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重庆市肿瘤医院宫腔镜手术费用重庆儿童医院预约四维彩超Fish Soup with Pebbles卵石鲜鱼汤According to legend, the famous Blang dish, Fish Soup with Pebbles, was created by some Blang fishermen in the wild. The story goes that, everyday Blang fishermen had to travel a long distance to catch fish in the river far away. After catching the fish, the fishermen, usually so hungry for food, would cook the fish beside the river with extremely limited ingredients—the fresh fish just caught and a bit of salt they carried. They dug a pit on the bank and laid several layers of Japanese banana leaves over the bottom, using it as a pot. After filling it with water, they put the fish inside and began to cook the fish soup, with the water heated not by fire, but by the hot-burnt pebbles they put one by one between the leaves. Before long the redolence mixed with the flavor of the fish soup and roasted pebbles prevailed along the river. Magically, the soup was no less palatable even cooked without using a pot or other common ingredients such as edible oil, onion, ginger or garlic, etc.布朗族名菜“卵石鲜鱼汤”,相传是渔民在野外抓到鱼后,又馋又饿,除了当场捉到的活鱼和随身携带的一点盐巴外,他们不用任何佐料。只要在沙滩上刨一个坑,在坑内铺上几层芭蕉叶代替铁锅,然后装上清水和鲜鱼,将河中卵石取来放在火塘内烧红,再将烧红的卵石一个接一个地投入装有清水和鲜鱼的芭蕉叶内,于是不用锅不用油的鲜鱼汤便这样烧成了。这种鱼汤味道鲜,而且有烧石的香味。 /201505/377236重庆子宫内膜息肉手术费用多少钱 Sonny:Hi,Gramps.桑尼:爷爷您好。Gramps: Hi Sonny…What did you learn in school today?爷爷:嗨今天在学校学了什么?Sonny: That laughter can add many years to your life!桑尼:笑声可以给你更长寿!Sonny: Where’re you goin’ Gramps?桑尼:你到哪里去你呢,爷爷?Gramps: To burn all my joke books爷爷:烧了我所有的笑话书 /201507/383895Google has invested in taxi firms, smart thermostats and even artificial intelligence but it is also setting its sights on immortality - or at least increasing our lives five-fold。谷歌的投资项目不但囊括出租车公司、智能恒温器甚至人工智能程序,他们还开始研究“长生不老”,或者说,如何能让我们的寿命至少延长五倍。In an interview with Bloomberg, Google Ventures#39; president Bill Maris said he thinks it#39;s possible to live to 500 years old。谷歌风投的执行董事比尔·马里斯在接受彭通讯社的采访时说:“人类是有可能活到500岁的。”And this will be helped by medical breakthroughs as well as a rise in biomechanics。这一目标的实现将借助于医学方面的突破和生物力学的崛起。He has aly ploughed money into genetics firms and cancer diagnostic startups and said: #39;We have the tools in the life sciences to achieve anything that you have the audacity to envision. I just hope to live long enough not to die.#39;马里斯已经投资了研究基因遗传的公司和肿瘤诊断公司,他说:“我们能通过生命科学的方法实现任何你能想象到的事情。我只希望能活得更久,不想死去。”Mr Maris founded Google Ventures in 2009 and oversees all of the fund’s global activities。2009年,马里斯建立了谷歌风投,并监管着全球的投资活动。He studied neuroscience at Middlebury College and conducted neurobiology research at Duke University。马里斯曾在米德尔伯利学院学习神经科学专业,并在杜克大学进行神经生物学研究。Elsewhere he has advised Aurolab in the development of a hydrophobic acrylic lens for cataract blindness, and helped develop Google’s Calico project。马里斯还在Aurolab公司为白内障盲开发防水丙烯酸眼球水晶体的过程中提供建议,同时推动谷歌Calico项目的发展。