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We put together some sure-fire ways you can identify a great bargain versus something that#39;s just plain cheap. Follow this short tutorial and learn how to shop for high-quality clothing across the globe.我们总结了几个一定管用的方法,帮你鉴别物美价廉的装和普通装。跟随这个短片学习怎样购买高质量的装。Step 1: Touch Test1.触摸质感You want to find a fabric that is of very high quality. Make sure to feel the fabric of the clothes your shopping for. If it doesn#39;t feel good in your hands, it won#39;t feel good on your body. Try to educate yourself a little on the different kinds of fabrics used in constructing clothing. We all know that wool is itchy and cotton can shrink. But knowing where pima cotton comes from and the costs of different fabrics can turn you into a smarter consumer. Pima cotton is an ELS cotton, or extra long staple, meaning it#39;s fiber length is longer than an inch and 3/8. It#39;s ranked one of the best cottons in the world behind Egyptian and Supima cottons. Cashmere, linen, woven tweed and silk are other high quality fabrics that you can look for.你想要寻找质量非常好的衣物纤维。一定要感觉一下要购买的衣物的布料。如果手感不好,穿在身上也不会很舒适。自学一下用于做衣的不同种类的布料。我们都知道羊毛会让人感到痒,棉会缩水。但是,了解皮玛棉来自哪里以及各种布料的价格可以让你成为更精明的消费者。皮玛棉是一种ELS(特长绒棉),纤维长度超过1.375英寸。这是全世界最好的棉之一,仅次于埃及棉和比马棉。开司米,亚麻,斜纹软呢和丝绸也是高档布料。Step 2: Stitch By Stitch2.针法Stitching is very important because it elongates the life of the item. Better stitching means better quality. You#39;ll be able to have that item around for a lot longer when the stitching is perfect. Tug at the seams to see if they hold together strong. Just by looking at some seams you will be able to tell that it was well-constructed by the elaborate stitching. Make sure the stitching is straight. Crooked stitching and hems probably means it was made by people who aren#39;t professional. If you see a loose th, go ahead and pull it. If it comes right off without unraveling part of the item, it#39;s probably OK. If it starts to unravel the stitching, put it back and walk away.针法非常重要,因为可以延长衣物的寿命。较好的针法代表更好的质量。如果针法完美,这件衣物的寿命会长很长时间。拉一下缝合处,看一下缝合得是否牢固。仔细看几个缝合处就可以辨别针法好坏。确保连线处是平直的。歪歪扭扭的针法意味着做衣的人不专业。如果看到很松的线头,拉一下。如果这个线头很容易脱落,而没有把衣的某个部位拆散,这没有问题。如果衣开始散架,赶紧把衣放下走人。Step 3: Fine Lining3.衬里A lined item usually indicates quality in clothing. Lining an item takes extra time and effort from the manufacturer. It can be as simple as doubling up of the same fabric or adding a second layer of a different fabric, such as nylon or silk. Lining also increases the longevity of an item by reducing friction between your body and the fabric.有内衬的衣通常能代表衣物的质量。给一件衣做内衬需要制造商付出额外的时间和努力,相当于把这件衣用同样的布料做两遍,或者再加上一层不同的布料,例如尼龙或丝绸。内衬还能延长衣物的寿命,因为可以减少身体和外层布料之间的擦。Step 4: Match Up4.整体搭配If an item is striped or patterned, look at the shoulders or seams. There should have been a little effort put into matching the pattern of the item and making it flow seamlessly. However, this test cannot stand on it#39;s own. If you really like the item and it passed all the other quality tests, go ahead and buy it.如果一件衣是条文的或花样的,看一下肩膀处或缝合处。这里的连接应该做出精心努力,使整体图案看上去更流畅。然而,这个测试并不是很重要。如果你确实喜欢这件衣,而且其他质量测试都没问题,那就买下来吧。Thanks for watching How To Shop For High-Quality Clothing感谢收看“怎样挑选高质量的装”视频节目。 Article/201210/203904特别声明:该节目由可可原创。