对他的持者们没有影响)。但最刻意的宣言来自米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama),这并不奇怪。Not that you would have known it at first. Like her speech, in which she castigated Mr. Trump without ever saying his name, her dress spoke volumes while appearing, at first glance, to be entirely subdued.这并不是说你会在一开始就注意到了。米歇尔·奥巴马在演讲中斥责了特朗普,但并没有提他的名字,与她的演讲一样,她的着装含义深刻,但初看起来,似乎一点特色也没有。Cobalt blue silk crepe, with cap sleeves, a flared skirt and a neat waist, it was by the designer Christian Siriano, and it pretty much matched the backdrop, playing down Mrs. Obama’s appearance and playing to the patriotic theme, especially when contrasted with the bright red jacket that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts wore during her speech.她的裙装出自设计师克里斯蒂安·西里亚诺(Christian Siriano)之手,钴蓝色的丝绸绉纱、盖肩的短袖、喇叭裙,以及紧凑的腰围,颜色几乎与背景相匹配,这使米歇尔的出场不那么重要,迎合了爱国的主题,尤其是在与马萨诸塞州参议员伊丽莎白·沃伦穿的鲜红色外套相比之下。But the simplicity and the color were just the beginning. See, Mr. Siriano is a former reality TV star — the only designer to really have emerged from the television show “Project Runway” (he won the fourth season competition) and carved out a place on the New York Fashion Week scene.但是,简单的设计和颜色的选择仅仅是开始。要知道,西里亚诺是前真人秀明星,是从电视节目《天桥骄子》(Project Runway)(他在该节目的第四季中胜出)真正走出来的唯一设计师,并在纽约时装周(New York Fashion Week)上谋得了一席之地。But unlike another reality TV star, Mr. Siriano has built his career on being inclusive: on catering to women regardless of size or age.但是,与其他真人秀明星不同,西里亚诺的职业生涯是建立在包容之上的:他为不同年龄和身材的女性设计装。Most recently, he was, for example, the designer who stepped forward (via Instagram) when Leslie Jones, the late-40-something six-foot-tall star of the movie remake “Ghostbusters,” complained that no designer wanted to dress her, making a custom off-the-shoulder red gown for her premiere that became something of an internet moment. He also has a collaboration with the plus-size store Lane Bryant, for which he held a runway show at the ed Nations this year, and has dressed other celebrities, including Kate Hudson and Zendaya.最近的一个例子是,当出演翻拍版的《捉鬼敢死队》(Ghostbusters)的40好几、身高1米8有余的演员莱斯利·琼斯(Leslie Jones)抱怨说,没有愿意为她配置装的设计师时,西里亚诺(通过Instagram)挺身而出,为她出席首映式定制了露肩红色礼,在互联网上引起了一时的轰动。他还与大尺码装店莱恩·布赖恩特(Lane Bryant)有合作,并为这个合作今年在联合国举办的一个时装秀,他还为凯特·哈德森(Kate Hudson)和赞达亚(Zendaya)等名人设计过装。“I just don’t think anyone should be excluded from having a beautiful dress,” he said to me when we were talking about the Jones brouhaha, and why he had volunteered to play fairy godfather.我们谈起琼斯的礼引起的骚动、以及他为什么自告奋勇地担当了童话救星时,他对我说,“我不只是认为,任何人都不该被排除在能穿漂亮裙装之外。”Lest you think Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe choice was just happenstance, however, know that the convention appearance was only the second time she has worn Mr. Siriano; the first time was this month, at the funeral for the police officers killed in Dallas.但是,免得你认为奥巴马夫人的着装选择只是偶然,你须知,她这次出席大会穿的只是她第二次穿西里亚诺的设计;第一次是在本月参加达拉斯被杀警察的葬礼时。Throughout her time in the White House, the first lady has made something of a secondary cause out of supporting new, independent American designers, and choosing her clothes not only because she likes them but because their back story has a certain resonance that goes beyond the aesthetic. Monday night was no different. Fashion is not known for its embrace of togetherness (more for its exclusion). But Mr. Siriano is.