Calico is a research and development company set up in 2013 by Google and Apple to tackle #39;ageing and associated diseases.#39;2013年,谷歌和苹果公司建立了Calico研究与开发公司,致力于研究“衰老与相关疾病”。Google co-founder Larry Page said the project would focus on #39;health, wellbeing and longevity#39; and last September Calico partnered with AbbVie to open a research centre into neurodegeneration and cancer。谷歌的共同创始人拉里·佩奇 说,这个项目专注于“健康、幸福与长寿”。去年9月,Calico与艾维公司合作开办了一个神经退化与癌症研究中心。Although these firms are focused on extending life naturally, there is also a group that believes machines will be the key to extending out lives beyond 120 - an age that has been ed as the #39;real absolute limit to human lifespan#39;。这些公司专注于用自然的方式延长人类寿命,但还有一群人相信机械是将寿命延长至120岁以上的关键,因为120岁可以说是“人类最长寿命的绝对极限”。Google#39;s director of engineering, and colleague of Mr Maris, Ray Kurzweil has previously said that in just over 30 years humans will be able to upload their entire minds to computers and become digitally immortal - an event called singularity。谷歌技术总监雷·库兹韦尔曾预言,在未来30年,人类能够把他们的大脑上传至电脑从而实现永生,这个过程称为“奇点”。At the Global Futures 2045 International Congress in New York last year, Mr Kurzweil claimed that the biological parts of our body will be replaced with mechanical parts and this could happen as early as 2100.去年,在纽约举行的全球未来2045国际会议上,库兹韦尔称,最快在2100年,机械肢体将代替人类的生物肢体。 /201503/363759重庆市第八人民医院输卵管通液

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重庆做人流手术哪个医院安全The year’s notable fiction, poetry and nonfiction, selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.本年度值得关注的虚构文学、诗歌和非虚构作品,由《纽约时报》书评版编辑评选。FICTION amp; POETRY虚构与诗歌类ALL OUR NAMES. By Dinaw Mengestu. (Knopf, .95.) With great sadness and much hard truth, Mengestu’s novel looks at a relationship of shared dependencies between a Midwestern social worker and a bereft African immigrant.《我们所有的名字》(All Our Names)。迪瑙·曼格斯图(Dinaw Mengstu)著,克诺普夫出版社(Knopf),25.95美元。曼格斯图的小说带着深深的悲伤和艰难的真相,审视了一个美国中西部的社工与一个失去亲人的非洲移民之间相互依赖的关系。ALL THE BIRDS, SINGING. By Evie Wyld. (Pantheon, .95.) Wyld’s emotionally wrenching novel traces a solitary sheep farmer’s attempt to outrun her past on a remote British island.《所有的鸟儿,歌唱》(All the Birds, Singing)。伊维·韦尔德(Evie Wyld)著。万神殿出版社(Pantheon),24.95美元。韦尔德的小说充满痛苦情感,讲述了一个在偏僻的英国岛屿上隐居的牧羊女人如何试图走出过去。ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE. By Anthony Doerr. (Scribner, .) The paths of a blind French girl and an orphaned German boy converge in this novel, set around the time of World War II.《我们看不到的所有光明》(All the Light We Cannot See),安东尼·多伊尔(Anthony Doerr)著。斯克里布纳出版社(Scribner),27美元。这部小说以“二战”为背景,一个失明法国女孩与一个德国孤儿的人生道路交汇在一起。AMERICAN INNOVATIONS. By Rivka Galchen. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Most of these stories offer variations on a particular sort of woman: in her 30s, urban, emotionally adrift.《美国创新》(American Innovations)。里弗卡·格钦(Rivka Galchen)著。