视频出处:出自与B纪录片《英国史》之《女王的诞生》(第7集)。精视觉: 精解说:Lord Henry Darnley, 亨利·达恩利the handsome poster boy of Scottish nobility,是英俊的苏格兰贵族代表人物seemed a much better prospect.看来像是更好的选择One look at Darnley#39;s shapely calves一看到达恩利那好看的小腿and Mary decided she must have him.玛丽就下决心一定要得到他It helped that he too had Tudor blood flowing through his veins.他的身体里同样流淌着都铎王室的血液也是原因之一Unfortunately, a lot of whiskey ran through them too.不幸的是 同样流淌在他身体里还有太多威士忌Too late, Mary discovered she had married a lazy,dissolute drunk,玛丽发现自己嫁了一个懒惰的酒鬼时 为时已晚incapable of doing even the minimal things required of a co-sovereign.他根本没有能力与玛丽联合执政 /201212/214908Today in History: Friday, January 25, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月25日,星期五On Jan. 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy held the first presidential news conference carried live on radio and TV.1961年1月25日,美国总统约翰F·肯尼迪总统在广播和电视直播中召开第一次新闻发布会。1533 England#39;s King Henry VIII secretly married Anne Boleyn, his second wife.1533年,英国国王亨利八世与安妮·林秘密结婚,这是国王的第二任妻子。1759 Scottish poet Robert Burns was born in Alloway.1759年,苏格兰诗人罗伯特·彭斯在阿洛韦出生。1787 Shays#39; Rebellion suffered a setback when debt-ridden farmers led by Capt. Daniel Shays failed to capture an arsenal at Springfield, Mass.1787年,丹尼尔·谢斯领导的负债累累的农民在马塞诸塞州斯普林菲尔德未能夺取兵工厂,反叛遭遇挫折。1890 The ed Mine Workers of America was founded in Columbus, Ohio.1890年,美国煤矿工人联合在美国俄亥俄州哥伦布市成立。1915 The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, inaugurated transcontinental telephone service in the ed States.1915年,电话发明者亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔开启美国横贯大陆的电话务。1959 American Airlines opened the jet age in the ed States with the first scheduled transcontinental flight of a Boeing 707.1959年,波音707完成首次预定横贯大陆飞行,美国航空公司开启喷气机时代。1971 Charles Manson and three female followers were convicted in Los Angeles of murder and conspiracy in the 1969 slayings of seven people, including actress Sharon Tate.1971年,查尔斯·曼森和他的三个女性追随者在洛杉矶被判谋杀并密谋1969年的七人残害事件,其中包括女演员莎朗·泰特。1988 Vice President George Bush and Dan Rather clashed on ;The CBS Evening News; as the anchorman attempted to question the Republican presidential candidate about his role in the Iran-Contra affair.1988年,在“CBS晚间新闻”上,当新闻节目主持人试图质疑共和党总统候选人在伊朗门事件中的角色时,副总统乔治布什和丹·拉瑟发生冲突。1993 A gunman shot and killed two CIA employees outside agency headquarters in Virginia. (A Pakistani national was later convicted and was executed in 2002.)1993年,设在维吉尼亚州机构总部外,一名手开打死了两名中情局雇员。(一名巴基斯坦人随后被判有罪,并在2002年被处决。)2006 The Islamic militant group Hamas won a large majority of seats in Palestinian parliamentary elections.2006年,伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯在巴勒斯坦议会选举中赢得大多数席位。2011 Egypt#39;s revolution began as thousands of anti-government protesters clashed with police during a Tunisia-inspired demonstration to demand the end of President Hosni Mubarak#39;s rule.2011年,在一场突尼斯唤起的示威游行中,数千名反政府抗议者与警察发生冲突要求总统胡斯尼·穆巴拉克下台,埃及革命爆发。 /201301/222657