在白宫做第一夫人期间,奥巴马夫人把持新的、独立的美国设计师差不多当成了一件次要事业来做,她选择装不仅是因为她喜欢它们,而是因为其背后的故事有某种超出美感的共鸣。周一晚上的选择也是如此。时装不以其接受团结友爱而闻名(更多地是为了排他)。但西里亚诺是例外。Think that’s just a coincidence?还认为米歇尔的着装选择只是偶然吗? /201607/456740沙坪坝输卵管不通会怀孕吗 Donald Trump’s attempt to reboot his campaign appeared to be stalling yesterday as polls showed the gap with Hillary Clinton widening and as a fresh controversy on the campaign trail provoked alarm among Republican leaders.随着民调显示唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)与希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)之间的持率差距扩大,以及竞选拉票过程中的新争议引发共和党(Republican)领导人震惊,特朗普重振竞选势头的企图昨日似乎一筹莫展。Mrs Clinton’s lead is 7.7 points, according to a compilation of national polling by RealClearPolitics, reversing the polling advantage Mr Trump had as recently as late July. One survey by Ipsos/Reuters survey showed 19 per cent of Republicans wanted him to quit the campaign. Another revealed the property baron to be falling badly behind in Pennsylvania.根据RealClearPolitics网站对全国民调的统计结果,希拉里的持率领先7.7点,逆转了特朗普7月下旬还具有的民调优势。一项由益普索(Ipsos)和路透(Reuters)开展的调查显示,19%的共和党人希望特朗普退出竞选。另一项调查显示,这位地产富豪在宾夕法尼亚州的持率大大落后。Alarm was heightened on Tuesday night after Mr Trump made comments that prompted accusations of inciting violence against his opponent.周二晚上,人们的震惊进一步加剧,原因是特朗普发表的言论,引发了有关他煽动针对对手的暴力活动的指控。Speaking in Wilmington, North Carolina, Mr Trump suggested that supporters of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, might be able to stop Mrs Clinton from appointing liberal justices to the Supreme Court.在北卡罗莱纳州的威明顿市发表讲话时,特朗普曾暗示宪法第二修正案(Second Amendment)的持者(即持权的持者),也许能够阻止希拉里将自由派法官任命为美国最高法院(Supreme Court)法官。“Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment,” he told the crowd. “If she gets to pick her judges, [there is] nothing you can do folks. Although [for] the Second Amendment people maybe there is. I don’t know. But I tell you what, that will be a horrible day if Hillary gets to put her judges [in].”他向人群表示:“希拉里想要废除——实质上废除——第二修正案。如果由她来任命法官,伙计们,你们就什么都做不了了。尽管对持第二修正案的人来说,也许还能做点什么。我不知道。但我可以告诉你们,如果希拉里有机会任命她的法官,那将是可怕的一天。”The comments distracted from Mr Trump’s attempt on Monday to regain the initiative by unveiling a more substantive economic platform, and drew criticism from both sides of the aisle.周一,特朗普曾试图通过公布更具实质性的经济竞选纲领重获主动,但上述言论起到了转移人们注意力的反作用,并招致了两党人士的批评。Michael Hayden, a head of the CIA under George W Bush and Barack Obama, told CNN: “If someone else had said that outside the hall, he’d be in the back of the police wagon now with Secret Service questioning him.”曾在乔治#8226;W#8226;布什(George W Bush)和巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)任内执掌中央情报局(CIA)的迈克尔#8226;海登(Michael Hayden)向美国有线新闻网(CNN)表示:“如果是其他人在会场外这么说,他现在会在警车后座,接受特勤局(Secret Service)的盘问。”The Secret Service tweeted that it was “aware” of Mr Trump’s remarks.美国特勤局在Twitter网站上发消息称,已“注意到”特朗普的言论。 /201608/460139重庆爱德华综合医院男科大夫