法拉,施特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社(Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux),24美元。书中的大部分短篇小说对30多岁、情感上茫然无措的都市女人做了各种描述。THE ASSASSINATION OF MARGARET THATCHER: Stories. By Hilary Mantel. (John Macrae/Holt, .) One has the sense that Mantel is working with some complex private material in these suavely stylish, vastly entertaining contemporary fables.《暗杀玛格丽特·撒切尔:短篇小说集》(The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher: Stories)。希拉里·曼特尔(Hilary Mantel)著。约翰·马克拉伊/霍尔特出版社(John Macrae/Holt),27美元。曼特尔用老练的独特风格创作了这些非常有趣的当代寓言,让人感觉她是在处理一些复杂的私密素材。THE BALLAD OF A SMALL PLAYER. By Lawrence Osborne. (Hogarth, .) In Osborne’s feverish novel, the playing is done on the gambling tables of Macau by a tortured embezzler on the run.《小角色之歌》(The Ballad of a Small Player)。劳伦斯·奥斯本(Lawrence Osborne)著。贺加斯出版社(Hogarth),25美元。这是奥斯本最狂热的小说,游戏在的赌桌上发生,主角是一个内心痛苦的在逃贪污犯。BARK: Stories. By Lorrie Moore. (Knopf, .95.) The uncrowded format of Moore’s first collection in 16 years allows each story the chance it deserves for leisurely appreciation, and lets the er savor just what makes her work unique.《吠叫:短篇小说集》(Bark: Stories)。洛里·尔(Lorrie Moore)著。克诺普夫出版社,24.95美元。这是尔16年来的第一部小说选集,松散的版式令读者可以从容不迫地欣赏每个好故事,从中品味到她的独特之处。THE BLAZING WORLD. By Siri Hust#173;vedt. (Simon amp; Schuster, .) Hustvedt’s multifaceted novel is a portrait of a creative titan whose career and reputation have seemingly been blighted by the art establishment’s ingrained sexism.《燃灼的世界》(The Blazing World)。西里·哈斯特韦德特(Siri Hustvedt) 著。西蒙与舒斯特出版社(Simon amp; Schuster),26美元。哈斯特韦德特的小说具有多重层次,描述了一位创意大师的事业生涯与声誉如何被艺术界根深蒂固的男性至上主义所毁灭。THE BONE CLOCKS. By David Mitchell. (Random House, .) In this latest head-#173;spinning flight into other dimensions from the author of “Cloud Atlas,” all borders between pubby England and the machinations of the undead begin to blur.《骨钟》(The Bone Clocks)。大卫·米歇尔(David Mitchell) 著。兰登书屋出版社(Random House),30美元。《云图》(Cloud Atlas)作者的最新小说,它令人晕眩地在异空间飞行,熟悉的英格兰与亡灵的阴谋世界之间的界限开始模糊。THE BOOK OF STRANGE NEW THINGS. By Michel Faber. (Hogarth, .) Faber is a master of the weird; in his defiantly unclassifiable novel, a pastor from Earth is picked to satisfy an alien planet’s mysterious yen for religious instruction.《奇异新事之书》(The Book of Strange New Things)。米凯尔·法伯(Michel Faber) 著。贺加斯出版社,28美元。法伯是描写怪异事物的大师。在这部大胆而难以归类的小说中,一位来自地球的牧师被选中,满足外星对信仰教诲的神秘渴望。THE BOOK OF UNKNOWN AMERICANS. By Cristina Henríquez. (Knopf, .95.) Latino immigrant characters face the challenges of assimilation.《无名美国人之书》(The Book of Unknown Americans)。克里斯蒂娜·亨利奎兹(Cristina Henríquez) 著。克诺普夫出版社,24.95美元。书中的拉丁美裔移民面临被同化的挑战。BOY, SNOW, BIRD. By Helen Oyeyemi. (Riverhead, .95.) Taking “Snow White” as a cultural touchstone, Oyeyemi’s novel offers up a cautionary tale on post-race ideology, racial limbos and the politics of passing.《男孩,雪,鸟儿》(Boy, Snow, Bird)。海伦·奥伊尔耶米(Helen Oyeyemi) 著。