Here are lots of great reasons to participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day (mark your calendars! It#39;s Friday, June 23). Taking down the ;No Pets Allowed; sign and having an office where dogs are welcomed can benefit everyone. These reasons might just be enough to convince your boss.有很多很棒的理由能说你参与带上班日(在日历上做个记号吧,就是6月23日)。将;宠物免进;的标牌取下来吧,因为办公室里有能给每个人都带来好处。下列这些理由可能足以说你的老板。1. EASY ICEBREAKERS1. 能毫不费力地活跃气氛Coworkers, bosses, vendors, and clients in your office are not going to be able to resist saying hello to your canine co-worker, which means they will end up communicating with you too. Dogs help people loosen up, feel friendlier, and they create an easy way to initially interact with someone who might have been difficult to introduce yourself to otherwise.办公室的同事、老板、供应商和客户肯定都无法拒绝和你的搭档打招呼,所以他们肯定也会和你聊上几句。能帮助人们放松、使人更友善。还使主动与人交流变得简单,而原本你可能很难和这些人对上话。1. STRESS REDUCTION2. 减少压力A study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that workers who brought their pets to work had stress levels that decreased through the day, while workers without pets had stress levels that ratcheted up throughout the day. Stress relief created through wet kisses and furry hugs sounds like a much better option than trekking to the vending machine again.《工作场所健康管理国际期刊》(the International Journal of Workplace Health Management)上刊登的一项研究发现:带宠物上班的那些人,他们的压力会随之减少,而不带宠物上班的那些人,他们的压力会随之增加。的湿吻和毛茸茸的拥抱似乎比走去自动贩卖机更能缓解压力。3. BROWNIE POINTS FOR WORKING LONGER3. 工作时长更久,加分!Want to impress your boss? Bring your dog to work and you#39;ll likely find you will (happily!) stay longer and work more, according to a survey by the American Pet Products Association. Because your pet is with you, you won#39;t feel pressured to hurry home to walk or feed it, and you will feel happier and more content while you are at the office.想不想给老板留下好印象?据美国宠物商品制造协会表示,带去上班能使自己呆在办公室的时间更长,做的工作也更多。那是因为就在你的身边,所以你没有赶紧下班回家喂它的压力,而且有在办公室,你也会更开心、更满足。4. FLOWING CREATIVITY4. 创造力爆棚According to the same survey, having your canine pal along makes people feel more creative at work. Presumably, having a friendly and supportive buddy nearby-one who has aly lowered your stress levels so that you can fully concentrate-can help you focus and tap into your inner genius so you can come up with exactly the best solution or idea for the project at hand.同样的研究表明:工作时有宠物陪在身边,人们的创造力会更丰富。想来有一个友善、持自己的伙伴呆在身边--它本来就已经降低了你的压力水平,因此能让你集中注意力--能帮助你集中精力、挖掘你的内在天赋,因此你能为手头的项目想出最好的方案或想法。5. IMPROVED HEALTH5. 身体更健康According to the Centers for Disease Control, pets help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure in their owners. Taking your dog to work also means that you will absolutely have to get up and take more frequent walks throughout the day than you might have otherwise-and all those extra steps add up.疾病控制中心表示:宠物能降低主人的胆固醇、甘油三酯和血压水平。带上班也意味着你必须从凳子上站起来,每天散步的频率也比平时更多--而你走的所有步数都会带来益处。译文属 /201706/515461

Le Vau#39;s plans for the remodelling of Versailles were complete,勒沃改造凡尔赛宫的计划已经完成and y to present to his demanding boss.已可呈现给他挑剔的主顾Louis certainly knew that what he wanted,路易当然知道自己想要的was a building which had that shock and awe effect.是令人敬畏的建筑There#39;s absolutely no doubt that he wanted a building,毫无疑问 他想要的建筑that would be sensational.必须轰动世人Le Vau#39;s model was impressive, but had a major flaw.勒沃的建筑让人惊叹 却有大错He planned to destroy the old hunting lodge.他计划拆掉曾经的狩猎行宫The idea of Louis XIV,路易十四的想法was to keep always the little chateau of his father.是永远保留他父亲的小行宫So that was a problem for an architect because architects prefer.这为建筑师造成了麻烦 因为to destroy everything and to build a new building.