重庆人民医院做结扎复通 Narendra Modi lashed out at Pakistan yesterday for “glorifying violence” and expressed support for disgruntled residents of troubled Pakistani regions, amid a rise in tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours.印度和巴基斯坦这两个拥有核武的邻国之间的紧张升级,昨日纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)抨击巴基斯坦“美化暴力”,并对巴基斯坦混乱地区心怀不满的居民表示持。The Indian prime minister’s comments are the latest salvo in a fierce war of words between New Delhi and Islamabad over Kashmir. Tension erupted last month along with violent protests in the Muslim-majority Indian province, where 44,000 civilians, insurgents and troops have been killed since a separatist insurgency started in 1988.印度总理的言论是新德里和伊斯兰堡就克什米尔发生的激烈言语交锋中的最新“炮轰”。上个月,这个穆斯林占多数的印度邦发生暴力抗议,进而引发紧张态势。一场始于1988年的分裂叛乱已让这个地区共4.4万平民、叛乱分子和士兵丧生。The mention of restive Pakistani regions also reflects New Delhi’s growing unease over Chinese plans for bn worth of infrastructure projects in Pakistan, including in disputed parts of Kashmir now held by Islamabad but which India claims as its own.新德里方面提到动荡的巴基斯坦地区,也反映出中国对巴基斯坦的460亿美元基础设施投资计划让印度日益不安。该计划包含一些位于克什米尔争议区域的项目,这些区域目前由巴基斯坦控制,但印度主张是本国领土。Indian-administered Kashmir has been under a protracted curfew for weeks, as security forces respond to violent clashes that have killed 58 people and left scores of young Kashmiris blinded by Indian pellet guns.印控克什米尔数周来一直实施宵禁,治安部队对暴力冲突做出回应,这些冲突已导致58人丧生、数十名克什米尔青年被印度弹丸致盲。Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s prime minister, declared last month that he was waiting for the day when all of Kashmir — over which India and Pakistan have fought four wars, most recently in 1999 — would be part of Pakistan. Sushma Swaraj, India’s foreign minister, slammed the comment, insisting the “dream of ‘Kashmir becoming Pakistan’ will not be realised even at the end of eternity”.巴基斯坦总理纳瓦兹#8226;谢里夫(Nawaz Sharif)上月宣告,他在等待克什米尔完全划入巴基斯坦版图的一天的到来。印度和巴基斯坦已经因克什米尔爆发4场战争,最近的一次是在1999年。印度外长苏希玛#8226;史瓦拉吉(Sushma Swaraj)猛烈抨击这一,坚称“即使等到天荒地老,‘克什米尔变成巴基斯坦’的幻想也不会实现”。As India and Pakistan — born when Britain ended its rule of the subcontinent 69 years ago — marked their respective independence days, Kashmiri unrest overshadowed the proceedings.在印度和巴基斯坦纪念各自的独立日(两国都是在69年前英国结束对南亚次大陆统治之时诞生的独立国家)之时,克什米尔的骚乱给这些纪念活动蒙上了一层阴影。Mamnoon Hussain, Pakistan’s president, said in a speech that “Pakistan cannot forget the Kashmiris on this occasion, and will continue supporting them for their just struggle to self-determination”.巴基斯坦总统马姆努恩#8226;侯赛因(Mamnoon Hussain)在讲话中说,“巴基斯坦不能在这样的场合忘记克什米尔人,并且将继续持他们为自决进行正义斗争的行为。”But speaking at New Delhi’s Red Fort afterwards, Mr Modi issued a thinly veiled warning to Islamabad not to meddle in Kashmir and referred to popular discontent in Pakistan’s Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltistan provinces.但莫迪随后在新德里红堡(Red Fort)发表的讲话中,对伊斯兰堡进行了几乎不加掩饰的警告,要求其不要插手克什米尔事务,并提及巴基斯坦俾路省(Baluchistan)和吉尔吉特-巴尔蒂斯坦省(Gilgit-Baltistan)的民众不满情绪。These regions are all due to host huge infrastructure projects as part of China’s ambitious “One Belt, One Road” project, which aims to give China direct access to the Arabian Sea. But Baluchistan, where the Chinese-built Gwadar Port is located, has a long-running separatist movement, while in Gilgit there have been large protests recently against Pakistan’s security forces.这些地区都将成为中国雄心勃勃的“一带一路”(One Belt, One Road)计划中一些大型基建项目的所在地。“一带一路”计划旨在让中国拥有直通阿拉伯海的途径。但中国修建的瓜达尔港(Gwadar port)所在的俾路省有长期分裂运动,吉尔吉特省最近则爆发了针对巴基斯坦治安部队的大规模抗议。 /201608/461292重庆医院有微创手术吗大渡口哪个医院可以做孕前检查



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