里弗黑德出版社(Riverhead),27.95美元。奥伊尔耶米的小说把《白雪公主》作为文化标准,讲述了一个关于后种族意识形态、种族不稳定状态与有色人种获得主流认同政治的警示故事。A BRIEF HISTORY OF SEVEN KILLINGS. By Marlon James. (Riverhead, .95.) Revolving around the assassination attempt on Bob Marley in 1976, this mesmerizingly powerful novel addresses politics, class, race and violence in #173;Jamaica.《七次谋杀简史》(A Brief History of Seven Killings)。马龙·詹姆斯(Marlon James) 著。里弗黑德出版社,28.95美元。这本轻快有力的小说围绕着1976年针对鲍勃·马利的谋杀尝试进行,涉及牙买加的政治、阶级、种族与暴力。CAN’T AND WON’T. By Lydia Davis. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) In Davis’s stories, the mundane and the fathomless appear together on the same street, and calamity is always close at hand.《不能与不愿》(Can’t And Won’t)。莉迪亚·戴维斯(Lydia Davis) 著。法拉,施特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,26美元。在戴维斯的短篇小说中,世俗与神秘出现在同一条街上,灾难永远近在咫尺。THE COLD SONG. By Linn Ullmann. Translated by Barbara J. Haveland. (Other Press, paper, .95.) Ullmann’s novel of a guilt-ridden Norwegian family is set in motion by a nanny’s murder.《寒冷的歌》(The Cold Song)。林恩·厄尔曼(Linn Ullmann) 著。芭芭拉·J·哈弗兰德(Barbara J. Haveland)翻译。其他出版社(Other Press),平装,15.95美元。额尔曼的小说讲述了一个充满负疚感的挪威家庭卷入保姆谋杀事件。COLORLESS TSUKURU TAZAKI AND HIS YEARS OF PILGRIME. By Haruki Murakami. Translated by Philip Gabriel. (Knopf, .95.) A novel of a man’s traumatic entrance into adulthood and the shadowy passages he must then #173;negotiate.《没有色的多崎作和他的巡礼之年》(Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage)。村上春树著。菲利普·加布里埃尔(Philip Gabriel)翻译。克诺普夫出版社,25.95美元。关于一个男人进入成年期的创伤回忆以及他必须穿越的充满阴影的旅程。DEPT. OF SPECULATION. By Jenny Offill. (Knopf, .95.) Building its story from fragments, observations, meditations and different points of view, Offill’s cannily paced second novel charts the course of a marriage.《猜测部门》(DEPT. of Speculation)。詹尼·奥菲尔(Jenny Offill) 著。克诺普夫出版社,22.95美元。这是奥菲尔的第二部小说,在碎片、观察、思索与不同观点之上精心构建起他的故事,描述一段婚姻的过程。THE DOG. By Joseph O’Neill. (Pantheon, .95.) In O’Neill’s disturbing, elegant novel, his first since “Netherland,” a lost and tormented New York lawyer recognizes more darkness within himself than in the iniquitous place he works, Dubai.《》(The Dog)。约瑟夫·奥尼尔(Joseph O’Neill) 著。万神殿出版社,25.95美元。这是奥尼尔继《荷兰》(Netherland)之后推出的最新小说,令人不安,简洁优美,讲述一个迷惘而痛苦的纽约律师在险恶不公的迪拜工作后,发现内心深处比外部环境还要阴暗。EUPHORIA. By Lily King. (Atlantic Monthly, .) King’s novel turns an episode in the life of Margaret Mead into a taut tale of competing egos and desires in a landscape of exotic menace.《欣快》(Euphoria)。莉莉·金(Lily King) 著。大西洋月刊出版社(Atlantic Monthly),25美元。金的小说把玛格丽特·米德(Margaret Mead)人生中的一段插曲变为一个发生在具有危险性的异国风情之中、令人紧张不安的故事,它关乎相互竞争的人格与欲望。EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU. By Celeste Ng. (Penguin Press, .95.) In this novel, a tragedy tears away at a mixed-race family in 1970s Ohio.《我永远不会告诉你的一切》(Everything I Never Told You)。塞莱斯特·吴(Celeste Ng) 著。企鹅出版社(Penguin Press),26.95美元。这部小说讲述在20世纪70年代的俄亥俄州,一场悲剧是如何撕裂一个种族混合的家庭。