他们偏向于拆掉一切然后重新建造So Louis sent the architect away and told him,所以路易解雇了建筑师 并告之I want this little chateau preserved.我要保留小行宫With Le Vau sent back to the drawing board,勒沃继续改进图纸Louis turned his attention to the landscape.而路易开始观察风景He wanted to expand the existing garden,他想扩建现有的花园adding ornamental lakes and groves,加入更多观赏性湖泊与果园lined with dazzling fountains.其中点缀耀眼的喷泉But he#39;d picked an awful site.但他选址有误There were no views - it#39;s hemmed in by the sides of a valley.这里被山谷包围 缺少美景And also Versailles wasn#39;t endowed, the region,凡尔赛本身也没有with the sort of trees which Louis wanted for his garden.路易想要栽在花园里的树木Louis#39;s chief gardener was the century#39;s,路易的花园总管是该世纪most celebrated landscape designer,最著名的景观设计师Andre Le Notre.安德烈;勒诺特尔Versailles would be the greatest challenge of his career.凡尔赛宫是他职业生涯中的大挑战But the Sun King did not want to wait for his earthly paradise,不过太阳王不愿等待人间天堂or for his trees to grow from saplings.也不愿等待树苗长大Louis XIV wanted results and he wanted them fast.路易十四急于求成This was really a theme of the whole sort of Project Versailles.这真的是凡尔赛工程的主题And the solution was to uproot mature trees,解决方法就是从法国其他地方from other parts of France and bring them in.拔出成年树木栽种在这里And a special contraption was invented,人们发明了一种奇妙的装置a horse-drawn contraption,它由马拉动which would allow these mature trees to be transported on,你能想象得出as you can imagine,它如何通过糟糕的道路these terribly bad roads from other provinces.从其他省份运送成年树木 Article/201203/175510

Because Louis was spending,因为路易在凡尔赛宫more and more time at Versailles,停留的时间逐渐变长 he decided to move his entire government there.他决定将整个政府移至此地Toaccommodatethe new officials,为安顿新的官员Le Vau suggested a brand new idea,勒沃提出一个崭新的建议keeping the old hunting lodge保留旧日的狩猎行宫but enclosing it with massive new buildings on three sides.但在其三面建造大型建筑The design was known as the ;envelope;.这种设计被称作;围护结构;The chateau was preserved, but it was enveloped in this new building,行宫保留 但被全新的建筑包围in a completely different style,风格迥异which looked like a palace.形如宫殿What he also did with Le Vau,除此之外 他与勒沃was to build pavilions for his ministers.计划为朝臣建造公馆Now this was very important.这项计划非常重要What this meant was that for the first time,它代表着有史以来第一次Versailles couldfunctionas a seat of monarchy,凡尔赛宫作为王权中心而存在a place from which the King could govern.国王将在此执政Building the ;envelope; was a massive task,;围护结构;的建造工程浩大requiring thousands of workers.需要数千名工人The largest number of workers人数最多时were 40,000 people at the same time.可达4000人同时做工It was a very dangerous place,工地相当危险also because the work to be done,原因在于was not done in a secure way of course,施工方式并不安全it was with accidents and people dying.全场充斥着事故与死亡Louis was impatient to get the job done quickly.路易急于让宫殿完工Work went on day and night.因此人们夜以继日地工作There was no health and safety regime.当时没有健康和安全保障体制And the workers who were most atrisk,风险最大的工人were the ones who were working high up.往往在高处劳作So, for instance, the roofers, the carpenters.比如屋顶工和木匠We do know that there were a lot of accidents on site.据表明工地上有大量事故There were times when the death rate, the mortality rate,有时死亡率过高was high, and in order not to demoralise the workforce,为防止尸体影响工人的情绪the corpses would be removed at night.它们会在夜里被运走 Article/201203/175756

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