F. By Daniel Kehlmann. Translated by Carol Brown Janeway. (Pantheon, .95.) Deserted by their enigmatic father, three brothers struggle with life in Kehlmann’s sly tragicomedy.《F》。丹尼尔·凯尔曼恩(Daniel Kehlmann) 著。卡罗尔·布朗·简维(Carol Brown Janeway)翻译。万神殿出版社,25.95美元。在凯尔曼恩这部狡黠的悲喜剧中,三兄弟被神秘的父亲抛弃,之后挣扎求生。FAITHFUL AND VIRTUOUS NIGHT. By Louise Glück. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) The poet’s latest collection responds with high art and startling presence to the vantage offered by mortality.《忠诚善良的夜晚》(Faithful and Virtuous Night)。路易斯·格里克(Louise Glück) 著。法拉,斯特劳斯与格鲁克斯出版社,23美元。这是诗人最新的选集,是以至高艺术与惊人的风度对死亡所带来的有利地位的回应。FAMILY LIFE. By Akhil Sharma. (Norton, .95.) Sharma’s novel, deeply unnerving and tender at the core, charts a young man’s struggles to grow within a family shattered by tragedy and disoriented by its move from India.《家庭生活》(Family Life)。阿克希尔·沙玛(Akhil Sharma) 著。诺顿出版社(Norton),23.95美元。沙玛的小说深刻、令人不安,本质上却非常温柔。描述了一个年轻男人努力在一个受悲剧打击、迷失方向的印度移民家庭家庭中成长。FOURTH OF JULY CREEK. By Smith Henderson. (Ecco/HarperCollins, .99.) In Henderson’s impressive novel, an overburdened social worker becomes involved with a near-feral boy and his survivalist father in 1980 Montana.《7月4日河》(Fourth of July Creek)。史密斯·亨德森(Smith Henderson) 著。艾克/哈珀-科林斯出版社(Ecco/Harper-Collins),26.99美元。亨德森这本感人的小说发生在1980年的蒙大拿,一个不堪重负的社工认识了一个近乎野蛮的男孩和他信奉生存主义的父亲。A GIRL IS A HALF-FORMED THING. By Eimear McBride. (Coffee House Press, .) An Irish writer’s odd, energetic first novel.《女孩是半成品》(A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing)。埃米尔·麦克布莱德(Eimear McBride) 著。咖啡屋出版社(Coffee House Press),24美元。一位爱尔兰作家奇异而充满活力的处女小说。I PITY THE POOR IMMIGRANT. By Zachary Lazar. (Little, Brown, .) Lazar’s brilliant novel of spiritual discovery features Meyer Lansky, an American journalist and an Israeli poet’s murder.《我同情那可怜的移民》(I Pity the Poor Immigrant)。扎卡里·拉扎尔(Zachary Lazar) 著。利特尔,布朗出版社(Little, Brown),25美元。拉扎尔精的小说讲述心灵发现的故事,其中有美国记者梅耶尔·兰斯基(Meyer Lansky)与一位以色列诗人被谋杀的故事。THE LAUGHING MONSTERS. By Denis Johnson. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Johnson’s cheerfully nihilistic novel about two scammers and rogue spies in Africa derives much of its situation from several of his early journalistic pieces.《大笑的怪物们》(The Laughing Monsters)。丹尼斯·约翰逊(Denis Johnson) 著。法拉,斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,25美元。约翰逊这本欢快的虚无主义小说讲述非洲的两个阴谋家兼无赖间谍的故事,大量环境描写来自他早期的新闻写作。LENA FINKLE’S MIC BARREL. Written and illustrated by Anya Ulinich. (Penguin, paper, .) Ulinich’s graphic novel traces the marital and romantic adventures of her immigrant heroine.《莉娜·芬克尔的魔法筒》(Lena Finkle’s Magic Barrel)。安雅·尤利尼奇(Anya Ulinich)创作并绘画。企鹅出版社,平装,17美元。尤利尼奇的绘本讲述她的移民女主角的婚姻和浪漫冒险。LET ME BE FRANK WITH YOU: A Frank Bascombe Book. By Richard Ford. (Ecco/Harper#173;Collins, .99.) In four linked stories, Ford’s aging Everyman surveys life after Hurricane Sandy batters New #173;Jersey.《让我对你老实说:弗兰克·巴斯康比之书》(Let Me Be Frank with You: A Frank Bascombe Book)。理查德·福特(Richard Ford) 著。艾克/哈珀-科林斯出版社,27.99美元。在书中四个相互关联的故事里,福特笔下痛苦的“普通人”研究经受桑迪飓风打击后的新泽西人的生活。LILA. By Marilynne Robinson. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) A young woman with a past of hardship and suffering makes a new start in Robinson’s fictional town of Gilead, Iowa.《莱拉》(Lila)。玛丽琳·罗宾逊(Marilynne Robinson) 著。法拉·斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,26美元。一个有着痛苦、艰辛过去的女人,在罗宾逊笔下虚构的爱荷华小镇吉里德重新开始生活。LOVERS AT THE CHAMELEON CLUB, PARIS 1932. By Francine Prose. (Harper, .99.) Prose, a subtle psychologist, has created a genuinely evil character in Lou Villars, a cross-dressing French racecar driver and Nazi collaborator.《变色龙俱乐部的恋人,1932年巴黎》(Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932)。弗朗辛·普洛斯(Francine Prose) 著。哈珀出版社(Harper),26.99美元。普洛斯是一个敏感的心理学家,其笔下的卢·维拉斯是法国异装赛车手与纳粹合作者,是个极为邪恶的人物。THE MICIAN’S LAND. By Lev Grossman. (Viking, .95.) In the strong final installment of a trilogy, an exiled magician attempts a risky heist.《魔术师之国》(The Magician’s Land)。列弗·格劳斯曼(Lev Grossman) 著。维京出版社(Viking),27.95美元。这是三部曲中强有力的最后一部,讲述一个流亡的魔术师尝试危险的盗窃活动。THE MOOR’S ACCOUNT. By Laila La#173;lami. (Pantheon, .95.) Estebanico, the first black explorer of America, narrates this fictional memoir.《荒野报告》(The Moor’s Account)。莱拉·拉-雷米(Laila La-lami)著。万神殿出版社,26.95美元。美国的首位黑人探险家伊斯特巴尼克讲述这部虚构的回忆录。MOTHERLAND FATHERLAND HOMELANDSEXUALS. By Patricia Lockwood. (Penguin Poets, paper, .) Lockwood offers a collection at once angrier, and more fun, more attuned to our time and more bizarre, than most poetry can ever get.《母国,父国,祖国的性别》(Motherland Fatherland Homeland Sexuals)。帕特里西亚·洛克伍德(Patricia Lockwood)著。企鹅诗歌出版社(Penguin Poets),平装,20美元。洛克伍德带来这样一本诗集,与大多数诗集相比更加愤怒、更有趣,更切合我们的时代,也更加奇异。MY STRUGGLE. Book 3: Boyhood. By Karl Ove Knausgaard. Translated by Don Bartlett. #173;(Archipelago, .) The third installment of Knausgaard’s Proustian six-volume autobiographical novel.《我的奋斗,第三卷:童年》(My Struggle Book 3: Boyhood)。卡尔·奥维·克瑙斯加德(Karl Ove Knausgaard)著。堂·巴特莱特(Don Bartlett)翻译。群岛出版社(Archipelago),27美元。这是克瑙斯加德的普鲁斯特式六卷本自传体小说中的第三部。THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH. By Richard Flanagan. (Knopf, .95.) A frail humanity survives the unspeakable in this novel of the Burma-#173;Thailand Railway of World War II.《通往深远北方的窄路》(The Narrow Road to the Deep North)。理查德·弗拉纳根(Richard Flanagan)著。克诺普夫出版社,26.95美元。在这部讲述“二战”期间修建缅甸-泰国铁路的小说中,脆弱的人性战胜了不可言说的苦难。NORA WEBSTER. By Colm Toibin. (Scribner, .) In Toibin’s luminous, elliptical novel, set in the late 1960s and early ’70s, an Irishwoman struggles toward independence after her husband’s unexpected death.《诺拉·韦伯斯特》(Nora Webster)。科尔姆·托宾(Colm Toibin)著。斯克里布纳出版社,27美元。托宾这部精而简洁的小说发生在20世纪60年代末70年代初,讲述一个爱尔兰女人在丈夫意外身亡后为独立而斗争的故事。PANIC IN A SUITCASE. By Yelena Akhtiorskaya. (Riverhead, .95.) As a Ukrainian family adapts to life in Brooklyn, old-country memories linger.《手提箱里的恐慌》(Panic in a Suitcase)。艾琳娜·艾克迪奥斯卡娅(Yelena Akhtiorskaya)著。里弗黑德出版社,27.95美元。一个乌克兰家庭适应布鲁克林生活,对祖国的回忆萦绕不去。THE PAYING GUESTS. By Sarah Waters. (Riverhead, .95.) Hard times, forbidden love, murder and justice are the themes of this nevertheless comic novel, set in London after World War I.《付费宾客》(The Paying Guests)。莎拉·沃特斯(Sarah Waters)著。里弗黑德出版社,28.95美元。艰苦的生活、禁忌之恋、谋杀与公正是这部小说的主题,不过它仍然是部喜剧,发生在“一战”后的伦敦。THE POETRY OF DEREK WALCOTT 1948-2013. Selected by Glyn Maxwell. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) Stroke by patient stroke, the poems in this largehearted and essential selection from Walcott, now 84, are the work of a painterly hand.《德里克·沃尔科特诗集,1948-2013》(The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013)。格林·麦克斯维尔选编(Glyn Maxwell)。法拉、斯特劳斯与吉鲁科斯出版社,40美元。这部雄心勃勃、不可或缺的精选集来自现年84岁的沃尔科特,是由艺术家之手一笔一笔描绘的杰作。REDEPLOYMENT. By Phil Klay. (Penguin Press, .95.) Twelve stories by a former Marine who served in Iraq capture on an intimate scale the ways in which the war there evoked a unique array of emotion, predicament and heartbreak.《重新部署》(Redeployment)。菲尔·克雷(Phil Klay)著。企鹅出版社,26.95美元。这本书中收录了这位前海军陆战队员的12部短篇小说。它以亲密的方式描述了伊拉克战争是如何引发了一种情感、困境与痛苦的排列组合。REMEMBER ME LIKE THIS. By Bret Anthony Johnston. (Random House, .) In Johnston’s skillful and enthralling debut novel, a family is reunited after an abducted son comes home.《这样回忆我》(Remember Me Like This)。布莱特·安东尼·约翰斯坦(Bret Anthony Johnston)著。兰登书屋出版社,26美元。在约翰斯坦这本技巧娴熟而迷人的处女小说中,被诱拐的儿子回家与家人重聚。A REPLACEMENT LIFE. By Boris Fishman. (Harper, .99.) In Fishman’s bold, ambitious and wickedly smart first novel, a Soviet émigré writer in New York becomes disturbingly adept at forging applications for Holocaust reparations.《代替人生》(A Replacement Life)。鲍里斯·菲什曼(Boris Fishman)著。哈珀出版社,25.99美元。菲什曼这本大胆、充满野心而聪明顽皮的处女小说中,一位居住在纽约的苏联移民作家令人不安而娴熟地伪造纳粹大屠杀赔偿的申请书。SONG OF THE SHANK. By Jeffery Renard Allen. (Graywolf, paper, .) Allen’s masterly novel blends the personal story of the enslaved autistic piano prodigy Thomas Wiggins with the history of the Civil War and Reconstruction.《轮轴之歌》(Song of the Shank)。杰弗里·莱纳德·艾伦(Jeffery Renard Allen)著。格雷沃夫出版社(Graywolf),平装,18美元。艾伦精的小说将患有孤独症的钢琴神童托马斯·威金斯(Thomas Wiggins)的个人故事与南北战争及重建的历史融合起来。10:04. By Ben Lerner. (Faber amp; Faber, .) A Brooklyn-based narrator preoccupied with identity decides to help his best friend have a child in this frequently brilliant second novel.《10:04》。本·勒纳(Ben Lerner)著。法伯与法伯出版社(Faber amp; Faber),25美元。这是勒纳的第二本小说,精不断,书中来自布鲁克林的叙事者受身份认同困扰,决心帮助自己最好的朋友拥有一个孩子。THIRTY GIRLS. By Susan Minot. (Knopf, .95.) Minot’s novel approaches the atrocities wrought by a murderous African rebel army with candor yet without sensationalism.《30个女孩》(Thirty Girls)。苏珊·米诺特(Susan Minot)著。克诺普夫出版社,26.95美元。米诺特的小说写了一残忍的非洲反叛军队的暴行,文笔坦率,毫无煽情。 /201412/347008 重庆爱德华人流多少钱重庆妇幼保健院接输卵管




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